August 22nd, 2012
Celebrity Style, Shopping
Wardrobe Query: Emily B’s Trey Songz Album Release Party Alexander McQueen Zebra Print Dress
By Claire

As soon as pix hit the ‘net from Trey Songz’s Chapter 5 album release party, we of course received a request for Emily B’s get up for the night.

Tara types, “Where can I find Emily’s animal print dress? I love it!”
Emily stuck to her signature bodycon silhouette in what appears to be this $1,051 Zebra Print Dress by Alexander McQueen:

The dress has long sleeves, a round neck, and a contrasting black zebra print design throughout.
This particular piece is quite popular, as Christian Aguilera wore the same dress for an episode of the Voice:

At any rate, Christina and Emily’s dress is long sold out, but you can get a similar look with these pieces:

Hot! or Hmm…?

Check out a few more pix from the event:

Images: Getty/

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76 Responses to “Wardrobe Query: Emily B’s Trey Songz Album Release Party Alexander McQueen Zebra Print Dress”

  1. Fashion Cafe says:

    I always feel like Emily B is dressing as if she’s in competition with other women who may potentially appeal to her man. Nice get up on her but I always want to see a more classier grown woman not so fitted side.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. baby-b says:

    I never find anything actually looks good on her as I find she manages to look “cheap”. That dress looks like h&m on her…
    Which goes to show you ladies, its not about how much you spend, its how you put it together.

  4. Bella says:

    @ Baby- B i agree that is a knock off either from H&M or her fav Top Shop, but a good one any who why did Mashonda bring her suit case? How you doing

  5. Mrs Windy City Blog says:

    Why does Mashonda have that big a** clutch. That is too much

  6. Bougie says:

    Em and Fab look lovely, I love Emily’s dress and red lip plus clutch pops!

  7. Edm325 says:

    I agree with Fashion Cafe! She need to step her game up.

  8. T1K says:

    She could have left the necklace at home. The lip I’m not liking it that much. Wish I could see her in more diverse looks instead on the same extra form fitting clothes she tends to go for.

  9. anon says:

    I like Emily, but everythign she wears is tight. We get it, she has a nice bod, but her outfits are starting to lack versatility.

  10. LaTasha says:

    MiMi…I mean…Emily has the same look everytime we see her. The dress doesn’t look high end on her at all. It looks like a dress she would get from Rainbow to wear to the club. Chile pleez… I would love to see her look classy for once. Please put on a color block suit or a nice gown or something! Tre Songz looked sexy as usual.

  11. IMO says:

    why does it look like her face hurts when she smiles?!?

  12. jumelle12 says:

    LOL@Bella- hilarious!!

    I think Emily is a pretty girl- she always looks stuffed in her clothing- I admire how she plays up her curves, but her look is always the same-

    The necklace is at war with that dress-

    I give TWO THUMBS UP to Irv Gotti’s wife- #Classy

  13. Anonymous says:

    emily b is gross looking she looks like a line backer!

  14. andrea says:

    Bodycon anything is a bit played so meh. Irvs dates has the most style in these photos. Her outfit is nice and id like to know what she’s wearing.

  15. HavilandClarke says:

    Someone wake me up when Emily b wears a material other than lycra/spandex. Thanx

  16. Marsha D says:

    She looks like a shapely blow up doll- tacky as she wanna be.

  17. Marsha D says:

    And Mashonda…’s no longer considered a clutch after a certain size…that thing needs a strap!

  18. Hatingas$#FEMALES says:

    Here ya’ll lame as* b**ches go again! How she look like a linebacker? How her clothes look cheap? How she look stuffed in them? How ya’ll wished she dressed more exspensive? How she look gross though? And how do you feel she is in competition with another women? She got that man no matter what dirt he has done, he has chosen to be with her and no one else! I think they should cast some of the ladies on FBD to be on some of these ratchet A** reality shows because ya’ll do the most!!! Thheee Most!

  19. Loni says:

    Emily’s stomach is flat so she believes her clothes can be tight. She is in her thirties and needs to grow up this look is skanky like everything else she wears. Her losing thirty pounds would be flattering. I’m tired of her dressing like she’s in a hip hop video.

  20. Loni says:

    Irv’s date look magnificent!

  21. jasmine says:

    i find that these ladies are trendy but are not stylish

  22. lv says:

    Everything does not have to be tight to show off your figure or enhance or flatter.

  23. Likkle Miss says:

    I try, but I just really cannot with Emily B.

  24. keisha says:

    It’s a nay for me, she doesn’t look horrible but it’s the same look she typically goes for.

  25. Mrs Windy City Blog says:

    Irv got married???! @ jumelle12

  26. tasha says:

    The dress is gorg. I do wish Emily stopped wearing such tight dresses. There is whole world of fashion she can rock. Would love to see her in VB or maybe an Azzedine Aglaia garment.

  27. soon2Bmrs says:

    @Loni – Irv’s date looks goregous! The only one who caught my eye.

    Emily’s look – sigh

  28. mamareese says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t get how she’s a stylist but always looks so ill fitted! I need her to stop being wrapped up in a dress size and wear what is flattering to her body. It’s just obscene how she can wear the most classiest outfits but make them look lude by wearing them too tight. Just saying…if you’re not like those groupies Fabo used to dip out with….stop dressing like one. Also….that face in EVERY pic is the face of a woman holding her stomach in and can’t breath….get a shaper and go up a size so you can look as pretty as we know you can!!!!

  29. jumelle12 says:

    I was reading/viewing pics of this same event at the #blogwhore- LOL-

    Her name is Deb Lorenzo, so that is his wife indeed! ;)

  30. Cherie in the D says:

    I agree with jumelle12 with the necklace is at war with the dress. LMBO!

  31. Mel says:

    While she does look like her, that is NOT Deb Lorenzo. I am a friend of her cousin. But none the less, Irv’s date is pretty and looks classy.

  32. Cbella says:

    yall are just a bunch of haters. She’s happy with her style so just accept it or keep it moving because its not going to change . She had 2 kids and she looks great. Emily is gorgeous and she dresses well for her body type.

  33. Mel says: is wrong also. That is not Irv’s wife. Anyway, I cosign with some of the comments. I am curvy with a flat stomach too, so I think that Emily is proud her body so she shows it off, but these bodycon, Asos, spandex dresses are getting tiresome to look at. She need to change up her looks. Everything doesn’t have to be skintight. But I like her personality and think she is a pretty woman.

  34. The dress is too tight and the red lip is doing nothing for her.

  35. jumelle12 says:

    whomever she is she looks gorgeous and she and irv make a great looking couple!

  36. juliaaa says:

    Body language says a whole lot, I rarely see a picture with Fab and Emily B where they look happy.

  37. Bronze says:

    I like Mashonda’s clutch. Do they have it in Extra Small????

  38. laurafashionablyblessed says:

    wowwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!emily b consistently gets ripped apart on here.It may be tough for you people to fathom her logic when it comes to her dressing herself because you dont have her bodytype.You see if emily was to wear looser fitting clothing she would actually look fatter…i.e. kim kardashian who everytime we see in a loose top we assume she has gained 10 lbs.She is dressing for her bodytype and as a woman in her 30′s she knows what works for her im not mad at all her hair was the worst thing about her look and no one said a thing about

  39. Indigo says:

    Mashonda looks like she is carrying a duffle bag..

  40. hahahaha says:

    Emily made that $1,051 Alexander McQueen dress look like a $50 ASOS creation. I thought I was seeing things when I saw Claire’s facebook post about it being an Alexander McQueen dress.

  41. Hatingas$#FEMALES says:

    So now ya’ll body language experts, sipps water and laughs:). How she looks like she holding her stomach in? Please let me know! Damn, I didn’t know Dr. Phil interns fish this site! Thin women always, and I mean always have something to say about curvy women, loose clothes on a women her shape or KK shape is not flattering, period! Ya’ll the same female that as soon as ya’ll see a female like her walk by ( IE Myself) ya’ll get the grunting, talking about ya’ll ready to go! Looking at your man seeing when he going to look, and trust he’s going to look! Self esteem is a MF! If she walked by any of your men he’ll be staring and some more sh*t! You can tell that it’s thin girls leaving a comment or someone with a I eat grease for morning, lunch, and dinner habit that are leaving these dumb as* comments. But guess what Ima check ya boo!

  42. Jason DiLaurentis'Sister says:

    @Hatingas$#FEMALES : forgot your meds this morning? You don’t have to be so extra to express your disagreement. Swearing left and right actually makes your point irrelevant. Let’s be sociable and respectful.

  43. Girl Bye! says:

    @Hatingas$#FEMALES – Hey Emily B! Is that you?

  44. jumelle12 says:

    Wow- I didn’t realize how presumptuous people can be on this site… I seriously doubt that every woman commenting on this is thin…

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and the mere fact that the majority seems to be in consensus as to how Em B. looks is striking a chord with some… I wish people would stop this divide and conquer b.s. between the magas and the mampies- lol

    No one said she’s a slob-it would be nice to see her in something different- the fact that she is a stylist doesn’t make a favorable argument for her- all the MORE REASON she should be more open to different styles-


  45. GlammedOut says:

    Em looks like a damn vampire! SMH!

  46. TheAntifash says:

    Been over Emily B…So I guess we’re just going to ignore Trey’s mariachi band get up. Ok.

  47. mamareese says:


    Ew you need a hug and a valium for real!! I made the stomach holding comment and I’m not a skinny girl by any means so I know the face booboo! BUT if you are going to call yourself a stylist then look the part….unless you are styling video chicks and strippers this look ain’t hitting on nothing but side eyes and bad comments. NOW she is a pretty women yes….HOWEVER you take away from the value of your look and cheapen your brand when you wear this yeast infection getting, cant breath havin, lycra be damned outfit…..I mean dang that’s why everything isn’t one size fits all! Who can say that if they knew the clothes would fit just lik Em B wears them (looking like your insides are on smash) you’d buy it? She needs to go up a size….it’s a shame cause she’s stunning otherwise.

  48. Bre Bre says:

    I don’t have a problem with Emily B’s curves… but I do have a problem with that “Tiny Lip” facial expression she giving. (T.I. wife) Lol… I hope she not getting botox or something, cus that lip hanging. Lol I love that dress tho… since ya’ll claiming its a knock off… somebody pick me up one from H&M then too… shoootttt I’ll FAKE IT TIL I MAKE IT lol

    and HatingA$$Females — why you mad boo its hump day! LOL

  49. mamareese says:

    @ TheAntifash

    Hahahaha you called it all the way out!!!

  50. makeeasweet says:

    im confuse how does she look gross,skanky and trashy?.she not showing any skin what so ever and her dress is below her the only thing making her look skanky is her curves???.i swear some of yall are so brainwash,its pathetic.i guess her so called “ghetto booty” cheapen the dress.i bet if she was skinny wearing that dress,it wouldnt be a problem.its funny how women with the ideal hourglass figure,get bash the most on fashion bomb.i agree she definitely need to change it up,but there nothing wrong with her body.

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