July 2nd, 2012
Awards, Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm
Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: The 2012 BET Awards featuring Beyonce, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, and more!
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Hey Bombers and Bombshells!

Okay, I have a confession: I didn’t watch the BET awards last night! I know, I’m terrible, but after a long weekend in the nation’s capital, I wanted to wind down with a Lifetime movie instead. Looks like I made the right choice as most of last night’s fashions were a veritable bore.

Anyway, let’s get into it!

Mystic Creole King Bey of the House of Yincé was escorted to her throne front row seat, radiant even in this questionably-hued Stéphane Rolland frock and Givenchy Sandals. I’m feeling the belt, but I hate to say it, I’m not particularly in love with this look. Hmm… could just be me.

Kim Kardashian was no doubt thrilled to have the opportunity to legitimize her celebrity by sharing bisous with Her Majesty. I am really getting bored with Ms. K’s penchant for the monochromatic. *Sigh* this is what happens when you (allegedly) let a man take over your closet!

Jay-Z and Kanye West looked predictably dull next to their respective dates. Kanye seems committed to not wearing color or pattern these days. Hmm… I know he thinks he’s adding some edge to his look, but in reality, he’s putting us all to to sleep! I miss the old Yeezy!

Lala Anthony stunned in a Lois London Jumpsuit and Jimmy Choo Sandals. I like this look on Lala. Her body looks HOT!

Selita Ebanks rocked a sheer-skirted printed frock from Falguni & Shane Peacock. I see she’s left her usually-tragic wigs in the crypt where they belong! I’m loving her soft curls! Hot all around!

Kerry Washington usually brings it on the red carpet, but this time she eschewed glamour and bet on basic. This look is in desperate need of some drama! I’m bored! Hmm…

Tatyana Ali opted for a poorly-executed version of the ubiquitous peplum, serving bumblebee (not so) chic. Yeah, I love Ms. Ali, but this probably-expensive skirt looks a little cheap to me. Hmm…

Wow! Is it just me, or is Swizz Beatz tryna style on folks now? The producer threw on a pair of Givenchy tropical print pants, finishing his look with a white slit shoulder top and white shell-tops. Hot!

Nicki Minaj attended in her usual Hmm…-worthy fare.

Willow and Jayden Smith posed together on the red carpet. One day Jayden will look back on this photo and chuckle at the fact that he doesn’t look as cool as he thinks he does. Poor chap is serving the kids a bewildered Blue Steel. Work anyway!

Toccara Jones couldn’t decide which print would be most unflattering on her, so she chose to wear three. Hmm… I’m not feeling this billowy Gucci Spring 2012 look on her. Toccara has a slammin’ bod, it would have been nice to see her figure in a more tailored number!

Yolanda Adams once again brought a necessary touch of class and elegance in this red floor-lengthed gown. The gospel singer snatched all manner of wigs, one of which she gingerly placed atop her head. Hot! on the dress, Hmm… on the hair.

Flo Rida hit the carpet in his Easter Sunday suit with boo Melyssa Ford. As long as there are women with figures like hers, cutout bodycon dresses will not go out of style.

Rapper Lola Monroe thought no one would notice that unfortunate makeup job so long as she looked bangin’ in her dress. Hot! dress, BIG Hmm… on that makeup! An ashy lip will never be chic, unless of course, that zombie apocalypse really does happen.
What Jermaine Dupri‘s stylist calls swag, I call a suffragette hat.
Does anybody not like 2 Chainz? The Versace-dipped rapper enjoyed a probably-alcoholic beverage on the red carpet. The Styrofoam cup is a little trashy, but I think the rest of the outfit is Hot!
I’m not a huge fan of Taraji P. Henson‘s dress (Hmm…), although I’m cool with her obvious lack of shapewear. Go ‘head miss Taraji, you don’t need to spanx!
You know what? I think Elle Varner is totally cute, but this paisley getup is not my cup of tea. Also, what’s with the long sleeves in the Los Angeles heat?
Meanwhile, in the real world, Nicole Scherzinger had a fun night out in this black-embellished number. I’m so bored by this look, I can only notice her neon nail polish. Hot! on that pedi!
Sometimes, you don’t need to wear actual clothes to get a Hot! from me. Case in point: Shemar Moore.
And finally, Eva Marcille attended Lala Anthony’s Pre-BET Awards Birthday Brunch in an African print skirt and spandex mock turtleneck crop top. The look is Hot!, although I’m not too keen on those earrings.
Phew! And there you have it! What did you guys do this weekend?

Images: Getty

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105 Responses to “Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: The 2012 BET Awards featuring Beyonce, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, and more!”

  1. aquarienne says:

    “Suffragette hat!” LOL.

    I love Selita Ebanks’ dress. It’s the first time I’ve seen the long sheer overlay over a mini thing done well.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i get the points… but the tone is comin of a tad “bossip-ish” no a good look. IMO

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tatiana’s eyebrows are giving me nightmares. Oh and I need B to get that dress cut shorter already.


  4. Robin says:

    Hated 2 Chainz glasses but I love em!
    Poor Toccara!
    Swizz was looking good! I have to say I think he has actually gained 5lbs too.
    Biggest WTH is Jermaine Dupri! Where is he going with his political colors on!
    Nicki, I wasn’t feeling the ghostly pale face and blonde wig!
    LaLa, Selita, Melyssa look nice.
    Kim K it’s time to change it up.
    Bey’s dress I loved but I’m sick of the same lace front. Change it up!

  5. I would say that fashion wasn’t the highlight of the night…moreso the performances—Cissy Houston silenced the crowd and made others teary eyed. Touching…although I do like the skirt that Ms. Eva is rocking.

  6. jillibooboo says:

    suffragette hat! lol!

  7. Fab. says:

    ^^^ Bey’s not wearing a lacefront. Now Tocarra…

  8. Fab. says:

    Selita Ebanks dress is odd but she pulls it off. I didn’t love anyone’s outfit :(

  9. jeda says:

    I love Eva Marcille’s look. (Even though she know her last name is Pigford….but anyway…) The printed skirt, hair and make up is all on point. But I can do without the glasses.

  10. Bre Bre says:

    Claire I am starting to be disappointed in your critiques…

    2Chainz looked like a effing ghetto cowboy and you thought that was ok.

    Swizz Beatz looked foolish. Point, blank PERIOD.

    LaLa looked like she was 300 lbs in that horrendous jumpsuit.

    And Kim Kardashian’s mod/simplistic dresses are what my her styles timeless.

    Miss. Claire I’m not sure if you know the difference between FASHION, STYLISH and TRENDY.

  11. lolodoll11 says:

    Selita’s look is hott! Best of this post. I was thinking Beyonce’s dress was a Mama Tina creation. That dress looks cheap. Not feeling her look at all. Although I’d never want to see my man in those pants, I’m really digging Swizz Beat’s look as well. Eva’s look is cute. Although I prob would’ve gone for a slightly shorter skirt. I just purchased those Gucci sandals on sale. Due to the color, wasn’t quite sure how to wear them. She gave me an idea.

  12. Marsha D says:

    Selita and Eva look the best ….Shemar Moore looks great, the Smith children look like brother…and brother :-/
    Jihan keep the commentary coming just the way it is….you stick to the topic at hand which is fashion, with a little satire that’s all your own…..it’s what writers do. :-)

  13. Jane says:

    @Bre Bre
    1. Claire didn’t make the critique.
    2. To each his/her own…

    btw Jihan,
    I’m still crying at “bewildered Blue Steel,” I just… I can’t. lmao!

  14. lolodoll11 says:

    Selita’s look is hott! Best of this post. I was thinking Beyonce’s dress was a Mama Tina creation. That dress looks cheap. Not feeling her look at all. Although I’d never want to see my man in those pants, I’m really digging Swizz Beat’s look as well.
    Eva’s look is cute. Although I prob would’ve gone for a slightly shorter skirt. I just purchased those Gucci sandals on sale. Due to the color, wasn’t quite sure how to wear them. She gave me an idea.

  15. LawyerChic says:

    @Bre Bre before you go attacking Claire, you should probably scroll up to see that she didn’t write this post.

    Anywho, Lola Monroe’s makeup always looks bad. I wonder if she does it herself or what type of lighting she has.

    Beyonce somehow pulled this off for me. Motherhood looks great on her.

    Taraji let me down girl! As soon as she walked on stage the camera angle from the side made my mouth drop. I wondered if she was with child. Shapewear knows no age, weight, or status. Invest!

    And Iiked Tatyanna Ali’s look. Maybe a different shoe would have made it come together better.

    I enjoy your commentary Jihan. Keep it it up!

  16. Mskroberts says:

    Bey’s dress left me feeling hmm…
    Kim – Where did she think she was going?? and you do not, not dance when Maze and Frankie are on stage!!!
    Jay/kanye – meh
    Lala – LOVED her look
    Selita – Hmmmm…something about it was a little off…i’m thinking a top messy-ish bun would have pulled it together…and dangly earrings
    Kerry – hmmm..try again
    Tatyanna – I liked her look, minus the shoes
    Nicki – no
    Tocarra – Did she raid a great-great aunties closet?? And that hair – no
    Eva – LOVE

  17. Jihan says:

    @BreBre Thanks so much for teaching me the difference between what is fashionable, stylish, and trendy!

    I’ll be sure to consult you for your input next time I venture to discuss anything about fashion, since you’re clearly the authority on the topic

  18. Pari says:

    I love King Bey, but HATED her….. half dress thing.

    Love your commentary Jihan!

  19. Likkle Miss says:

    I love Jihan!

    I wish I could have seen what Solange wore, but Bey looked good and I hardly think she hits the fashion mark. Her husband however, looked like a cross between 808′s Kanye and PeeWee Herman, but he’s Jigga.

    LOVE Selita’s dress and she’s another one who usually misses it.

    Everyone else? Yawn or next!

  20. Nakiah says:

    how do you do a BET awards fashion rundown without mentioning Elle Varner? She was definitely one of last night’s stand outs. Maybe u should’ve watched claire……

  21. Eureka says:

    I am confused how someone can critique anyone when they did not read from start to finish…. I know when I want to make someone feel stupid I make sure I read so I can insult the right person with that being said. Bre Bre and Nakiah you ladies need to start the morning over and cut the shit. Jihan you are one funny lady….

  22. LaTasha says:

    Jihan, you are hilarious. I love Lola Monroe’s dress. What you said about her makeup…priceless. Selita Ebanks looked stunning in her dress. I never seen a dress like that before but she pulled it off well. I loved LaLa’s look. The sequin pants suit was cute. Sequin seems to be the trend this summer. Kim K looked very uncomfortable at the BET awards. I wonder if I am the only one that notice that(side eye).

  23. Jihan – you crack me up. Are you this funny all the time? Eva’s skirt is Marni for H&M – I tried it on at the pre-launch party and it was meh. Yolanda snatching wigs and gingerly placing one on her head? #dead

  24. Fenise says:

    wow you were mean on this post lol

  25. Ms.Missy says:

    Beyonce never,ever does it for my in the FASHION dept. However, I think Solange get it…but I didnt see pics of her…Im sure they are coming!

    yea, um JayZ didnt look that bad to me…except for the WHITE SHOES, maybe a soft gray suede shoe,shrugs…

    I love the color of Yolanda Adams dress
    …Im sure more BET pics will come rolling in!

    ….and everrr body else just look….?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Love Selita Ebanks dress I WANT IT!!!! and loved Swizz Beatz! the rest hmmmmsss and zzzzzzzs

  27. Indigo says:

    Almost if all look a mess in this thread.. .I don’t know where to start..
    Beyonce, looks a sloppy mess. Her dress looks like stage curtains..unfinshed looking..

    Nicole looks beautiful as usual.
    Kim killed everyone!
    I would say Melissa looks nice but her hmm…
    Yolanda looks nice, I just don’t like fake church ppl.
    Eva outfit is nice,but not for this occassion.
    Kanye looks basic,but better than his uncle PeeWee.

  28. T1K says:

    Love Selita Ebanks dress I WANT IT!!!! and loved Swizz Beatz! the rest hmmmmsss and zzzzzzzs

  29. KB says:

    Others have already addressed the fact that Claire did not write the commentary/critique…I say this allllll the time & I’ll say it here again – reading is fundamental.

  30. What?! Elle Varner was easily one of the best dressed of the night, she looked great! King Bey looked good as well. Kerry really did serve up a snooze fest, I guess she didn’t want to waste a gown on the BET awards. Selita looked fab, wasn’t that into the hair though. LaLa’s jumpsuit was horrid. LOL at Jermaine Dupri’s suffrage hat! What was Ms. Ali thinking? She needs more people! I can’t with Malissa Ford and Flo Rida…

  31. Dom says:

    People were looking real bad last night, I see. This whole post needs to try again.

  32. MiDe says:

    In my book, Beyonce almost always gets it right. Her look from last night reminds me of a prom dress. Really feeling Swizzy’s fit! Selita looks great! Not feeling Nicki’s dark brows with that light hair. I enjoyed last nights show, especially Frankie Beverly & Maze :-)

  33. Anna says:

    Leave Jihan alone. This is her writing style. People are just upset because their favorites are not praised.
    No Beyonce’s dress was a flashback to her mother’s “creations” during DC area. Bad. And that Xenu the warrior belt, like seriously. I’m so disappointed in Kerry washington.

  34. Elle C says:

    I loved Selita’s dress. She looked great!! Swizz Beatz pants are really cute and would like nice on a woman…

  35. RaquelR says:

    Cant do a post w/out mentioning Elle Varner, Nakiah is absolutely correct. Sorry Johan

  36. TMaryMack says:

    Thank you @Glamazons, I was gonna ask about Eva’s skirt.

    Jihan, I can’t with you this morning! I was dead at “The gospel singer snatched all manner of wigs, one of which she gingerly placed atop her head.” *gets back to work*

    ps. Where can I find a look similar to LaLa’s?

  37. Mads says:

    Love Jihan – she needs to go and write a book (a la Suri’s Burn Book).

    Kerry let the side down and that’s the best I’ve seen Eva. The rest *yawn*

  38. Lani says:

    Swiss and 2Chainz look great! King Bey’s belt was the business and Selita rocked that dress! So exciting.

  39. Stacey says:

    Monica’s facial expression is killing me…check the Taraji Henson pic (LOL:))

  40. yusufswifee says:

    blah! To all of these…

  41. Dnice says:

    I thought Elle looked cute! She has a great body and realizes she doesn’t need to dress trashy to show it. And those matte red lips, loved her look! I hated lala’s look, but I love her attitude and think she is adorable.
    @ Jihan, classy response to an unclassy post!

  42. nicole says:

    such a fan of this site…and will continue to be.. but i will say that the writing sometimes goes out of fashion blogging into gossip blogging…maybe this blog is a marriage of the two…idk.. fashion is so subjective anyways.. so whatevas…

    I love Elle Varner’s look tho.. when i went to Panama recently..that style of dress was in every store. Selita is def serving in that outfit… love it!

  43. S. says:

    Jihan keep up the good work.
    Beyonce-never has to do much to look great
    Toccara-that hair :(
    Swiss- not very masculine, but I love the look

  44. Can says:

    LaLa was the best dressed. I’m loving the jumpsuit trend. Its sexy, casual, sophisticated all in one.

  45. Jannelle Marie says:

    No solange looks? I thought her little get up was niiiice !

  46. Andrea says:

    I like this site but do not like when the writers (Claire and Jihan) take shots at the readers for expressing their opinions. Very déclassé. Normally Jihan is tactful but perhaps management should consider refraining from engaging in cyber disputes with commenters. Sigh. Focus on the fashion ladies. I’m now convinced most black women use blogs to attack rather than support one another.

  47. Sharri says:

    It’s just you hun….the dress is perfection on Bey

  48. SLIMB says:

    Beyonce werked that dam dress, loved it.
    Wasn’t too excited abt kims hair choice but her dress was hot
    Kanye & Jayz looks nice.
    Don’t like lala’s fit but the outfit is cute.
    SELITA YESSS i was watching her dress the whole night.
    Tocarra = hate it… hair, outfit, shoes, accessories all wrong.
    Lola – looks soo good in that dress.
    & eva’s earring might be a bit too much but i love her outfit.

  49. babloo says:

    Maybe I’m the only one… but Bee is gorgeous. Kim, Kanye and Jay are simply chic and casual… They don’t have to wear bling-blings to look perfect for the occasion. stfu. -.-

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