June 8th, 2012
Intern Post, Style Inspiration, What to Wear
Style Inspiration: What to Wear for A Day of Shopping and Play in New York City
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

*The Internship Contest Ends with Intern 5. Make sure to check back in to vote on your favorite intern this afternoon!*

KDodd writes, “I will be traveling from DC to New York for a day trip that includes shopping and a play. How can I keep it cute and comfortable throughout the day? Thanks!”

I’m on it! With NYC being the fashion capital, it’s absolutely imperative that you “bring it” while maneuvering through the Concrete Jungle, but still keep that much-needed comfort level. Now, while I’m not a NYC girl myself, I have several friends that are and they’ve thought me the art of “The Switch“…i.e. the stashing of a pair of heels in your tote just in case of a special occasion, like say, an afternoon play. With that being said, let dive in shall we:

I don’t know about you but when I think of “cute” and comfortable”, I automatically think of this quintessential summer piece: The Maxidress. If a maxi is more your speed, this one is a sure fire hit. This two-toned cutie mixes styles by giving you comfort on top in a gray jersey fabric and a sheer girly-vibe on the bottom which I love. Pair this summer staple with cute silver accessories, cat-eyed shades and of course, your tote which houses these HOTT multi-colored wedges!

The 2nd option is a super comfy, wide leg pant in a light and fun fabric. These pants definitely do the talking here so I would keep it simple by pairing it with a basic white tank and a pair of equally basic cognac brown sandals.

Add in gold hoops, a gold men’s inspired watch, some funky multicolored shades, and a splash of this gorgeous orange lip color to add just a few pops of color. Right before you head to the play, pull out these cute heels from your orange tote, and you’re set.

Last but certainly not least, is Option 3 which I befittingly call “the Sexy Tomboy”. This ‘fit is a bit more edgy than the 1st two options but still embodies the femininity we ladies possess.

The fitted, stripped skirt works double-duty by showcasing those curves and keeping you comfortable. Now add in the tomboy aspect with a loose tank and comfy spiked loafers. Throw on a denim vest, pile on the arm candy and add aviators for a cool, laid-back look while ducking in and out of the shops. After you jump in a cab en route to dabble in the arts, replace your funky loafers with the popular Zara heels to amp up the dressy factor a notch.

And there you have it! I hope these options help you with your upcoming day trip, dear Fashion Bomb reader. I know you’re going to enjoy yourself and did I mention…I’m slightly jealous.

~Intern 5

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53 Responses to “Style Inspiration: What to Wear for A Day of Shopping and Play in New York City”

  1. e says:

    very nice

  2. Modelchick says:

    i like the post..welldone

  3. taffie says:


  4. Elle says:

    Great post. Your picks are practical and stylish. Plus you have a nice writing style.

  5. 1tallchick says:

    great options!!

  6. llehsal says:

    Love these outfits

  7. Angie says:

    Great Options! Love your writing voice! You nailed it I#4!

  8. Angie says:


  9. Sammie says:

    Love the outfits and writing voice.

  10. Sade says:

    i like the post (especially the first look!), but you have a typo. Your friends “taught you” not “thought you”

  11. Anonymous says:

    LOVE all the options! Wonderful job Intern #5!

  12. T says:

    I like Intern 5′s style and voice. The 2nd option is so chic. The grammar leaves a little to be desired (e.g. taught not thought; a fitted,striped skirt, not stripped skirt), but that’s nothing an AP style guide and some proofing can’t fix. Way to go #5!

  13. Shenita says:

    Great job! Hurray for Intern 5!

  14. Taj says:

    Great job and my favorite choice is number one.

  15. Keesh says:

    Ok-k-kay Intern #5- I see you! I like your writing style. The idea of the “switch” is right on target and helpful to mention. All three looks seem comfy but also have style. The third one is my absolute fave. My one caveat for you- be sure to spell check and proofread! *sorry, I’m an English teacher by day* :)

  16. Anonymous says:

    I like Intern #5′s style choices.

  17. Scarlett says:

    Awesome job, Intern 5! You may very well be my favorite!

  18. Julie says:

    Can’t get past the typos and grammatical errors. Not reading any more posts from Intern 5. I’m rolling with #1 and #4.

  19. …i know we all make typos…i do on my own blog sometimes…but in a competition that can be fatal.

  20. SPA says:

    I personally would wear all these looks, and I think your writing is spectacular as well. My one criticism (I hate using that word) is that I think the looks lacked versatility. For instance, all three looks featured tanks, and they all have the same “feel”

  21. E says:

    I really LOVE the choices, but her writing is something that made me pause a few times while reading, (grammar, typos, and awkward descriptions) but I did love a few of her action phrases.

  22. EboniWright says:

    Adored her choices as well. But I too, can’t ignore the grammatical errors and a few phrases was all too reminiscent of a particular intern.

  23. Just sayin' says:

    Ugh – I had to stop and read over sentences several times because of the grammar and typos. No bueno.

    That aside, the looks are cute although I agree with SPA – they all give me the same vibe. Not quite as versatile as other posts.

  24. Kitty B. says:

    Although these are great pick, intern 4 has my heart :)

    Love look 2 :)

  25. Alexis says:

    I absolutely love the wide legged trousers! they look so fun!

  26. 11 Reasons says:

    I like the choices… the grammar errors leaves a little to be desired though.

    Great picks and way to go for bring up the “SWITCH”! More people should get into it… instead of trying to be 6 inches taller all day and doing the “my feet hurt” walk at the event where being 6 inches taller is necessary.

  27. Cute outfit options (I love those DKNY canvas shoes) and I love that you included the “taxi shoe switch” – very NYC.

  28. SoHappy says:

    I like all these looks.

  29. bAe says:

    Love Love the outfits…..

  30. Big Fine says:

    I’m all for Intern #5!!! Every look is bringing me life! I have a upcoming trip and I plan on ticking each look!!! I need more post like this! Rock on!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Love love love the 1st pick…

  32. Big Fine says:

    Def meant *rocking*! See, playas F up too! ;-)

  33. Anonymous says:

    Intern 5 all day, everyday!!

  34. KayKay says:

    I recently moved to DC from the South and I am DEFINITELY going to take these options into consideration when I make my first trip to NY. I absolutely love all three!! The grammar didn’t phase me a bit on the picture you were bringing to life for me. OAN: Thanks for the insight on the flats while putting my heels in tote.

  35. I like options 1 and 3. Number two is kinda boring. I didn’t notice the errors until I read the comments. Even though it says “though” and not “taught” I still read it right in my mind because that’s what makes sense, if anyone can understand that…

  36. blkathena says:


  37. Tai says:

    Love all of these options! great job #5!

  38. Tessa B says:

    This is a GREAT POST! Its rare that I like every option suggested! Great job, I think I’m team INTERN 5…

  39. Dnice says:

    I love the choices, and would add a thin, fashionable layer to each for air conditioning and after theater dinner.

  40. Nakia P says:

    I think Claire saved the best for last :)

  41. whatevs says:

    luv it all…actually makes me want to shop…job well done…

  42. krystel says:

    Well done intern 5

  43. Faith says:

    cute! we NYC girls do opt for wedges over heels while shopping though: the streets might be mean and fierce, but they’re not always level =( lol

  44. NYC chick says:

    Love the clothes…well done!

  45. tiffany says:

    The horrible writing <<<<

  46. Gigi says:

    Grammatical errors only means she needs to slow down & proofread…it doesn’t super cede her awesome writing voice & style. Love it! Love intern 5.

  47. Color Me Bad says:

    Yeah, I agree…1 or 2 grammatical errors doesn’t trump her evident gift of fashion & blogging! Sounds like some ladies tried out & failed lol! I loved it intern 5. Good luck stylish lady!

  48. brooke says:

    Her choices werent that bad, but given this is a contest, I’d expect her to bring more of an A game….

  49. NOTeverythangthatINeeded says:

    Intern 5, where do I start? With the inexcusable grammar and spelling, or lack of individuality and innovative ideas?Take notes, because im about to “read you your rights” (puts reading glasses on). In this contest, I have seen that the Interns (and the person who chose them) are very basic; choosing safe topics and deriving their ideas from things that have already been done and are still being done. The fact of the matter is, Intern 5, is that this post, as well as the others, are “busted and disgusted”, as well as “tired and expired”. My advice, go back to the drawing board, or maybe even the magazine and the website you stole these ideas from, and think of something original. Once you have done that, maybe then you will be a “decent writer”. Your “BonQuiQui” vocabulary is utterly ridiculous, even the local homeless uneducated prostitute could write better than you. Not only is your writing an issue, let’s get into the outfits that you chose. What event is someone attending with those outfits, besides Black Friday at Walmart, because that is exactly what I would put on as a “I’m just going to the damn store” outfit. This is worse than when Britney was having that meltdown and shaved her head, IT’S THAT DEPLORABLE. If I was Claire, I would sit you down and smack your hand and tell you to go to time-out, because this is absolutely and utterly ridiculous. Next time you decide to write a blog, or write anything, put down the gun you go hunting in the woods with to kill your food, and pick up the Websters dictionary. I promise it will help. Think of this as an intervention, me trying to help you. Like how the judge was being hard on Lindsey Lohan. Your Lindsey Lohan, I’m the judge, and you just got sentenced, bitches. MUAHHHHHHHHHH

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