August 6th, 2012
Celebrity Style, Snapshot
Snapshot: NeNe Leakes for DENIM Magazine’s One Year Anniversary Issue
By Faith

NeNe Leakes for DENIM Magazine’s One Year Anniversary Issue.

Source: The YBF

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58 Responses to “Snapshot: NeNe Leakes for DENIM Magazine’s One Year Anniversary Issue”

  1. Bre Bre says:

    Another stripper who made it…. Why Am I In College If This Who Im Tryna Be Like *in my Drake voice*

  2. whatevs says:

    ew…what kinda photoshop mess…and if your only in college for the money…you need to start again anyway…

  3. lola_uk says:

    The photos are nice. She looks very elegant and regal.

  4. meekaG says:

    What other reasons do people go to college other than get a job and make a living???

    Her head doesn’t look like it matches her body but the red dress and white and black combo.. NICE!

  5. y says:

    im curious to see what she REALLY looked like in these photos pre-photoshop. I mean really? She looks like a cartoon.

    Im not a stripper, I dont know any strippers nor am I OKAY with what they do. However, at the end of the day they are working just like everyone else with a 9-5. Most strippers dont want to strip but do so for the fast cash. I wont throw shade on a person who stripped cause they wanna make something of themselves. Its just not fair. We all arent born with the same talents or opportunities so we have to do whats needed to survive.

  6. LawyerChic says:

    Whoever styled this shoot did a great job.

  7. C.L says:

    Photoshop can really ruin pictures man….

  8. Loving the styling for this spread. Her body looks great!

    P.S. Don’t judge someone just because they have sinned differently than you.


  9. whatevs says:

    @meeka…are you serious…

    Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition.
    Baraka Obama

  10. reesha says:

    i love the styling, but the cut and paste photoshopping is horrible!!!

  11. 1tallchick says:

    its funny how out of everything else that she is doing, people can only focus on what she did years & years ago. so what if she stripped. she’s doing something different & better now. she has learned from what probably was a mistake & is trying to turn it into a positive. she is the only one that know’s the real reason that she turned to stripping. she’s not another stripper that made it. she’s another black woman that overcame an obstacle.

    now with that being said I LOVE EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT!!!!

  12. Amani says:

    Hate to admit it, but she looks amazing!

  13. Amani says:

    …but that photoshopping is horrible!

  14. addikted2fashion says:

    Like some of the looks…but they photoshopped the entire hell outta these pictures. Good lawd.

    I think the young lady meant that its difficult to see someone that didnt spend years in school earning a degree, being successful on a much easier route. And then people who do actually get degrees dont achieve the same success (not just financially) and thats discouraging. But again, I just THINK thats what she meant

  15. yvette says:

    Photo-Slop! Reshoot immediately! Glad she’s off the pole and doin’ her thing, but…

  16. Kia says:

    I think Ne-Ne looks FANTASTIC!!! Almost regal if you ask me. Its a print photshot, photoshop is a must! lol. And ladies, lets focus a little more on the greatness that is. Who care what she used to do, life is about growth, clearly she has moved on. Ne-Ne Leaks is “VERY RICH”!

  17. Brandon says:

    Well said @1tallchick I completely AGREE!

  18. DefStef says:

    PHOTOSHOP GONE WRONG. they got nene looking like black gumby with blonde hair. #fail.

  19. DanaDane says:

    @1tallchick- Just want to say, I love your comment. It so needed to be said and you said it perfectly! <3

    Now back to fashion because that's what this site is about :) I love the styling for this photoshoot. She looks amazing in every outfit.

  20. Nellyv85 says:

    The styling is great, and she looks fab. They did over do it on the photoshop, but who cares!

  21. T1K says:

    Why in the third picture she looks like she’s floating? or like they placed her there? 0.O at any rate, liking some of the outfits

  22. Diva says:

    I love every look… GO HEAD NENE !!!!!

  23. Kenya says:

    I love these outfits!

  24. Marsha D says:

    Is this a joke??

  25. NicoleS says:

    The first pic…..she looks like a clown on stilts..those pants on her <<<<< smh photoshop, photoshop, smh

  26. FashionOne says:

    Nene looks chic & stylish…HOT!

  27. Loni says:

    It’s sad that success is measured by magazine spreads, twitter followers and checks cashed because she’s paid for it all. Her son is in and out of trouble, her marriage fell apart, she seems to have no real friends, and lacks any self esteem. She defines her self worth by the red sole of her shoe and the label on her clothes. So Meeka get a clue because society has you believing this is winning and it’s far from it. Get a moral compass and follow it north.

  28. Cherie says:

    The attire is well put together.

    I concur with Krystak Nichole Love it!!!!!!!!
    P.S. Don’t judge someone just because they have sinned differently than you.

    No one has a future without a past, do not be made at NeNe because she had the conifidence to overcome! She is doing it her way.

  29. This shoot is very, very photoshopped. We all know NeNe has lost weight, but she hasn’t lost this much. Her head looks too big for her body. However, I do like the red dress and the blush look on her.

  30. Melissa says:

    The stylist for that shoot deserves the highest of fives, the photoshop “artist” may need to consider a different line of work though.

  31. DivaFabulosa says:

    I don’t know if photoshop is the reason, but her torso looks super small compared to her long legs. I love the outfits chosen for her though, she looks classy for a change. I’m not going to comment on her being a stripper. It’s her past and she didn’t have to use that “occupation” to break into the acting industry.

  32. ninjo says:

    She looks great, but the photoshop work is too obvious.
    In the one with the red dress – check out the area under the arm. You can clearly see the blurry green background where they gave her instant lipo.

    On another note, I wish photoshop were real. Lord knows I could use some retouching around my midsection. *Sighs* and heads to gym.

  33. vain319 says:

    Iam not a huge NENE fan but I like her style or whoever styled her

  34. Siyam says:

    @loni …wow. Throwing morality jabs at what could have been just a joke?

  35. LaTasha says:

    I think NeNe looks pretty in this shoot. Go NeNe!! I’m not hating, can’t knock her hustle.

  36. Chaboogie says:

    Is it just me or does her top half of her body look extremely different from the bottom half (as far as width and length) on the magazine cover?

  37. Stylishly Yours says:

    Nice shoot. Love all the looks

  38. Jennifer says:

    MAJOR props to her stylist; these looks are phenomenal! I love the triangle collar necklace; it gives the illusion of décolletage.

    She DOES appear to be floating in the fireplace photo, lol. The photoshop leaves much to be desired, but all in all this was a great shoot!

  39. FBD Lover says:

    I’m not a Nene Leakes fan but I am loving these photos and the outfits in them. The colors really pop and compliment her hair and complexion. Not every black woman can rock that hair color but she does it sooo well. And her legs look amazing. But I do wish magazines would cut it out with all the photoshop. It’s getting so ridiculous.

  40. tt says:

    nene looks great! love all of her looks…very chic!
    nene has gotten full of herself as of late, but i love her hustle. she’s a lot smarter than many of her reality star counterparts in using that format to go for her ultimate goal & expand her brand past the initial 15 min.

  41. tt says:

    claire, you must post the names of the designers of nene’s outfits & the affordable equivalents asap!!!

  42. Brie says:

    @Bre Bre I agree, anyone who has hustled for high GPA’s, works hard every day and handling their business the politically correct way does get bothered that “Another Stripper” made it. No matter how many obstacles she has overcome she is still a stripper turned reality star/bully/abuse activist that has made it. They understood what you were saying UGH! Nene’s outfits are cute!!! LOL

  43. Sonia says:

    She look good no hating here u have to give credit
    where its do and she gets it big ups Ne-Ne

  44. Danielle says:

    1tallchick I totally agree. I’m sure everyone in this site has been perfect. Honestly…I guess someone could call me another statistic(black young single mom) and hopefully no one holds it against when I get my degree and continue to be successful. Shoot I’m glad she made it, I wouldn’t wish a life of taking you clothes off and living below the poverty line on anyone, who would? *getting off my soap box* As far as the shoot she looks beautiful.

  45. Leimom says:

    BAB BAD photoshop, the picture in the front of the fireplace is just too funny. Her feet in that picutre look as if she is floating.

    However she does look nice, but in the future, get someone that can photoshop better than this, if that is your thing.

  46. MsGrant says:

    I love this but it is obvious that they went to town with the photoshopping… like from the neck down it doesn’t even look like her especially in the red dress.

  47. M1zzdlady says:

    Sans the hair, Nene looks great!

  48. Tisha says:

    It would be nice if black people support each others success regardless whether or not she attended college.

  49. BeBe Jones says:

    CONGRATULATIONS JASON BOLIN!!!! I pray for many more anniversaries to come!!!

  50. iQgraphics says:

    the proportions of that top image are way off… her head looks shrunken. The placement of the mirror splits her in half. its an awkward image… but other than that


    I’m about to put “photoshop” on my list of things invented by the devil, along with mascara, spanx and karaoke

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