June 18th, 2012
Snapshot: Azealia Banks for Paper Magazine’s Summer 2012 Music Issue
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Azealia Banks for Paper Magazine’s Summer 2012 Music Issue.

Source: Papermag.com

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34 Responses to “Snapshot: Azealia Banks for Paper Magazine’s Summer 2012 Music Issue”

  1. Sarah J says:

    ok really dont get this chick … her lace wigs are so obvious i would love to see her real hair for once dam it. ok then her modeling is so animated and she talks about nicki rap is not rap.. but to me she do the same thing as nicki.. anyway dont get them both..

  2. Utibe A. says:

    They can’t be serious with some of these pictures. Hmmmmm. Major side eye and epic fail. -___-

    I don’t really know who this chick is, but I could care less to google her, so I will continue to just look cluelessly at posts about her. lol

  3. Sarah J says:

    oh i just realize she have really big feet.

  4. LaTasha says:

    I take it I’m in the minority but I like this girl. Necole Bitchie has had some of her songs on her blog and she has talent. As far as her above pictures, I think they’re pretty. Bless her heart.

  5. Indigo says:

    She look stupid…
    If she was doing a show in my lobby,I wouldn’t attend.

  6. Prissy Since1908 says:

    Seriously, whats so great about this girl….I don’t get it O_o

  7. Savage says:

    @Indigo…lmao like really!??

  8. The wig is bad, but this is the best I’ve seen her look by far. I love the tie dye shorts!

  9. Jihan says:


    re: Azealia Banks… how can you not love a girl who wrote a song about trolling for white boys? She makes great songs, and has a gritty say-what-I-want attitude that I sorta dig.

  10. hehe says:

    I like the the second to last pic. she looks cute!

  11. babloo says:

    I’m sorry for you ladies, she is great.
    The wig is not bad like nicki fu***ng wig. And she is different.

  12. WendyB says:

    I have to admit I love her song Liquorice.

  13. niecy says:

    i like some of her songz but the- last pic she looks plain trampy.in a way its lik shes just another Nicki minaj clone – lil kim beef and so on

  14. jmesa says:

    I have one thing to say her hair looks great Idc about it being a lacefront. Lol. This is the best I’ve seen her look. Lol

  15. Twerk says:

    I love her!

  16. tiyah says:

    Shes beautiful.. I don’t think she look stupid at all girl has talent!!! Congratulate her

  17. She does have mad skills, heard some of music

    ….but damn it if I see another female rapper posing with her legs wide open……

  18. TomTom says:

    She’s definitely not a model, most of the pictures aren’t cute, but she’s starting to look better -____- kinda

  19. Grace says:

    What is it w/making black women look so cartoonish and gimmicky?! I actually like some of her music but she really needs to revamp her look.

  20. taffie says:

    The people who dress her and take pictures of her always fail in my eyes, they can do better, her music i great, i just dont like her.

  21. Coco says:

    Love that cover!! She may be a bit to digest but this girl has talent. THE END

  22. shawn says:

    She looks cute…I love her songs..and before you guys try to attck her bc of beef get your facts right, ever thought maybe there’s a reason why she said some of the things she said? smh

    btw i noticed the only people who throw major shade at her are her black peers….mmmhmm black people can’t never be happy for on e another. smh give her a chance

  23. Siyam says:

    is that a JoyRich hat she’s rocking or a RichKid hat? Whichever it is I love it!!

  24. Stylishly Yours says:

    Why is Mickey Mouse featured in 2 of the photos??

  25. Stylishly Yours says:

    Why is Mickey Mouse featured in 2 of the photos?

  26. LA says:

    Love her. Rep hunney.

  27. Ariel says:

    I lover everything about Azealia Banks she is fun,cute,unique, and something new! Plus I love her music. Stop hating people

  28. Izhause says:

    I like her.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I like AB and if her songs are good who cares what she wears. I get that it’s a fashion website but we don’t have to love everything she wears.

  30. Hello says:

    Love her and her music, and the pics are cute!

  31. i love Azaelia…her rapping style reminds me of foxybrown (thong song remix)….please lets not knock her hussle …we lowkey need more female mcs in the game..support support.

  32. Lana says:

    She’s amazing! She’s an artist and her job is to put out music. I don’t care what she wears and who’s she is beefing with….That does not change how much i LOVE HER MUSIC!

  33. Indigo says:

    We need more females in the rap game to stand for something…Look where Foxy Brown is at now days… Her career was small and short. And when your looking at 40,you shouldn’t be rapping about poppin your pu$$y.. I’m just saying…lol

  34. Anonymous says:

    please stop hating ,, take a second and listen to her music she has lots of talent !!!! and she is way better than tacky Nicki Minaj !!! She is beautiful unique and innovative !!! Azealia banks all dayyyyy!!!

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