July 2nd, 2012
Fashion Bombshell of the Day
Fashion Bomber of the Day: Brent from Detroit
By Claire

Happy Monday!
Since we have so many fabulous Bomber submissions, I’ve decided to feature a Bomber and a Bombshell every day for the next couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy! Today’s stylish guy is Brent from Detroit:

He writes, “My Style can be defined as Urban Luxe.”

“…I mix many pieces from upscale designers with a few urban brands.”

” I like to keep people guessing on what I wear next , never becoming to comfortable with one style.”

” At times I can throw on a leather pants with a simple white shirt or wear a tuxedo pant with a tank top”

” I never plan what I’m going to wear before an event , I only decide just minutes before I leave the house.”

“… Always Expect the unexpected when you see me on the street.”

” I like to match my style with my hair as well, since you don’t see many black men with long hair (and yes, its all mine!).”

OK, I see you, Brent! Love your hair. Whip that mane! Feeling your looks, especially that Givenchy moment.
What do you think of Brent’s style?

Fashion Bomber of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of male Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 2-6 picture(s) to thefashionbomb@gmail.com. Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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52 Responses to “Fashion Bomber of the Day: Brent from Detroit”

  1. hey yall says:

    I’m from Detroit, and i’m sure he’s from the outskirts of Detroit..The only think I liked was the black & green with red hat..The hair has to Go!

  2. dyshaun says:

    I like these photos thats for sure. And that mane!

  3. taffie says:

    I like the cloths but that hair is just rubbing me off in the wrong way, esp when its straight, i cant!!

  4. BougieHippie says:

    He has a nice sense of fashion expect for the wife beater as a tee. I HATE when people wear underwear as clothing.

  5. TheCreative says:

    I like the black and white outfit (red background) thats about it. Not feeling the hair though :-(

  6. The most luxurious thing about his look is his hair. The Givenchy tee is bomb though…

  7. lola says:

    You better werqqqqq that hair. I love everything besides that overly revealing tee tucked in black pants. The pairing of both looks seems odd. I’m also not a fan of the wife beater tucked in red pants. Once again, an odd match. Love everything else especially the doc martens, givenchy shirt, red beanie and that to die for sheer top. Definitely a bomber.

  8. Sammie says:

    I like him & most of the outfits are great, though I’m not too enthralled by the wife beater or overexposed tank. His hair is LAID, too fierce.

  9. llehsal says:


  10. Amani says:

    I don’t see the “luxe” aspect of it besides some pieces that are labels. When I think of luxe, I equate it with luxurious, high end looks, fabrics. To me this is more funky.. channeling a modern day Jimi Hendrix in some ways. I think it works well for him though, seems organic, and I like his hair. I voted bomber.

  11. Indigo says:

    Forget his fashions… I want some hair care tips!! lol

  12. Lani says:

    There’s a reason you don’t see black men with long hair.

  13. Cliche says:

    WERK! My hair could NEVER!

  14. Ms.Missy says:

    His…twist-out…or crimp’d hair is giving muah Life! that is all

  15. Gray says:

    I think his hair makes him unique. Im cool with it.

  16. ballouscues says:

    Brent looks awesome! Loving the flowing locks and crazy combos!

  17. iM Me says:

    LOVE HIM!!!! Def one of the best Bombers Ive seen! I love every look and he has the style for them.

  18. Tate says:

    Absolutely Love him!!!!!! Beautiful.

  19. Lt says:

    Does he model?

  20. Bribri says:

    I think she has great style that’s unique to him, and I LOVE HIS HAIR!!!. If white guys can do it, why not him. It’s nice, it’s long and it looks healthy. Some black women WISH there hairs could look like that.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm… Need a moment for this one…

  22. medschool says:

    lmao I love indigo’s comment….no but seriously tips please! As for his style….didn’t like the wife beater with the red pants but his style suits him.

  23. Brandon says:

    Yessssssss I need the details on that blue sheer moment.

  24. Nraw says:

    Love it!

  25. Marsha D says:

    He is chaneling his inner Jermain Stewart…*sings* “we don’t have to take our clothes-off…to have a good time..oh no”…. *swings hair*

  26. Diva says:

    I can’t….

  27. pauliesmoov says:

    LOVE THIS GUY! His style is so vibrant and his hair just makes it all the better for me. I’m pretty sure he’s NOT from the outskirts of Detroit, I’ve seen people in the city with this type of “urban luxe” style before, he’s the BEST I’ve seen on here in a long time. Kudos to Brent from Detroit

  28. UGK says:

    he is beautiful. like am I lesbian if I find him attractive?? I usually hate semi-feminine look on men…. but it works on him.

  29. fly won says:

    I CAN’T DEAL! For just once I would love to see some heterosexual fashion bomber eyecandy. This whole straddling the fence look I just can’t deal! Must you be soooooooo obviously _______ to be a “stylish” man? Sheesh!

  30. MissDetroit says:

    I like it! His hair is fierce.

  31. ballouscues says:

    He looks awesome! Love his cool combos and flowing locks

  32. shimere says:

    Brent looks awesome! I want to be like him when I grow up!

  33. VeryLivingEND says:

    In my mind, everywhere he goes, “Ego” is playing in the background. I LOVE to see an authentic person who is CONFIDENT. And, this man has a serious sense of style. Love love love love.

  34. Rrrraaaaaiinnnnboooowww love lol says:

    I click on the bombers all the time yes to see his style but mainly to see the homophobic comments and it just never fails…….

  35. Izhause says:

    He has gorgeous hair.

  36. Nali says:

    i really really really wanted to take in all of his outfits, but i couldnt get past the hair…

  37. Empress says:

    Omg….I like him….His hair…I wanna rub my hands through it….I agree w/ BriBri….My bf is white and rocks long hair

    I like his style as well…Thumbs up!

  38. randomness says:

    After Dualleh, it’s going to take a lot!! Yes tips on the braidout, thanks

  39. Wow,love his hair!!

  40. Sweetyxflava says:

    SEXY !

  41. lu says:

    love the hair

  42. I like his mashup style and the hair is gorgeous!

  43. AD says:

    That HAIR is LAID!!! Oh, and I like his style too.

  44. Alexis says:

    chile that hair is everything!!!

  45. IMKELLS says:

    All I see is hair; too distracted to notice the clothes. It puts me in the mindframe of Milli Vanilli.

  46. Marthe says:

    YES YES YES this is perfect to me! I’m inspired!

  47. mika says:

    He should do hair tutorial

  48. :: Nice style…Detroit Stand Up!!… S/n you know the world is in a bad state when you don’t agree with someone’s lifestyle you “phobic”and as soon as someone follows Christ, your a weirdo… But you feel it’s ok to fly your rainbow flag and do what you believe is ok and I’m just supposed to be cool with it? Wow I can’t

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