August 13th, 2012
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Who Wore It Better? Rita Ora vs. Rihanna in Christian Louboutin’s Seann Girl Thigh High Boots
By Faith

Rita Ora was spotted at the Scotch of St. James Club in London in a look that combined her sporty aesthetic with leather and high-fashion accessories. For her night out, she wore the same $3,795 Christian Louboutin Seann Girl Thigh High Boots Rihanna was seen in incessantly back in February.

While Rita paired hers with a cropped, strong-shoulder bomber jacket, a baseball jersey-style dress, and a bold red Birkin, Rihanna wore hers with studded shorts and a $629 Stella McCartney Colour Play Striped Knit Pullover.

The thigh high boots are both fashionable and functional, boasting cell phone pockets, credit card slots, buckles at the knee, and 3.5″ heels.

These boots are hot! Not sure that either ensemble is really my cup of tea, though I do like Rita’s better only because the pairing seems to make a bit more sense.

What do you think? Who wore ‘em better?

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34 Responses to “Who Wore It Better? Rita Ora vs. Rihanna in Christian Louboutin’s Seann Girl Thigh High Boots”

  1. Juice love says:

    Rihanna definitely

  2. lou says:

    i agree rita looks much better!

  3. Fenise says:

    Rita looks so stupiddd omg Rihanna all day

  4. KBS says:

    Im going with Rih FTW just for the simple fact the Rita stuck a Sharpie in the pocket on the boot.

  5. neither…Love Rihanna but i’m over her trashy looking ensembles

  6. Dom says:

    Rih only beacuse she wore them in the winter when boots are supposed to be worn.

  7. Arya says:

    Rita looks so bad it’s not even funny. The boots should be the focus, all her extras are such in poor taste. Rihanna won.

  8. Nicky says:

    Rita looks like a linebacker. Rihanna wins this one.

  9. Likkle Miss says:

    I think Rita does this for shits and giggles. And I don’t like Rihanna’s look either, but she wins by default.

  10. Briana says:

    WTF does Rita have on? Looks like she got dressed in the dark or something…smh though I don’t like Rihanna’s outfit, she definitely wore them better…

  11. SLIMB says:

    I think think this was a joke right…. Rita always looks a dam mess to me. So of course I’m going with Ri-ri

  12. Nakia P says:

    I wish there was an option for love the boots, hate how they are styled.

  13. Jojo says:

    Rihanna only because Rita looks crazy frumpy.
    Rihanna doesn’t look that wacky to me… she has her chest covered and she looks like shes wearing a bra. Any fan of Rih’s know that she usually has something against them.

    @KBS hilarious!

  14. Rita’s outfit may make more sense, but Rihanna definitely wore them better. She looks high fashion.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Rihanna looks best with the boots.

  16. Kayla says:

    Rita looks like she ran out of clothes for that day and just put something on, no. I would wear Rih’s. It’s a cute look to me. Rih wins.

  17. FashionOne says:

    Rihanna looks the best she looks sexy & edgy! Rita…no comment!

  18. tasha says:

    Rihanna Killed it

  19. Twerk says:

    Rita is doing entirely too much!!!!!!! Rihanna.

  20. Kisha says:

    Huh? Rita’s look “makes sense?” Nothing about this makes sense.

  21. Christie says:

    Rita is brave. I’d pick her look minus the baseball jersey over the “back in the day 42nd Street Hooker who bought hEr FIRST sweater at Jcrew ” look Rihanna is giving off … ANY DAY .

    It seems like a lot of people on this site aren’t brave enough to do out of the ordinary looks . I LOVE Rita’s jacket, tres avant garde .

    Oh yea, INSTAGRAM : @SOCHIZZY . Toodles ! :-*

  22. My Response says:

    Rihanna looks like a streetwalker and Rita has too much going on. The boots are horrible either way

  23. LaTasha says:

    Rihanna wore them better. Rita…I just can’t. I’m just going to hope one day she’ll surprise us with some high fashion. I don’t even need high fashion from her at this point, I just need to see something put together that makes sense.

  24. kima says:

    Rihanna looks best.

  25. Jaida says:

    Rihanna rocked them better. Rita’s fashion sense is um…. interesting.

  26. Monica says:

    Rihanna looks like a hooker. Rita’s looks better. She takes risks with her fashion, and is hit or miss; and she can miss badly. But rihanna has looked horrible lately, and her sheeple will continue to praise her.

  27. hayilabc says:

    Considering we are talking about who wore THE BOOTS better. I’m going to say neither because those boots are hideous to me. They remind me of robocop legs. I don’t like them at all. They look like someone stepped into a black garbage bag. Rihanna doesn’t look attractive wearing that “basic” looking outfit with those hard looking boots and Rita might have done it right if she didn’t put on that ugly jacket.

  28. lv says:

    Wtf rita doing man

  29. Katie says:

    I still don’t know who this Rita girl is, but Rih wore the boots better.

  30. mamareese says:

    Um…Jay-z that whole clone-you-a-RiRi thang ain’t working out. I am just in the dark about how Rita is a fashion icon and has talent…….RiRi forgever……

  31. Ni says:

    I like the boots but- both ladies didn’t really hit the mark tho. Especially Rita, who should take some of her advance money and invest in a stylist a.s.a.P! Because the singing can be halfway wrong, but if you look good, people will give you the time of day. Appearance is everything- I mean, no shade, but Rhi herself can vouch for that even. If she’s honest. Ijs

  32. Anonymous says:

    Rita looks much better in those boots

  33. tanya says:

    rihanna is always the best !

  34. liam says:

    Rihanna will show rita ora for looks, rita ora is ugly and she knows it rihanna has a more beautiful face and rihannas thighs are more sexyer. I LOVE YU RIHANNA

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