July 18th, 2012
Genevieve Jones, Snapshot
Snapshot: Genevieve Jones and Theophilus London for the Coveteur
By Claire

Genevieve Jones and Theophilus London for the Coveteur. An excerpt, “We’d be pretty surprised if you hadn’t heard of Genevieve Jones by now. The jewellery designer has had everyone from Kate Moss to Rihanna rock her stuff—oh, and you can add rapper Theophilus London to that list. Jones made a great host, especially considering she had just gotten off the plane from a red-eye from Thailand—where her line is produced. She had fresh floral arrangements, refreshments and solid music blasting while we worked away. We were mid-way through our shoot, rummaging through her closet when, lo and behold, the man himself, Mr. Theophilus London, popped in for a visit. We snapped the duo together and then with a little coaxing convinced Jones to reveal her latest collection. And, yes, it’s every bit as amazing as you could imagine. Lucky for London, being a friend of Jones comes with perks (like wearing her bling before it’s even been released)…let’s just say London got hooked up hardcore. We helped ice London out with a bunch of Jones’s signature gem-encrusted rings and necklaces before getting back to business. (Listen, you’d put a photoshoot on hold too if Theophilus London stopped by!).” Read the rest here.

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52 Responses to “Snapshot: Genevieve Jones and Theophilus London for the Coveteur”

  1. BlkRose says:

    Genevieve Jones slept with the perfect old white man to make it to the top. She comes from humble background, and got with the right man of statues in teh New York scence to make it to the top. Herdesigns are not even news worthy. It really is who you know and who you are sleeping with. It’s just nice to see a boring black chick like her get some shine.

  2. lola_uk says:

    lol @ BlkRose. It IS all about who you know. and i have to agree; I’ve seen her designs and i was not impressed.

  3. Bay2thaATL says:

    Love her style, particularly the turquiose shoes (Amazing!). Great pics!

  4. Alison DiLaurentis says:

    @ BlkRose: sleeping with the perfect white mEn. It worked for Shala Monroque (at least she has real style) as well.Overhyped by the white press for the same reasons. But hey, we all need strategies in life right? :)

  5. KBS says:

    @ BlkRose, if she did, she’s no different than any other boring white chick that put in back labor to get to the top. It’s what a lot of people do.
    Where are those peacock tuquoise strappy sandals from, I love them! And that Fendi baguette is the bag that started the whole “it bag” craze i think (with the help of SATC).

  6. Marsha says:

    Whenever I heard Jones’s name in the past she was called a socialite… I didn’t even know she designs jewelry. I must be way out the loop.

  7. BlkRose says:

    The truth hurts. Too many real talent out there and this watered down chick is important in the fashion game. The only reason I can stand her is because she is black and attempting to do her thing with average talent. She still sucks in my book.

  8. BlkRose says:

    If you are going to be sleeping with rich old white man, at least make sure you have talent in the field that you work in, or you will make a fool out of yourself. She’s like the white elites token black. They had to let a few in, and she was one of the lucky ones, because it sure wasn’t her talent.

  9. Uknow says:

    Gutter trollop!!!

  10. Indigo says:

    She never looks healthy…

  11. metoo247 says:

    I kinda like that she’s so mysterious and popped up from no where. Its like she’s living the life that you read of in those cheap $4.99 romance novels or on a Lifetime movie. I just want to keep on watching to see how everything is going to turn out!!!

  12. aries says:

    those turquoise heels r everything. i always wondered who she was and why is she famous and what is her ethnicity.

  13. Ugh... says:

    What does her sleeping with a white man have to do with anything? that’s her business, it’s no different from black women sleeping with black men who don’t have a thing to claim or speak for. LOL, this is hater station.

  14. what’s up with the random mix matched bed sheets? I always knew I wasn’t into her personal style, but these pictures prove that her closet is nothing to envy. NEXT!

  15. FashionOne says:

    Thank you Claire…I love that you featured Genevieve Jones, love her style!

  16. I do like some of the personal interior touches though…

  17. Izhause says:

    She is too cute ! I like the pics of her and Mr.London.

  18. TheAntifash says:

    I was just talking about this with a friend BlkRose. I agree 100% Alison DiLaurentis. I would love to have a round table discussion with the both of you!

  19. Bajan Candy says:

    That canopy is EVERYTHING to me, I love it!!! GJ is a cutey and you guys are out of control, lol.

  20. BlkRose says:

    The fact is that she has no talent.

  21. reesha says:

    I didn’t find this interesting at all, I really hate when people try to make style relevant by showing a little LV, Fendi, or Chanel. Not that I don’t like labels but they should’nt be used to validate style. And while we are on the subject of style, most of these celebrities use stylist and since there are many stylist out here besides June Ambrose why not give them a little shine, I would love to know who’s behind the looks of celebrities and about their personal style.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Where is all this hate coming from at the end of the day Genevieve Jones is beyond stylish!!!! Who cares where she came from and what she does, thats her PERSONAL BUSINESS.

  23. Rudy says:

    @Anon….There is no hate! Let’s call it what it is. Genevieve Jones and Shala Monroque are no different than the “video models” or groupies who sleep around to get ahead. I’m just glad Genevieve actually looks good in these pics. Half the time I see her, she looks somewhat ashy.

  24. Andrea says:

    @Blkrose isn’t sleeping with a rich white man and being put on a talent though? If it weren’t wouldn’t there be a ton more like Gen and Shala’s.. …It sounds like you’re mad you didn’t get chose. I always hear this..white man put the black woman on b/c she slept with him—-So what? Lets be very clear, a lot of women period are put on and …supported by men. Cue Hillary Clinton….It’s totally normal so stop harping on it when a blk women is involved. Its a typical ignorant comment and makes you seem biter.

    Also no fan of Gen, she seems old in the face and i don’t like her designs but I’m happy she’s making a “living”.

  25. Tash Myahll says:

    @Rudy i think its a shame, that people want to mention her Personal life when she does not display it to the public. Jones and Monroque are “Well Known” in the fashion industry because these women have impeccable style (Point blank) Jones and Monroque are where they are today, because they both have a great eye for fashion, if they didn’t they wouldn’t have got their foot ANYWHERE in the door.

  26. blkrose says:

    At the end of the day her talent is wack and her style is nothing to scream about. just because everyone is fucking for fame is common,but to be fucking for fame and having little talent is another story. Met her numerous times and best believe people laugh behind her back because at the end of the day she is a kept woman with a boring line of crap jewelry.good day everyone.

  27. blkrose says:

    At least if she had talent she could get away with being an old white mans mistress.

  28. opoh says:

    please she is making it, why is marlo hamptons name mentioned when we talk about black chicks sleeping with white man. At least Geneveve and Shala are classy not that ten thousand dollar a night hooker Marlo Hamptons. Bikrose , from your post full of hate and probably from the ghetto.

  29. Lyndon says:

    Who cares who she is sleepig with!!!! it sure isn’t working b ver heard of her line and I don’t think anybody is really checking for her like that. I googled her and saw what she was selling, and the ish wasn’t even FLY. I do agree with one thing, if your business is going to be out on front street at least make sure you got some kind of talent/skill. I would advice her to pay someone to design her line or she needs to head back to school and learn some skillz. I wouldn’t rock her stuff.

  30. Goldie says:


  31. lina says:

    Bikrose you sound very bitter take a sit, who cares who she is sleeping with. And if we are on the topic of sleeping with old rich guyz i agree with opoh then why not crucify Marlo Hamptom as well since you are throwing names. Oh wait Shala and Geneveve are not hoodrats thats why.Bikrose need to concentrate on paying your bills, you just missed your internet bill .lol

  32. Alison DiLaurentis says:

    I think Blkrose’s point was just to say that they are other really stylish and talented Black women that will never be known to the public or make it, because they chose not to “sell” their bodies to old white men/the elite in order to “social climb”. Sure, Shala and Genevieve seem to have way more class than Marlo. But the truth is Shala (who I actually like) has old billionaire Larry Gagosian to thank, Genevieve some anonymous white old lovers (+buddy Zac Posen). Nothing that special about them. It is what it is.

  33. Crystal says:

    I never understood the hype over her. This shoot was boring as hell. I had no idea she designed jewelry either.

  34. Andrea says:

    Claire please add a flag for “bitterness” to your site. Thank you.

  35. lina says:

    so the issue is sleeping with old white men because if their are sleeping with black men to advance themselves then it doesn’t matter i.e Evenly lozada she is showcased for selling her body among many others but thats okay. America seriously. Shala, Genevieve i love their are not your usual hoodrats shown on tv with loud colors , ghetto earrings ei basketball housewives. So i have noticed that anytime in America when a black women does not go with the norm or the stereotype of what a black women looks or sounds like then her own black people crucify her. Hate aside , i have been following this girl’s fashion for years. She is not your typical stereotype and i loved that and because their a lot of us black women who can relate to this type of blackness that you do not see on tv. Not all of us where raised in the ghetto. Kuddos for Genevieve she is a class act.

  36. KIKI says:

    I follow this site and i have noticed that when thid BIKROSE comment she is negative. I personally think this Bikrose person is a loser and a bitter person who has nothing to do with her life. just curios what do you do for a living Bikrose, what have you achieved in life. From your comments on this site. It doesnt seem like much. Love genevieve, Love Shala and we can all agree that sleeping around can only take you so much, only those with ambition, talent and those who work had get to the top and these ladies deserve their props.

  37. fafa says:

    Her apartment style is shabby chic. Love it, this girl has more fashion range than most people. Viva Genevieve.

  38. piecesly.co.nr says:

    it sounds hateful, but people truly are laffing at her behind her back…but i highly doubt she cares and thats wat makes her stand out and rock. a journalist did an article and exposed every single lie this girl ever told….from her fake age to her background but here she is today moving her hustle. u gotta give her credit for having balls. and for that i dig her and her hustle.

  39. Brinks says:

    She’s a slore, just like Marlo and Evelyn, and just like we have zero respect for them, we have zero respect for her OR Shala. How about uplifting women who do something with their brains/talents? Tyra, Oprah, anyone? The fashion industry purposefully uplifts these jokes to make mockeries of black women in the industry. This isn’t the best the industry has, this is just all they want you to see.

  40. blkrose says:

    i work in the fashion industry and im doing very well thank you. Half of these celebs you drool over are drug lovers and you should be thanking their stylist and people like myself who provide access to the high end clothing that you young ladies dream about

  41. blkrose says:

    I worked my way to the top and my talent and thick skin is why I’m living lovely. I didnt fuck or suck off some man to be at the top of my game. I’m also blessed to be beyond great at what i do. The chick is wack and believe me het jewelry line is nor paying her bills. My career does.

  42. kiki says:

    @Bikrose yeh my cousin works in the mall she works in the fashion industry lol, successful women do not ooze bitterness like you. I doubt it very much you are where you want in life because if you are satisfied with your life and how you are living them other successful women like Shala or Genevieve would not bother you so much. Thats real talk work on your issues sweety.

  43. Annie says:

    (brushin’ off dem hatas) I absolutely love her! And those blue shoes. I need them in my life.

  44. Annie says:

    @BLKROSE spend less time obsessing over other people’s path to the top, and maybe you too would be well-known. She was known in the NY social scene for her styles before the relationship you are alluding to and was close friends with Zac Posen. If you were really on the ground, and as powerful in fashion as suggested by your delusions, you would know this. Writing hateful anonymous messages, I’m afraid, does not qualify as having a “talent.”

  45. blkrose says:

    I am well known. I worked in the mall was i 16. Yes celebs do come have access to the internet. Keep pushing,but you aint reaching. Tell your cousin to step her game ip and move up in the fashion world. Important people blog too honey. Stop cheering lazy black women with no talent. A hooker and an escort are the same thing. She still selling pussy.

  46. hey girl says:

    @ black rose,i agree that a prostitute and escort are the same thing. It’s just that escorts make it look glamorous.

  47. kiki says:

    I havent heard of you Bikrose, i have heard Of Genevieve, not only are you a hoodrat but from the sounds of it ant got no man either. Life sucks for you no wonder you bitter. Show us your work. I dare you. Of course you are not going to do it because you are a nobody.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Can we just stick to the subject. she’s boring.

  49. kim says:

    Happy people, who are out living their lives, do not have the time or the energy to sit in front of the computer and spew out several paragraphs of negativity on the internet.

    Who cares what she does? She is doing her. kudos.

    Live and let live!

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