July 16th, 2012
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Now Available: Nicki Minaj’s Beez in the Trap Video Go Jane Leopard Strappy Back Jumpsuit
By Claire

When Nicki Minaj’s Beez in the Trap video debuted a few months ago, our inbox was literally inundated with requests for her saucy catsuit. At the time we could only find similar looks because her exact piece was sold out. Welp, undoubtedly due to popular demand, GoJane.com has the item back in stock:

The ‘strappy back jumpsuit’ is now available for $27.60 at the fast fashion site (if you have any doubt, they confirm the piece is indeed the one Nicki sported in the viddy in the item description).

Get it here before it sells out again!
Now the real question is: will you be buying?
Spied @MusicFashionLand

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38 Responses to “Now Available: Nicki Minaj’s Beez in the Trap Video Go Jane Leopard Strappy Back Jumpsuit”

  1. etiyi says:

    No I will not be picking that up, but I like that nicki wears affordable pieces.

  2. Alexis says:

    two word uh-oh!

  3. Keisha says:

    I wouldn’t buy it for myself but I think it looks great on her especially for the video.

  4. Ms.Missy says:

    Welp…at least I know the difference between..ish you wear in a video or photoshoot vs wearing that ish in the “real world” ie walking the blvd in miami on spring break…or at the local mall or some hood pool party….UNFORTUNATELY, some ppl dont!!!

    some ish need to stay in the videos or in booty mag’s photoshoots! and not on the BLOCK…lol

  5. Pari says:

    Cute jumpsuit for a video. Not so much for the real world though.

  6. Simone L says:

    The thing is, once people identify where they know that outfit from, you’ll forever be compared to how Nicki filled it out and how you’re filling it out. Men will probably expect to see ass and tits. I’ll pass, even though my shape is somewhere between the model and Nicki.

  7. I pray to gawd…yes GAWD [madea voice] I do not see anyone wearing this hot mess along with those JC shoes.

  8. iQgraphics says:

    wearing that, the song should be called
    “I beez on the track”

  9. addikted2fashion says:

    @Fab im praying to GAWD too! LOL

    I refuse to go to any club for awhile due to fear of seeing some ratchet nicki wannabe squeezing herself into this catastrophe.

  10. My Response says:

    why would anyone want to wear this ratchet thing?

  11. leondra says:

    Tacky ugly and trashy

  12. soon2Bmrs says:

    I wonder how many people clicked on that GoJane link to order?

  13. KimberlyLove says:

    Oh god be prepared for ratchetness in the club smh


  14. Shelly says:

    If you have the right body for it, and you’re wearing it to the club, or a night out at an exotic place/vacation spot, I say go for it! The only real problem lies where people where it with an inappropriate body (for the outfit) and at an inappropriate place.

  15. Jen says:

    Cute for a video or if u work at the strip club..King of Diamonds to be exact.

  16. MsA says:

    I had to see it to believe it, so I checked the site. I noticed PLENTY of size large and 1X requests…I’m just saying- I’m a medium and still wouldn’t wear it.

  17. t-fal says:

    I think you could wear this in real life with a long, drapey off the shoulder tunic or a long blazer. It could be a cheap layering piece…..but i’m assuming most aren’t interested in layering this jumpsuit underneath something….

  18. kelli-anne says:

    Great piece to wear around the house to keep the sparks flying in a relationship ;)

  19. TedrienNicholas says:

    I would like to know why urban female fashion is so slutty. Of course it transcends to other cultures, but dang. It seems worse in the urban world because it is accompanied by enormous, out-of-proportion butts (like Nicki’s fake disaster). Just sad. No class, just trash. Everybody can’t wear things like that. Her butt is literally falling out of the back.

  20. Urban Fashion isn’t just slutty, i see country girls wearing Bikin tops, mid drifs, and daisy dukes on a regular basis, but I do think that you can be sexy without all that, that looks good on nicki, per personally I could never rock it, but i also don’t think they did the suit any justice on that model with those fake JC’s.

  21. kathia says:

    omg!!! thx for the website! im going crazy with everything on gojane.com! lol…i have been eyeing them j.campbell wedged booties for the longest but cant afford them right now and the have them for like 75% of the price! and the actually look pretty decent!

  22. urbanMILF says:

    i’ll pass…

  23. Sheba says:


  24. Kahalia says:

    Once again…the fight over the soul of FBD. lol

  25. Siyam says:

    that same jumpsuit is sold somewhere out here in Vegas I think…

  26. Catelin says:

    Its two different leopard prints. Is it really the SAME?

  27. Kisha says:

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of unsavory selections on this site :(

  28. That girl says:

    Just WHERE are people wearing this to?

  29. M1zzdlady says:

    I saw some girl wear this to the club 2 weeks ago…it was a dancehall scene, so it worked for that type of event.

  30. Annie says:

    i’ll cop a pair…for my kitty cat halloween costume. halloween is probably the only time in a skintight unitard.

  31. Kitana says:

    I can’t. This outfit is terrible on Nikki, so to see the average Jane wearing this I’d rather not……

  32. Natasha says:

    Yup. I could see wearing this…’round the house :lol: But will it show everyone’s bum line or was that just Minaj’s body dysmorphia thing?

  33. Shannon says:

    All you haters on here talking a million dollars worth of shit wish you had enough guts or ass to rock this like Nikki did… Sad bitches get some confidence!

  34. Jazzy says:

    if you have ass n tits and no gut this would look amazing gumballs!

  35. Wasabi says:

    Love it! cute club outfit or halloween outfit,If you have the right shape & plenty ways to style it.Guess I’ll be one of those ratchets as you all say lol:)

  36. beyonce says:

    yolo nicki looks good in that lepord suit but i look beeter this is beyonce

  37. beyonce says:

    kitana get a job or get alife because nicki minaj is my idol bitch are u a hater cause if you r u got cocks to blow bitch yolo

  38. Anonymous says:

    What r u all talking about ??????? I love this… I would proably wear a cute blazer cute…..

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