July 30th, 2012
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The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Jourdan Dunn Talks Modeling and Motherhood, Karlie Kloss is the Face of the Target x Neiman Marcus CFDA Collaboration Campaign, and Ryan Lochte Wears A Grill
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

• Jourdan Dunn chatted with Sunday Times Style on the joys and challenges of being a model mommy, and dealing with her son Riley’s sickle-cell anemia. The Burberry model recalls a very accommodating Victoria’s Secret shoot in which she had to breastfeed: “They set up a little curtained area for me to use the breast pump. Not very glamorous, but ultimately, I’m a mother first then a model, and generally the industry is really supportive. This is a good career for a working mother.” (Sunday Times Style)

Duchess Stallion Leg aka Karlie Kloss will front the campaign for the Target x Neiman Marcus CFDA designer collabapalooza. A spokesperson for Target said, “The campaign is designed to drive excitement, fuel buzz and curiosity around the Dec. 1 launch. It’s very comprehensive and robust and will include all mediums with unique elements specially designed for online, print, out of home, TV and social media.” In other words, there’s going to be a lot of Karlie in yo’ face this fall! (WWD)

• Sexy swimmer Ryan Lochte almost didn’t receive his gold medal for the 400m individual medley this weekend. Lochte wanted to take the podium sporting a diamond American flag grill, but he was told to spit it out, or risk not getting his medal. He obliged, but once he stepped off that podium, he immediately popped the grill back in. *Sigh* it’s this sort of ratchetness that makes America great. (USA Today)


• The hilarious Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders discuss the London 2012 Olympics with Instinct magazine. Between the gold medal they *claim* to have won after winning the “torch race,” to the bottle of Olympic-branded champagne “ginger pop,” you’re gonna have a hard time not disturbing your coworkers with laughter this afternoon. (Instinct Magazine)



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17 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Jourdan Dunn Talks Modeling and Motherhood, Karlie Kloss is the Face of the Target x Neiman Marcus CFDA Collaboration Campaign, and Ryan Lochte Wears A Grill”

  1. lolodoll11 says:

    Ryan appears to have a little “hood” in him. Lol! There was a pic circulating yesterday of both he and K Michelle all friendly. My only issue with this though is had it been a black guy, folks would be all up in arms calling him ghetto and every derogatory term under the sun. Big ups to Ryan though. Just having a little fun.

  2. Honey B says:

    Only a white guy could pull this off. If a black guy had did this, they would be saying he’s degrading the Olympics and embarassing the legacy. (I think it’s cute and comical tho…)

  3. Deb says:

    this is his moment. he worked DAMN hard to get there. Let him have some fun. We never know what tomorrow brings.

  4. Dom says:


    LOL I was wondering why he didn’t have the grill in on the podium. I was rooting for him JUST so I could see the grill. The fact that it’s a blinged out American Flag almost makes up for the fact that he screwed us in the 4X100 yesterday. Almost.

  5. Savage says:

    LOL @ DOM!!! Now let that had been Cullen Jones, Al Sharpton would’ve been outraged!! But I guess when ur a handsome white man you can get away with almost anything…I mean he is too cute lol

  6. LaTasha says:

    Just a little FYI for Ryan…Hip hop doesn’t wear grills anymore dear. I agree with what a couple of people said already, let this have been an African American(African Americans actually created the concept of grills) there would be so much outrage. I get we are influential people. I would just like to experience cultures other than my own all the time. The world knows America by African American culture. Our music(hip hop, rock and roll oh and yes country) are loved and listened to around the world. I would love to experience European culture…but Europeans are doing so much of what African Americans are doing I have no idea what cultural practices they have. Just a thought…

  7. Dee says:

    Lawd knows I love me some Ryan and this is just icing on the cake. FYI, he does have a lil hood in him. He has a closet to die for as well. The AbFab Olympic epi is priceless. A must see.

  8. jme says:

    Ryan is such a cutie. Idk what the hoopla was about. He wore a grill in Beijing too.

    I concur with the statements above. No black man could get away with that on this big of a stage.

  9. Kia says:

    He didn’t get away with it. They weren’t going to give him his medal if he wore them so he had to take it out. So it’s really not a race thing more like conservatory at its fullest.

  10. Izhause says:

    Ryan is Dope ! Congrats to him. He’s cute too.

  11. Izhause says:

    Cullen Jones is a babe too and he swam his ass off in the relay!

  12. Miss Smith says:

    Let that man live. Love me some AbFab.

  13. kory conover says:

    So excited for this Target Neiman Marcus collection.

  14. Kitana says:

    LMAO This too funny. Has anybody noticed that white swimmers are always a bit ghetto? Remember a few years ago Michael Phelps said in his Olympic speech that he couldn’t have won without his JEEZY music?!!! Now that was hilarious.

  15. Jihan says:

    Fun fact: Ryan Lochte is also rumored to be friends with LHHATL (is she from that show? Sorry, I can’t watch anymore black women embarrassing themselves on telly) K.Michelle!

    HE’S RACHET ON THE LOW/ Maybe likes black girls?

    Does this mean I have a chance?

  16. Shelly says:

    Lol @ Jihan.

    And @ Latasha…please relax, lol. While I agree with what others said about if it had been a Black guy, you kind of went off on a tangent about wanting to experience “European” culture, but not being able to because you don’t know what that is. You do know that Europe is continent, and it’s divided in an array of different countries that have different cultures. Try going to google or wikipedia to see for yourself. It’s only different/so clumped for us because as African-Americans, we were bought over here, and had to come up with our own culture.

    But anywho, Go Team USA!!! lol.

  17. LoudPen says:

    If Ryan likes black girls I’d like to submit my application. LOL!

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