May 22nd, 2012
Celebrity Style, On the Scene
On the Scene: Adrienne Bailon, Eva Marcille, Emily B, and more at OK! Magazine’s Sexy Singles Party in New York City
By Faith

The ladies showed out at OK! Magazine’s Sexy Singles Party in New York City. Not sure if being single was actually a prerequisite for attendance, but it seemed that being a reality TV star was as almost all of the attendees are either filming or already starring in their own shows.

At any rate, let’s get into the looks shall we?

Adrienne Bailon rocked a navy faded dress from LaQuan Smith’s Fall 2012 collection with a silver envelope clutch and strappy sandals. I’m just going to go ahead and call this “Jetson chic”. Cute!

Eva Marcille chose a sculptural LBD and black and gold zip-front booties. Loving her hair and makeup (as always), but the dress and shoes are not my cup of tea.

Emily B opted for something other than ASOS (throws confetti) and showed off her curves in a printed wrap blouse and contrast waistband pencil skirt. She accessorized with her favorite Christian Louboutin Duvette Pumps and showstopping earrings which I’m pretty sure are the same pair that Ashanti wore last month. The earrings don’t do a thing for this ensemble, but she looks hot!

Colorblocking was on the agenda for Rocsi Diaz who wore a yellow scoopneck dress and $895 Christian Louboutin Lady Peep Slingbacks. She’s getting better with each red carpet appearance! These are one of her favorite pairs of pumps as she has worn them on 106 & Park. Stacey Dash was spotted in these also. Hot!

Like Adrienne, Julissa Bermudez also wore a Fall 2012 LaQuan Smith dress which she paired with sky-high ankle-strap sandals. Clearly, his designs are perfect for the red carpet. Work Julissa!

Mashonda kept it neutral in a trench layered over an olive print dress. For accessories, she chose a black fringe clutch and platform peep-toe pumps. Hmm… Mashonda is too beautiful for a look like this!

Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams went glam in an embellished long-sleeve LBD and sold-out $3,995 Christian Louboutin 20th Anniversary Isolde Sandals. Though her makeup is a little on the heavy side, she is definitely working this dress! The shoes are on another level.

Actress Denyce Lawton also opted for black in a v-neck maxi dress and unbelievably long gold knot earrings. Cute look, but the earring choice was not ideal. They’re distracting!

Last, but not least was DJ Kiss who shut it down in a $2,250 Versace Sea Print Scuba Jersey Dress accented by a $735 Givenchy Spring 2012 shark tooth necklace. I just wish that she would have stepped from behind the booth because I need the full look!

Which looks were your favorite?


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44 Responses to “On the Scene: Adrienne Bailon, Eva Marcille, Emily B, and more at OK! Magazine’s Sexy Singles Party in New York City”

  1. Savage says:

    It’s so much hot ass mess going on I don’t know where to start…I’ll just start on Adrienne’s makeup (shade and a half too light)…and stop on Elvira…I mean Jennifer..

  2. entrefashionista says:

    You can definitely tell Adrienne is using Kim K’s makeup’s flawless!

  3. hey yall says:

    Adrienne & Julissa look great! I love those lil dresses..i would rock both of them

  4. christine says:

    where is the maxi dress denyce has on from? and i think adrienne and jennifer might have overdone it on the lighter powder just a bit. still looks ok though.

  5. ~So.Me~ says:

    Dang D.J’s gettin paid like that?!!

  6. Robin says:

    Adrienne’s outfit = No
    Jennifer Williams = No
    Denyce Lawton = No

  7. hey yall says:

    Wow! I just went on LaQuan Smith web sight and I was shocked to see a young blk man (doing his thing)..I’m so loving him right now..I must get a dress for my birthday!..

  8. Camilla says:

    I think Emily’s outfit is ill-fitting and not flattering in the least. Usually her clothes are form fitting but yet flattering. IMO the outfit above makes her look bigger then she is…. She looks very short and round. I think the outfit may have looked better with her hair pulled back or up….No go for me on this look.

    Jennifer Williams is giving me Fall/Winter…nothing fresh and light about her look….

    Mashonda looks like a charity case….

  9. LC says:

    I’m with Christine. Where is that maxi dress?!

  10. Myranda says:

    Adreinne- Everyone likes to give her flack about this or that, but girlfriend can dress. Loves the dress

    Eva-It looks like she has a shark fin on the side

    Emily- Way too many things going on. Needs to be more polished

    Jennifer- Only thing works for me is the shoes. I just can’t stand dark/berry colored lipstick *shrug*

  11. Likkle Miss says:

    No to everyone.

  12. taffie says:

    Does Adrienne own any form of clothing that could cover at least her knees, i highly doubt it.

  13. E says:

    I would love to know where Eva got her dress. I love it.

  14. Tessa B says:

    Besides Adrienne’s makeup def being on point as always…I am not a fan of any of the outfits…and I am really trying to…maybe Denyce maxi dress…I dunno what went wrong for this event..

  15. Anonmyous says:

    Ugh, so disappointing… Everyone seems to have went for dark colors for this event and Not in a good way…especially Jennifer! *thumbs down* Cheers for Rocsi. Everyone else – no.

  16. m says:

    jennifer looks like whoopi goldberg in that pic :O

  17. aries says:

    when i see Adrienne, i see Kim Kardashian in training, so, no to her look. i like Rocsi yellow dress for summer and shoes were nice. i really kind of like Jennifer’s vampire look. she is the first person, i seen wear those shoes in black. i like Eva’s lipstick. that’s it.

  18. Mrs windy City says:

    I like Julissa’s look the best. everything worked esp her hair pulled back

  19. Bella says:

    Umm. Rosci looks nice. That is all.

  20. t-fal says:

    I’m also interested in Denyce’s maxi……or is it a wide-legged jumpsuit? either way, i’d like the deets!

  21. yusufswifee says:

    julissa wins for me…jennifer williams is fast approaching my boring me to tears category where she will join the ranks with “yawn” Lala and others….

  22. Rocsi looks best here, I like Adrienne’s dress, but something is off.

  23. Audrey says:

    Does anyone else think that Emily B is so overhyped?!?! She prides herself on being a “celebrity stylist” but the only person she has styled is Fab aka her babydaddy and Amberose who was in her BD’s video!

  24. Aziz_Mom says:

    Pretty underwhelming, but I must say Jennifer tried something DIFFERENT. I almost didn’t recognize the girl, but showing leg, a new hair style and make-up takes us out of her typical maxi dress. Now to work on the colored contacts…SMH.

  25. @kittykocaine says:

    ADRIENNE’S MAKEUP >>>>>>>>>>

    FLAWLESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Cari says:

    Sooo, I was looking online trying to find a few midi tube skirts, I’m convinced Emily has bought them ALL! Everyone looks ok tho!

  27. Fromage says:

    Jennifer looks like a skinny Whoopi Goldberg back in her GHOST days…dark lipstick and all -__-

  28. Rebecca says:

    It’s a D-list extravaganzaaaaa!!!

  29. Wallflower says:

    Love everyone except Emily B. !

  30. couturesista says:

    Denyce is giving me a Kenu from (A Different A World) vibe.

  31. GiGi says:

    I would like Eva’s look but that shark fin gives the illusion of an extreme hard-on under that dress

  32. JESSIEjess says:

    um…yea I absolutely love the maxi dress. details, details

  33. Char says:

    I thought I was the only one who thought “she had to have used Kim’s MUA” Her make up is FLAWLESS!

  34. h-vogue says:

    Ohhhhhh,there are some fatty women…i don’t love them

  35. Bella says:

    Adrienne is MISS 2012 BITCH !!! YASSS

  36. Bookie says:

    Great looks! Especially Adrienne, rocking that high bun.

  37. Hello says:

    Emily and Mashonda look a mess!

  38. Reicie says:

    Eva’s dress is dope as J dub’s shoes are bananas but I agree the make-up on Jen is scary! Roci’s colors look good and so does Adrienne’s but I am not a fan of either. Rocsi for being, what else an alleged home-wrecker and Adrienne for looking like a Jetson-hooker all the time now she’s not with RK. I don’t get it she was cheetah Girl for godsakes! Lol!!!

  39. Michelle R says:

    lmao…sometimes i wonder what everyone who comments looks like…Adrienne needs to undo her “nip/tuck” that was done by Kim Ks surgeon…she also should have worn a dress that looks less like a flower vase…it also looks like it would hurt to get on…as far as her makeup…i saw Kimmy in person once (miami @ dash) and she looked like she had on a pound of makeup…so i question what this looks like in person…

    I wonder when Emily’s earlobes are gonna rip…her outfit is cute tho…

    Eva looks fab…and no one else is worth mentioning :)

  40. Jackie says:

    I’m not trying to sound condescending but, please find happiness somewhere. Realize that there is a thin line between critiquing and being catty/and or jealous. Is it necessary to be so mean? No. Some people sound like the stereotypical, catty teenage girls on television shows. “I saw Kimmy in person ONCE and it looked like she had on a pound of makeup”….maybe in your opinion or maybe you were exaggerating or maybe..just maybe she wore a lot of makeup because she would be photographed. This post is about the ensembles…And as far as I see, Kim is not featured in this particular posting. Just being mean for the heck of it or for your own entertainment…that’s no way to live.

  41. Imma Journalist Like Beyonce says:

    Emily looks a ham hock mess! Her feet look all crunched in those pointy toe heels, legs all weird looking, hips all wide, breast all spilling out I mean goodness!

    But I guess she think she looks nice because she is “phat” and the men like! Chilllllllllllle please BodyCOn Dress #12345678910 FAIL!

    Jen looks crazy with that makeup and I don’t feel like commenting on the rest of the mess! I will agree that my fav Mashonda is too pretty for her fit!

  42. Rae says:

    Hate most of these. Mashonda & Denyce look ok though.

  43. krystel says:

    Nothing loving anything but DJ Kiss!!

  44. chic chev says:

    i remember adrienne from rip the runway, which btw claire was great :)

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