August 7th, 2012
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Hot! or Hmm…: Shaunie O’Neal’s Box Braids
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

It seems everyone’s jumping on the box braid trend this summer, and now Basketball Wives overlord Shaunie O’Neal‘s been spotted rocking the look. The reality star and sometime philanthropist debuted a set of long braids as she hit the town this weekend. She treated her fans to a few twitpics of her new ‘do.

She weaved her braids into a side ponytail… braid for the evening. I’ll venture to say the Knowles sisters (and Brandy) have ushered in a comeback for the ’90s trend. I like this look on Shaunie, it’s nice to see her with some length, as opposed to a signature cropped style.

What do you think?


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36 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm…: Shaunie O’Neal’s Box Braids”

  1. Clara Lopez says:

    She looks absolutely hot. But why do I get the feeling that, because Beyonce recently had a braided hairstyle, all the other celebs want to join in or continue the trend. A trend that Solange has been rocking every summer since 2008. And now it is suddenly hotter because Beyonce wore braids?

  2. yes mam says:

    I’ve been on that train since I was 5. Have em on right now. Nice to see people rockin something other than tired weaves! Hot!

  3. Vick says:

    Getting mine done next week….

  4. Aurelie says:

    Basketball wives overlord haha Jihan I love your writing style. I love the braids on her but like @Clara Lopez said it does feel like everyone is jumping on the braid bandwagon. I’d like to know how people exercise with box braids though, they drive me crazy with the added weight.

  5. Shanellabell says:

    id like to know how yall maintain yalls edges with these heavy _ _ _ braids

  6. tyeshawho says:

    hott! she looks alot younger too

  7. MsEvaSee says:

    to me she looks older… not feeling em

  8. The X-Pressions brand is very light. Trust me.. I’ve been wearing braids and weaves on and off for 13 years. That brand along with the Marley brand feels like air. The cheap 3 packs for $5 is on the heavy side. But that can be fixed by blowdrying with a comb before you install it.

  9. Annie :) says:

    love it!! haven’t seen braids look bad on anyone yet! hope more black women embrace wearing braids rather than weaves all the time. getting senegalese twists done before school starts :) love this trend.

  10. aries says:

    maybe she should have chose a lighter color braids, like the honey brown ones are cute. it kind of ages Shaunie. Brandy, Patra, Janet(Poetic Justice), Knowles sisters all look gorgeous with braids.

  11. Amani says:

    I love them on her..she is rocking them! I love the look of braids ANY day or night over weaves. I don’t know to me they just look more authentic.

  12. uh huh says:

    I like weaves and braids without shame. Sometimes you want that weave look tbh. However, I’m wearing the patra’s right now and I haven’t gotten tired of them. For some reason I don’t think she looks that great with them (her short hair suits her better) but in general they are a great look. I’m happy they aren’t TOO hot yet though (among the regular non-tumblr folks). I still get looks because they stand out.

  13. Peachie says:

    i think they look “just okay”. they do give her a more youthful look, but i’m not feeling the side pony.

  14. Ms.Missy says:

    Yea, Huh…everything aint for everybody. I wont be rockin’. However, since Beyonce worn them recently, I think its some sort of seal of approval…ppl wanna rockin’ now because Beyonce wore them….they back ‘IN”…and for some they never left.

  15. Savage says:

    Meh….Maybe she needs more color, but not feeling it on her so much.

  16. Chrissy says:

    I think Shaunie looks the best she’s ever looked with these. They really compliment her face. I love it on her; however, I have to disagree about the Knowles sisters re-starting this trend. The Okpo sisters have rocked this long before Solange or Bey. Solange and Bey just have more mainstream celebrity than them.

  17. Keisha says:

    I like the braids but I agree with the poster I think a lighter color would suit her better.

  18. LaTasha says:

    Love the box braids Shaunie!! She looks real Poetic Justice.

  19. Alison DiLaurentis says:

    People are really sheep. I know the Knowles sisters did not create braids, but Beyonce is “inspiring” a lot of people these days. Smh.

  20. tt says:

    shaunie looks good in the braids which is no surprise since ALL black women look good in braids when they are done correctly. i don’t get the hoopla over celebs wear “box” braids when you can go to any city & see little girls to grown women rocking these braids all day long.

  21. whatevs says:

    she looks good…I don’t know too many black women that don’t look good with braids…

    and I just have to comment on the ‘sometimes you want a weave look” comment…omg…no ma’am…

  22. Definitely HOT! I was just planning to get mine done. I haven’t worn braids in like 9 years so I’m kind of excited about them!

  23. Amanda says:

    It’s definitely catching on… Since Beyonce wore them I’ve noticed them and twists much more than ever. I know it’s not for me right now but I applaud the sisters who try new thangs!

  24. Concur says:

    I actually happen to think that they looked the worse on Beyonce. I like them on Solange and they look good on Shaunie but Bey’s looked a hoodrat mess. (Ducks and hides from Jihan…)

  25. Kia says:

    You’re a just hater because they looked beautiful on Beyonce…

  26. Kia says:

    And why in every picture is She giving the side pose..hmmmm….someone doesnt like their full frontal face””

  27. Concur says:

    A hater? I actually love Beyonce but I hated the braids on her. Just some education for you: not liking something isn’t equivalent to hate. It’s called an opinion.

  28. Katie says:

    I like the braids for the most part, they could have been worse. I personally don’t think that Beyonce or Solange are the ones that started the trend. I need to see the receipts on that one. They are just more mainstream than others AT THIS TIME. That’s it.

    I can wait to get my hair re-braided before the new semester.

  29. Chris styles says:

    My next vacation do! I had these back in the day when poetic justice came out, lol. Btw it’s all been done already so ppl need to relax wit the this one did it first, made it popular, etc. Hell I still have colored jeans and printed (floral, etc.) moschino pants from my HS and college days, that folks are wearing today. Everything comes full circle :P. Btw, i love Jihan’s writing style. I can always tell when a post is written by her w/o looking…snarky word play (I.e overlord, and sometime philanthropist), Lml.

  30. Flowsick says:

    Er y is brandy in a bracket? She’s the Queen of braids

  31. Fashionbum82 says:

    I think the sudden boom in box braids is because a lot more sisters are going natural and this is a protective style!

  32. Erin says:

    Like I said in the other thread Beyonce and Solange definitely put braids back on the map (mainstream). I saw thousands upon thousands of articles on Beyonce braids.

    I like braids on just about anyone.
    BTW braids are weave at the end of the day.

  33. I’m on the fence. She looks great in the first pic. They look a little odd for her head shape in the head on shot.

  34. addikted2fashion says:

    @Alison People are “sheep” because theyre following a hair trend? Please show us the original hairstyle you have.

    We KNOW braids arent “new” but just look different fashion trends, they are having somewhat of a comeback right now. No need to remind us that people have rocked them for years or bring up Janet’s braids from 20 years ago. We know!

  35. She looks nice! But she acts s0 damn ghetto on basketball wives that it makes me want to vote NO for her with box braids. Solange along with beyonce carry themselves amazingly without adding to the stereotypes that come with braided hair!

    She does look pretty though.

  36. Sydni says:

    Looks like she’s on vacation, great natural vacation hairstyle. Dont have to worry about much

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