July 29th, 2012
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Splurge: Alicia Keys’s Reebok Commercial Robert Rodriguez Cobalt Blue Tuxedo Blazer
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Alicia Keys took to the streets of New York City to film her commercial for Reebok.  While filming, the “New Day” singer sported a $425 Robert Rodriguez Tuxedo Blazer, a white button front shirt, black and white track pants, and Reebok sneakers.

We were also able to get an unfiltered look at her new haircut.

Her blazer comes with a black satin shawl collar and lapels, complete with a single button closure. It’s currently available at Neiman Marcus.

If you’re up for the splurge get the blazer below along with a few other options:

I love the pop that the blazer provides to the look. However, I really cannot co-sign this evening chic on the top, gym gear on the bottom at the same damn time ensemble.

What do you think? Are you loving Alicia’s look?



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37 Responses to “Splurge: Alicia Keys’s Reebok Commercial Robert Rodriguez Cobalt Blue Tuxedo Blazer”

  1. Taylor says:

    The blazer is nice but that’s about it

  2. shantae johnson says:

    Now, I know she knows better than to be wearing that beautiful blazer with the rest of the crap she did. That’s common sense.

  3. T1K says:

    That should have been under a “Hot or Hmm” emphasis on Hmmm.

  4. Love the look. Always a fan of Alicia!

  5. ngozi says:

    just bought this blazer from forever21 at 30 dollars!

  6. jbrizzy says:

    Love the Blazer, but it looks like Alicia is dressed for two separate occasions, Church and a Track meet. No Ma’am

  7. Anonymous says:

    She looks super lesbian-ish in this photo!

  8. the pants should be more fluid. silk track pants would have made the look more coherent :-)) does she have a stylist?

  9. Messy mess. I don’t like the haircut either.

    SN: The rich get richer. Swizzy has his own Reboks so I guess she has to get in on the action too. Stick to singing and writing songs.

  10. Danielle says:

    That outfit is ridiculous…

  11. Sade says:

    I don’t like anything about this. The haircut does nothing for me, and the outfit is just confusing.

  12. Twerk says:

    Really, Alicia??

  13. Ronnie says:

    that she’s pigeon toed!

  14. Drey says:

    Don’t really like the pant and sneakers those break the look :(

  15. Grace says:

    She looks absolutely awful. She’s one of those women who just rarely if ever looks good in her clothes, odd…

  16. Vicky says:

    I love how she let her inner Queen Latifah shine through in this photoshoot *giggling*

  17. I love the Jacket. Cobolt blue is one of my favourite colors!

  18. Bella says:

    She looks terrible. This outfit is fugly.

  19. Po says:

    Why am I not feeling her haircut?

  20. Indigo says:

    The L Word…

  21. Nikki says:

    hate everything about the look.

  22. blow my candles out says:

    i love the 2 toned blazer………………..
    reminds me of the stella macartney beige blazer kim and lebrons wifey had
    Alicia shoulda worn a black top underneath with a pair of tight black skinnys and pointy heels ….
    thats all i got :)

  23. Stephanie says:

    that’s a hot mess of an outfit.

  24. LC says:

    LMAO @ ‘at the same damn time.’ Now that song is stuck in my head.

  25. Brooke says:

    She needs to turn around, go back up the steps, close the door, and finish getting dressed. And then come back outside and try this again…

    Aint nobody got time for this… That is a beautiful blazer.

  26. Marsha D says:

    Lmao at some of the comments above….but seriously…wtf am I looking at here? Shameful.

  27. Diva says:

    she needs a stylist

  28. Shauntele says:

    Since this was shot for a commercial I doubt this was her selection and the stylist too probably had to work within parameters to promote Reebok merchandise. So while look may not do her complete justice, the check that she’ll be taking to the bank could be all the justification needed?

  29. Rebekah says:

    I love the blazer, but it should have been left out of this shoot. Shauntele, I agree the point was to promote Reebok, hence why the blazer was not needed in my opinion. The styling of her hair could have been better also. I can imagine the check will be nice though.

  30. Lala says:

    Ummmm no

  31. Deb says:

    I agree with Shauntele…and since it was for a commercial we have no idea when the photos where taken or in what context. For all we know that could be Alicia’s jacket that she just threw on while she had some down time to cover the outfit that will be seen in the finished commercial. That said I think we should wait and see the entire commercial and then judge.

  32. Nisa says:

    @Shauntele and @Deb….only voices of reason on here. I think the outfit is cute in a NYC tomboy girl type of look. Not every woman is into the girly girly stuff. We are absolutley hilarious…asking if she has a stylist….LMAO!! She needs one so that we, the oh so knowing about fashion, fly everyday, always in the hottest trend and designer stuff, frontin’ like H3!!, spending your last on a designer outfit you cannot afford and commenting on designer outfits you cannot afford Sistahs can give her our seal of fashion approval?!! NOW that is a WTH!! Just saying we should not be so critical of a life many of us know nothing about. Comment on the outfit not the person. Question? Seriously… Do people really think that celebrities are dressed by a stylist in every aspect of their life and are always in something that is to be critiqued as whether it is trendy or trash. I do like this site but hate when the articles or issues are a personal attack on an individual when we are asked to critique an outfit someone wore going shopping or to the gym or just out with the children. This is almost a cross of TMZ and Wendy Williams. Just sayin but still love FBD!!

  33. Hello says:

    I always got a lesbian vibe from Mrs.Alicia

  34. whatevs says:

    no ma’am…no ma’am…no ma’am…I’m actually a bit appalled at this outfit…

  35. whatevs says:

    and laughing at the last remaining a. keys stans with the excuses for this horrid look…

  36. Nisa says:

    @whatevs…laughing at you being appalled by someone’s outfit…really?!!

  37. tia says:

    She looks pretty fly.. But, I also think she looks like a gay girl in this photo. Something about the outfit, pose and the confidence… BTW, it’s not a hateful statement, so please do not take it the wrong way. I know a bunch of girls, would love for the rumors to be true.

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