June 25th, 2012
Fashion News
The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Bergdorf Goodman Gets Burgled, Willow Smith’s (Faux) Tongue Ring, and Man Sues Ex-Wife for Portion of $1 Million Shoe Collection
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

• Early Friday morning around 3:30am, three bandits broke into Bergdorf Goodman‘s famous Fifth avenue and 57th street store, making off with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fine jewelry. Amongst the stolen items were pieces from jewelry designer Paul Morelli. Jon Winkler, luxury retail manager for the designer’s Philadelphia store, said “That thief obviously has good taste.” (NY Post)

• NBC’s Fashion Star is casting for its second season. See the flyer above for information on where you can try out. Check out www.fashionstarcasting.com/Home for the scoop. Anyone planning on taking a crack at the show?

Essie ‘s opening up a nail salon on the Upper East Side. The brand will open its first standalone in the Samuel Shriqui Salon on East 65th street. But before you rush over there, I hope you like expensive salon treatments. Manicures start at $35 and pedicures at $65. Hmm… I think I’ll stick with my Vietnamese lady from around the way! (Vogue)

• Here’s a look at the campaign for Jean Paul Gaultier‘s “Tattoo” collection for Diet Coke. The designer emblazoned coke cans with three different tattoo-inspired patterns. Gaultier says his love of body art helped inform these designs.

• The Twitterverse clutched their collective pearls when Willow Smith posted a photo of herself sporting what appears to be a tongue ring. The child star has already shaved her head, and generally acted too grown for her age in public, so it comes as no surprise that people would think her very lax parents would allow such a piercing. After much criticism, the 11-year-old revealed the piercing was fake. Phew! (Global Grind)

• Wealthy hedge fund manager Daniel Shak is suing his ex-wife Beth Shak for a portion of her $1 million shoe collection. Ms. Shak owns about 1,200 pairs of shoes, 700 of which are Christian Louboutins. Ms. Shak is a professional poker player and says she paid for much of her footwear with the winnings she’s earned gambling. “When I have poker winnings the first thing I do is treat myself to a pair of shoes. I’ve done well with my poker. I don’t have complaints.” Ex-husband Daniel says he had no idea exactly how extensive his ex-wife’s collection was. Though her estimated winnings come up to less than $1 million, Ms. Shak says her ex-husband was not only aware of her shoe collection, but is in no way entitled to the 35% of its value he is asking for. (Daily Mail)

Margherita Missoni wed her race car driver fiancé Eugenio Amos in a dress from Giambattista Valli this weekend. Congratulations to the new couple! (Vogue UK)


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35 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Bergdorf Goodman Gets Burgled, Willow Smith’s (Faux) Tongue Ring, and Man Sues Ex-Wife for Portion of $1 Million Shoe Collection”

  1. Annie says:

    I don’t understand why the morality police is all up in arms about Willow’s tongue piercing. I got a tongue piercing at age 15. Nonetheless, I managed to obtain a law degree, am one year off from completing a PhD, and have worked for several prominent human rights groups. A tongue piercing is hardly a sign of a child’s future prospects.

  2. Pari says:

    That wedding dress….

  3. Crystal says:

    Willow is not 15, she’s 11. Also, I feel it’s inappropriate to post stories about children on blogs of any kind. People are going to judge and criticize so leave their pictures to their own twitter and instagram accounts. Just my opinion. What if someone swiped a picture of your 11 year old and posted it on their blog and asked people what they think about it? Because she’s ‘famous’ shouldn’t matter.

  4. DarkEmpress says:

    The tongue piercing is inappropriate whether real or fake simply bc it is associated with oral sex. It is a sexually suggestive piercing.

    wow these guys are getting serious now suing for half the value of a shoe collection, the things I will have to specify in my prenup….

  5. lola_uk says:

    @Annie, girl stop lying! you know you got pregnant by 16 and went on to have many more babies while failing to complete secondary school. j/k

    but seriously, tongue rings are highly sexualised, there’s NO REASON for a, 11-year-old to wear one, real or fake.

  6. NunyaBizniz says:

    “twitterverse clutched their collective pearls…” and I died….

  7. Tameeka M. says:

    I feel bad for both Willow and her parents, because folks just can’t seem to them be. I am sure that if we took a microscope and flashed it on past childhoods and the current parenting practices of many folks, everyone would be harshly judged.

    Folks need to just worry about their own kids and let this family live. Public figures or not.

  8. makeeasweet says:

    omg i want her shoe collection!!!!!!!!!

  9. Blessed&WellDressed says:

    Fake or not- tounge rings are directly associated with sexual acts. So if she’s already doing things like getting a tounge ring, not knowing the connotations, imagine her at age 16…

  10. Katie says:

    Why would a LITTLE GIRL wearing a tongue piercing. Tongue piercing are sexual in nature and are way too inappropriate for someone her age. Real or fake, it is what it represents that matters.

    And what’s this “let them be” nonsense? We didn’t put up the pictures, Willow did. If the Smiths wanted Willow to be left alone for no one to criticize her, then they need to supervise her more. This isn’t our fault.

  11. KinkyCurly says:

    I hope to one day have a shoe collection worth millions…

  12. Rebecca says:

    tongue piercing on a prepubescent child? real or fake? NOOOOOO

  13. Annie says:

    Okay, regardless of what is said, my life is my life, and no one on the internet can take away my education. There are real issues that affect children her age like the school-to-prison pipeline, the overdiscipline of minority children, and corporal punishment in schools. Getting a tongue ring or “acting grown” will not determine a child’s future behavior. I didn’t get a tongue ring for sexualization, it was an act of rebellion and imagine it is the same for her, real or fake. Bible thumping closet sexual freaks who judge people for silly matters are more prevalent in the black community than I would like.

    Focus on getting an education and learning about the real issues that affect our youth rather than further ostracizing them by your false sense of higher morality.

  14. zimbabwechic says:

    What happened to kids acting like kids? There is a reason why these Hollyweird kids are fuurked up! Parents need to be parents and stop trying to be the cool older friend.

  15. Mary J. says:

    People are so greedy these days. He’s gotta take the shoes? I agree with her, he has no right to her shoes. That’s just wrong.
    P.S. they’re so pretty :)

  16. like_really_ray says:

    I think that Ms. Shaks’ shoe collection fiasco deserves more commentary than a fake tongue ring. If she isn’t your daughter then mind your own business. We can go on & on for days about the parenting choices folks make but what’s the point? As far as that dirty, low down, snaked faced, bitch made, motherfucker of an ex husband…..someone needs to untucks his balls from between his buttcheeks and kick his sorry, punk ass! I HATE bitter men because according to our society’s standards, men are supposed to be stronger and more noble than women.

  17. Bitter!!! He may as well sue for the food he bought that she ate, anniversary/Christmas/birthday gifts, gas if he drove her somewhere, && over misc things. I hate when ppl act that way!

  18. kat says:

    I agree with whomever said there needs to be an end to blog posts featuring children. Willow is not my child, I couldn’t care less if she had a tongue ring or not.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Lol.. Vigorously dissecting the actions of an 11 year old who doesn’t know you, who makes more money than you and who frankly doesn’t give a fuck about you. Do you think her parents aren’t aware that she has a tongue ring? Her parents saw it and don’t have a problem with it so what exactly is your problem? Swallowing Tylenol for someone else’s headache.. All these opinions about how others should raise their kids.. How about you face raising yours? I can’t even believe the editor or whoever, posted this as news and had so much to say about an 11 yr old..

  20. ethel says:

    Thanks to everyone who thinks tongue-ring-gate is ridiculous. Grown ups choose to sexualize the actions of a child, but its the CHILD that has a problem. smdh.

  21. Skak’s ex-husband needs to have several seats! Her shoe collection of all things? What is he gonna do sell them on ebay? Willow is definitely just acting out, she already revealed that she wants to go back to her normal life and not be a star, poor thing. Her parents better listen up and get it together –and quick!

  22. Vick says:

    I don’t see the big deal w/ willow tongue ring or her shaved head…she’s an individual so let her be herself ,conformity kills

  23. Lala says:

    I had a fake tongue ring when i was around her age i thought it was cool but i NEVER would have let my mother see it and if twitter was around when i was 11 or 12 i def would not have been advertising it on there. I do understand the stigma attached to a tongue ring lets be real we all know what people say about girls with tongue rings lol but i waited until i was grown to get a real one its not ok for this pre-pubescent 11 year old girl to be flashing a tongue ring real or fake

  24. SLIMB says:

    I think every one should leave her alone, but because shes famous they never are. Kids do stuff all the time, no one says anything unless its somebody famous smh who cares let her live her life,,, as she already is. I have a tongue ring and I dont think of it as sexual now or when i got it nor do i give oral sex… shrugs but hey w.e

  25. PROTECT MINORS says:



  26. Marsha D says:

    Jihan….just don’t ask what people think anymore……Lol

  27. Jihan says:

    @Marsha D, you just made the comment of the day/ comment of my LIFE.

    @PROTECTMINORS et. al. You know what, sometimes when I write things here I don’t know how people are going to react. Once I wrote that I didn’t like NeNe Leakes’s BAG WITH HER OUTFIT, and two people got all butthurt and then said what a horrible person I am for daring to lend my opinion on fashion on a fashion website. I know. I’m despicable, right?


    Look. Those of you laid out on your fainting couches, so scandalized by the fact that I put a news story about Willow Smith in there, get over it. No seriously, get over it. The girl puts herself into the public realm as a young artist because she and her handlers WANT press. It’s not like she’s exactly shrinking away from the camera. This is a young girl who did a music video with Nicki Minaj, performs at award shows, and was on an awesome track last year that even adults were bumping.

    I think the better question is What is an 11-year-old child doing on Instagram? Why does she have an iphone? If her parents were so concerned about people saying anything about what she does, she wouldn’t have access to either of those things. They let her have it so she can be out there in the public realm and her fans (and the press) can have access to her and her doings.

    I in fact AM relieved that an 11 year old does not have a tongue piercing because I don’t think it’s appropriate, period. I’ll stand by that. It’s weird because I love Willow, and I think of her as a cool little kid, but I mean, she’s open to this stuff because well, she agreed to be in the public eye. If you think me saying PHEW is sooooooo awful and I’m such a terrible person for it, I suggest you check some comments on her Instagram. You’ll need your smelling salts at the ready.

    If you think I’m a bully for thinking that sort of piercing on a child is inappropriate, well, then that’s your opinion to have and it’s my prerogative to not care. I’m not a bully, and I think you’re making a ridiculous claim. That word… you’re throwing it around, and I’m not sure if it means what you think it does, a la this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2y8Sx4B2Sk

    anyway, Sorry I’m responding so late, yesterday was my birthday and to be quite honest I wasn’t seeing any bacchanal. Anyway, have a lovely day, folks.


  28. Shanita says:

    GET EM!!! (Method man voice)

  29. Bklyngrl28 says:

    Great response Jihan!

  30. Claire says:

    Ah Jihan,
    You add so much fun, flavor, and unapologetic sassiness to the Fashion Bomb. I love it! Happy belated birthday! Next time REMIND me so we can all sing your praises (in chorus).

  31. Dion says:

    @Jihan girl they took Jesus to the cross and all HE wanted to do was save us lol people are going to say whatever they want.regardless of what…its easy when they are behind a computer screen, in there mamas house. Great response and keep up the good work! Happy Belated Birthday!

  32. Bee says:

    I agree with Annie 1000%!

  33. Bee says:

    jihan…why so rude to your customers????

  34. t-fal says:

    so seriously, no one’s commenting on that butt ugly wedding dress??

  35. Gemini says:

    @ t-fal

    Lol. That is ugly!

    No comment on the Willow Smith tongue piercing. Jihan said it ALL!Oh that clip is hilarious by the way!

    If Willow had Jamaican parents they would have said, “A wah dis?” Tek it out!

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