July 18th, 2012
Beauty, Hair
Roll Call: Where Do You Buy Your Hair?
By Claire

Former Bombshell Patience writes, “I am having problems finding good hair extensions or wigs because I live in a small town in Iowa (career choice). “

” I am looking for preferably Indian virgin hair. I have purchased this hair before from online vendors that I goggled and the hair seems to fall apart after a few washes. I couldn’t think of anyone else to ask but you about good hair recommendations. I know you have dreadlocks and don’t use extensions but I figured you’d have some insight.”
Well actually….I don’t know much about weaves. Aside from well known companies like Indique and Hair Factory, I’m clueless!
But I’m sure a lot of Fashion Bomb readers can point you in the right direction.
So ladies (and gents), please help dear Patience out.

Where can one find quality hair?
Images: Global Grind/Elle Russia

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170 Responses to “Roll Call: Where Do You Buy Your Hair?”

  1. DeAnna says:

    I’m in love with Onychair.com. My real hair is natural so I go for the relaxed perm because it has a lot of texture to it. Good luck!

  2. Alissa says:

    I roll with Indique hair because it has natural movement, no shedding, and no matting. You can also order the hair online since you live in Iowa.

  3. Nik says:

    There are so many different hair vendors…it is key to do your research. I would recommend you check out blackhairmedia.com and go through the weaves/extensions forum or any other hair care forum. The key to a good weave is preference…and you have to find a vendor who best suits your needs. I can give you a few names but its trial and error.

  4. momo says:

    There is extensionsplus. Onyc hair. Jujuhair. Indianhair.net. silkbaseclosures.com. elite hair houston.com. california lace wigs. Platinum lace wigs. All about my hair. Ebay if you know who to buy from. There are so many and it really depends on the texture that you are looking for!

  5. Natalie says:

    I LOVE Select Strands selectstrands.com

  6. Dnice says:

    Hairsisters.com. Always look for a coupon code online too before purchasing.

  7. Nik says:

    Dreamgirls Hair in LA (dghair.com), Giovanni & Son in LA (giovanniandson.com), Long Locks Virgin Hair in Philadelphia (Longlocks.bigcartel.com), and various hair vendors on Aliexpress.com and alibaba.com

  8. Erin says:

    Bella Dream hair is the best. I love it, I have had mine for 6 months and it still looks like I just got it after each wash. The key to longevity with extensions is that you treat them like they are your own hair. By that I mean deep conditioning, regular washing, using heat protectants. Treat them nice and they will treat you nice lol. Aside from my rave review on it, celebrities wear this hair as well. Her website is belladreamhair.com

  9. Kris says:

    I order from vendors out of the country. Unfortunately, American vendors get the hair from other countries and then double the price. I understand it’s a business, but I’d rather cut out the middle man and extra costs. You don’t have to spend a lot on quality hair.

  10. Anne says:

    Go online and shop. Google is your friend. Buy from websites that have secure shopping. You’ll know it’s secure because instead of “http” in the address bar, it will have “https”. The “s” indicates secure server. Hope this helps :)

  11. marino says:

    I recently got to know a new company called etny beauty. They are really new and do not have a website but a friend of mine gave me their email adress. She got samples from them and was really satisfied. I tried and found out that they have an amazing quality of remy hair and virgin hair coming from india. Try to contact them at etnybeauty@gmail.com

  12. Juice love says:

    Longlocksvirginhair.com great product great price

  13. Juice love says:


  14. Brittany says:


  15. Dawn says:

    I’ve tried Diamond Hair Company and i love the quality of the hair!

  16. V says:

    I encourage you to do some hardcore research before you purchase any kind of hair. I would recommend you buy it online, preferably virgin Indian. Some good but really expensive vendors are extensions plus and wagmans. Also you can get cheaper slightly processed human hair from vendors on Aliexpress, specially queens hair. A good forum to start your research would be black hair media. I don’t think I can post web links here but just google that and the weave forum should provide you with a lot of great info

  17. Lin says:

    I LOVE EXTENSIONSPLUS!!! Only 1 store in the US (Cali)

  18. Alice X says:

    Great prices and they offer 3bundle deals and hair closures!!
    I also just ordered a

  19. Lauren says:

    Glam Luxe’s (Chicago) Black Label Hair. I will NEVER wear anything else. http://glamluxe.net/site.php

  20. queenofatl says:

    I like I Heart Hair Inc.! Great prices. They’re kinda new but the hair is good. ihearthairinc.com

  21. Mika says:

    Love Hair Factory hair! Especially their NY Remi line.

  22. Joi says:

    God blessed me with a head full of hair. Only worn weave a few times and I feel sorry for black women who depend on it and refuse to show off their beautiful real hair. I’m not knocking weave, but i don’t need it to look good.

  23. NF says:


  24. Kimmi says:

    No one “needs” weave to look good. Its just an accessory

  25. Shelly says:

    @Joi….so why even bother to post on this thread? Smh. Your comment was really unnecessary. You don’t know the reasons behind why these women get weave, or how often they where it, so please have a seat.

    Anywho, my first purchase of virgin hair was from Genesis Virgin Hair (genesisvirginhair.com) I know they sell Brazilian hair, but I think it’s pretty good quality, and it’s a lot cheaper than other companies. Plus, they say that Brazilian hair blend very well with African American hair.

    You should look into different origins of hair (Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, etc.) and also use Youtube to your advantage, lol. There are surely THOUSANDS of reviews up there. My favorite hair gurus to look at are Fabulasityisme and Thomasadriana.

  26. Natalie says:

    Jace Beauty is the one!! You will NOT be disappointed. The hair is Russian Fede and it comes in different textures and curl patterns. Blends extremely well with African American relaxed or natural hair. Nicole, the owner, takes EXTREME pride in her customer service. Check You Tube for reviews.
    http://www.jacebeauty.com….. You’ll love it!!

  27. Rudy says:

    @Joi: Typical Hair Nazi. Have a seat. ——-> _/

  28. Mrs windy City says:

    Fellow blogger Miss Jia has a new website called “the weave review” that is made for this situation… I say go on over and give a looksies

  29. Brielle says:


  30. Ugh... says:

    LOL, of course we (she) don’t need it, but she is looking for it, lets not turn this into something deep and clearly not the topic of conversation. If she is seeking good hair let her!

  31. Shelly says:

    Also, there is Hairaddictonline.com

  32. Nellyv85 says:

    Bye @Joi lol

  33. Lisa says:

    Either @iloveindique, @goodhairltd or @plt_lifestyle imo though forums like this are better for finding real answers over YouTube those gurus lie a whole lot because they get free hair

  34. Ugh... says:

    and Joi, DID anybody asked you girl, you all kill me with i’m not knocking it, but here it my two cents, nobody wants your two pennies! Was the topic of this, Lets see what Joi has to say about weaves? NO! It isn’t asking about what anybody think about weaves, just wear to get good quality hair.

    I will never understand why people try to force or be slick with the comments about their preferences on others. GOOD FOR YOU to have a full head of hair but I think i have a big cookie laying around here for you. You don’t know anybodies, life, or situation to come on here with that attitude. And I am natural and I’m beyond tired of this Natural hair (i’m better than you) non-sense, and trust me honey, a full head of hair doesn’t mean you are more “blessed” than anybody on here who wears their hair in a weave, has natural hair that isn’t as full, or any other hair situation! We are all woman with different lives, schedules, time limitations, so good for you that you have enough time to daddle with your hair, there are some of us who like to throw a weave in once in awhile and not have to worry about a thing, or braids, twist, whatever. So please……………….go sit down.

    Patience good luck with your hair search girl, still love your blog, and i love that you come on mine too, but I’m not under my blogger alias right now. Hollaaaa

  35. Sheba says:

    @ Joi,
    Really… come on, your post was not necessary. Grow up! A Sister has openly asked fellow readers of this blog for helpful information and you write that judgmental crap! Get over yourself. If you have nothing productive and positive to say, please proceed to the next post.


  36. Rocky says:

    @joi…crawl back under your rock. No one asked for your input.

    I’ve had really great experience with Halley’s Curls & Wagmans hair. I was able to get multiple installs with both.

    I would stay away from Ego Extensions (horrible hair & deceitful business practices) & Senghori Shells (I’ve had better bss hair)

  37. SAW says:

    I wear weave because I can flat iron my hair, color it and do whatever i want to it. People always assume that Black women wear weave because we are bald. I have beautiful thick, long hair and people are alway stun where i take my weave out. But thats besides the point lol.

    Anyways Indique has beautiful hair. I usually wear relax straight because it blends with my real hair and does not look silky. always you can reuse the hair and they give you an extra 2 inches.

    I do not suggest wearing weaves back to back because your hair does need a break and it can damage your hair. Use youtube as your guide for reviews because majority of the women on there will give their honest opinion about the hair.

  38. My girl owns http://truehairexpressions.com/ and I get my hair from her!

    I can also co-sign dghair.com being a standup vendor. The owner used to be my stylist a while back when I lived in Sacramento.

  39. ohhh Im lovin this post. I needed to find some good companies and I appreciate all the websites… thanks!

  40. e says:


  41. Lisa says:

    I have hair almost in the middle of my back but the gym is not a friend to my hair and I am not sacrificing either kudos to you @joi for looking good with your real hair but I don’t think the post asked who looks good with their own hair I am certain that if you saw me in weave you wouldn’t know it was a weave so maybe your installs were wack hence the inappropriate post

  42. Bajan Candy says:

    Interesting…thanks Patience for asking!

  43. Tori says:

    go to youtube.com and search for virgin hair…there are sooo many videos of women who discuss/review hair…jacebeauty is highly recommended by most women who have used their hair, so check them out as well.

  44. kelli-anne says:

    From northstarbeauty on eBay. They carry premium grade beautiful Malaysian U-Part wigs and Half wigs that are in textures to match african/black hair seamlessly.

  45. SLIMB says:

    Who cares if you dont wear weave… why comment – no one asked -_- !!

    I love OnycHair, I’ve had my kinky curly in for 4 months & counting … and its still in good shape.

    IndiqueHair, ExtensionsPlus, TiffanysHairStudio, jadorehair.

  46. Naija Vix. says:

    @rocky ! hey ! what texture did you purchase in Halley’s curls hair? I bought the Gentle Wave relaxed and it was HOOORRRIIBLLEEE i could shed tears with the amount it shedded and it matted horribly BUT everyone that uses halley’s curls seems to love it!…idk..i used no product and i washed it with sulfate free shampoo….*sigh*

  47. Anonymous says:

    Bliss hair!!! Redondo Beach Ca- hands down the best; quality & prices! I’m always getting stopped by women asking me where did I get my hair. Forever in Hair Bliss lol

  48. SHAQ NICHOLE says:

    @ Joi, sit down PAlease!!..who said they needed hair to look good??!?!! How do you know that these black women have hair but they want to give their hair a break?? Anyways, check aliexpress/alibaba.com. They have sorts of vendors who sale all kinds of hair at a wholesale price. I am natural, for 1 year and plus months now..and thought my hair needed a break. I went on aliexpress, ordered Virgin Brazilian hair on a Friday, hair came on Tuesday. I highly recommend but it’s like ebay, you have to check reviews…

  49. ethel says:

    co-sign the negative comment on extensions plus. Wore there hair for YEARS but this time around thought I had beauty supply hair. Don’t care for Indique. Really liking senghori shells natural rythmns right now.

    also co-sign the @ joi bashing lol

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