July 16th, 2012
Cassie, Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm, Rihanna
Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: Cassie, Zoe Kravitz, Rihanna and More!
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Happy Monday, guys!

I am barely rested from a hectic weekend. Between my friend’s gorgeous country wedding up in Vermont (congratulations Jonny and Lauren!) and other projects, I’m beat, and my Christian Louboutins are covered in dirt. Thankfully, our favorite celebs chose to spare me any more pain by actually turning out some pretty Hot! looks this weekend!

Let’s see, shall we?


Comic Con brought out a smattering of celebs. Naya Rivera looked positively modern and chic in this gray Razan Alazzouni crop top, H&M high-waisted blue skirt, and neon Giuseppe Zanotti pumps for a fun pop of color. Hot!

Hunger Games star Amanda Stenberg looked super sophisticated in a white jacket, black blouse, and graphic skirt. She added some funk to her look with a pair of gold spiked flats and a colorful statement necklace. Um, Amanda Stenberg is 13– is it weird that I totally want to copy her look? H-O-T!

Kimye stepped out once again in their usual monochromatic fare. Yawn! I’m happy they found love, but this relationship is doing a number on their respective closets. I’ve never been so consistently bored with a celebrity couple’s outfits. I give them neither a Hot! nor Hmm… this look is so underwhelming, they get a Zzzzzz!

And it gets worse. Here’s the couple wearing all black in Miami. I’m crying couture tears over Yeezy’s leather pants and Kim’s bra-revealing mesh ensemble. Kim recently admitted that she takes fashion advice from her new beau. I think it’s time for her to start dressing herself again! This is a major Hmmm

Cassie hosted the ‘King of Hearts’ party out at the Lavo Nightclub in Los Angeles. She wore a white frock with peachy mesh cutouts, strappy sandals, and a pair of vintage Chanel earrings. I must say, the lady came correct. Hot!

Diddy hosted a party at Tao nightclub in a casual t-shirt, jeans, and chic bomber jacket. I like the pieces separately, but I don’t know if I’m feeling the brown/ baby food green color combo with those jeans. Hmm

I see Zoe Kravitz is rocking another unflattering haircut.

In their continued pursuit of relevance, the Basketball Wives LA stars hit up a Tinseltown pool party. Hmm‘s all round, though Gloria Govan’s body looks amazing!


Rihanna looked comfy in a black maxi dress, Trapstar hat, varsity jacket and Jordans catching a flight to Sardinia. I recently passed up a black maxi from Joe Fresh, and now thanks to Riri, I’m regretting it. Hot! 

And that’s all for now! What did you guys do this weekend?



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42 Responses to “Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: Cassie, Zoe Kravitz, Rihanna and More!”

  1. meekaG says:

    Ol’ girl from bbw should of opt for a one piece or a monokini that cover a little more and my favorite was Amanda Stenberg such a cutie.

  2. kim and kanye look questionable and i am convinced that rihanna can make anything look good!

  3. Naya looks fabulous! Her look is unexpected and chic! Lil’ Amanda looks cute as well. What in the Amber Rose hell is going on with Kim and that stupid sheer skirt? If this is what Kanye has up his sleeve, he needs to come again! Gloria Govan’s body looks amazing? Are those stretch marks I see over a six pack? Huh?

  4. reesha says:

    Yesss @ MeekaG, and I didn’t recognize any of them except for “whats her name” in the jean shorts. Looks like everyone has been gettin it in, in the plastic surgery dept. And ladies we have to leave those stretch marks in there place (the bedroom)

  5. Sofia says:

    Kanye is a one trick Pony. He has no eye for proportions and fashion to be honest, he dresses Amber and Kim the same. And Kim has no brain or is too thirsty to refuse wearing some of his outfits. She looked really bad in this outfit and very trashy. Her only talent was to be able to always look stylish and pretty (thanks to Monica Rose), if she doesn’t wake up….oh well!

  6. T1K says:

    whooooo that was a terrible picture with those ladies in those bikinies! I mean, you don’t have to wear a two piece, they are very cute one pieces out there 0.O and Kim has been so hmmmmmmmmmmmm hot mess lately.. doesn’t she see herself??? love the little girl’s outfit! so cute.

  7. Nikkibellarae says:

    Ye wants Kim to channel her Inner -Amber, hell to the no bueno!
    And I see Draya went blonde.

  8. iM Me says:

    I thought I was the only one, Gloria’s sister looks horrid. News Flash: “Sexy One Pieces do Exist!” Wow! Im so distracted I cant comment on anything else…..

  9. AmazinRee says:

    Cassie looked absolutely gorge!!!

  10. lou says:

    Kim has never had any personal style, she dressed awful before she brought herself a stylist but this is just ridiculous! I feel like kanye wants a amber rose no2, kims to short and chunky to rock these looks where as amber would have killed them! I think the outfits would look better if kim took them stupid bum pads off..she’s just blaaahhh now even face wise she’s fallen off

  11. Likkle Miss says:

    Cassie is stunning, sheesh.

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Kanye is not the authority on women’s fashion that he thinks he is. He knows nothing about proportions and what is flattering for certain body types. Kim looks a hot mess, and for the love of couture, I wish she’d stop rocking boots. It’s summer!!!!

  12. Mrs windy City says:

    Don’t like Draya’s new hair color…Malaysia (sp) beach look is cute…those others- NO

  13. Brooke says:

    Where is ef is Monica Rose? Kim PLEASE call her ASAP!

  14. prplheart says:

    Kimmy girl…that sheer skirt! What da hell? NO PANTIES?

    Only good thing so far is that she’s wearing less makeup and looking naturally prettier…other than that girl you’re getting too comfortable.

  15. My Response says:

    Why Kim, why??????
    Zoe Kravitz never looks clean.
    Why all of a sudden Rihanna rocking dresses and J’s? It looks stupid. People say Rita is jacking her style……um ok

  16. hey yall says:

    the chick from BBW’s know she needed a cover up..them claw prints are not what’s hott! lol..

  17. Indigo says:

    Kim is looking thicker than a Snicker…

  18. Indigo says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with Zoe’s hair…It’s a basis cut.. It’s HOT AND HUMID out.
    I love the little girls outfit.. Not too grown.

  19. SLIMB says:

    OMG Amanda looks so cute, shes adorable…love her.
    & yessss to NAYA she looks incredible..
    last but not least Cassie = love. She never dissapoints me!!

  20. addikted2fashion says:

    Last night on Kim’s show they showed a part where Kanye sent her several racks of clothes and every piece was exactly what she wears now: black, leather, a little white/cream. For the rest of the episode u saw her style quickly morph into what it is now. So tragic.

    Anywhooooo, BBW:LA, whose idea was it to play with photoshop and add that weird effect to the photo? They need to be popped and have their photoshop access revoked.

    Everyone else (except Rihanna & Zoe) look great! Lots of definite style inspiration being showcased!

  21. Stylishly Yours says:

    Kim looks pregnant in these outfits. And why does Kanye wear the same outfit to every event. It’s like he’s not even trying.

  22. SHAQ NICHOLE says:

    lol @ Sofia! I so agree. Kim with her thirsty self…she looks so trappy…like, everybody knows that she’s a high class hoe…like…does she really need to dress like one???

  23. Dobe says:

    Cassie killed it, per usual! I love Amanda’s outfit, as well as Naya’s. I will recreate the grey, blue, and neon combo soon :)

  24. Deb Bee says:

    3 words for the lady of bbwla: cocoa shea butter! Smh just like @iM Me I can’t even focus on what everybody else is wearing…

  25. Mely B says:

    Naya, Amanda & Cassie FTW! I’d put Cassie on the “pay no mind frequency” when she cut her hair like that but in this pic she looks so pretty; the hair style works for once & her make up is really pretty. She should just try to get a major beauty campaign and leave music alone.

  26. soon2Bmrs says:

    I can not believe Kimmy is dressed like this!! That black number is so trashy, SMH!

    Laura Honey, a one-piece & you would’ve looked gorgeous…instead you look a hot ass mess.

  27. Jaida says:

    Rihanna’s outfit is the pits and so are those Jordans that stay in stock for obvious reasons… Kim K. = BLAHHHHHHH for that trashy outfit and for her bra showing and for her altogether. Kanye needs to get back to his fashionable self. Cassie looks fab!

  28. Anonymous says:

    @Dobe – Agree 100%

  29. Jojo says:

    Riri looks very hmmmmmm… Naya and Amanda’s looks are my favorite. Both look so cute!

    And couture tears? LOL. Kanye looks like he’s been wearing the SAME black tee, black leather, and black kicks ensemble for some time now.

  30. Dom says:

    @My Response
    Zoe does always look filthy. Her and her boo stay looking like Pigpen from Charlie Brown!

  31. TheFav1 says:

    @jihan I have the joe fresh black maxi (free courtesy of a friend who worked there as a sr. Tech designer) you’re not missing anything. FYI Cheapy store dejanerio on 42nd st and lex ave has the same crap!

  32. MsEvaSee says:

    the bbw pic is really really bad, that’s all i can say!

    Kanye’s been wearing those leather pants everyday for the last 2 month. it seems like he is doing the same things with his shirt too, it is rather stretched out!

  33. Jae says:

    never took Zoe as a beard. maybe they’re all bi

  34. Kay says:

    i think Kim fired her stylist and hired Kanye.
    Kim: Hey babe what should i wear?
    Kanye: Black…yeah everything black thats gonna look cute

    ::rolling my eyes::

  35. Drea says:


    Please stop with the leather pants…

    KIm call ur stylist back cause Ye is stirring u in the wrong direction esp if he think its appropiate to wear leather pants in 90+ degree weather…I know his ass stinks literally

  36. Kahalia says:

    I can’t agree on Zoe’s hair. It’s a cute cut in summer heat!

  37. hell no says:

    Her name is Amandla, meaning power in xhosa not amanda.

  38. ChiChiCakes says:

    Clearly she’s been working out and decided to show off her results..she had a baby, I salute her bravery..0_0

  39. kissmybeauty says:

    smh..poor kimmie, she needs some guidance other than yeezys obnoxious input! as for Laura..*rolls eyes* we get it..you lost weight..but im here to tell u no1 gives a sh*t. A one piece would have been alot more easier on the eyes this morning -__- and LMFAO at Zoe’s unattractive hair cut..she can also this one to her hall of “lame”.

  40. baby-b says:

    kanye, virgil and don c are all gay lovers. cant wait till they come out. heard it here first!

  41. Taryn Nicole says:

    The 13yr old is absolutely beautiful and I love what she’s wearing… “Kimye” is lame. Now on to what I really want to discuss, these BBW LA and these horrid pics! Now I’m not saying stretch marks aren’t normal but fyi, there’s other pics from this event where that “six pack” disappeared. They all look horrible. Definitely nothing special there. There are “regular” girls on the street that look 23420434235675859643 times better.

  42. Reicie says:

    OK, I was trying NOT to say anything but…Laura, please, for the love of all things right in the world, I applaud your fitness efforts after being with child HOWEVER WHO IN THE HELL let you come out in the world without telling you THEY WILL SEE YOUR STRETCH MARKS??? We know ain’t none of those chicks yo girls, so why NOT your sister??? UGH!
    And of course YAWN on KIMYE and since it’s evident we HAVE to talk about a Kardashian can it PLEASE be KRIS JENNER or I’ll take one of the amazon youngling or even ROB for that matter UGH!!! *done*

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