May 22nd, 2012
Beauty, Fashion Discussion
Beauty Discussion: If Money Were No Object, Would You Get Plastic Surgery?
By Claire

Wendy Williams made headlines with an interview in last week, where she stated that when it comes to going under the knife, “My people will not go for any kind of surgery. We are supposed to be natural. Ugh, whatever.”

When asked her thoughts on those who are judgmental about her body enhancement, she said, “They are jealous. Because if I said to that person, “I got the doctor and I’m going to pay for it. Choose three things you want to do,” believe me, they would get it done. They are very jealous and scared. Scared of what their other friends would say, or to break out of the box and be different. And being black? Ugh, please.”

Of course Wendy went on to talk about her proclivity for wigs (she said, “Full blown wigs are looked at as the worst, in terms of hair type fakery…. a wig is something that is acceptable for your old aunt, but not for a modern girl,”), but her statement regarding black women and surgery still stands. How do you feel about going under the knife? And if money were no object, would you go for it?

I, personally, have a seemingly indestructible pooch, that won’t go flat no matter how much I try. I know that if I changed my diet just slightly it might stand a chance, but I haven’t been able to get those washboard abs just yet. I’ve thought to myself, “Hmm…what if I get a tummy tuck?” but of course haven’t seriously considered it…and wouldn’t it be nicer to simply work out and eat right to get the results you want? That said, I don’t think I’d be opposed to a little nip and tuck later in life. I wouldn’t touch my face (and my bust is AOK), but I’d probably go for a little lipo.

What about you?
Read Wendy’s full interview and catch pix of her makeunder at

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91 Responses to “Beauty Discussion: If Money Were No Object, Would You Get Plastic Surgery?”

  1. Bajan Candy says:

    No, and not because I’m jealous. I’m not judgemental about others going under the knife, good riddance, but I can’t imagine any proceedure worth risking my life for…

    In the words of Big Pun…I just lost 100lbs, I’m trying to live

  2. Imani says:

    I agree with you and would NEVER do anything to my face, that’s way too much IMO. I actually plan to get a breast augmentation due to how much volume I lost after breastfeeding my son. I’m very self conscious now because of how flat (literally) my chest is.

  3. hypnotic says:

    Listen I am not going to judge an older woman for getting work, it’s not easy to age in this country, especially if you are in the public eye. I would definitely get a lift when I am older, I am busty eventually things sag. But changing the shape of my nose, chin implants, butt implants NO THANKS.

  4. Lyn says:

    Yes! I want a breast reduction (which will happen soon), liposuction on my tummy, arms, and thighs, and eventually a forhead lift. I’m only 18, but I feel as if I’m not adding anything, but subtracting. The lipo will probably not happen, because I can shed the weight, but I despise my massive breast. I find them unnatractive!

  5. Latanya says:

    I’m not opposed to a “little work”.

  6. kat says:

    I could see if Kelly Rowland was giving this interview, but please, NO ONE is jealous of Wendy, but if it makes her feel good about herself to think so, let her live with her delusions. I would get minor work done, but I’m generally opposed to surgery except in life threatening/altering situations.

  7. Jihan says:

    I would do Lipo once I’m done having kids. Nip here, tuck here. I wouldn’t touch my face, though, but I’m going to inherit jowls, so when i’m about 60 or so, I might want to get a teeeeny bit of fillers around my mouth. Years of flashing this *gorgeous* smile might force me to do so!

  8. I’m not sure. I don’t know if I’m willing to put my life on the line to loose a couple of dress sizes. Who knows how I’ll feel after having kids. I definitely would never consider altering my face.

  9. Wendy’s story is the story of the ugly duckling. She has EXTREME self esteem issues. Who are we fooling, she looks much better with nip tuck, wigs and botox. So you naturally pretty gals, be grateful!

  10. Bronze says:

    Women who have not set foot into a day spa or dermatoligist have no clue to how many procedures are out there. Nowdays there is little surgery..just needles w/fillers. There are hot/cold lazers that can even your skin, chemical peels that rid you of acne. Lazers that melt fat vs. cutting and sucking out the fat. Just like anything white women do….black women will wait few years before they take it to a whole notha level. Pretty soon they will out number all women heading to the doc’s office to get fixed.

  11. Kitty B. says:

    I wouldnt mind a little work and I dont think theres anything wrong with it ! I’ve thought of maybe one or too injections in the booty area along with a little lipo in my tummy!

    but ppl like Wendy, Kim Kardashian, Lil Kim, even Nicki Minaj i believe those all women who have deep rooted issues when it comes to there looks.

    I agree with @Kat if it were Kelly Rowland, Beyonce or even Jennifer Lopez giving this interview I’d be able to take what they were saying a little more serious.

  12. Dominique says:

    I would get braces. I am 27 with the worst overbite and huge gap anyone has ever seen. SAD……..

  13. zimbabwechic says:

    Nope no thanks, I like myself warts and all. And honestly it’s sooooo obvious when work is done and 80% of the time it looks awful which defeats the point. I managed to get myself wifed up by a good man the way I am, I might have off days when I look at myself sideways but clearly I’m fine since I rock his boat lol.

  14. @Dominique I currently have braces in and I can’t wait for the end results and along with that will be having get jaw surgery to correct my open bite. Once my braces are off I have to whiten my teeth because the glue from the braces will leave a mark.

  15. Cee says:

    Honestly, I wouldn’t do. I think plastic surgery is painful and EXTREMELY overrated. I had a breast reduction last year and although I am happy with the results, actually doing it is SO MUCH WORK! Plastic surgery is time consuming, exhausting and just not worth the effort. Love you people!

  16. Lily says:

    Never say never

  17. la mala says:

    as long as my doctors said it’s ok i’d like a tummy tuck and boob job, please.

  18. Savage says:

    I would never touch my face..That’s my heritage, my ancestry. And my body? I would rather hit the gym then opt for major surgery. My vanity has limits.

  19. ugk says:

    i am definitely having work done after I have kids. And Wendy please do not project your self hate on “the people”. For the most part your tummy tuck looks horrid and breast job dreadful. Hell yeah black folks are scared when they look AT YOU. I mean Fudge! you make me scared to get some post pregnancy reconstuctive surgery, if their is even as little of 0.5% chance I’d come out lookng like your TRON from avengers lookin self. Please release your Sugeons name so I know exactly where not to go.

  20. D. says:

    absolutely! I’d get a tummy tuck and a little lipo

  21. shawn says:

    Wendy…girl…nobody is jealous of you.

  22. D. says:

    and a breast lift.

  23. lynn says:

    Breast implants and a nose job…. My nose is monstrous…. But not typical African American shaped. I’ve actually had complete strangers ask my nationality because my nose ” isn’t black” but yea if someone else is paying for it hell I’d go all out…. Veneers too! Lol

  24. Katie says:

    Jealous of Wendy! Girl you must be kiddin’ lol! Please, ain’t no on jealous of you! omg lol!

    Now on to the question: I can’t because of religious reasons. If I could though, I would want a larger butt, hips, and thighs. I could easily do this with more eating, however, I can’t gain weight so easily. If there is a surgery to help me add fat to these places, I would, if I could.

  25. kat says:

    @lynn, that’s unfortunate. There’s a girl at my school, Indian, with a big Barbara Streisand-esque schnozzle. I can’t stand her, but honestly, if she changed that nose, it would be a real pity. I love those prominent noses, it adds some depth to beauty. I’m just mad that beautiful nose has to be attached to that bitch. But back to you lynn, your nose is probably gorgeous ;-)

  26. cocoa says:

    @shawn i agree wholeheartedly. vanessa williams is open abt her plastic surgery & no one hates bc she looks good, meanwhile wendy williams literally looks like a monster. gtfoh

  27. Nope says:

    So, I would and I am. Getting a nose job in a few weeks (note: I’ve had 18 years to think this over so I’m not changing my mind). My nose is not the least bit proportional to the rest of my face so I’m going for it. I’d consider lipo a little later on too but for right now, that’s about it.

  28. hey yall says: sounds like u need to get in the GYM!!!

  29. DarkEmpress says:

    My feeling on cosmetic surgery is, there are some people who look better and some who look worse. If you can look like a NATURAL better version of yourself do it. Because fake looks worse than flaws. For example the Jackson family nose looks so fake it’s disturbing. Nene leaks nose looks more natural so that fine to me. Cassie’s breasts fake plastic rubber balls. Vivica Fox’s look more natural and therefore better. Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim just gross. People need to know when to stop.

    As for Wendy- I can’t stand her. I hate it when people make generalized statements about black ppl. We are not uniform. We all have our own individual opinions. Clearly from the comments I’m reading here we all are not against cosmetic surgery.

  30. Anonmyous says:

    Please…I’d feel No shame in getting a little tummy tuck say, after I’m done having kids… I agree wouldn’t want to touch my face… I find nothing wrong with aging gracefully – it’s a beautiful thing and should be embraced. But the extra weight, if I can’t get it off once I start having kids….tummy tuck here I come! lol!

  31. ghanababe says:

    I have a serious overbite and two rabbit teeth and big lips, i can’t wait to snatch up some money to fix.
    i think I would be happier with them fixed but my life goes on as a happy me without them.
    My man is cool with them and has never complained….I’ve been blessed to skinny bones. I took medication to gain some few pounds to add some curves to my body shape…I which I had Wendy’s money and fame but i wouldn’t wanna experience her problems either…heck!, that doesn’t make me jealous of her!

  32. Faith says:

    A breast lift will definitely be on the agenda in my later years. I don’t have much to begin with and children will surely pull them south. Gotta keep it tight!

  33. Diva says:

    It took me 6 months to lose 30 lbs and now I’m on the road going towards the last 20 lbs to make ME happy. I did it by working out and changing my eating habits and having self discipline… I never understood why others couldn’t do the same, but I won’t judge if you wanna get a nip/tuck. Surgeries scare me, you never know what will happen while you are under— prime example Kanye’s mother ! Our society is all about looking good, and most people would risk their lives to look the best they can.

  34. Fa says:

    No one knows what they will look like in 30 years. That said, if I had the cash and the desire today or when I’m 50 to have something done, I’m doing it!

  35. Martinique_Fr says:

    If I had the money, I’d go for a breast lift ASAP.

  36. Good question says:

    Well, i had surgery and totally regret it – I actually look worse. Remember you are putting your life in someone else’s hand. The surgeons describe it as a little proceedure but it isn’t. It actually takes MONTHS if not years to recover and no changes can be made within 9 months. Stay away generally.

  37. Indigo says:

    I’m having breast reduction… I have no problem with going under the knife…as long as I have some time on the job. lol I’m having my teeth done in Aug,and y’all won’t be able to tell me nothing! lol It all about feeling good in your skin..but in Wendy’s case,she looks bad because her insides are bad,and she does these surgeries for others approval… She is always fishing for a compliment. She is one lost old head.

  38. Brandi says:

    Absolutely!!!!! I have a couple problem areas that I’m not happy with despite diet & excercise. I think it’s perfectly fine to do just don’t take it too far like Lil Kim, Heidi Whatsherbutt? & those who use it to make themselves look like a completely different person.

  39. LawyerChic says:

    I wouldn’t do it. This is the my face is a perfect combinations of my parents and grandparents. Hopefully one day my children will have this face, and I love that. I love families who look a lot alike, so I can’t see myself changing it. I’ve thought about a boob job, but after trying on VS’s Miraculous bra I can tell bigger boobs would only make me look fat. Plus I never have any complaints about my handful owwww. lol

  40. boom_yamz says:

    Lipo on my thighs and tummy definitely! I would do a peel on my face maybe. And is there a treatment for stretchmarks?! I’m young with no kids, but hello, black skin has the worst stretchmarks! Breast, hips, arms! But I think that’s it.

  41. SMH says:

    i think its different types on surgical enhacements….if you want a simple nose job, boob lift, tummy tuck, etc. I get it…but when you starting going into the danger zone, like LIL Kim, and MJ, etc…trying to look like total different people. I think is a PROBLEM, self hating/loathing problem

  42. aries says:

    yes, if i had money, i would have my nose done. i like little noses, i don’t have one, so yes, if i had money, i would do it. i would not go crazy on it, just change it a little. but nothing else, i can work out and get my body back. but i don’t think anyone is jealous of wendy.

  43. Apple says:

    If I had the funds I would get a brazilian butt lift and a breast lift.

  44. whatevs says:

    wow….at the respones…to answer the question…no, I don’t need it and genes allow me to pretty much know I will never need it…

  45. Bre Bre says:

    Wow, I expect better from Wendy Williams. I disagree, people look down on surgery for enhancements like breast and nose, because getting those surgeries show how vain you truly are. God created us in his likeness and when you get to heaven looking different, how will he feel knowing you didn’t like his creation. And what are you telling little girls Wendy, “go get big boob” and if you have a little pouch “go head and slice it out”… no teach children to love their body FLAWS and ALL. SMH

  46. binks says:

    I agree with DarkEmpress, I wouldn’t do plastic surgery because it feels like a crap shoot to me, either you are going to look really natural and fantastic i.e. Kelly Rowland and Halle Berry or something is going to look off or unnatural looking i.e. Lil Kim, Wendy Williams, and a few others. I think the reason so many people of color shy away from plastic surgery is that plastic surgery is not gear towards enhancing “ethnic” features but mostly use to erase them which gives an unnatural appearance in most, even if the surgery goes the way it is “supposed” to go. To me it takes a SKILLED plastic surgery to work with and understand the features of people of color to know what to do and how to do it to keep the natural look, especially for nose jobs. I’ am not oppose to plastic surgery I understand minor upkeeps here and there but major plastic surgery I would say no but to each their own.

  47. binks says:


  48. Ive lost 50lbs and need to lose 20-30lbs more to run a full marathon.. and the day i finish my 26.2miles im rewarding myself with a new set of twins…i can work my chest out in the gym and if you ever lost a significant amount of weight then you know what its like to want to fix somethings that went south… I love everything else but somethings cant be made in the gym or the kitchen so im gonna go see a doctor to do them.

  49. Dom says:

    I’ve really been blessed looks wise, but I can’t knock those women who want to try it out. We make such a big deal about women’s beauty in this country and then complain when they go to extremes to feel better about themselves. It’s unfair really.

    Also, I’d buy Kelly Rowland’s boobs in a hot minute!

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