June 7th, 2012
Celebrity Style, Ciara, Claire's Life
Claire’s Life: Ciara’s One Woman Army Listening Party
By Claire

Happy Thursday!
So last night I was invited to a listening party for Ciara’s new album, “One Woman Army.”

Ever the gracious host, Ciara danced to her tracks, all the while greeting guests and snapping pix with attendees and friends like Lala Anthony, L.A. Reid, Jermaine Dupri, and more.

When I told her about the Fashion Bomb, she said, “Oh yeah, I know that site!” She divulged that she was wearing a Lanvin serpent print dress, which she accented with thigh high boots and fingers full of sparkly rings.

I dipped out at a respectable hour because I’m an old lady.

For the occasion, I slipped on an American Apparel crop top, along with a Tiger Print blazer from Zara, and my absolute favorite Helmut Lang Asymmetrical Skirt.

I accented with a pair of Christian Louboutin Pik Pik studded slingbacks and a Michael Kors clutch.
As for Ciara’s album, I loved her song ‘Sweat’ featuring 2 Chainz (2 Chainz!!). Listen to it here:

What do you think?
Images: Rasaan Wyzard/Hostal Malure
Thx Aura!

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64 Responses to “Claire’s Life: Ciara’s One Woman Army Listening Party”

  1. Faith says:

    Claire, you better werk that crop top!!!

  2. Ciara is looking hot! Not my favorite ensemble of Claire’s, but I LOVE those shoes!

  3. iHeartKeya says:

    Ciara looks great here! I really want her to succeed because she’s so pretty, kind, and she can dance her behind off lol. With the right team I know she can kill

  4. dyshaun says:

    Claire the outfit was spot on for working a Ciara bash!

  5. Yasmine says:

    i never like claire’s outfit.. bt maybe its justme! & it looks like she didnt know what she was doing with her makeup, especially in that first pic..
    however, Ciara looks Beee- Yuuu- Tiii- Fulllll !!

  6. Anonymous says:

    You look Fabulous Claire! Legs look Great! And I love Ciara’s dress!

  7. Claire,….. your legs… WOW!!!! I must hit the gym a tad harder lol.

  8. coupe_22 says:


  9. Miss Fancy says:

    I’m always hesitant to make these comments, but I agree with Yasmine. Claire has alot of great items, but they always seem to be in competition with one another. Sorry…

  10. Juno says:

    I think Claire’s outfit’s cute! How can you go wrong with a blazer, white shirt and black skirt? You’re reaching.

  11. EboniWright says:

    YESSS, Claire! that skirt is everything!

  12. loveis4u says:

    Claire what happened to your makeup??????? Your outfit looks great, but the makeup/foundation is oh so wrong……still love u though Claire!!!!!!

  13. hypnotic says:

    Been eyeing that skirt but my legs can’t compete! Love the shoes Claire. Love Ciara’s outfit, but I didn’t like the song.

  14. Dom says:

    Ciara is SOOOO beautiful! My God!

  15. too cool says:

    but Claire, more importantly… how was the album??? worth my hard drive space???

  16. Mrs Windy City says:

    After seeing the pic of Cici w/ Claire Im liking Cici’s hair color much better now….

    Loving all of this! Go Claire

  17. stephanie says:

    for the people who dont look how claire look, unu a idiot (my jamaican coming out now) unu jealous a deh gal, unu goway .. she a say one.. a JEALOUS SOME A UNU JEALOUS.. english.. yall full of shit.. the girl look good, and she is fine as fuck, and because yall cant look like her.. yall is jealous… to claire:.. you a say one.. bigup to Clair..

  18. Indigo says:

    You look so sexy Claire… I love the outfit.

  19. Sasha Nichole says:

    when i saw lala and ciara my first thought was – “there has to be about 5k of India’s finest remy right there”, lol – they both look great tho. ciara’s beyonce/mary j blond is growing on me.

  20. is that the same skirt Rosci wore?

  21. Raven says:

    Those shoes are hawt!!!! I’m not really feeling the outfit either…the skirt just doesn’t do it for me, but I still think Claire looks great (that smile and those legs <3). Personal taste not jealousy.

  22. Claire says:

    Hey Hey Bombers and Bombshells!
    Cici is indeed gorge and she’s *fun*! She was dipping it low all night. She can dance her a$$ off (but we knew this).
    @too cool I’d say the album has some hits and misses. I’m an ATL chick, so loved that Sweat song and one other jam (something about a car seat dropped down or some such). Others were too ‘poppy’ for my taste, but I think there are a least a handful of workout tracks on there.

    @Fab from thesolepursuit.com Didn’t realize til you mentioned it, but it is! Love that skirt, I also have it in yellow.

    Regarding my outfit, I’m fully aware that every time I put my pic up, some will hate it, some will love it. I’m cool either way. Agreed with the makeup, though! I must’ve been tanning too much in Vegas…think I need to go in for a darker foundation and get a quick tutorial on blending. I normally just wear blot powder. That’s what I get for trying to get fancy.
    Stay tuned for more Claire’s Life (yes, sadly, there will be more. But not too much.)

  23. Alexis says:

    Claire, I’m loving your outfit! Your legs are everything!!!

  24. makeeasweet says:

    i like this look claire,glad your being a little more daring.

  25. More Claire’s life!! :D More More!!

    You rude asses are speaking of Claire like this isn’t her site and she’s not reading all these comments… No tact. Smh.

    CLAIRE, you’re gorgeous and fashionable and your outfits are a miss like 0.0001% of the time. (Basically never.) Keep up the AMAZING work! ;)

  26. t-fal says:

    I love the way you have the simple crop top paired with the printed blazer…I’m busty and in my 30′s, so I didn’t think i could pull off a crop top without looking like a teenage video girl. Great way to pull off a fun look with elegance!

  27. Tessa B says:

    LOVE YOUR OUTFIT CLAIRE!! Ciara’s…its ok..but very appropiate for the occassion…you def want to stand out!! And I love SWEAT also….

  28. Can you commentators be any more BUT DISRESPECTFUL! JEALOUSY IS ALL I SNIFF, CLAIRE YOU LOOK GORGEOUS, AND CIARA LOOKS PRETTY. I am amazed how you kept your composure through all the excitement, I would have went crazy lol. The way you styled this outfit is how I would have wore it, that asymmetrical skirt is dead on, I love your investment pieces TOTALLY WORTH THE SPLURGE FOR ME (in the near future). I have to disagree with Miss Fancy’s comment, your clothes are never competing against each other, how can a timeless animal print, and an asymmetrical skirt compete against each other, THIS IS STYLED TO PERFECTION merely because I simply just loving the look.

  29. trisha says:

    Claire you are a stackhouse. You are voluptuous and toned – great combination. Btw- is that a peak of defined abs, I see?? All of your hard work, in the gym, has paid off!

    In terms of the outfit/style, I don’t like it. I don’t know if I have ever liked any of Claire’s outfits on her honestly. They are full of high end items, all thrown together. I also think your clothing and hair dates you. You are a hot momma and should highlight this with sexier clothing and a more youthful hairstyle.

  30. hahahaha says:

    So Claire heard the entire album, and her favorite song is “Sweat?” I guess Cici will FLOP again. “Sweat” is trash!

  31. Jihan says:

    It’s a good thing we don’t do “Jihan’s Life” features on this site! I always think I look cute when I leave the house, but by the time I get to an event, I’m always a little scruffed up. I’m always impressed with how put together Ms. Sulmers looks, which I tell her all the time.

    Anyways, GIMME THAT SKIRT!

  32. My Thoughts says:

    What’s not to like? If Kim Kardashian or Beyonce (or Solange) wore this, you all would be falling over yourselves to get it. Love it! It’s spunky!

  33. lola says:


  34. Nakia P says:

    Claire you look so pretty and you are very gracious :)

  35. cupidblitzen says:

    LOVE the skirt, Claire!

  36. Brittany says:

    @Trisha, I completely agree with everything you said. I think a different hairstyle or fuller locs would be fabulous on Claire, but you know what they say about opinions. :)
    I’m digging that white crop top.

  37. marguerite says:

    girl, i was looking at that jacket in Zara yesterday! really cute!

  38. ladyluo says:

    To be honest Claire most of your outfits are usually a miss but I have to say I LOVE this entire outfit! I would prefer to see this outfit than the one you have on the right of the website

  39. Lola Grace says:

    I think Claire looks great. The blazer & asymmetrical skirt isn’t something I’d wear together but this look works for her. Love the pop of the bright lips. I didn’t realize Claire had such an amazing body, look at those abs. I’m inspired to go to the gym. Agree that I’d prefer to see this pic than the blue dress/ yellow shoes on the right.

  40. Sade says:

    Claire, loved the outfit on you and would love to see you be a more daring with the make up! Live up to that new year’s resolution, girl!

  41. Chox says:

    I think it’s absurd that some of you think we can’t disagree with Claire’s outfit choices. Yes it is her blog but she wouldn’t be posting if she thought everyone would fall over themselves praising her. She wants our honest opinions. Just because someone disagrees doesn’t make them a hater. I find that people who quickly jump to that conclusion are usually suffering from delusions of grandeur. With that being said, I like this look but do agree with the makeup being off.

  42. SoHappy says:

    Claire looks gorg! I’m loving Ciara’s hair. Not feeling her single though.

  43. Kisha says:

    Love your look from head to toe Claire!!! Ciara looks gorge as well!

  44. Grace says:

    Claire, you look great! I was eyeing a similar skirt over the weekend and I think I’ll definitely invest! I’m loving the blonde on Ciara, but thigh high boots in this heat? Hmmm

  45. Anonymous says:

    I love me some Ciara but that blonde hair is a no-go. I’m glad she’s finally back though! Claire’s outfit is sexy! I love it! However, I am concerned with what people believe is fashion. It seems like people think that just because they are wearing designer clothes that that is fashion. I disagree! Plus, I feel like why spend thousands of dollars on clothes when you’re going to wear the clothes once? Just a concern.

  46. Jinx Moneypenny says:

    Love your outfit Claire! I need that blazer in my life. Also, everything else you’re wearing, lmao. It’s great to see a busty woman wearing a crop top but doing it in a cute way.

  47. Uknow says:

    Looking lovely, girlfriend !

  48. Miss Rina says:

    All I have to say is >> THEM LEGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. kat says:

    I really like Claire’s outfit here- it’s perfect for the occasion. I honestly wouldn’t even think of buying a jacket like that, but the way she paired it with that crop top and skirt was on point. Plus, I think her hair color kind of sets it off a bit.

    Her makeup in the first pick looks cute to me, yeah it’s a little off tone and like she said, not that well blended, but seriously, no one was competing with Ciara because her makeup is FLAWLESS! But it better be- Claire can’t be outshining Ciara at her own party ;-)

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