June 1st, 2012
Beyonce, Fashion News
The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Beyoncé to Star in First Animated Feature Film, Iman Discusses Her Difficulties in the Beauty Biz, and The Devil Wears Prada Sequel on the Way
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

• Queen Creole is serious about getting back to business in 2012. The High Priestess of the Bayou is slated to star in the upcoming animated film, Epic. Ms. Knowles-Carter is cast (naturally) as Queen Tara, a role for which her flaw-free vocals are well suited. She will star alongside Colin Ferrell, Steven Tyler, Josh Hutcheson, Amanda Seyfried, Aziz Ansari, and more. I will definitely be in the theater for this one! (Deadline)

• Hipsters across the nation are up in arms, livid over the fact that Urban Outfitters is selling pro-Mitt Romney tees. Blog Brokelyn says this “too legit to Mitt” tee is “the only one you could get away with.”  Folks, I think we found something that is too ironic even for the mustachioed, tight jeaned, obscure music listening set. If you want to show your support for Mittens, you can get the tees here.  (Brokelyn via The Cut)

• At this year’s WWD Beauty Summit, supermodel Iman took the stage to discuss her struggles in trying to launch a cosmetics line catering to women of color. She says even after Iman Cosmetics became successful, major retailers were still hesitant to pick up the brand, because they didn’t think it would sell: “I approached the players — Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens — and everybody knew about the brand and how successful it was, so everybody said yes to it. But then there was this, ‘Oh we’ll test it.’ Like I just started, like there was no customer base for it…It was a no-go. They wanted me to be placed at the back, which they considered, like it is, for the ethnic section, which I was totally against it for no other reason but ’cause also I never considered myself an ethnic brand.” (WWD)

Devil Wears Prada fans, rejoice! Lauren Weisberger is writing a sequel to the bestselling novel, aptly titled: Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns. Ooh. Look for it in April 2013. Right now, there are no plans for a Devil Wears Prada 2 movie, but I expect it couldn’t be too far off. (EW)


Sidney Toledano and John Galliano

Dior famously fired then creative director John Galliano last year, but according to president and chief executive of Dior, Sidney Toledano, profits for the brand went up about 30 percent. Does this mean Dior (as well as other luxury brands) might not even need a creative director? “I never considered that,” Toledano told the Financial Times. “I always thought we absolutely needed an artistic director. They, and their charisma, are what create breakthroughs. But you make choices about how you use that… The role of artistic director for a lifestyle brand – one that implies all the aspects of life such as vacation, sports, and so on – is different from the role of artistic director in a luxury brand. [They are] a shorthand to help consumers understand the brand, and to embody it.” (Vogue UK)

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23 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Beyoncé to Star in First Animated Feature Film, Iman Discusses Her Difficulties in the Beauty Biz, and The Devil Wears Prada Sequel on the Way”

  1. Ale Semenov says:

    Can’t wait for April 2013. Hope it is as amazing as the first one.

  2. Savage says:

    Iman speaks the truth, they always put her stuff in the back and I adore her loose powder. It’s amazing, better than Bobbi and MAC. She gets no respect. I went to Ulta and some salesperson mispronounced her name! Not Iman but (I man).

  3. “The High Priestess of the Bayou”– LOL, I can’t!

  4. dyshaun says:

    See you at the movies Bey!

  5. mi manning says:


  6. Savage says:

    A black woman who works hard, is talented and successful..Must be the Devil’s work huh? Have a Native American Style seat..please.

  7. The truth says:

    Urban Outfitters is owned by one of Romney’s biggest donors. It should read ’2 legit 2 get with Mitt’.

  8. Tiffany says:

    Good for Beyonce…I’m with @Savage. I’m not a Beyonce Stan or anything BUT I deeply admire her tenacity and perseverance. She IS a good role model AND above all a CLASS act. That’s not the devil at work…it’s God. She’s just as blessed as the rest of us. While you’re talking mess on a blog, she’s probably at the gym, in a meeting, or doing whatever it is she does to maintain her position at the top. Get like her and you’ll be too busy making $$ to hate…enough of my rant…

    So excited for the second Devil Wears Prada! YAY!!!!!

  9. Take A Seat says:

    LOL, i find it so crazy that any black person who is really working and making the right deals has to be linked to worshiping the devil, had this been anybody else, no one would bat an eyelash. Beyonce works hard, she is a great performer, she is a great business woman, and she hasn’t fallen because of fame,drugs, and non-sense but because of that she is part of the illuminati? Sorry “mi manning” you along with these other part time christians sound crazy, chill.

  10. Hello says:

    @Take A Seat yes please break it down for these people lol right and also for all you people that claim she worships the devil she donates to her church in Texas every year anyways I hope they do the sequel movie as well for the Devil wears Prada

  11. Emily says:

    Beyonce’s speaking voice is really awful. Sorry. Way too country and not pleasant to the ear. I’ll gladly pass.

  12. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    I stopped shopping in Ulta when the saleslady said Iman was too “lowbrow”, like Bonne Bell or something. Ulta isn’t even on Sephora level!

  13. Nisa says:

    @mi manning…you have really got to get a life. If that is the way you feel, exactly why are you on a celebrity blog site. Are you trying to find out what the devil is up to? LOL


  14. Katie says:

    *Beyonce is getting ready to grace use with her (voice) acting abilities again. >_<;;; Don't consider anyone in Hollywood a good role model (work in the industry). Sorry, but I would only want someone who dresses modestly to be a role model for my child. Not to mention someone who isn't married to a misogynist and an attention hog (MTV video awards anyone?)

    *I don't want a sequel to the film, but I'll hold my breath.

    *I always heard great things about Iman products, I hear her powders are great. I wonder, are they as good as Becca's?

  15. mi manning says:

    first of all….everyone knows that u don’t get anywhere in that business w/o compromising w/ the devil…u have to be a frickin’ idiot NOT to think that! I’m on this site b/c I LOVE fashion…real fashion…b/c it’s a form of the ART and I love true, real art (no matter if it’s dance, music, fashion,art, literature, photography, etc.)! I’m on this blog to look @ up and coming , NEW talent to support! that’s why I’m on here! and it’s funny how u people mention Beyonce gives to her church…perhaps you’d like to explain why she rocks a ring w/ the Baphomet on it, and why she loves church sooooo much, but always got her vagina gyrating in the camera! but I know you people don’t like the truth, which explains why the world is the way it is right now as we blog our opinions! and let me tell u this…just b/c this is a fashion blog, doesn;t mean all u have to talk about is fashion…especially if someone is trying to keep you vigilant and sober! is there any harm in speaking the truth? i guess so…cuz guess what happened to jesus and the rest of the prophets…

    p.s. if there’s something else I have to say, and u don’t agree…. OH FRICKIN’ WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    *sigh* Someone obviously didnt take their meds, Bey did good in Wow Wow Wubzy so hopefully she’ll do good in Epic too and as for the Mit tees to each its own I guess

  17. medschool says:

    @mi manning. Cosign #1000%

  18. fashionacce says:

    Love your dress – the red color looks so wonderful!

  19. Jennifer says:

    roflmao! “Everyone knows” never, EVER leads a valid argument.

    As for Baphomet, symbolically it represents many things: the devil to some, but also the duality of human nature or the supreme existence of God. Soo…until she comes out and claims herself as devil worshipping, the sane mind considers all the options.

    As for her gyrating, eh. Plenty of Christians get down in the dancerie. Only to the most devout is it seen as sacrilege.

    I’m not a Beyoncé Stan by far, but I do get tired of the Illuminati talk. It just seems like a bunch of religious zealots trying to explain away celebrity, wealth & fame.

  20. Katie says:

    “As for her gyrating, eh. Plenty of Christians get down in the dancerie. Only to the most devout is it seen as sacrilege.”


  21. babyB says:

    Oh gosh, will you people get off Beyonce’s case? Love her or hate her she’s worked very hard to get where she’s at and actually DOES possess some talent. She hasn’t seemed to fall prey to a lot of the demons other celebs seem to fall to and I’m sure her family, beliefs, self-restraint are some reasons why, NOT worshiping the devil. You overzealous bible thumping crazies need to take your pills and have several seats!!!!!

  22. Vanessa says:

    Oh no! Beyonce in another movie?! WHEN WILL SHE STOP?

  23. Str says:

    Vanessa you dont have to watch
    sit your ass down

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