August 1st, 2012
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Snapshot: Maybach Music Group by Armen Djerrahian for VIBE August/September 2012
By Faith

Maybach Music Group by Armen Djerrahian for VIBE August/September 2012.

Source: VIBE

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21 Responses to “Snapshot: Maybach Music Group by Armen Djerrahian for VIBE August/September 2012”

  1. I like Meek Mil and all, but bigger than Jay-Z? That’s a tough act to follow kid.

  2. mi manning says:

    u know what cracks me up?! rappers like meek mill rap about all this filth, but has an iced-out (prototype) jesus hangin’ around his neck! is it me, or is Christianity questionable…seems like it accepts anything!

  3. jme says:

    Christ does accept all…..

    I don’t know what the future holds, but him being larger than Jay Z is extremely questionable.

  4. Kaila says:

    There’s something oddly attractive about Wale…just saying. But I agree..Jay Z is tough to beat!

  5. Anonymous says:

    @Mi Manning

    It’s not Christianity…it’s the believer themselves. He believes he represents Christ and it seems you may be convinced that he reps Christianity too. Honey please don’t doubt the Word doubt the world.

  6. Pari says:

    Well said @Anonymous

  7. mi manning says:

    @ Anonymous…and just what is the Word exactly? For we all know the story of Jesus was based on the Egyptian or ancient Kemite God, Horus and that Christ really represents the so-called Negroes, here, in the U.S. But, if I were a naive person, I would question why someone like Meek Millz would have the audacity to put the prototype Jesus around his neck in the first place, and have no so-called Christians question him.

    I mean, you Christians love Jesus so much, and wear a cross, yet, you never condemn artists who talk about filth and constantly have a cross around their neck. Look at 50 Cent’s Get Rich… album cover. There’s a whole from a bullet right over the bling-out cross around his neck.

    Perhaps the cross really represents something else….and maybe the Word, too!

  8. mi manning says:

    @ jme…Christ does NOT accept all! if he did, there would be no need for judgement, would there? He even condemned the Jews..saying they are of their father, the devil! Or maybe Christ does accept all, but GOd sure doesn’t. There would be no need for a flood in Noah’s story, no need to destroy Sodom and Gemorrah (spellcheck probably)…there would even be no need for a Jesus figure if God accepted everything. Why would he forsake his “only” so-called “son” and have him killed for a people he was already content with? Get outta here with that mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Eureka says:

    I know that’s right anonymous. @Mi manning I believe as a christian it is not mine or anyones job to judge the next man or woman. As christians we should accept anyone who says they are a child of God as just that no matter how “ratchet”. Wale would be so cute if he got some rest or something he always looks sleepy.

  10. mi manning says:

    @ Eureka…I wonder if judging would be the same as having an opinion? B/c these are my opinions..just like ur opinion is “Wale would be so cute if he got some rest or something he always looks sleepy”…but some may take that as judging…meaning you don’t think he’s that cute, but would be IF he got “some rest”. I’m just sayin’.

  11. Eureka says:

    @Mi manning I understand that point…. There is a very fine line between judging and opinion. The way I look at it I could never tell the next man or woman they are not a christian because they rap about drugs, guns, and sex but this is my opinion.

  12. mi manning says:

    @ Eureka…if I were a Christian, I WOULD tell them they are NOT Christians…although what I said in the beginning was not that they weren’t Christians. I was simply asking how these people wearing Jesus pieces and crucifixes around their necks, while rapping about drugs, guns, and sex is acceptable? So, you’re saying, as long as they accept Christ, they can rap about drugs, which is not only harmful to the body, but causes great stress on family and communities, especially black communities. Which leads to guns, meaning people selling drugs have to protect their empire and will kill or be killed over drugs and money. And guns, probably the #1 killer of young black men by another black man or crooked cop, also shoots bullets that carry no names, so innocent bystanders get caught up in the cross-fire. And then you have sex. Premarital sex, which leads to STD’s or God forbid, HIV and AIDS. Sex, the #’s are high for black women who seek abortions. There’s plenty of single mothers b/c of one, careless night of sex.

    The funny part is, all of these scenarios can be partly influenced by music from people like Meek Mills and the whole Maybach Music family. But, in your opinion, he can still be a Christian. So, even a drug-dealer can be a Christian as long as he accepts Christ? I’m not being sardonic…so please enlighten me!

  13. Diva says:

    THIS IS FASHION BOMB DAILY, get off your soap boxes…. lighten up… this is NOT the forum !

  14. mi manning says:

    fashion is a forum….for it changes like everything else at that particular time!

  15. juliaaa says:

    @ Diva

    Nuff said …

  16. Anonymous says:

    where’s stalley??? i hate that they always exclude him… he’s a great artist and just because he doesnt always talk about all the same superficial topics as other maintream rappers doesnt mean he should be forgotten

  17. Izhause says:

    Meek mill …Huh?!

  18. FiFi says:

    @mi manning The Lord accepts you as you are. He does not ask you to clean up your life before he welcomes you. No, all he wants you to do is accept the fact that you are a sinner, repent your sins, and accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior, because without his salvation we would all be condemned and doomed for hell. Once you have done this, the Holy Spirit will guide you towards a Christian lifestyle that will glorify the Lord. If Meek Mills believes in God and he wants to wear a Jesus chain, as a symbol of his beliefs then let the man do it! The fact that he does not live the ideal Christian lifestyle is between him and his God. It is not for us to judge. However! as a Christian, one can advise him out of concern and love.

    Anyway this is a fashion blog, so back to the reason why I came here. I love their group. They are all cute, even Rick Ross’s big self. All of the are e

  19. FiFi says:

    *They are also extremely talented! Love their music!

  20. Ni says:

    Bigger than Jay-z huh? Well, Meek’s album I think is called ‘Dreamchasers and Nightmares’ right? hopefully Ross got a whole bunch of them Reebok’s for dude to chase THAT dream down. ijs

  21. Kay says:

    Maybach and YMCMB are like the new Bad Boys

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