August 1st, 2012
Snapshot: Oprah Winfrey for O Magazine September 2012
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Oprah Winfrey wears a natural for the first time on the cover of O Magazine’s September 2012 issue. 

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31 Responses to “Snapshot: Oprah Winfrey for O Magazine September 2012”

  1. Taj says:

    Something looks really off with the picture.

  2. Katie says:

    She looks dead in the face :Y

  3. Savage says:

    Wayyyy tooooo much eyeliner. But I’m sure everyone knew O has been natural for years, hence why her hair has been so healthy.

  4. Hehe says:

    Oprah’s hair looks great but she is not natural. The last season of the show they went behind the scene and you saw her getting a relaxer touch up.

  5. Amani says:

    Whether its her natural or someone elses, lol…This is a great statement. Now if only FLOTUS would follow suit.

  6. nendir says:

    @amani its really up to the person how they want to wear their hair. Some people feel more natural with relaxed hair and as for FLOTUS and her busy schedule, taking care of natural hair may not be an option. At least her hair is healthy.

  7. shonda says:


  8. Mimi says:

    @Amani why should she follow that? She looks great in her own right. Anyway Oprah looks crazy in this pic

  9. Amani says:

    @Mimi I think it would be an awesome and inspiring statement to see her rock some texture. The picture that was captured the little boy in the Oval Office who felt Obama’s hair to see it it felt like his was heartwarming and deep on so many levels. There is nothing wrong with her showing her kinks from time to time. That’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it.

  10. I don’t like this. It looks like she just took her braids down after having a weave.

  11. dyshaun says:

    Lorddd have people not seen their own texture in so long that they dont know what textured, kinky hair looks like? For shame..

    O looks great.

  12. Indigo says:

    Oprah looks hurt ugly in this pic.. Something is off.

  13. Yawn says:

    Amani and Dyshaun…I agree with you both. Oprah said long ago that she wears her hair natural under all the weaves or she get’s her hair flat ironed. As for FLOTUS, it would be so inspirational to see her with kinky/curly hair. So many little girls, teens, as well as women would feel as though they could be themselves in any environment or role they might find themselves in. There’s nothing wrong with wishing for that ideal.

  14. Nisa says:

    I am beginning to think that most of ya’ll failed reading comprehension. Of course this is not a good picture of O due to airbrushing but the article is to comment on her hair. @sun-kissed…Educate yourself before commenting, that is exactly how the textured look is achieved.

  15. Katie says:

    lol, I think some people need to read that article again. It says nothing about Oprah sporting a “textured look,” it says “a natural.” As in her hair without chemicals. Not weave braid out and trying to pass that as your hair lol. Second, naturals don’t need to do braid out to get the “textured look” we have plenty of texture. lol, stop it y’all.

  16. Indigo says:

    Hair+woman of color = WWIII

  17. KitKat says:

    Her hair looks dry, and her face looks ashen, but those eyebrows are glorious.

  18. Loniann says:

    Oprah is not natural. PERIOD. It’s a wig.

  19. T says:

    I thought FLOTUS was natural and just gets her hair pressed. At any rate, let’s judge people by the content of their character and not by the way they choose to wear their hair.

  20. Diva says:

    Loniann smh @ that wig talk !

    Sadly the USA is not ready for the 1st African American First Lady to rock some kinks…. that would NEVER fly in this country. Maybe when Mr. Obama is out of office she’ll do it…. even if she doesn’t she is still one of the flyest women out there today ! Head to toe she is FIERCE !

  21. Amani says:

    @Yawn I am glad you see my point. I was not knocking FLOTUS, I was simply saying it would be nice to see the natural side from time to time. If she doesn’t have time with a stylist at her disposal essentially at any time, I don’t know who does. Furthermore, natural hair takes as much time/effort as relaxed hair, its just a “different” kind of maintenance. I really don’t want to get into that whole debate, I’ll leave that to someone else…

    I can say that I am tired of the bouffants that many woman in conservative and/or political settings tend to wear. We can do better and we do have more options and it would be awesome to see it once in a while.

    So to me, its nice to see Oprah embracing that side, now let’s hope that her or Andre styles it a bit different the next time around.

    Great day ladies!


  22. Jasmine says:

    Where was someone judging @T? This post is about O’s hair. Seems to me someone had that Marcus Garvey quote on standby just waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it smdh

  23. Bri says:

    Her hair looks very pretty the makeup is what’s off.

  24. Jinx Moneypenny says:


    Can we pleeeeeeeeeeease stop acting like if our hair is relaxed we don’t have to take care of it? PLEASE for the love all that is good. It doesn’t matter WHAT you do to it; if you have hair on your head you need to take care of it.

    I’m really over the myths. As for the cover Oprah looks weird, and the hair… ehh looks a bit weird too.

  25. Faith says:

    Yes Mother Oprah!

  26. @Nisa, have a seat and educate yourself. I don’t like the style on her period. Where on the cover do you see ‘how to achieve a textured look.’? Exactly, nowhere! There are many styles she could have chosen, this one is not flattering. If you like it, so be it. I don’t.

  27. Kahalia says:

    As an rabid, I mean avid ;) Oprah fan, this look reminds me of her circa 1988.

  28. Jizz says:

    I’m a huge Oprah fan but not a fan of this hair. I agree it looks like a half wig. You can clearly see where the leave out hair texture on the top differs.

  29. Reicie says:

    Sorry, people who said Oprah is wigging and weaving and chemical treated she is NOT…first hand in the know

  30. Reicie says:

    *CORRECTION NOT even for this shoot

  31. nattyboom says:

    be serious. why should ms obama follow this? relax, natural black ppl continue to hate themselves so nothing will ever be right. get over it

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