August 13th, 2012
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The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kardashian Kollection Plots Global Expansion, Paris Vogue‘s September Issue Has Three Covers, and Michael Phelps Snags Louis Vuitton Ad
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

• The Kardashian sisters are poised to release the Kardashian Kollection on the rest of the world. The celebrity siblings have inked a deal to sell their wares in 13 different countries. Come this fall, people in Kuwait, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and more will have the privilege of fattening the Kardashian’s already hefty pockets in exchange for their expertly designed pieces. International readers, will you be buying? (WWD)

• Paris Vogue is serving a triple play for their September issue, releasing three different covers for all to enjoy. Lara Stone, Kate Moss, and Daria Werbowy separately cover France’s fashion bible. (WWD)

• Go behind the scenes of Kim Kardashian‘s cover for New York Magazine‘s Fashion issue. (The Cut)

Rihanna‘s Styled to Rock reality show makes its debut tomorrow night! Americans (unfortunately) won’t be able to see the broadcast (no fair!), but that’s okay, as we Yankees aren’t the ones who are inspiring Riri’s grungey personal style these days. The singer credits the “kids” in London as her collective sartorial muse: “London has always been one of my favourite cities to come to. I always go out on the street walking around, just to see what the kids are doing. They always set the trends for designers. The kids in London have so much street style and so much talent.” Great! Now we know who to blame for all those Hmm-worthyfits! (Vogue UK)

H&M buyer and ex- Fashion Star judge Nicole Christie discusses H&M’s Manhattan 59th street redesign, and what’s next for the retailer. (Style Blazer)

Michael Phelps is dangerously close to getting his Louis Vuitton duffle bag all wet in this new ad for the brand. (Racked)

Tyra Banks was in Singapore to promote Asia’s Next Top Model. The supermodel welcomed the opportunity to remind everyone of her Harvard Business certificate, and to show her support for Asian models. (WWD)


~ Jihan

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19 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kardashian Kollection Plots Global Expansion, Paris Vogue‘s September Issue Has Three Covers, and Michael Phelps Snags Louis Vuitton Ad”

  1. Shelly says:

    While Kim Kardashian is a beautiful person, and seems to be a decent human being, I don’t think she has the personality to carry a brand by herself. That said, she is lucky to have Khloe and Kourtney right there beside her. They are definitely the more relatable ones.

  2. lou says:

    I’m sorry but there clothes are over prices trash, the type of clothes that after one wash fall apart, I’m shocked though seen as in america the clothes don’t sell well so why would they sell well in other places

  3. Brittany says:

    I hate that they are always trying to make Khloe look shorter so that they all look the same height. Can’t Khloe just be tall!

  4. yusufswifee says:

    @brittany. THIS. lmao. Never noticed that.

    I’ve never bought any of there items but I can not say that I wouldn’t. It goes on sale like everything else.

    I think alot of their appeal is the sisterhood/family thing. Folks either have that and can relate to it or dont have it and wish for it…that is all.

  5. chichi says:

    i don’t understand why khloe cant be in the middle since she is the tallest why do they have her bending like that just to fit in the picture… i get kim is the start but jeez for a decent pic for us the viewers can they get it right kim is gonna shine regardless!!

  6. Leimom says:

    Why is the light hitting Khloe in that manner on her butt, it is not like that on Kourtney. I just hate the way that they treat her in shots with the sisters. Truth be told I like Khloe the best, she seems down to earth and tells it like it is. KIM is fake as H_ _ L.

  7. Lola Grace says:

    I don’t think that pose is flattering for Khole. Agreed she needs to be in the middle.

  8. Brittany says:

    I agree Leimom. I like Khloe the best too.

  9. taffie says:

    Lol @ how erbody is t
    alking about the kardashians like they the only ones in this post.

  10. LaTasha says:

    I do agree with @shelly, Kim does not have the power to carry a brand by herself. So I’m not surprise her sisters are always somewhere in the mix. I’m not a fan of the Kardashian collection. Bless their hearts, but just because you like fashion and may have had some success in putting fashion together, that does not make you someone credible to start a fashion line. But hey, if people want to buy it, who am I to judge…

  11. Indigo says:

    I like Khloe the best! And Kim looks more and more like a snow owl with each day.

  12. Ms.Missy says:

    WOW…The K sisters are hella photoshopped. that is all

  13. Tisha says:

    Sears just count your loses and stop; the line is not doing well here so why spend anymore money on it.

  14. Brenda says:

    The only place I get any Kardashian clothing is at the Sears Outlet for Free Apparel Tuesday. Notice I didn’t say “buy”.

  15. Ollywood says:

    kim does not look like that. She wishes her thighs were that size. Thank God for Photoshop. It’s that Kanye love. Look at a Ms Amber.

  16. Bre Bre says:

    If this picture didn’t make it obvious that Khloe has a different father.. I dont know what else will… look at here nose. eye color. body shape. and I love Khloe…. but Kris needs to admit she stepped out and accidently got knocked up. Happens to the best of em! Lol

  17. Dria says:

    Kourt’s wedges are cuute. I like some of the Kardashian Kollection items..I just think they cost a little much to be in Sears

  18. CocoaBabe says:

    I love Khloe. I think she is ABSOLUTELY relatable which would be bankable for her. I would love it if she tranaitioned her name to Chloe Odom and proceeded to brand just herself… in the sense of (1) releasing her mom as manager, just have a mother/daughter relationship (2) have a show about her as a wife, setting up her home and lifestyle (3) show her pregnancy journey to inspire us tgat its

  19. Taryn Nicole says:

    Apparently this post was about the most irrelevant news based on the previous comments. @Bre Bre, you’re late, it’s already been confirmed. Have a seat.

    In other news, I will be at Barnes and Nobles buying all three covers!

    Rihanna looks a mess, as usual. I lived in Cambridge for three years. She will not blame that mess that she calls style on the polished and gorgeous looks of the Englishmen. Girl, shut that up.

    Phelps. Yes. That is all.

    Tyra looks cute. I don’t appreciate her bragging about a certificate though when us college students work hard to earn a bachelor’s degree. She needs to realize that she received it because of who she is. Not everything is earned Tyra. Be humble.

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