June 1st, 2012
New York, Style Inspiration, What to Wear
Guest Style Inspiration: What to Wear to Brooklyn Museum’s Target 1st Saturdays
By Claire

Today’s Joy Adaeze from Joy Loves Fashion is blessing us with another of her Style Inspirations! This one is for Brooklyn’s 1st Saturdays, which goes down every 1st Saturday of the month (which means there’s one tomorrow–will you pop by?).
At any rate, Amberley writes, “I’m a huge fan of the Fashion Bomb Daily, and I have been following the blog for years! Please keep up the good work! I was wondering if you could help me figure out what to wear to 1st Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!”
Joy says, “First Saturdays also call for daring and unique looks, which is what Brooklyn style is all about. Here are 3 fierce outfit ideas:”

This look has a boho edge that is perfect for summer. Crop/bra tops are so hot right now, and I love this Mara Hoffman bustier top paired with vintage high waist pants. This TopShop jean jacket makes a great layering piece (and the light wash is perfect for summer). Accessorize with a turban headband, like this one from Lanvin, a gold statement ring, and a vibrant Marc by Marc Jacobs watch for a pop of color. These L.A.M.B. platforms finish off the look.”

“This is look is for all my sexy, sporty ladies! This French Connection striped dress is perfect with a varsity jacket and red Marc by Marc wedge sneakers- which adds a fabulous pop when paired with black.”

” This 3.1 Phillip Lim clutch is sleek yet sporty to match the vibe of the look. Add some fun accessories, like this Never Say Never double finger ring and a chunky gold chain. A sexy red lip-and you’re good to go!”

“Look 3 is sleek and sophisticated, with an edge. The red blazer is amazing paired with these Michael Kors leopard shorts. Add a slouchy white tank underneath for a relaxed feel.”

This Marc Jacobs clutch adds a brilliant pop of color. I love L.A.M.B. heels because they are stylish and unique, as well as affordable. These black wedges are a great compliment to the shorts. Pile on fun accessories like gold rings, a statement necklace, and Alexander Wang cat eye sunglasses. A touch of red lipgloss is shimmery and sexy for a summer night.”

(Side note: You can find this exact red blazer from Red or Dead here.)

“So there you have it- 3 looks for Brooklyn Museum’s First Saturday that will have you looking fierce and fashionable while taking in the arts. I’ll see you there!”
For more inspiration, visit our archived Brooklyn 1st Saturdays Real Style post, where we snapped pictures of Museum goers. I might just pop by again to take some more pix…so come and say hey!
What do you think of Joy’s latest?
See more of her style at www.joylovesfashion.com.

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36 Responses to “Guest Style Inspiration: What to Wear to Brooklyn Museum’s Target 1st Saturdays”

  1. Simms says:

    These looks are all giving me heart palpitations – every last one!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Dang when is my “What to Wear” gonna be answered…oh well. I’ve recently fallen in love with another blog that I saw linked to here. She has tons of examples on what to wear when tryna snag a doctor. FYI a confirmation email would’ve been nice so that I didn’t feel like I was being ignored like I do NOW.

  3. Sentrell says:

    I love love love the first look! Great picks!

  4. 11 Reasons says:

    I love all of these looks!!!! OMG! Time to buy patterns for my best friend to fire up the sewing machine for those leopard shorts!

  5. Deb says:

    The last one is my FAV!

  6. Claire says:

    @Tiffany Sorry your Mail Bomb didn’t get answered. Despite appearances, The Fashion Bomb is actually a very small staff/outfit, and I (Claire), am the main/only person who works on these Style Inspirations. Your particular query probably wasn’t answered because:

    1. We have about 35 other requests waiting in our inbox for various events (Engagement Party, Family Reunion, Bridal Shower, 50th birthday party for an uncle), and we simply haven’ t gotten to it.

    2. These take a *long* time to put together. Several hours. Because we don’t give you one suggestion, we give you several. And between me having a life and running this site dern near all day, I don’t have time to devote to just you.

    This is why I’ve tapped Joy to help, and I think she’s doing a fabulous job. I’m grateful to people who take the time out of their days to help me with these because running a well read site is super time consuming!
    I’m glad you found another site who does these.
    Comments like yours really make me resent this ‘job’ I’ve created sometimes because we work harder than you know to try to please most people and answer their questions.
    Anywho…back to blogging.

  7. Bklyngrl82 says:

    Don’t be discouraged by that one comment Claire! This BK First Sat post was very timely! Most sane people know that just b/c you write in doesn’t mean that you will get answered – there’s clearly a ton of content on here to satisfy readers in the either way! xoxo

  8. Anon says:

    1. Claire do not be discouraged….this site is WONDERFUL! keep up the good work!

    2. I love all of these looks!! so hard to choose a favorite, though I lean towards look 3 because of the shorts.

  9. Bklyngrl82 says:

    PS. Bshhhh!!! LMAO at “how to snag a doctor” outfits. LAWD help her!

  10. binks says:

    Great selections, I like 2 the most though.

  11. Dee says:

    You never fail to impress me with your selections. You or Joy. Love it!

  12. Sandi says:

    Can there be a what to wear for less?? my heart is breaking from these prices! lol

  13. savetheday says:

    @Bklyngrl82: RIGHT! i literally laughed out loud at that.

    joy– great picks! i’m loving your guest features.

    claire– don’t be discouraged, love fbd!

  14. medschool says:

    @ Tiffany “how to snag a doctor”….as a future physician I’m thoroughly insulted that there’s a website like that around. If you happen to snag a doctor based on what your wearing, guess what!-chances are someone else will equally snag him for what they’re wearing also. Love yourself and gain some self respect along the way.

    Anyway, I loved every option. I love what to wear because I have several items and not a clue how I should pair them for different looks.

  15. I swear entitlement issues are running rampant these days. Get over yourselves people. Come up out of that hole you live in and see all the other people that live on Earth.

  16. TheFav1 says:

    Great answer @Claire! I’m sure tons of us inquired within and aren’t throwing tempertantums…any who, great outfit ideas love them all especially the leopard print shorts are to die for! (sucka for leopard #4life).

  17. TheFav1 says:


  18. TheFav1 says:

    *don’t bash them sorry typos lol :/

  19. Kitty B. says:

    @Claire I say simple ignore the negativity!

    And as a Brooklyn girl, look 2 would be the best for 1st Saturdays (im always there) theres ton to do and now that its warm, lots of exhibits and activities to walk and see

    Those sneakers are so calling my name!

  20. E says:

    I love every single one of these looks. Great job!

  21. BellaGeez says:

    @Claire — we truly appreciate you ! I don’t think people realize that this is a full-time job/dedication with no pay!!!!!!!

    I come here every single day to see what people are looking forward to, who’s wearing what, etc… Negativity from SMALL people shouldn’t make you even think twice about not doing this because this is YOUR creation! You built this from the ground up and you can’t have sunshine without a little rain….

    This is what you love, and doing what you love has made me love this even more! So THANK YOU, MS.CLAIRE SULMERS!

    for ALL you do & keeping us up to date in fashion….

  22. yusufswifee says:

    Claire you are doing bomb….the only thing I am waiting for around here is your book, missy!

    This joy chic is bad…I visit her blog now also. Keep up the good work.

  23. Brittany says:

    I think Claire does a great job of interacting and responding to the people who frequent her site.

    Tiffany what’s the website that you discovered for outfit inspiration?

  24. Anonymous says:

    I <3 FBD, and Claire, you and the staff do an AMAZING job, answering Mail Bombs and doing Style Inspirations! I sometimes wonder how you manage the time! Keep doing what you do, and know you have more Support than complaints! : )

    Now, on to the fashion inspiration…all the styles are Edgy…I LOVE it!!! Great job Joy!

  25. dyshaun says:

    Yes Claire, bump her. LOL

  26. Amberley says:

    Thank you SO SO much Claire and Joy! These options really helped me and have made me even more excited about tomorrow! People need to understand that FB is one of THE most popular fashion blogs around. You’re reading it along with about a zillion other people. Claire can’t cater to everyone. Honestly, I didn’t even think she would be able to answer my inquiry! Please keep up the good work Claire! You and your staff are doing great! Hope to see you tomorrow!

  27. I LOVE every option! Fab!

  28. Mzri says:

    I really wish Claire wouldn’t respond to stupid comments. Love the inspiration, the whole fashion bomb team does a fabulous job. Actual readers (not the people who log on to see what Emily and Evelyn are wearing) who have been following this site for a long time aren’t the ones sending in the dumb ass requests for asos bodycon dresses and black chinas stripper shoes.
    Claire I luv this site, and am proud to be a long time reader but you have got to learn to ignore the nonsense. You can’t please everyone no matter how hard you try. As this site becomes more successful, more and more idiots will comment and it’s a waste of energy responding.

  29. Joy Adaeze says:

    Hey fab people! So glad you loved my guest style inspiration! It was a pleasure to do it for you. I love to inspire : ) Thanks for all your amazing comments and can’t wait to bring you more! I hope you visit my blog: JoyLovesFashion.com & follow me on twitter @joyadaeze. One love : )

  30. Tiffany says:

    @Claire – sorry – I was living life at the vending machine so I may have been a little disgruntled today. BUT I do appreciate all of your fabulous work and I will be patient and wait on your reply. I know what it’s like to be under-appreciated and give your all. Like everyone else (who was throwing a little shade at me today) I do appreciate all you do and I visit at least twice daily!!!

    @medschool – ummm being myself is enough but to capture a doctor’s attention you need to dress the part as well. There’s more to just “med school” that govern their lives. There’s a social aspect and they look for women who can “compliment” that (life)style.

    @BellaGeez – I’m actually not small at all and what have you done to make you feel so tall. Please don’t get to internet thuggin’. You do not want to go there with me. I AM NOT THE ONE.

    @Brittany – NuSophisticate

    For everyone else and their “entitlement” comments – I simply said that a confirmation that the email was received would’ve if it was or was not accepted. That is all.

  31. Tricialicious says:

    Ahhhh! I LOVE all of these looks!! So much inspiration going on right now, my wheels are turning!

  32. Dani says:

    iLove Mara Hoffman bustier top… If you can’t afford Marc Jacobs red high top sneakers riverisland.com has similar ones but cheaper :)

  33. Whitney says:

    Claire and Joy this is one of my fav posts. I recently re-located to NYC (Harlem) from the South and this informs my fashion pallette and lets me know about cool events in the city. Keep it coming!

  34. Boo says:

    Wow joy these are perfect! See y’all tonight at bk 1st Saturday’s! FBD reader for 4 years and each day is better and better!

  35. JDJ says:

    As MD/PhD candidate her statement on dressing to snag a doctor makes me chuckle. Claire, I don’t write in often but you and your staff (your readers too) do a great job of entertaining and keeping me in the know. I’m moving back to the east coast in the fall and can’t wait to put all the inspiration you’ve given me to good use. Keep up the good work!

  36. Angie says:

    @Tiffany what is the name of the blog

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