May 18th, 2012
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Introducing Ekineyo XL
By Claire

Fab brand Ekineyo has expanded their repertoire of form fitting frocks and separates to include sizes fit for more voluptuous stylistas:

Their new line, XL, goes up to a size 13/14, and packs the same punch as their traditional offerings. Look forward to lots of club dresses and skin clinging skirts in cool colors like hot pink and tangerine, right in time for summer.

Sway Summer Pant, $88


Vista Dress, $138
Ceil Pencil Skirt, $82
Ronnie Dress, $148

There’s a lot to love! See more and purchase at
What do you think?

Ram Skirt, $58

*Not plus sized? Ekineyo has lots for you as well! Check out a few styles:

Doux Tank Dress, $78
Leopard Vibe Dress, $148
Lime Shoulderless Dress, $108

Purchase the looks above and more at

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42 Responses to “Introducing Ekineyo XL”

  1. Mixx says:

    The pieces are absolutely beautiful…but I don’t really see the benefit of a plus size line if its all spandex and bodycon..and a midriff top? Don’ t get me wrong, there are quite a few plus size women that could more than pull those looks off (me included with the right ‘under armor’ as I call it) but I don’t think this is what the majority of the plus size market is looking for. JMO though.

  2. Mixx says:

    …but this has Emily B written ALL over it.

  3. Apple says:

    I love this. This post made me this of the post from yesterday when it was said that women are more likely to but clothes that they see on a woman who looks like them. The first model looks great in these clothes. I am certainly going to get something from this collection.

  4. Well Mixx you won’t have to worry about seeing too many rolls and jiggles because XL isn’t what it used to be. this stopped at a 14, which to me means not really “plus” but i actually don’t think i’d be wearing this if it came in a 16/18 because it is so tight and unforgiving to some body types who aren’t the typical “thick in the right places” curvy. If that makes sense, it’s pretty to look at though.

  5. Natalie says:

    I can see wearing these to a club in Miami.

  6. Nikki says:

    I guess I would be considered plus-sized (size 10) in many circles, but since I don’t carry all my excess weight in the donk like the lovely woman photographed I’ll leave these alone.

  7. Kay says:

    I love her clothes!! Cant wait for my leopard skirt to come in the mail.

  8. EntertainmentsFuture says:

    To be quite honest, I do not consider the model a “plus size” model. She looks like the averaged sized woman in the Urban community. She’s BAD though. Idk If the real “plus size” model from our community would be able to fit in those dresses. Nor would the pieces compliment them like they do the model.. JMO..

  9. jillibooboo says:

    i dont think fat women should be wearing that much spandex.

    that is all.

  10. Lydia says:

    Let’s expect some new bathroom pictures from Emily B rocking those tight dresses in the very coming days…*sarcasm*

  11. jeda says:

    the first model’s body is hot! barely plus size

  12. Fashion Cafe says:

    I am going to have to agree that these models are NOT PLUS Size. I guess it depends on what you consider plus size though. I’d like to believe a 16-18 and up is plus size. None the less they have photographed women when great bodies (or photo shop’d them well) so does this really represent the average plus size woman? In my opinion it does not. But let us not forget about Good Ol’ Photoshop. I must say I dont know many plus size women with no pudge in the mid-section. I think at times these types of things can be so mis-leading.

    Anyway, Happy Friday :)

  13. Shanita says:

    I love it! Finally, clothes for us! Now I have question, what exactly is plus sized? At what size do we consider a lady to be plus? I’m a 12 so obviously I qualify. But is that starting number?

  14. Angel says:

    Cute stuff! They call this XL though..they don’t say anything about “Plus” on their website

  15. Anon says:

    That model is not plus sized to me, she does not look like a 13/14, a 10 maybe? It could just be the way she’s proportioned though. She’s curvy with a flat stomach and that will definitely give the illusion that you are much smaller. I love those orange pants though!

  16. Fabulous Mama says:

    See this is really cute….the key to this look is she has no stomach, no back fat,etc…NOW, some really thick girl w/a stomach, back fat and not shaply will try this look and be a FAIL. Because the tag said XL..that doesnt mean its always for you and ur body shape! IJS

  17. Claire says:

    @Angel good point. I guess I assumed 13/14 was plus sized, but that category obviously expands beyond 13/14. I edited the post title to reflect that XL is actually just a new size category, but is not inclusive of all plus sizes.

  18. I agree with the majority on this one. The clothes are cute, but guess what? If you have a pudgy stomach or a bit of extra fat, these are not the dresses for you! I love my Spanx, but they can’t hide everything…

  19. EL says:

    I agree with the other woman who said these style though great to look at on the model are unforgiving to a real plus size woman who may not have the proportions or flawless midsection of a thinner waisted woman. I am a 14/16, moreso on the 16 side, and sure I can slither my body into many size Large/XL spandex skirts or dresses, but I don’t want to walk outside everyday looking like a club-going video vixen screaming for attention. I want to see and buy plus size styles that are comfortable, trendy and feature the bright colors of summertime: chinos, light jackets/blazers, pleated shorts, tulip,midi, and maxi skirts, loose sheer blouses…it can be done & has been done, let’s see more of those modern classic looks for 14 and up sizes.

  20. Indigo says:

    Only thing I see plus size about that first model is her bootie!

    **Thank you for removing “Plus Size” from the title. lol

  21. she is “plus sized?” a truly FASHIONABLE plus sized woman should not wear any of those items. Spandex is hard to wear and even thin women should not think they get an automatic pass. I am not plus sized and spandex and I do not mix. Not at all. Not at all. Unless I wear a blazer over a bodycon skirt.

  22. Indigo says:

    Size don’t have alot to do with these looks;however,shape does.

  23. Pinky says:


  24. Pinky says:

    Im questioning some ppl’s reading comprehension skills. it states that the clothes go up to an XL (which usually equates a 14) 14 is considered plus size. so the model & clothes are both def plus sized. i wear a 14 & when i buy large dresses in this style they’re ALWAYS too short & i feel like my ass is out. not classy. so i think these are great

  25. Nicole says:

    What about the smalls, I hope there is somethingf or us on their site as well!!…Im loving the summer colors!!

  26. iHeartKeya says:

    I love these looks and colors. They’re perfect for the club in the spring/summer time. I need some of these pieces in my closet. And yeah, I can also see Emily B rocking them, lol

  27. Vanessa says:

    Definitely sexy but you have to have the shape for this daring party dresses.

  28. BlkRose says:

    This is for the thick chicks that don’t have big tummies. I like it, I’ll foward this to my sister.

  29. BlkRose says:

    Also yes this is plus size, a size 12 to however high you can go is plus. The chick with the blonde hair is about a 12 and look at those thick legs. There is smaller plus size and larger plus size. I think they are trying to sell this to the thicker chicks compared to the larger women that may have tummies and back rolls.

  30. Bronze says:

    Those are beautiful! Love the color combination.

  31. dyshaun says:

    Team shape! LOL

  32. Anonymous says:

    The model is cute and has a nice shape BUT she IS plus size. Double digits are plus size to me, 10 and up. Yall are saying she’s not plus size because she has a nice shape.

    You can be big with a nice shape and she’s big with a nice shape.

    Mary Mary, both are plus size with cute shapes.

  33. mamareese says:

    In my Martin voice….Damn Gina….this aint even plus sized!!!! Woowooo. Ya’ll need to stop tagging this as plus size….because it’s not. 13/14 is not a plus size you are trying to make some slim chicks fight you…..Anything 18 and up i plus…..please get it right b4 you have big girls running to buy this mess and it dont fit.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Girl STOP!! SIZE 14 is plus size and ain’t sh*t small about a size 14. Black Women!

  35. tammy m. says:

    Loving it. Colors are gorgeous. Great expansion of a lovely brand for the thicker chicks. Women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes.

    As a very tall hourglass plus size female, I relate to the issues of finding the perfect dress that hugs your curves just right.

  36. Alexandra says:

    This s essentially colored spanx.
    Way, way too tight and not enough texture to disguise anything.

  37. Lauren says:

    I’m not full-figured, but I like the XL line better 8^(

  38. krystel says:


  39. JN says:


  40. h-vogue says:

    i like the yellow one.

  41. Brandi says:

    Gosh I wish my curves were like that. I have the hips & thighs but my tummy isn’t flat. I likey!

  42. Zed Power says:

    The yellow is probably best but that cute model looks hot in everything.

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