June 2nd, 2012
Amber Rose, Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm
Hot! or Hmm…: Amber Rose’s Roxbury Club Kokon to Zai Classic Rider Neon Jacket, Faster Mark Fast “Elastrometric” Knit Catsuit with Mesh Cutouts, and Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps
By Claire

Amber Rose accompanied Wiz Khalifa to the Roxbury club in Hollywood last night in a $672 neon green Kokon to Zai Classic Rider Jacket over what appears to be a $595 Faster by Mark Fast Unitard with Mesh Cut Outs:

The former Smirnoff spokeswoman accessorized her look with $625 yellow Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps, silver ‘bamboo’ earrings, dark lips, and dark sunglasses:

Her now sold out cropped jacket (similar to this) features KTZ’s Fall 2011 classic print, uplifted by leather accents and neon tones:

Her sold out long sleeved wideneck stretch catsuit has knitted cutout detailing throughout. Check out a few views:

Canadian blogger Geekigirl (www.iwantigot.geekigirl.com) wore it as well. See how she rocked it:

Her pumps are sold out as well, but also boast neon details and a 5 inch heel:

Amber is a hot woman, and I guess this outfit befits her image. I personally think some things should be left to the imagination…but as Amber is a public figure, perhaps this outfit is appropriate.
What do you think?

*If you want a similar leggings look (as I’m sure some of you do), these leggings, also by Mark Fast, come close:

Get them at www.LuisaViaRoma.com.
Images: Splash/GeekiGirl/Net-a-Porter/SevenNewYork/LuisaViaRoma

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48 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm…: Amber Rose’s Roxbury Club Kokon to Zai Classic Rider Neon Jacket, Faster Mark Fast “Elastrometric” Knit Catsuit with Mesh Cutouts, and Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps”

  1. taffie says:

    The catsuit i cant!! The jacket is ok, i aint drooling for it. The shoes are a must have. I need them ASAP!!!

  2. Lady Bay says:

    I think this is okay for a music video or a photoshoot, but not to go to the club in. I don’t know if because Amber is a little more on the thick side vs the model or if its the flash, but she appears more on the naked.

  3. Hell no. She looks like a hoochie-fied ho! No ma’am, this is bad even for Amber. The blogger definitely looks better in it, she doesn’t have so much to look at.

  4. BigA says:

    Amber looks amazing…she was out at night in a club…her style is soo hot!her body even better!

  5. T1K says:

    Too raunchy for me, Ciara’s dress (same design) was a little better. But this is more for a fashion shoot or video, as I’m sure she’s not wearing much underneath.

  6. Rebecca says:

    How does Wiz handle all of amber ??? Lol he’s soooo small

  7. Nicki says:

    Tacky, tacky, tacky.

  8. Amber get a new talent…

  9. Hidden secret says:

    I know this is off topic but I’m gonna need WIZ to pull his PANTS UP!! so UNATTRACTIVE for a male pants to be down like that ugh!!

  10. Latishabfine says:

    Hot!!! Shes out with her man representin’

  11. rania says:

    that print is palestinian.

  12. meme says:

    you can see his lil junk hanging over his belt, no thank you!!

  13. Siyam says:

    I like shoes and the leggings are cool, I just wouldn’t do the whole catsuit. As far as Wiz’s wiz? Please tuck it back in, thank you :)

  14. Chinny says:

    Hell nooo! She looks ratchet and cheap in dat outfit.
    Follow me on twitter@divachinny, instagram @ chinny_Ezeonu,

  15. babyB says:

    lmao I didnt even notice Wiz’s hangin junk til @meme pointed it out! it’s 2012, we need to get over the saggy pants thing!

    As for Amber, I prefer the catsuit better on her curvaceous body than that stick thin model and the blogger, who doesn’t seen to have the body for it either. It’s still too revealing but she’s Amber Rose…isn’t that her thing?

  16. Carol says:

    Nice post!
    I’m posting from Los Angeles, take a look on the windows of Rodeo Drive and our pictures in Palmdale!!

  17. makeeasweet says:

    forget the leggings,i love that jacket!!

  18. Auty says:

    This is her image so i love it they look like 2 bad azz rockstars!

  19. lydon says:

    They both look dirty and that catsuit looks like it came out the beauty supply store. Just terrible.

  20. Tammy says:

    No no no no no. And why does he always look so DRY?

  21. Eh…this is her thing, but I remember her going through a “cover up” phase sinse she said she felt like a role model…

  22. Ms.Missy says:

    Whoa….I BET somebody gonna knock this off…and every ratchet gonna wear it to the club, MALL, McDonalds, grocery store, Starbucks, nail shop,etc….I see the foolery already!

  23. lydon says:

    @ ms. Missy lol!

  24. Bliss says:

    I can’t even get by how THIN, SICK, and ANOREXIC that model looks enough to be able to focus on the styling of Amber’s suit. I am truly disturbed by whoever that is. SMH


  25. Grace says:

    They both look awful and tacky as usual.

  26. BritttanyZ says:

    Only she can pull this off!!…I think she looks so cool. funny, I had a dream about her las night, and shes the first pic I see…o_0

  27. Tessa B says:

    I think she looks great! She has the body for it and it’s fun..she doesn’t look like a hooker at all to me as some of u have stated…If anything the model looks horrible in it…

  28. GAY PRIDE says:


  29. vain319 says:

    They both just “polluted”my eyeballs……..

  30. Katie says:

    I wish my man would let me go outside looking like that.

  31. Jennifer says:

    I know definitions of ladylike vary, but as to the one I was raised with, this ain’t e’em close.

  32. Bronze says:

    I’m no Amber fan but do you really have to call her a hoe???? Like really? A ho? Why? Black women kill me with that. If u don’t like a chick you call her a hoe? So simple minded. What is the difference btwn Amber and most of you chicks????? Oh dont’ tell me……Ya’ll classy hoes while she is a stank hoe! I get it now. My bad.

  33. Bronze says:

    which brings up another issue. Hate to use white folks but I have to. When MTV first came out and Van Halen used video chicks….mostly playboy pinups…strippers…NO ONE CALLED THEM HOES!!! You never heard it. It was part of this new visual medium called rock videos. But soon as a sistah shakes her money maker….now we have hoes. White men were not calling black chick hoes….YOU AND YO FAT MAMA WERE! Sorry……Soooo wassup. You are either very insecure and jealous that you can not stop traffic with you rat face/gorilla features or your Baptist preacher still wears a Jheri Curl and you just don’t know any better.

  34. @Bronze you making all these negative assumptions about the people you are questioning, makes you look worse than ypu claim they do calling someone a “hoe” or “ho” (you used both spellings so I wanted to be sure to include both). Your argument became null and void once you started talking about mothers, pastors, people’s security level & saying they are no different from Amber. You get a slow clap for Your failed effort.

  35. Dria says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t get “hoe” when I see this. In my opinion you have to have a certain type of body to pull off any type of catsuit, which she does, and the model and blogger lack that. It’s Amber Rose! What do you expect?! The shoes and jacket, i like!…Wiz is another subject smh

  36. Bronze says:


    No. Not at all. I’m not going to write a thesis about why black women call r&b/rap video ladies sluts and hoes. Rock groupies were never called hoes/sluts or any other derogotory title. But black women hate each other so much; it is a requirement to inslut the sexuality of sexy women. Isn’t school out for you….why are you grading comments? Fail??? Are you out of work?

  37. Bronze says:

    and when someone talks trash about someone else……that is not an assumption….that is a blatent negative statement for all to read. There is nothing for me to assume. Women who are sexy, have no problem getting a man and/or are approached by men (of all ethnicities) on a daily basis….do not have the desire to put other women down. They don’t. I know. Ugly feelings appear when someone has to beg, scheme and go out of their way to get an mans attention. Hurt (looking people) try to hurt beautiful people. That is just the way of the world.

  38. Can says:

    How does these articles somehow become a platform for people to stand on their soapboxes and preach…smh. ANYWAYZ Amber Rose looks straight up ratchet. We ALL know that she is sexy. Cudos, but tone it down. Wearing an outfit that actually covers her goods does not detract from her sexiness. IMO it enhances it.

  39. yusufswifee says:

    team amber rose. When I saw this pix I was surprised – hate on her all you want, but ms amber has not done this revealing look in a while…and please stop with the hate…They seem happy and she is engaged so.

    I don’t mind it…clearly she was in the mood. She has always done skin tight and leggings/catsuits very well – I might add. Don’t recall a cut out look. Oh and I didn’t care for Ciara’s dress either.

    Anyway, always glad for a amber sighting…

  40. @can i guess they dont have anyone that wants to listen to them off the internet! Lol

  41. what? says:

    @ Bronze

    Please chill with all that, lol. How do you know people in the white community weren’t calling the white models/strippers in music videos ho’s??? And even if you don’t find evidence that they did, I bet you they sure were thinking it. Don’t be mad at other folks for being vocal and upfront about it. Sheeeesh. At the end of the day, it’s all opinion. There are probably white people who think Amber is a whore too, as well as Black people who don’t. Stop generalizing people, smh. You are making yourself seem ignorant. No, wait….you already did with the baptist preacher/guerrilla comment. Smh.

  42. what? says:

    *excuse me, gorilla, not guerilla.

  43. Diva says:

    off topic does anyone else have a problem with Wiz and those skippies on his feet ?!?!?!? I can’t and he needs to pull those pants up … ugh !

  44. Wallflower says:

    She could have at least worn undies with the catsuit, lol!

  45. hayilabc says:

    I think it looks great for the event. As a “celebrity” what else would you expect her to wear? Gotta stand out! You ladies should really grasp this concept. I would be underwhelmed if she had on the same type of outfit that every other Jane has on.

  46. I'llSayAPrayer says:

    Just wretched. #dobetter

  47. Anonymous says:

    Amber is young and she look amazing.

  48. Kandi says:

    LOL! Haters! She’s grwon keep all that to yourselves. Really? It’s okay for a smaller lady to wear it because “She don’t have … much to look at”. LOL!!! CLOWNS! ;)

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