August 26th, 2012
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Real Style: The 2012 Afropunk Festival
By Claire

Yesterday my friend invited me to the Afropunk Festival, a two day Brooklyn bred concert featuring food trucks, booths, and performances by Afro soul and punk acts like Erykah Badu, Gym Class Heroes, and Janelle Monae. Of course I hopped to it with Fashion Bomb photographer Marta in tow to take a bit of Real Style.

Take a look at what a few folks had on tap:

Elle from the blog In a Word Fab embraced exuberance in a fringed top, turban, printed skirt, and two toned wedge sneakers.

This young lady by the name of Shabazz looked cool and concert ready in a loose fit, floral caftan, topped off by a bevy of beautiful braids.

Chris, Armani, Anthony rocked fun t-shirts and ‘Blessed’ caps. Loving Chris’s Comme Des F*ckDown Shirt.

T-shirts were either proclaiming to “Comme des F*ck Down” or get “Turnt des F*ck Up.” I loved this young lady’s interpretation of the trendy tee. Inquire about it at Gold Whistle.

Naomi, Jediah, and Marie were relaxed in top and shorts combos, including a hot pair of American flag shorts. Cute!

Wedge sneakers and flats were the call for Liz, Phoebe, and Lydia, who looked chill in maxi dresses and mini shorts.

Cat and Sharaka exemplified the festival’s theme with natural manes offset by punk elements like ripped, bleach splashed jeans.

Fashion Bomb reader Chichi was in the house, and opted for simplicity in jean shorts and a tee.

More Fashion Bomb readers! Leah, Kenya, Queeta, and little Giselle were colorful in vibrant frocks and well plucked accessories. Look at Giselle giving face! Love it.

Tyra, Blake, and Alasia clung more to the festival’s punk theme in black separates and edgy accents.

I loved Maty’s printed romper, which she uplifted with an unexpected head wrap and gold flats.

Telli from the brand NinjaSonik (who we first photographed here) skewed crisp in all white, accompanied by a studded hat, red patterned belt, and paint splattered sneaks.

Cute, simple…what more could you want? Domo, Laney, Max, and Natasha rocked camo shorts, printed tees, and black or denim bottoms with purpose.

These girls came to party! I loved their deconstructed tees and fun, youthful energy.

Brian stopped me in my tracks. Check out that hair!

Mikie Alamode came to be seen. Everything about his look was fearless and bold, especially his inventive sunglasses.

These friends incorporated goth elements into their looks, but added a bit of humor with the ubiquitous Comme Des F*ckDown gear.

Bruce from Robot & Brucling bowties (who we wrote about here) also embraced black, but added edge with deconstructed designs, a gold chain, and a raised eyebrow for added effect.

Singer Drian Daniel and his friend coordinated in green and peachy hues.

Another Fashion Bomb reader in the house! Michela worked a printed dress, pink Dolce Vita sandals, and gorgeous vintage frames.

Curran J. Swint of Kings Rule Together brought his two colorful friends to the festivities. I loved young lady on the left’s Boxing Kitten top.

Kitsi and Lauren rocked African prints and cute headgear with flair.

These Fashion Bomb readers struck a quick pose before leaving. Loving those orange jumpers!

And lastly, Geneva wore a slew of hues, witnessed by her blue wedges, yellow shorts, orange purse, and multicolored button down.
As for me, I embraced fall’s sporty look in a tribal print dress by Kokon to Zai along with Comme des Garcons x Converse sneakers:

The event called for lots of walking, standing, and waiting, so comfortable shoes were oh so necessary…!

I slipped on a pair of Cazal 951 sunglasses, a Melody Ehsani Queen of the Jungle Necklace, a dash of Ruby Woo, and was concert ready.

It was a fun day!

In case you missed out, it’s still going on today, with a performance by new Covergirl Janelle Monae. Find out more about the festival at
What do you think of Real Style at AfroPunk 2012?
Photos by Marta McAdams.

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45 Responses to “Real Style: The 2012 Afropunk Festival”

  1. addikted2fashion says:

    Some of those people were doing 50 shades of the absolute most. -__-

    Love that Comme des F*ckdown tee!

  2. Taryn Nicole says:

    I absolutely love everyone’s style! I hope next year I can go to the festival. There’s nothing like it down here in Houston. I loved your dress, and the last girl Geneva’s shirt is to die for. The fellas style were worth the while!

  3. Love itt, I’m soo going today to blog about some street style (:

  4. jUICElOVE says:

    nice! everyone is so different very unique

  5. Twerk says:

    So many hot messes I don’t even know where to start. Mikie Almomd takes the cake though. A mess.

  6. Taj says:

    I enjoyed the first day but I do agree that some of the outfits were over the top. Some people were genuinely showcasing their styles but I also thought that some people were dressed the way they think “Afropunk people” would dress. I love the different styles and I also loved Erykah Badu who looked and sounded amazing.

  7. NellyV85 says:

    Little Giselle was giving it everything!

  8. fcb247 says:

    How many box braid buns did you see?

  9. Ms.Missy says:

    WOW…a variety of fashion statements….but what else would you see at a AFROpunk Festival. I love it!

  10. Cute dress Claire! Mostly everyone else gets a NO!

  11. Kia says:

    I thought you looked the best Claire, nothing else was inspiring, sorry. To each his own.

  12. Marthe says:

    Loving this! It is great to see young people with style. I find the over-the-top looks just so very interesting, I wish I was coureagous enough to look like Mikie Alamode or Blake. Great post!

  13. Lainea says:

    Claire looks the best. The rest was a mess.

  14. lola says:

    Steaming, boiling, bubbling, stewing, evaporated hot mess.

    I simply cannot with New York hipsters, I just can’t. They are the absolute worst. GOODBYE!!!!

  15. Melissa says:

    @lola you’re right, I don’t think I’ll EVER be able to get down with the NY hipster scene. They just look absolutely ridiculous. Always.

  16. lola says:

    @ Melissa,
    Always indeed. I mean there’s edgy and then there’s looking like a clown. Most of them look clownish. I just can’t.

    Claire’s outfit is the perfect example of how to pull off a quirky, edgy look without looking like someone put your outfit through a shredder.

  17. amybanana says:

    I need that “Turnt des F*ck Up” tee in my life like now!!! Where can I get it from?????

  18. Lauren says:

    I’m diggin your look from head to toe, Claire! WORK!

  19. rudy says:

    nothing but love for all this black life! love the post claire :)

  20. Tiza says:

    why didn’t i know about this!? i wish i went. Claire tell us in advance if your going to another cool event!


    Everyone looks great!! Claire, I wish you could come to Atlanta next week for One Music Fest. It’s pretty much the same set up and this year they are having Santigold
    Doug E Fresh
    Slick Rick
    Marsha Ambrosius
    Big K.R.I.T
    Eric Roberson
    Big Daddy Kane
    MC Lyte
    15 DJs

  22. Santos says:

    LOVE the NY Hipster Scene!! being a “native New Yawker” (transplant from Los Angeles but claims NY only)

    I love the individuality, the over the top-ness…being in a city where everyone is so out the box these looks arent so quirky to me.

    Wish i would have went!

  23. Slay says:

    come’on yall are goin in on my city. not everyone in the “scene” dresses like these people. im sure there were many people they just happened to get photos of the clowns.

  24. michezulu says:

    Great BK vibe.

  25. binks says:

    Agreed with Kia…though this seems like a fun event

  26. Marthe says:

    I wonder what people have said, troughout the ages, about the new and upcoming youngster style every decade or so. Exactly the same. (fashion)History constantly repeats itself.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Claire, you looked beautiful! Thanks for the shots, I love seeing what people are wearing and that people are out enjoying thremselves and having fun.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Fashion aside the event was great! Not everyone looked like the above….actually this was not a great showcase of the cool style i saw down there. Yes there were plenty of ill fitting crop tops but I did see coolness. I’m very sensitive to overstyling so take that as you will.

    no to those who missed it, GO next year. It’s a fun crowded tasty music filled time.

  29. Mek says:

    Everyone looks like they need a shower.

  30. Nikki says:

    I like that a lot of people don’t look like they dressed to impress any of you, so thumbs up for that!

  31. Sandra says:

    What a hot mess!!!! I don’t know where to start. Everyone wants to stand out but for me, it did not work out.

    Claire I love your outfit. You look the bomb.

  32. M1zzdlady says:

    Claire you look great…As for everyone else…..smh

  33. Nicole says:

    @Mek we all needed showers after dancing and shopping all day. It was one of the best I have been to. Gym class heroes didn’t show. Andre J, Farrell, and Janelle Monae made me forget all about them.

  34. Stephanie says:

    I love this post!!! great to see different types of people and there fashions and styles.

  35. The Afropunk Fest was great—everything that I love about summer in NYC from the food trucks and live music to the vendors and stylish folks. I had a blast people watching.

  36. peplum lover says:

    claire your outfit is dope
    and your skin is outta this world

  37. Jeda says:

    @Taj, I def agree. I was there, and I was rocking this simple black babydoll dress with mustard sandals, burgundy lips and john legend glasses, Of course hair was Afro chic. Claire, I wish I had seen you there! I would’ve loved it.


  38. Nisa says:

    Love the pics – felt like I just took a shor trip home. OH how I miss that BK swag!!! Cannot be duplicated anywhere!!!

  39. bebe says:

    Appropriate outfits for the festivities, some people are BOLD

  40. Jen says:

    This is what i look for when i come to Fashion blog sites. A lot of the fashion bombshells calls themselves eccentric and unique but i think they dont know what that really means. I love all of these looks just for the simple fact that its not boring.

  41. Jinx Moneypenny says:

    You shut it down Claire! Looking great! Need that dress.

  42. Kahalia says:

    I like to see real style even if it’s not what I would wear. Your outfit was a like a breath of fresh air. You always come through and are bright and unique while still looking fly. Sometimes it doesn’t take bold or crazy, it just needs to be done with style and flair.

  43. mecca f says:

    i absolutely NEED to get that “turnt des fvck up” tee in my life!!! went to the tumblr page though and saw no way to get it. help?

  44. Marsha D says:

    Everyone looked the same to me. With all of the “I’m trying to be different” everyone just ends up looking the same.

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