May 21st, 2012
Awards, Celebrity Style
Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: The 2012 Billboard Music Awards, Kanye West, Rihanna, and More!
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Happy Monday, Fashion Bombers! The Billboard Music Awards gave our favorite stars ample opportunity to show out on the red carpet. A smattering of B and C-list celebrities hit up other events, and those famous faces who crave attention piled another helping onto their already-full plates.
Let’s take a look:

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz certainly  made for a well-dressed couple, no? Swizz kept it simple and chic in an all-white suit, brown shoes, and completely superfluous bowler hat. Hot!

Alicia stepped out in Azzedine Alaia Couture, Repossi earrings, a Jennifer Fisher hand piece, and Brian Atwood heels. I dig Alicia’s dress (Hot!), but I think she could’ve done without that braid. (Hmm…)
Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa thankfully spared us their trademark make out session (this time). I’m loving Amber’s studded getup. It’s simple, summery, and on trend. Hot!
Brandy was also in attendance, rocking a pleated Hervé Leger minidress, copper pumps, and one of Kelly Rowland‘s wigs. How nice of Kelly to lend Ms. Norwood one of her toppers. Hot! for the ‘fit, Hmm on the borrowed hair.

Jordin Sparks went the dull route for the occasion, in a lacy blush frock that is boring me to death. Her figure looks amazing, though, and the shoes are pretty cute. I wonder about those white toe ring-esque bands. Are they attached to the shoes? Or is Jordin just tryna style on somebody? Hmm…

Ursher stood out in a turquoise Bottega Veneta suit, grey button down shirt and shoes. I’ll give him a Hot! for trying something different.

Meanwhile, the Kardashian-Jenner Klan were all smiles this weekend at a Hallmark event. I must say I’m feeling Kris Jenner‘s flowy tie-die frock and low sandals. Khloe‘s look is Hot! as well, though she could lose the shades. The Jenner sisters look cute here too. But whoever told Lamar Odom that those sneakers were okay to wear off the basketball court is really mean– how you gonna do Mr. O like that?


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West looked deep into each other’s eyes, happy to see their own reflections smiling back as the paparazzi snapped away. Ah, don’t they look so in love with themselves? Kim’s outfit is sadly forgettable, but Kanye really disappointed me here with this Texas Tuxedo. I mean, you won’t wear off-brand gym shoes, but you’re okay with light wash denim on denim? Hmm…


Toya Wright and daugter Reginae Carter looked cute at an event for the Disney Channel. Toya’s outfit is simple, fun, and casual, although I would have gone with a different pair of shoes. Thanks to my dad, I cannot stand clothes and accessories emblazoned with the brand’s name! Reginae looks adorable and age appropriate. I want to pinch her dimpled cheeks. Hot!

Rihanna blessed us with another Hmm… worthy outfit, leaving a London Nightclub.

And lastly, the insufferable Evelyn Lozada was spotted filming for her and fiancé Chad Occhocinco‘s new reality show. Unfortunate Nice to see them pressing on in spite of the fact that pretty much everyone is boycotting their show. Will you watch?


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72 Responses to “Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: The 2012 Billboard Music Awards, Kanye West, Rihanna, and More!”

  1. Nikki says:

    This entry is pure LMAO

    Why, Rihanna?

  2. yusufswifee says:

    I like Kim K’s look…different for her and doesn’t yell Yeezy taught me!

    Always happy to see my amber. Think she could’ve gone up a size – love the dress.

    Brandy looks fab….

    And Jihan you are a role this morning…you are giving me Sandra Rose – smh….

    But I love it.

  3. was pretty impressed with Brandy’s look.

  4. Crystal says:

    That’s beautiful, what is it…velvet?

  5. Marthe says:

    Usher and Swizz Beats look best of all. I have to say Kim looks unbelievebly good again. I just can’t hate her. But Jihan, you’re KILLING me here with your funny writing!

  6. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    I’m personally loving Brandy’s hair. Evelyn is the most knock off JLo I’ve ever seen, and I mean she kicks Adrienne Bailon off the top of the list. Cornrows tho? And that maxi- 5,7,9 much ma’am? And is Kim wearing stiletto Timberlands?! *cackles*

  7. april says:

    Loves Brandy’s makeup and Jordan’s dress.

  8. Likkle Miss says:

    I love Jihan! She has me cracking up this morning!

  9. LOL @ all of the commentary Jihan! You are on an f-in’ roll today!
    “those famous faces who crave attention piled another helping onto their already-full plates.”
    “Are they attached to the shoes? Or is Jordin just tryna style on somebody?”
    “Rihanna blessed us with another Hmm… worthy outfit, leaving a London Nightclub.”
    “How nice of Kelly to lend Ms. Norwood one of her toppers. Hot! or the ‘fit, Hmm on the borrowed hair.”

    I CAN’T!

  10. On to the fashion…Alicia looks like she caught a fish on top of her head and Amber is about to burst out of the top of her dress, isn’t she?

  11. MiDe says:

    Is Chad wearing harem shorts??? :-(…. Khloe & Reginae look cute!

  12. Noshade says:

    I dislike Evelyn so much, ugh

  13. zimbabwechic says:

    Jihan you’re making me look like a fool cracking up by myself. You didn’t hold back with Kim and Kanye, loves it. Look up thirsty aging h0 in the dictionary and Evelyn’s face is all over that definition.

  14. like_really_ray says:

    Swizz should’ve worn a BROWN hat to match his shoes & Alicia could’ve spared us the earrings. Jilhan you are DEAD ON about the borrowed lacefront, Jordin Sparks’ PLEDGE TO BE BLAND, Rihanna’s velvet jumpsuit & JLo’s wack ass.

  15. mesa says:

    *face palm* at rihannas outfit!! That has to be the worse I’ve seen.her look in a loong time. Ok maybe not but this is def in top 5 lol. And I literally said “whoa” at ushers get up. Lol

  16. Dyanna says:

    Love Brandy’s ensemble! Even the borrowed hair is a nice change for her. Also love the dress Jordin has on, even though it’s pretty simple. The color is nice on her and the fit is great, but her shoe choice?? Horrible. She definitely could have gone bolder there. And at first glance, I wanted to hate Usher’s suit here strictly because of the color but on 2nd glance, I actually like that he stepped out of the box with this one.

    WTH is Rihanna wearing though?? It looks like a burnt out velvet catastrophe.

  17. SHAQ NICHOLE says:

    Hilarious Jihan!

  18. A Keys looks great! Young & fresh. Younger than Rihanna…… *iphone side eye face*

  19. Dion says:

    dead all over this lmao!!

  20. Mo says:

    You are cracking me up with the comments!

    But this one right here:
    Thanks to my dad, I cannot stand clothes and accessories emblazoned with the brand’s name!

    He must be related to my mom because she is all about not giving anyone “free advertising!” She says she is not worried about impressing the kind of people who are impressed by conspicuous labels! Her theory is that if you have quality items the people who know quality will recognize it. They won’t need a label.

    It broke my heart when I was younger because you know we all want labels, but now I find I find I feel the same way. So her brainwashing technique was quite effective!

  21. hey yall says:

    Ok stop it with the head gear..I’m over it!!!! and kourtney looks cute..and that Amber rose sure aint missing a meal ( mean but she is getting thick)…and Chad and eve<< how boring…

  22. love says:

    I like Khloe’s look the best with the shades the shades are hot!

  23. too cool says:

    need the deets on kanyes entre fit and swizz’s sunglasses. stat. and def thought brandy was kelly rowland. n fact have we confirmed that that is not indeed kelly rowland?

  24. soon2Bmrs says:

    Jihan you never disappoint!! And these comments are hilar!!

    Thanks guys, needed the laughs today.

  25. LN says:

    This post was hilarious! I am NOT feeling Brandy’s wig, not so much because of how it looks, but because I feel like Brandy hasn’t “found herself” style wise. She has no signature look or style, she just wears whatever. Damn, I’d rather she go back to the Moesha braids than keep wandering in the style desert like this.

    Also not feeling Amber’s look!!! She’s always been a thick girl and I love it, but this outfit makes her look downright chunky. The cleavage is not flattering and the length of the skirt is weird. I love Amber Rose, she’s definitely one of my style icons, but I feel as though she’s becoming less stylish as time passes.

  26. boo says:

    If kim wears one more all black outfit. I’m going to lose it.

  27. Love says:

    I’m confused…did Kelly Rowland invent big curly hair? I actually love Brandy’s whole look. Every black girl should be entitled to wear the big curly look!

  28. Jaye says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for Jihan! Best writer on this site- past or present.

  29. Anonymous says:

    When Evelyn smiles she looks just like Rich Boy.

  30. T1K says:

    I would like to know 3 things? Where can I find: 1. Khloe’s top, 2. The little sister’s (standing next to her) dress, and 3. (I LOVE) Chad’s t-shirt.

  31. Elle says:

    Jihan you are officially my favorite. You are wrong for making me lol at my girl Brandy like that. Still think she looks hot though. And I’m dead and gone with Kanye commentary, hilariously shady.

  32. mahoganyb says:

    “Kim Kardashian and Kanye West looked deep into each other’s eyes, happy to see their own reflections smiling back as the paparazzi snapped away.” BRILLIANTLY SAID.

  33. Izhause says:

    Khloes lips look like a puffer fish. And Kim Basinger can you tell Mickey Rourke to dress up like you …Dang! He Hardly Ever has to dress up for those explicit adventures! He puts Kim in all kinds of modeling outfits ..where she displays to her fans and the general public her 50shades of Grey…I mean modeling Prowess!

  34. Wallflower says:

    Please let Brandy keep her hair! It’s really cute, it gives the illusion that her eyes are on the front of her face o_O

  35. Sandra says:

    Jihan you are the best. I am so happy to have voted for you to get the job. You ‘re the bomb. I love Brandy’s complete look. I love her hair. I had to bypass the Kardashians/Jenner. I can’t !Am I the only one that feels that Jordan Sparks looks better with the weight on. Not everyone is meant to be slim. Amber looked really nice.

  36. Kaci says:

    -Ok I’m so convinced when Amber was dating Kanye he was styling her or hired help bc ill give it to her ALL her outfits were fashion forward and fun to watch. Now she’s always dressed very safe. – I’m so surprised to see Kim K with a pair of her seasons old Balmin/Guiseppe boots kudos to her for being regular for once… LoL…..- Toya and her daughter always makes me smile. – Evelyn and Chad are a joke to me NO comment* and Lastly, Usher looks all types of yummy!!! :)

  37. Sandra says:

    I forgot to talk about my girl Riri. What is going on with her? Rihanna needs to get rid of that hair cut and get a new stylist. Lately her looks have been a mess.

  38. Ashley says:

    LMAOOO at all the shade thrown in this post. Hilar! (as Claire would say) Love yall. Jihan, you continue to crack me up.

  39. JERSEY says:

    Jihan you went IN today. Happy Monday to you all, too. lol.

  40. dyshaun says:

    This post made me sad. May have to start skipping these…too much involvement/snark for my taste.

  41. Sharri says:

    The little snide remarks are a bit distracting from the fashion, but oh well. I loved Rihi outfit, she isn’t doing the obvious uber obvious short dresses and heels, her style is become playful and unpredictable, even a bit Euro chic….Love Kim and Kanye, the juxtaposition of styles is pretty hot. Alicia, I never like what she wears, beautiful dress but it’s summer, try some colour. Last but not least, I need to Khloe’s shoe collection.

  42. Tessa B says:

    Alicia looks amazing–but its def too hot for that, especially here in Las Vegas….and I love Khloe shoes…Toya and Reginae look really cute…

  43. mario says:

    Brandy has really stepped her game up! She has become someone i look forward to seeing on the red carpet.

  44. Candace V says:

    I love Brandy’s hair. Maybe this is her way of being more comfortable with herself and finding a more permanent sense of style. That is all.

  45. Shannon says:

    Usher WTF?

  46. FBD Lover says:

    Jihan I love you!!!!!

  47. Fashion is life says:

    Jihan you gave me much needed laughter today, thank you..YOU’RE THE BEST HUN,MWAAAAH!!!!

  48. Nikkibellaray says:

    Jihan is hilarious! Wow I needed that hard laugh after a longgg day.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Alicia Keys is stunning!!

  50. Marsha says:

    Jihan’s summary of that Kanye and Kim photo was too funny! I liked Brandy’s wig, but I enjoyed the shade nonetheless. Thanks for the smart commentary Jihan.

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