May 22nd, 2012
Snapshot: Tamar Braxton, Evelyn Lozada, Chrissy Lampkin, and Kandi Burruss for Vibe Magazine June / July 2012
By Claire

Tamar Braxton, Evelyn Lozada, Chrissy Lampkin, and Kandi Burruss for Vibe Magazine June / July 2012. Meet your new role models!
Source: Twitter

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79 Responses to “Snapshot: Tamar Braxton, Evelyn Lozada, Chrissy Lampkin, and Kandi Burruss for Vibe Magazine June / July 2012”

  1. Lola A. says:

    I was so dissapointed when I saw this they are not rolemodels of any sort pretty females yes but there personalitys are so ugly!!!!! and it matches their action…minus kandi I have seen her act a fool but then again I dont watch any of the shows these females are on anymore!

  2. Lola A. says:


  3. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    Vibe apparently doesn’t think much of us if this is who they propose as role models. Or is this tongue in cheek?

  4. Cari says:

    This is such crap !! They all look trashy first of all, and if I had daughters that were left to look up to them, this would be a sad day for sure!! Beautiful ladies, but none of whom I would consider for my dog to portray! This is an outrage, sorry! Great concept, wrong role models! Let’s inspire some young Oprahs, Tyras, etc!

  5. Bella says:

    “meet your new role models” UMM NO.
    Tamar is an insecure wannabe
    Chrissy is always up her man’s ass and angry at the world
    Evelyn is almost 40 jumping on tables and throwing bottles.

    I hope that was sarcasm on vibe’s part.
    Kandi is the only one who belongs on this cover.

  6. Lainea says:


  7. Imani says:

    I do not consider any of these women (with the exception of Kandi) to be a role model. The image they portray of African American women on TV is atrocious & they are far from role models.

  8. nigerianBOOM says:

    I don’t think the phrase “meet your new role models” was meant literally. It was a play on the idea that, we (the consumers) of this reality crap have pushed them to the position as “role models” …

    Beyond that… They all look beautiful! Well everyone but Evelyn, shes so ugly inside it makes her appearance as ugly. If you read the article age referred to Star Jones as irrelevant & hating….really o_O.

  9. taffie says:

    Kandi yess, the others get outta here with that!! *side eye* moment.

  10. Vanessa says:

    They look fantastic!

  11. yusufswifee says:

    LMAO – meet your new role models….VIBE is funny. They are clearly being funny…playing on all the drama surrounding these shows and putting these chics on the front….

    they should’ve adjust tamar’s lacefront also…

  12. LawyerChic says:

    *sigh* On the fashion side, I hate how they look. Why has has bodycon and sky-high Louboutins become synonymous with “urban fashion”
    On the cover title…..all I can do is laugh. Unfortunately a generations of young girls and women will grow up thinking how this women act is the way to “make it” in this world. Parents have a hell-of-a job cut out for them!!

  13. whatevs says:

    I know no one on the fashionbomb is throwing shade….dang near everyday ya’ll requesting something you have seen one of these chicks wear…you emulate them on the daily…as quiet as it is kept…you probably act like them but don’t have a camera on you…take your medicine…

  14. soon2Bmrs says:

    I can’t.

  15. makeeasweet says:

    i dont think vibe meant meet your new role models in a serious way,at least i hope not.

  16. Deb Bee says:

    I’m with @whatevs..

  17. Gambian Queen says:

    @whatevs Evelyn is that you??!

  18. Toni says:

    I do not read Vibe magazine and shows like the ones these ladies are in, is why I don’t watch tv. But as a black woman, this I find painfully disappointing.

  19. sundea says:

    They look so trashy..

  20. Juno says:

    For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his soul? Mark 8:36
    I’m not religious at all, but these women represent the WORST in people. It all looks great because they’re covered in glitter, cleavage, and ‘red bottoms’, but really people, we need to do better. Women are tearing up their college degrees, thinking there’s a future in chasing after a man or losing your pride for money. We are better than this.
    Kandi is actually cool, though, save her ho attire.

  21. Jasmine says:

    @whatevs I rarely see requests on here for any of these women’s attire…

  22. Tai says:

    The only one who could be considered a role model (and that is sort of a stretch) is Kandi since she really is the only one that makes her own money, has an actual talent and doesn’t depend on a man. The other three are entertaining at best and rachet at worst. I really hope Vibe was being sarcastic with this title. I would not let any of my (future) kids look up to these women.

  23. Shaniece says:

    I’m not surprised at all with Vibe with the selection they choose. I like Kandi but the rest…. makes minority women look terrible. I’m grown and can determine classy and trashy but I’m more concerned about those 15 year old girls who actually aspire to be like these women and the young boys who think this is what they want their women to be like…

  24. sci1045 says:

    @Juno…I agree with you all the way

  25. ashleyv says:

    Funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Thank you, Claire. You made me smile and laugh out loud. : )

  26. jme says:

    i don’t think i am getting the full effect because i am looking at this from my phone…..but there seems to be some extreme airbrushing going on. the plastic surgery on one of the ladies is just so disturbing to see…..and i don’t understand why there is so much skin showing…..someone was definitely reaching with this cover.

  27. makeeasweet says:


    another black woman action does not make me look bad.very racist way of thinking if you see ONE person acting like a moron and then assume their whole race is morons .i get so piss off when i hear comments like “making ALL black people look bad” from other black people.we are all individuals.i really think vibe was j/k with the role model thing.

  28. zimbabwechic says:

    Whatever happened to girls and women aspiring to be more than rude, crude, ill-bred, glass throwing, bullying, girl fighting women who rely on men to get by and are always looking for the next big meal-ticket? Honestly when did wanting to be a strong, intelligent woman who can do for herself, who looks at women like Oprah, Hillary Clinton, Wangari Matthai, Margaret Thatcher etc and says yes I can run a country or become a female billionaire go out of fashion?
    I am a strong black African woman and I would appreciate it if the media stopped with the stereotypical hiphop barbies as I am more than that and so are millions of black women. They cancel Girlfriends and bring us what their versions of black women are; ghetto. screeching, gold-digging women who cannot seem to get it together, are in unstable relationships or single and left holding the babies and everything else negative under the sun. I am personally over it.

  29. binks says:

    At this point you can dress trash up and pass it off as a gem these days…shrugs

  30. Tamara says:

    I believe Vibe is being funny. And if you know the majority of them on the cover are the far from being role models, why get mad?

  31. Rebecca says:

    I think by role models they meant we as society are more focused on women like these rather than the ones who actually do positive things for the community…. It’s sarcastic yet eye opening

  32. Role modes my ass! This looks like a bad ad for raunchy lingerie.

  33. Nikkibellaray says:

    Is this real? I’m confused!?

  34. Nelly says:

    I’m sure VIBE magazine was being sarcastic when speaking of these reality star women on their cover. Haven’t read VIBE in a minute, but I might actually check it out just to see their perspective on the titled article. The only one I would consider a role model would be Kandi because she’s been in the entertainment industry since her teens, won Grammy’s, is a successful songwriter and also entrepreneur without a man’s status to help her. She also has a strong relationship with her mother and daughter and doesn’t act a fool in the midst of conflict. Any who I think the article will illustrate that these are the black women who seem to be at the forefront of our conversation nowadays. Instead of talking about women like First Lady Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and others who are real trailblazers we’re becoming more excited about who threw a drink in the face, what big earrings they were wearing with their maxi dress and what’s going to happen with their celebrity boo…smh

  35. whatevs says:

    @jasmine do a search on Evelyn’s name and tell me you don’t come back with numerous hits…even if isn’t the exact woman…it iss her friend or someone else off the show…ya’ll need to stop playing…

    like@makeeasweet said these women don’t represent me and I’m not going to knock them for living their life as they choose or only know how…but I will give the side eye to many of you for being all self righteous…but I bet you in front of the tv everytime the show is on and there for the reruns…and typing up your request to Claire in the same breath…smh…

  36. Kimmi says:


  37. Ja'Nyce says:

    No Ma’am!!!!!!! Foolery/ratchetness at it’s best!!!

  38. Fashion is life says:

    Wow,VIBE is still around…hmmm i guess the cover reflects society’s diminishing morals and values, oh well it’s an institutional set-up..#good day

  39. Tisha says:

    Really Vibe Really, with the exception of Kandi which is the only one who has worked for everything she got

  40. alice says:

    bahahah not MY role models!! maybe kandi because she worked hard for hers and is living the good life as a result. but the rest… no ma’am. good think i have a free subscription to vibe or else i would cancel it.

  41. baby-b says:

    someone needs to let vibe magazine know what time it is cause clearly they have no clue. Promoting bullies and individuals who attack others both physically and emotionally should not be celebrated. Irregardless on their personal meaning of “role models” literally or not, the fact that they are on the cover is insulting. Is this what is has come to? Trash talking, gold digging, groupie bums?????

  42. tammy says:

    OMG!!! this is such a Joke!!!!!!! think we all agree that Kandi would the only chick on this cover who could be considered a Roll Model!!

  43. Saphire says:

    Oh please lol role models my ass>>>> What is the world coming to if there going to be represented as role models… Sex really sells…

  44. Tessa B says:

    Fashion wise: these are horrible looks! Not sure who dressed them but they should b fired ASAP!
    Otherwise: pretty sure Vibe was being funny…I can’t believe Kandi agreed to b on the cover w/these broads SMH. She doesn’t fit in at all…

  45. Chris styles says:

    Sans Kandi, the title of the cover story is alarming 0_o

  46. Mo says:

    Role models? They’re all half naked.

  47. Nneka Carrie Dudley says:

    Sarcasm at its best! If these ladies knew that this would be the subtitle of their cover shoot then they are silly for posing. We all know they aren’t role models for good behavior or even for what young black girls should value in life (Kandi excluded from that assessment).

  48. havelyn says:



  49. lola j says:

    a handful of the comments said what i would say: this obviously was not meant to be taken literally. but the majority of ya’ll are so mad about it. the claim that these women (besides Kandi) are role models is so ridiculous, i cant even take it seriously enough to get upset

    & yes, anybody who reads this site regularly can see that claire always gets requests for pieces that either these girls or their castmates are wearing, most commonly Dreya and Emily B

  50. Shatonia says:

    I believe the title is clever. “ROLE MODELS” not necessarily females you look up to but females who play THEIR ROLES well.
    Tamar’s Role: A wannabe Toni
    Evelyn’s Role: A 40 something immature,jealous and raging chick
    Chrissy’s Role: A worry about ya man all day everyday,hate on any female who got something goin for their self, he can cheat as long as she has a ring even tho there will NEVER be a wedding ratchet chick(btw she looks sooo out of place on this cover)
    Kandi’s Role: Make moves about getting your money, but fall for men in relationships at the same damn time,Move him in and call it LOVE.
    And those are the Role Models people.And they play them well

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