June 18th, 2012
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Claire’s Life: The Ford Mustang Master Class in Salt Lake City, Utah
By Claire

Happy Monday!
So I spent this past weekend in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah, learning how to drive a stick shift on Ford Mustang’s super fast Boss 302.

Confession: I am not the best driver. I ran over…all the cones and failed my first driving test when I was 16. Tears ensued. For my second try the nice instructor talked me through how to parallel park. So driving is not my forté…but I always love to learn new things, so decided to go along for the ride.

On day 1, we were simply introduced to the vehicles, and shown its large array of colors, which included schoolbus yellow, fire engine red, candy apple green, and even pink! As a fashion enthusiast, I was obviously juiced by how the car matched so well with my blue Aqua blazer and Zara cropped leopard pants.

Haha, it’s the little things.
On day 2, we were actually able to drive the cars, so were shuttled out to Miller Motorsports Park and Track:

Instructors required us to wear long pants and closed toed shoes, so I pulled out my old J.Crew olive green cargos along with a pair of Ash Bowie Suede Lace Up Sneakers. I normally don’t ‘do’ sneakers outside of the gym, but am slowly starting to dip my toe into a few styles, and figured the Ash Bowie’s would be a good starter pair.

Then, it was time for driving!

The instructors were super sweet, and walked us through the steps (clutch, shift, gas). I think I got the hang of it. I loved the control and speed afforded with stick shifts–it was such a rush!

At the end of our training session, everyone on the trip raced through a series of cones…

And I came in first place!

Hey, guess I’m not such a bad driver after all.
Afterwards we spent a bit of time watching a few other races on the track.

Then made a quick change for dinner. I decided to take my outfit from day to night by just switching my shoes and hitting the town.

And there you have it!

The trip was short, but sweet. And now I’m alll about driving a stick and doing a little racing:)
To see the full array of colors and customizable features available with Ford Mustangs, visit www.ford.com/cars/mustang.
What do you think?

Outfit 1 Deets: Aqua One Button Blazer. Kenneth Cole Black Tank. Zara Leopard Cropped Trousers. Isabel Marant Black Sandals.
Outfit 2 Deets: American Apparel Tank. Diesel Jean Vest. J.Crew pants. Ash Bowie Sneakers in Orange. Cazal Sunglasses (Thanks Spaglo!). Aqua cuffs. Diane von Furstenberg Harper Bag.
Photos by Marta McAdams

Thanks to Sara and Tony!

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40 Responses to “Claire’s Life: The Ford Mustang Master Class in Salt Lake City, Utah”

  1. Well for one, all of these shots are amazing! I love them all! Looks like so much fun!

  2. T1K says:

    Love both outfits! especially those sunglasses! hope you had fun, I still don’t know how to drive a stick shift so… you’re not the only one.

  3. You look super cute Claire! An automatic is my best friend but man I wish I knew how to drive a stick!

  4. ninjo says:

    That was bad ass. Your best post about your style.

  5. Dom says:

    You look so boss! The car is aptly named.

    I love everything about the looks except the sneaks. Hot gold sunnies too!

  6. PinkTownUSA says:

    Love the earrings on the third picture?
    Where did you get ‘em?

  7. Faith says:

    Love the ‘fits, especially those leopard pants!

  8. like_really_ray says:

    Claire was serving LIFE for the kids on day 1!

  9. LaTasha says:

    Werk Claire!! I love those orange wedge sneakers.

  10. Looking good, Claire! I tried to learn how to drive a stick when I was 20 and it wasn’t going down. Automatics for life!

  11. Tessa B says:

    Those sneakers are HOT!

  12. Reicie says:

    It is soo ironic that you posted this! I as just looking at taking muscle car driving lessons too! I LOOOOOOOOOVE and di I say, LOVE muscle cars and my fav is the Mustang! I can’t wait to learn how to drive it! You looked absolutely FAB Claire!!

  13. Reicie says:

    It is soo ironic that you posted this! I as just looking at taking muscle car driving lessons too! I LOOOOOOOOOVE and did I say, LOVE muscle cars and my fav is the Mustang! I can’t wait to learn how to drive it! You looked absolutely FAB Claire!!

  14. Robin says:

    Love your outfits and I’m in love with those red sneaks!

  15. Nakia P says:

    You look great Claire :)

  16. Jaida says:

    I loooooovvveee your outfit with the olive cargos & red wedged sneakers! I love sneakers so I have to get some wedged ones to add some flair to my shoe collection!

  17. soon2Bmrs says:

    WERK!!!! Loved everything but the glasses were my fave.

  18. Dyanna says:

    One word: BOSS! I love these looks on you Claire!

  19. jeda says:

    yes Claire! I love all the outfits and the shots are amazing. You rock!

  20. Fashion Cafe says:

    I like the looks! Except I have a strong dislike the dated looking CL pumps.

  21. Claire says:

    Hey Hey! Thanks for the lovely comments. The Ford Mustang was really fun to drive. I had a blast.
    @PinktownUSA The earrings are from http://www.shoploveys.com/ (owned by Tionna Smalls), they are blingtastic

    @Fashion Cafe Ok, ok, maybe it’s time I put my beloved neon Louboutins on Ebay. I really wanted those Unbout Illusion Pumps in Neon, but they’re sold out everywhere. Maybe I can snag a pair somewhere. Pointy toe it is!!
    I plan on selling a bunch of my stuff soonish in NYC. Will let y’all know. xoxo

  22. Bklyngrl28 says:

    Stunting on them in those shades! Super hot!

  23. Sharri says:

    You looked Fierce momma, you know you can work any look with the right shoes.

  24. Cliche says:

    Yass, Claire! Life in abundance. But seriously, these pics look like they could be in a magazine. Loving them.

  25. Hali says:

    Forget the outfits, I’m in love with the cars. I am a Mustang LOVER, I can remember being in 5th grade and stating that I wanted my first car to be a yellow Ford Mustang, so that they could see me coming down the street. Well, my first car was a Ford, but no where near a Mustang. I also have a desire to own a vintage Mustang sometime in my life. You have added a place to visit on my bucket list!

    P.S. The first outfit was my fav!

  26. Kisha says:

    Gorgeous photos!

  27. binks says:

    I used to be obsessed over the mustangs! Love the powder blue one though, looking good Claire.

  28. TheCreative says:

    You truely are AWESOME, Claire

  29. Dobe says:

    That blue and leopard… HOT! I haven’t come across those pants at Zara yet, but will check them out on the site.

    And I have to agree with Fashion Cafe on those shoes… sorry :-/
    A good casual, chic outfit, nonetheless.

  30. TicaPica says:

    you’re living the life Claire! that looks like a crazy amount of fun!

  31. Nikkibellaray says:

    Love each look, the orange sneakers just did it, must have!

  32. preetty lady says:

    i had loubotins shoes hurt like crazy. is it true.

  33. Claire says:

    Thx thx! @preety lady It depends on what type of Louboutins you buy. Typically the straight up pumps are pretty painful, though you can get padding in ‘em if you feel so inclined. The ones I find the *least* painful are the platform peep toes. Platform takes a bit of pressure off the balls of your feet. The peep toes give your toes room to wiggle around. And of course, the lower the heel, the less painful they are. xoxo

  34. lola says:


  35. Shay says:

    Beautiful pics! I love the Zara leopard print pants, but they look like something I would definitely have to try on before buying…

  36. this is BEYOND so incredibly cool! AHHH the opportunities that a great blog gets is so inspiring. Im praying and working hard on mine!


  37. KBS says:

    How’d you come up on this little adventure? It sounds like fun and the pics look great as well.
    Driving a stick is easy, been doing it for many, many years, and there’s something sexy about a woman that can handle a stick.

  38. dyshaun says:

    Isnt it fun when you let yourself out of the “things I normally do” box.. xoxoxo

  39. Siyam says:

    Ha Claire! I THOUGHT those Cazals looked like the ones you wore with Spaglo from your Instgram. I’m glad you had fun, I’m horrible at stickshift, but now I kinda want a Mustang if they come in all those colors :)

  40. Mak says:

    love the outfits. you looked great!

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