August 21st, 2012
Beyonce, Ethnic Models, Snapshot
Snapshot: Beyoncé for House of Dereon Fall 2012
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Source: House of Dereon

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31 Responses to “Snapshot: Beyoncé for House of Dereon Fall 2012”

  1. LaTasha says:

    I have to admit, I don’t buy House of Dereon but these photos are nice. I don’t think it will be something I would buy. I lump House of Dereon in the same group as Rocawear. Urban gear is not popping anymore and has not been since the late 90′s. Not to take away from the shoot, Beyonce looks nice in the new fall line.

  2. Soul Touch says:

    I like the skirt and shirt in the first look. Bit old considering it should have been part of the summerline (if you ask me).

  3. LoudPen says:

    Loves these photos! And Bey looks amazing as always. Also please note that House of Dereon is the more expensive line sold in Nordstrom’s & Bloomingdales not to be confused with Dereon which is the urban gear you see in Macy’s. #BeyHive

  4. Ms.Missy says:

    oh Its Beyonce …not Rihanna. if I didnt see HOD label..I would have thought is was Rihanna.
    …and I have never been a fan of the HOD brand..however,I see they going for the Bad girl, punk look!

  5. Mesa says:

    House of dereon is her upscale brand it is way more expensive than rocawear. Dereon is her urban line. Now I love bey I wore it in high school but im twenty three you wont catch me wearing no dereon now but I do like house of dereon especially those printed pants! And she look fabulous lol

  6. Anonymous says:

    Love the pants! Werq.

  7. Fall? Hmm, ok. Pre fall maybe.

  8. CA says:

    LOL all they’re gonna do is put all the cheap crap in Macy’s!!

  9. Alexis says:

    Looks like they’re channeling Nasty Gal, if you ask me.

  10. ninjo says:

    Works for fall in Miami.
    Finally, HOD is somewhat relevant.
    Actually reminds me of Nasty Gal stuff.

  11. Mrs Windy city says:

    Love the boots in pic 1 & 2

  12. jeda says:

    the thing about HOD is that they’re doing whats in now, and they are not doing anything different, they’re not bringing anything new to the table. There’s nothing recognizable about them or that distinguishes them from the rest….so i guess, thats that

  13. TT says:

    She looks hot. I agree with Jeda though.

  14. Hatingas$#FEMALES says:

    Ya’ll females on here are real slow this is HOD not just Dereon. I personally work in a high end department store and HOD actually does sell out quite well and they have a lot of nice pieces. Dereon is the low brand for Macy’s but if u don’t know what you are commenting on then don’t comment. I also feel like ya’ll girls on here don’t like beyonce or rita ora. But praises rihanna drug using nipple showing as*! Designers make fashion all the time that doesn’t look seasonable, but I guess because it’s beyonce it’s a problem. And another thing fashion is nothing but rewashed idea’s, so I like to see ya’ll come up with a fashion idea and see if someone else has not already though it up, and put it in action!

  15. Madpet says:

    Who’s buying this stuff?? Someone please tell me!!!

  16. Demetria says:

    In all honesty, these clothes look cheap. Solange is so on point when it comes to fashion and it’s really surprising that her mom and sister are not.

  17. Demetria says:

    Honestly, these clothes look cheap. It’s ironic that Solange can dress, but her sister cannot.

  18. AzizMom says:

    To quote Hatingas$#FEMALES, “…I like to see ya’ll come up with a fashion idea and see if someone else has not already though it up, and put it in action!”. Well, they weren’t my words but I am interested in these ideas. The Chinese are doing face bikinis. #carryon

  19. Jaida says:

    Bey looks great in these photos, but I would have liked to see more fall clothes. A lot of the pieces she’s rocking are for the warmer months.

  20. @Alexis..I was thinking the same thing as I was looking through the pics.

    I do like the skirt with the split though.

  21. Dria says:

    I don’t see cheap..are we looking at the same pictures? lol I agree it doesnt really read Fall but I like it all the same.

  22. Anonymous says:

    She ATE this shoot. That first pic….

  23. Faith says:

    Yes B! The online shop is finally open…I was starting to think it would never happen

  24. Nelli says:

    I could buy all these outfits from high street stores like come on.
    Tina Knowles is an actual costume designer so I would have thought there would be more creativity flowing through her designs but as usual its the same cheaply made basic high street wear. In fact I wouldn’t even buy anything from HOD I would just go to Topshop, Forever21 etc.

  25. addikted2fashion says:

    The Creole Queen Mother of the Beehive is SLAYING in those shots! I want to check out HOD now.

  26. TheBaroness says:

    Once Beyonce started dating Jay-Z it seems her style went up 1001 notches. Ii think he put her onto some more fashion forward stylists as she regularly looks nice in snapshots around town (touch and go on the red carpet, either really gorgeous or just ‘off’). As far as HOD, sorry, I find the clothing uninteresting and unoriginal – thumbs down.

  27. TheBaroness says:

    Demeteria – AGREED. IMO Solange is 1001 times more interesting both creatively and style wise than Beyonce. But Beyonce is the ‘performer’ and uber-capitalist of the family so it makes sense she’ll be the one to put out a clothing line.

  28. La Yenni says:

    This is HOUSE OF DEREON not DEREON!! HOD is only sold overseas not in the USA…do your homework before hating.

  29. Jen says:

    I like the clothes im seeing on the above pics and i would buy them. I just dont feel its Beyonce. I know this is not her style. Its more like Rihanna or someone more funky, edgy and badgirl-ish.

  30. jeioko lee says:

    Some of y’all on here are the biggest hypocrites I’ve ever seen. Y’all quick to shake y’all head in disgust over black owned and/or designed clothes which are designed with y’all in mind. Then y’all turn around and praise the white designers who make clothes way above your price range and that’s not even marketed for y’all. Or some of y’all go as far as saying we need designers who make clothes for us and in our price range and I’ll buy ‘em with no hesitation. And here it is before your very eyes and most of you can’t find anything nice to say about it. Not trying to rant or make this out to be about race I’m just going off of what I mainly see in the comments. I personally believe in wearing clothes of any brand or designer as long as they’re cute but I especially like to by the clothes that are made to fit my body type which are usually ethnic designers or brands. Can we for once like clothes by Beyonce’? Atleast a damn hat or something, maybe even a ring.

  31. Trish says:

    We all love Beyonce, but does she need to front the Dereon campaign for every season?
    It don’t make the clothes look any better.

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