June 25th, 2012
New York, Real Style
Real Style: The Nike Air Force 1 Digi Camo Launch Party featuring Theophilus London
By Claire

So yesterday, post brunch, my cousin invited me to a Nike Air Force 1 Digi Camo launch party on a basketball court on the Lower East Side. I wasn’t expecting to go anywhere but back home to my air conditioned apartment, but accompanied her, encouraged by the promise of a performance by Theophilus London. When I arrived, I was blown away by the Real Style. I hadn’t brought along my DLSR (tsk, tsk), but my cousin did have a point and shoot.

Check out a few of my snaps:

Puma and Cole seemed straight out of 1990 with their high top fades and vibrant ensembles. Puma divulged that he was directly influenced by the movie House Party, which he said his mother watched with him as a child.

These young men also channeled the 90′s with their slick hairstyles and blue and orange tones. They truly took the ‘Nike’ theme to the limit by etching the brand’s name and logo in the back of their heads.

SN: I asked the PR person on hand if the invite said to come ‘dressed in costume.’ She said no.

Nicolette looked cute and colorful in neon yellow, deconstructed camo, and Jeffrey Campbell platform sneakers. She colored her hair herself. Cute!

Speaking of bold tones, Cornice and Stephanie were working a host of hues from top to toe. Stephanie also bleached and dyed her own hair.

These guys looked ready to have their picture taken, so I happily obliged. They actually have a tumblr called www.another-hovse-party.tumblr.com where you can see more of their 90′s inspired style. Are we seeing a theme here?

I loved Chas’s assorted accessories and accoutrements, particularly his Supreme Towel and MCM belt.

Check out a close up of his vintage Versace pieces. Hot!

Christina looked ready for a 4th of July BBQ in cut offs, a white tank, and American Flag adorned Jeffrey Campbell platforms.

The young man on the right had quite the head of hair under that Supreme Cap! His friend had no problem playing with different trouser silhouettes and head gear.

Bobbie of BobbieAustinsCloset.com tie dyed this vintage Spike Lee Nike tee herself, after finding it on Ebay. I loved her look, and check out those nails!!


This young man kept his outfit simple, save for a pair of Digi Camo Air Force 1′s slung around his neck.

Sabla of the blog SablaGoldenSense.Blogspot.com exuded vintage chic in a bright pink top and round sunglasses.

And lastly, Lyricist and Entertainer Ahsh:Eff looked like the consummate B girl in mixed prints, Bamboo earrings, and two toned purple lips.

So, how did everyone find out about this party? Nike enlisted the help of several influential Tumblrs, like Glyn of the blog l3nf.tumblr.com (pictured below) to help spread the word.

It worked!

I clearly went HAM taking pictures because I was literally blown away by how this younger generation has completely reworked and remixed 90′s era style in their own fun way. From high top fades to shades to vintage pieces, this group definitely has a bold, vibrant outlook on fashion. But do you find it refreshing? Or did you get a sense of ‘been there, done that, what’s next?’

What did you think of the Real Style at Nike’s Air Force 1 Digi Camo Launch Party?

Thx Maggie and Alex!

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60 Responses to “Real Style: The Nike Air Force 1 Digi Camo Launch Party featuring Theophilus London”

  1. Oy Vey says:

    The fashions in this post made me nauseous. Simple is always better.

  2. DmthefashionC says:

    Our Young Black People Look BEAUTIFUL!!! Just BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. hypnotic says:

    I blame the Retro Kids. Hey I wore bell bottom jeans when the Gap was selling them in 1993, so I guess what goes around comes around…

  4. MWGetMoney says:

    I try to live by the phrase, “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.” With that said……….

  5. Sunshine says:

    Christina looks great, I want that hair color.

  6. tia says:

    almost everyone looks a hot mess

  7. I’m blown away! Love those JC platform sneakers!

  8. LaTasha says:

    Wow. I feel like I’m re-living my youth. I was waiting for someone to bring out the nike cortez. Some of you might be too young to remember that. I had them in every color. @DmthefashionC I agree our young black people are so beautiful. Black is beautiful indeed.

  9. Sunshine says:

    Christina looks cute, and I want her hair color!

  10. LaTasha says:

    wow. I feel like I’m re-living my youth. I was waiting for someone to bring out the nike cortez. Some of you might be too young to remember that. I had them in every color. Everyone look beautiful.

  11. omgfantastic says:

    oh. my.

  12. LawyerChic says:

    I think its cool how they’re expressing themselves. It looks like they’re having fun with their clothes.

  13. Qiana says:

    I’m not feeling it ….it seems like they all tryna look “different” …but end up looking the same … I’ll pass >_<

  14. hayilabc says:

    …. Interesting ….. Somehow there is a visual overload in many of these looks that is overwhelming and doesn’t work to me but maybe it is a hipster thing. I don’t freakin know. I love yellow hair btw!

  15. Successful says:

    I wished fashion was like this in my country ..I like this , some people put on something and just don’t even care lol ..great!

  16. KBS says:

    Lol @ naseaous, that’s pretty accurate, but they’re kids & it’s NYC. Have fun and live your life.

  17. KBS says:

    let’s try this again….*nauseous

  18. Meka says:


  19. makeeasweet says:

    Claire did you step into a time machine? i dont rock nike sneakers often anymore,but when i do i love rocking it out in a 90′s inspire look.

  20. Tai says:

    I like the fact that the kids are not afraid to take risks. People should have fun with their clothes and there is no better time to experiment with your style than when you are young. It does feel like I am in a time warp looking at those high top fades though lol.

  21. Savage says:

    They’re young…period. So they can get away with having fun with fashion and being a little tacky along the way! I love it!

  22. Crystal says:

    :blank stare:

  23. nmillmich25 says:

    The outfits are fun and interesting. I would never wear any of them but I truly enjoyed loooking at the pics.

  24. jeda says:

    I actually like this flashback to the 90′s thats making its round back to the future. i love it. Its not my personal style, I wouldnt be caught in that at all. BUT, its refreshing to have something out there thats reminiscent of the 90′s since that was a great decade. It brings back the coolness of it all. I just hope that the kids can get a grasp of what the 90′s was beyond fashion. Down to the music, the politics, and the wealth of blackness that was around at the time.

  25. Jihan says:

    *wow* look at all these girls wearing bindis.

    maybe they’ve been reading the fashion bomb???????

  26. uh huh says:

    Hey this is what’s in. I take some influences from the 90s but tone is down by like 50% these kids went 150% lol. But they were barely fetuses during the periods in which these styles were popular so they don’t have that “eww why” reaction alot of older 20 somethings – 30 somethings are having.

    They too will regret this but for now Hey live and let live. They’ll have time to play by the fashion rule book.

  27. manny says:

    Cute for their age

  28. ThatGirl says:

    Wow. Talk about overload. I literally don’t know where to rest my eyes.
    I did enjoy looking at the pics though I could never see myself dressed as such.

  29. Pari says:

    lol at Claire asking if they were supposed to come dressed in costume. That is definitely what it looks like, but the pics are fab and I love that they’re doing what they want to.

  30. Dom says:

    Wow, high top fades, mushroom cuts, and gold chains, these kids are certainly loving the 90′s! Since I was alive then, this isn’t really my style. But I love that they’re having a good time with it and the event looks like it was fun and safe. Hope this new trend of kids wanting to be individuals (instead of clones like when I was growing up– GAP fashion and A&F generic clothes) continues.

  31. SoHappy says:

    I’m lovin the youngin’s look. I didn’t know the high top fade was making a come back. Memories!!! They all rocked!!!

  32. Sharri says:

    I never have a bad word about the youngin’s style….i loved it, yeah some of it was been there done that, but they ain’t never been there, so by all means do that with their fresh faced selves. I look at these kids and think, all this we created and they are coping it now, good on them. Westwood was once called tacky, the 60′s was once declared the worse decade in fashion, for that matter so was the 70′s, 80′s and yeah the even the 90′s and yet we keep drawing from those wells. Loved all the looks, what was even more impressive was no one was half naked.

  33. Oh wow says:

    Ha! the gumby fade, been rocking that in Dtown For years. Love some of the outfits not all.

  34. blow my candles out:) says:

    hmm interesting
    i definetly see some elements of house party
    kid and play in tha house……………..

  35. DeeDee says:

    @Qiana, you took the exact words out of my mouth. If you’re ALL rocking the same nonsense, then you’re no longer original… correct?

  36. marguerite says:

    you live in NY, Claire?! had no idea…

  37. CA says:

    Looks like Urban Outfitters threw up all over them…

  38. dee says:

    i luv it it was very creative and personal styles of the people themselves basically exactly what fashion is a piece of art oan luved the color schemes

  39. dee says:

    oan claire I hope u r getting your fabulous self ready for fashion night out I reside in charleston,sc n im following u on twitter n im sure u will be at all the haute spots so look out for me @citychic81 on twitter

  40. Mary J. says:

    but why? redefine 90s style, don’t just copy it…

  41. TheMissus says:

    I absolutely loved all their hair and clothes. It was perfect because you can tell most of them represent like this daily. Did you see their haircuts? Just crispy. I love it. All I needed was to see a pair of biker shorts and some Jams!

  42. Tiffany says:

    Nicolette, cornice, Stephanie & glyn : thumbs up
    Wasn’t feeling the rest. The 90s flashback is so overdone & usually done all wrong.

  43. Anayo says:

    I LOVE 90′s style, when it’s not forced. They all seemed like they were trying too hard. It’s all very “been there, done that.”

  44. D'asia says:

    This gave me life! Dare to be different honey!! Photos of today’s generation reincarnating a simpler time.

  45. Chianti4rmLA says:

    I love the 90s!!!!! Im a 90s baby, baby!! I love the hightop fades. Super fun! love the Bold looks!!

  46. Big Styles says:

    Easily one of my favorite posts this year. These kids do 90s way better than we ever did it. Love the girls taking it back to the home color for hair. Shouts all around. Strangely the only “regular” looking person is Theophilus…what’s up wit dat?

  47. misha says:

    i’m sorry but they all look dirty and musty and the fashion was horrible then and it still looks horrible now.

  48. Miss Smith says:

    Let those kids have fun!

  49. I totally agree with Qiana. Everyone looks the same in efforts to try to look different. 90′s fashion is not something I want to see coming back with full force. However the vintage Versace, Spike tee and yellow hair are popping.

  50. Dee says:

    love the pics!

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