August 15th, 2012
Snapshot: Azealia Banks for Dazed & Confused September 2012
By Claire

Azealia Banks for Dazed & Confused September 2012. As we wrote here, the risqué cover has already been banned in 7 countries. What do you think?
Image: Dazed & Confused

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45 Responses to “Snapshot: Azealia Banks for Dazed & Confused September 2012”

  1. Childboo says:

    A bit tasteless but I have never listened to her so I have no idea what she raps about…

  2. Carmen says:


  3. Carmen says:

    And please stop wearing these long aren’t fooling anyone…

  4. Naija Vix. says:

    no words…….smh

  5. b says:

    i like azealia but this is gross and unnecessary….

  6. Jihan says:

    I think it coincides with her raunchy persona. Not totally necessary, but she can do little wrong in my book. I’m just glad to see a beautiful dark skin girl (who makes GREAT music) get some shine.

    Also, condoms are very effective in preventing pregnancy and the transmission of STD’s like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HPV (well, sorta) and HIV. USE THEM PEOPLE.

  7. MsNOMER says:

    I think it’s tacky simply because the condom is in her mouth. It oculd have been incorporated in a different way, if they felt it was absolutely necessary to include it. Perhaps blown up like a ballon on the end of a string that she’s holding? Just think the way it’s done conjures up images of fellatio. Not cool.

  8. LivvyV says:

    We have seen worst things then this in pop culture. I’m not saying that this a great cover, but this has probably best I have seen her besides her Alexander Wang video ad.

  9. Leimom says:

    It makes me so mad that young black women have to act a fool, degrade and humiliate themsleves to just become a ‘D” celebrity. Show some class and if they don’t want that then they do not want you.


  10. RHONYC says:


    that is all. ‘_’

  11. Kia says:

    So distasteful….nothing else to say. Oh wait, trying to hard to become relevant.

  12. asmeik says:

    This is very distasteful. I don’t think she even realizes all the [not so] hidden messages. It personifies much of how black women are perceived.

  13. Indigo says:

    They are gonna feed this chick to the dogs..smh.

  14. taffie says:

    She could have used a ballon, to put across her “blow up” point. SMDH, this is so tacky!!!

  15. says:

    This is a clear sign of selling yourself out.
    She should have said no to this ad.

  16. Kitty B. says:

    personall I like it! And it will promote young to place a condom in their mouth while placing other “things” if you catch my drift…there’s a silver lining in everything ppl…think about it!

  17. Kitty B. says:

    Personally I like it! And hopefully it will promote young people to place a condom in their mouths while placing other “things” there, if you catch my drift…there’s a silver lining in everything ppl…think about it!

    Sorry everyone has to rewrite my comment. Too many typos in the first one.

  18. Chris styles says:

    Her weaves bother the sh*t outta me! The condom ehhh…I find it unnecessary but I guess artist do whatever to stay relevant. I love her style..rap that is! Shes talented, but needs a stylist STAT.

  19. TomTom says:

    The condom wasn’t needed. Thats all

  20. Nraw says:

    Considering you can get STD’s in your mouth from performing fellatio on an infected partner (you’d be surprised how many people DO NOT know that) I don’t understand why having a condom in her mouth would be gross.

  21. Indigo says:

    She could have used a stick of dynamite. People now days have to be extra thinking they are being creative. It’s sad. She is the epitome of trifflin. Her weaves,makeup and that mouth..trifflin.

  22. Savage says:

    @Jihan, riding w you on this one! This girl is talented, makes good music, and there is a condom in her mouth. You bubbies kill me. She’s young and yes its very suggestive but a condom in this day in age represents so much more! I hope she talks about using protection more on her music bc God knows we need that in our community esp among young girls! Women will be giving oral to infinity and beyond! Noone has to encourage them, but to use a condom is wrong?

  23. Catou says:

    You guys act like you’ve never seen a condom before, when i bet half of the people upstairs arent virgins themselves, the way you guys react seem like you already had a condom in your mouth… Sell out? Think Again & look at your action before judging… Black Girls hating smh this ain’t new this is why guys cant find a man

  24. kitkat says:

    The thirst….

  25. SLIMB says:

    Tasteless… dnt really care too much for her…

  26. RHONYC says:

    LMAO @ kitkat! tee-hee! ;-)

  27. Hello says:

    I agree with Jihan also. Some of you guys are acting brand new like you’ve never popped open a condom before and this is coming from a virgin. It is a bit over the top but I’ve seen way worse you guys are over reacting

  28. reesha says:

    Catou, this has nothing to do with being a virgin. I have never heard any of the music that this women stands behind, however as black women we deal with enough stereotypes, ridicule and disrespect. If she is truly talented she should feel the need to do this for attention, we have to have some type of standards, whatever she does behind closed doors is her business, Im sure her mother would be embarrased.

  29. jme says:

    This is nothing……I’ve seen worse in a nicki minaj or lil kim video. i don’t think condoms are something that should be shielded from our community in any way, shape, or form…..she should pin a few to her hair too like the TLC days.

    But these wig choices have to stop. Those are very offensive.

  30. hayilabc says:

    I like her and I’m not prude it’s not even as offensive as it is just tacky. Is this is all they could come up with? Azealia Banks Blows Up = Azealia on the cover blowing up a condom…… ohhh…kayyyy….

  31. nae says:

    Sex sells and always will.

  32. KayGee says:

    @nae… realest comment on the post. If it worked for Kim, it will work for her! :L

  33. Prettigyrl78 says:

    tired of her already….

  34. Ray says:

    i dont c the big deal… we have seen way worst form pop culture eg: nicki, rihanna, madonna, gaga!!!

  35. aries says:

    TLC promoted safe sex and it was never tasteless like this, i don’t like it and i don’t like her.

  36. Jojo says:

    this is trashy. there could’ve been so many other way to get the ‘safe sex’ message across (and a catchy title out of it as well).

  37. Natasha says:

    lolz @kitkat but I saw the safe sex message. Provocatively done but that’s how you get the attention of today’s young people. If this lady is a singer than I do hope she mentions condom usage in her lyrics too.

  38. Jes says:

    This is the photo that people are up in about? Really? I’ve seen worse and much more raunchy. Some of you all need to lighten up. She’s young, talented, and a black girl who isn’t afraid to be herself and speak her mind. I’m not a fan of all that Banks does but I like her and I find her refreshing. The cover is meant to get people talking. If she had, as other posters suggested, held up a balloon or a stick of dynamite you guys would have a) kept it moving or b) deemed it boring. Condom aside, she actually looks good for a change.

  39. LaTasha says:

    Granted the cover is risque’, but it’s not that bad. If she wanted to shock people she did a good job. I will say this is the best I seen her lace front since she came on the scene. Bless her heart. She’s doing more than the iggy girl who is signed to T.I’s label.

  40. LawyerChic says:

    A while ago someone posted, in re Azealia Banks, that we don’t support people who look like us. I thought it was bologna, but I’m starting to believe it. I think its funny that so many people comment saying they’ve never heard her music, but don’t like her. In Azealia own words, “I’m an artist, I’m here to make music not for you to like me.”

  41. Briana says:

    Ya’ll so got damn stuck up MY GOD!!!! I kno u wont admit it of course but im sure some u barely use a damn condom in ya daily lives!!! If anything mayb ppl.would start using them more! I knw ull say”ok bt in a classy way” 1. Ive seen some of yall comments on other things and it definetly LACKS class. 2. See 1 yea im mad lol.

  42. Erin says:

    I like it. It’s Dazed & Confused, a indie mag so ofcourse most wouldn’t understand it or like it.

  43. Manny says:

    I can’t believe that this got banned. It’s hilarious. If she was actually sucking on something in her mouth…yeah that’s bad. She’s being her usual cheeky self.

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