August 27th, 2012
Fashion News, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian
The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Misa Hylton-Brim Opens Fashion Academy, Kanye West Trashes All of Kim’s Clothes, and NeNe Leakes Reveals ‘Nethia’ Shoe
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Happy Monday, Bombers and Bombshells!
Jihan is away yet again, so I’m here filling in for the day! Let’s get to the news, shall we?

•Good news for all you fashion stylist hopefuls! Misa Hylton-Brim has launched her very own Fashion Academy. Having styled big name celebs including P. Diddy, Lil Kim, and Serena Williams, Misa is now hoping her expertise can help those on the come up. Her Academy offers “fashion styling courses for those interested in developing a successful career”. Get more details here. ( The Misa Hylton Fashion Academy)


•What do we have here? A clip where Kanye West throws out ALL of Kim’s old clothes and replaces it with items he loves?  “How do you feel, baby” West says to Kim, who then replys, “Like…I would literally cry.Oh. (The Sun)

NeNe Leakes recently unveiled her “Nethia” shoe for Shoedazzle’s Celebrity Shoe Design Program for Charity.  It will retail for $40 with the profits benefitting the non-profit organization Saving Our Daughters. It’s always nice to see celebrities getting involved in charitable causes. What do you think of “Nethia”? (Talking with Tami)


John Galliano has been stripped of his Legion of Honor Award. Galliano, who was awarded the prestigious title on June 23rd, 2010, has since had his fair share of public controversies. After being convicted last year of making anti-Semitic slurs, he has now had his award revoked. Womp, womp, womp… (Fashionista)

•Uh-oh. It seems the folks over at Victoria’s Secret are in a little hot water. By hot water, I mean a $15 million dollar lawsuit. Victoria’s Secret along with parent company Limited Brands Inc., are being sued by their former hosiery supplier Zephyrs, for allegedly selling knockoff products with images of Zephyrs designed pantyhose on the packaging. (Styleite)

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53 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Misa Hylton-Brim Opens Fashion Academy, Kanye West Trashes All of Kim’s Clothes, and NeNe Leakes Reveals ‘Nethia’ Shoe”

  1. clickyheels says:

    the STATE of Misas hair. Look at hers vs Ciaras. THAT is how you know Ciara is a flawless chick. She wouldnt go out rocking a toilet bleach weave. Misa get yo tish together.

  2. Kisha says:

    Kim looks like a fool. She is totally being manipulated.

  3. Brooklynhot says:

    Bring back the old Kim. I hate when Kanye dresses her!

  4. comfrt says:

    Im start to think kim doesnt know who she is if she could let something her look that easily. The outter appearance is a reflection of the inner person. btw she looks great.

  5. I didnt watch KUWTK but I read the tweets. Changing for a man is never good. Congrats to Misa on her school and hope it breeds a great group of future stylist

  6. Trina says:

    I can’t with Kim K she wants all her sisters to be jealous of her and they are not because they r truly happy and she is forcing her happiness. I wish she would get her life because she looks silly as hell

  7. Dannielle Simms says:

    Kanye looks creepy when he is on the show, but maybe they are happy. The only way a guy could replace my closet is if he gave me the money to buy new stuff lol

  8. T1K says:

    I mean who does he think he is to just throw out all her clothes?? But it’s her fault. Is not like he is freaking Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano or something! SMH

  9. csulmers says:

    How are y’all liking our new comment system?!?

  10. Likkle Miiss says:

    I think it’s funny in this clip when she says that she is becoming more of an individual with her style, while he was there critiquing everything she liked and disliked and throwing stuff out. There are times when I think Kim is a genius, turning publicity from a sex tape into a multi-million dollar empire. Then there are times like this when I think she is really just a lost little girl trying to find her “fairytale” in any man who will give her a nickname. (SN: He also has to be rich, (semi)famous and black… or at least half-black, lol)

  11. yusufwifee says:

    so this is for the show. there is no way he actually threw out all her clothes…this was for the show. I am sure she has some pieces that have sentimental value etc that he wasnt allowed to touch. This isnt like when he threw out all Amber rose stuff – i refuse to believe it.

  12. islandbaby says:

    I preferred the old one better Claire

  13. Dannielle Simms says:

    I am not really a fan because it changed the name i normally post under to my gmail. How do I change my name in this system? Thanks!

  14. bebe says:

    Love it. Hopefully on the “Bombshell of the Day” people will be a bit more conscience of what they type …

  15. bebe says:

    “Once I am on my new shxt” since when does she speak like that? Kimmy sounding a tad off to me

  16. sun.kissed of 8ty4 Vintage says:

    I would beat Kanye’s ass. There’s no way I would go for him giving away all of my clothes. She’s a dummy.

    SN: How do I link to my site with the new comment section?

  17. sun.kissed of 8ty4 Vintage says:

    Claire, how do we link to our sites in the comments with the new system?

  18. Amani says:

    So far so good, although it appears that all previous comments were wiped clean.

  19. aj says:

    I want to root for misa. i do. but the link to her about us page listed a bunch of stars who aren’t considered to be in the fashion fore front. i mean lets be real. she says “Mary J. Blige, P. Diddy, Missy Elliott, Notorious BIG, Queen Latifah, Serena Williams, Lil Kim, Chris Rock, Kimora Lee Simmons and 50 Cent, just to name a few. ”

    Really? The only two who could be considered a TINY bit fashionable are Mary and Serena … and doesn’t currently style either of them.

    Bless her heart for trying something new. I commend her for trying to stay relevant.

    I have no words for KimYe. I just scrolled passed that entire section.

  20. Alison DiLaurentis says:

    Misa never looks stylish nor well put together. Ever. And her hair is always bad these days. What is she going to teach when she needs to be “taught” herself? I’m all for supporting black women entrepreneurship but this one is a big “hell to the no”.
    And Kim is just confirming that even her brain is made of plastic, she can’t think by herself. People will now she is not that “great business woman who THINKS big”: she’s 100 % Kris Jenner-made and now Kanye-molded.

  21. Alison DiLaurentis says:

    He is not even Project Runway level…smh

  22. myra says:

    cthu she is a total fool lol and he is a complete control freak lol

  23. Sasha says:

    I am disgusted with kim after watching that episode she said ” I don’t wear lashes anymore ” .. ” I’m so over maxi dresses” bish plz your not and individual your what kanye wants you to be a … high end fashion model minimal makeup boring color palette she not making anyones best dressed list once this “RELATIONSHIP” is over shes gonna feel like a ass for getting rid of all those shoes ..

  24. csulmers says:

    Re: Comments, Disqus is importing all the old comments, they should be back on the site within 24 hours. We just really wanted to implement some of the suggestions you guys made in our Reader Satisfaction survey, so we kicked off today with Real Style, Beauty Posts, Bigger Buttons, and a new comment system. We might even get a redesign poppin, stay tuned. X

  25. Sally says:

    Claire I like the old comment system better…Sally aka FashionOne!

  26. csulmers says:

    So… Disqus is importing all the old comments, they should be back on the site within 24 hours. We just really wanted to implement some of the suggestions you guys made in our Reader Satisfaction survey, so we kicked off today with Real Style, Beauty Posts, Bigger Buttons, and a new comment system.
    In regards to linking your site in the new system or changing you rname…no idea. Though I think you can input your blog. Wait, let me ask my web designer (I am technologically challenged)

  27. LaTasha says:

    I have no sympathy for Kim. If she’s silly enough and desperate to maintain fame enough to let Kanye completely control her fashion choices, then go right ahead. I hope this works out for you Kim.

    Misa Misa Misa. I love her but she reminds me so much of Mama Combs…and that is not a good thing. I hope her academy works out. Not sure if I’ll be buying NeNe’s shoe, but I like her hustle.

  28. CA says:

    “conscious” babe…the word is “conscious” …stay in school folks!!

  29. LaTasha says:

    You have to registar

  30. csulmers says:

    Change is good folks, you’ll get used to it!

  31. Slim says:

    Kanye likes a natural look with the breasts. Kim has implants. #poordat.
    And if folks have seen the papers from her FIRST divorce, she claims that her ex made her get implants. Just in case folks wanted to check me.

  32. Likkle Miiss says:

    Sorry my comment earlier was for the other clip floating around. This one is even worse. Kim has no mind of her own, I almost feel sorry for her. She’s like the girl in Runaway Bride, she likes whatever eggs her man likes. Smh.

  33. kantessab says:

    I can not believe she let him do that…you could see all her color that she used to wear going down the drain…smh

  34. they are perfect for each other she doesnt have a mind of her own and he wants someone he can control and play dress up smh

  35. Kahalia says:

    Greart reference to RUnaway Bride! agreed.

  36. Jeloi says:

    Kim can’t see for looking, give her a year maybe and she’s going to wish she never laid eyes on Kanye! He is controlling!

  37. Ha Ha no mama! Kim is giving you something to talk about. She’s not the fool. Who is really being manipulated are the fools that keep blogging and talking about her. ha ha ha LOL!!! Kanye is the perfect mate to help get this money. I am so not made at them…. ha ha ha I really can’t get over how you people are still enamored with that family. Mind bloggling….

  38. Oh yes Claire I excited that you decided to update your commenting platform. Disqus is doing big thangs.

  39. bebe says:

    Didn’t know this was English 101, people make typos “babe”

  40. Kahalia says:

    No he did not say, he’s going to dress her and get her on Best Dressed lists?! I can’t even… Can we all agree he has downgraded her fashion. Who does he think he is? I could see if she was dating…oh never mind I can’t think of a straight women’s designer but you get what I’m saying. Air Yeezy’s does not make one a fashionisto or taste-maker. sigh

  41. Tisha says:

    Did he throw away them leg warmer looking shoes he designed, they should have been the first thing in the trash

  42. What is silly is that you don’t realize the show is scripted!!

  43. Hmm he’s a control man..#nobueno

  44. Marsha D says:

    Misa with a fashion stylist school screams “next business venture” I can’t imagine that she’s getting that much work now as stylist work can be fickle…..Not trying to shoot her down but…I can’t get with this.

  45. BriaBri says:

    It really feels she has no sense of personal identity, and is clinging to anything that might give her one

  46. RHONYC says:

    i only want my fab, gay male stylist styin’ me, not the guy i’m sleeping with. err, no.
    isn’t that like against ‘Girl-Code’???
    fail. :-(

  47. If you sign up for Disqus you should be able to have your name link up to your site.

  48. I love it personally, I think it forces people to chill with some of the comments on here, so I don’t mind it at all. Espeically on the Bombshell comments, because I think sometimes they comments are just mean instead of “giving an opionon”

  49. Sign up with Disqus you can change all that information, including your name and links to your blog is you have one.

  50. I kinda have to agree with you there, with Misa, but it looks like they are workshops which is kinda cool because so many people are becoming stylist and some of them actually are talented and have no idea where to start, but if they network right they might be able to make it work for them.

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