May 17th, 2012
Fashion News
The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kim Kardashian is Selling Her Old Clothes on Ebay, Kelly Cutrone’s Former Assistant is Headed to Jail, and Aishwarya Rai Slammed for Not Losing Baby Weight
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

• Since Kanye only allows her to wear black or white, Kim Kardashian put up some her old designer duds for sale on Ebay. Amongst her throwaways are names like Fendi, Christian Louboutin,  Burberry, and Givenchy. A portion of the proceeds go to Life Change Community Church, since homegirl clearly doesn’t need the money. Peep Kim’s Kloset here. (Global Grind)


• Rodarte sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy are once again designing for the stage, creating costumes for the Los Angeles Philharmonic production of “Don Giovanni.” (WWD)


 • One of Kelly Cutrone‘s assistants will be apprehended for stealing money and samples from People’s Revolution. Who better to break the news than Ms. Cutrone herself, who tweeted on Tuesday; “One of my old assistants is getting arrested this week for grand larceny – stealing money from People’s – cannot wait – revenge is sweet.” She followed with, “@HussyChildPlz you better run cause you are going down CLOWN.”(Fashionista)

• Julia Restoin-Roitfeld had her baby! Derek Blasberg broke the news on Twitter, saying: “Congratulations to proud Momma @RestoinRJulia! (And thus, the chicest grannie ever: Carine Roitfeld!) Can’t wait to meet the beautiful baby!” (@DerekBlasberg)


• The press in India is in an uproar over Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai‘s failure to shed her baby weight at a satisfactory pace. Rai gave birth to her daughter last November, and has since selfishly decided to focus on raising her infant child, as opposed to getting into “Victoria Beckham” shape. What a monster! (Daily Mail)


~ Jihan

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26 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kim Kardashian is Selling Her Old Clothes on Ebay, Kelly Cutrone’s Former Assistant is Headed to Jail, and Aishwarya Rai Slammed for Not Losing Baby Weight”

  1. V says:

    before you buy things from the kardashian kloset please be aware that they do not clean the items before they send it to you which is kind of trifling. and that church? is the church her mom started. weird.

  2. Nne says:

    Kris Jenner is on the board of the church Kim is donating proceeds to….so she still gets her dough back….tacky family

  3. Good lord, i almost didn’t recognize the bollywood actress, but thats her choice, but she should be healthy for the sake of her kid, and i know people are doing to say that being skinny doesn’t always mean healthy, but the reality is a side effect of healthy living is shedding weight, but the people shouldn’t be telling her what to do.

    And Kelly is funny, i love her show. but Kimmy’s closet is nice, and those shoes, i wish i could fit some or i’d be bidding myself.

  4. Lydia says:

    Kim K and family sell the clothes they get for free. Pause…Plus only a portion of the proceedings go to a church that basically belong to them …O_o
    And why helping those crooks by advertising their ebay sales? smh

  5. simplyj says:

    Lol @ Lydia omg right!
    Sidebar: we can say what we want about kim but she’s a smart down ass hoe who can not only take one for the team, but can dress her ass off! She is smart enough to know she can make money of her brain….. Who got that??…

  6. LOL @ Kanye only allowing Kim to wear black or white, too funny! The Bollywood actress really does need to lose a few, she looks uncomfortable.

  7. Dominique says:

    @ simplyj – Kim doesn’t even “dress” herself lol she has a stylist named Monica Rose.

  8. simplyj says:

    @dominique she’s smart enough to hire monica rose. Yeah I saw monica’s twitter and blog. She’s pretty dope! She dresses all the kardashians. Kourtney dresses cute too. Khole is a hit or miss…. But still without kim’s brain and mama kris man power they would be no Kardashian. I mean really kim was paris’s groupie first and but was a smarter hoe with better brain…. Lol. Really kim has made the kardashian name bigger than hilton brand. Kim knew she didn’t have the brain to follow her dad’s footsteps in law (plus kim really wanted to be famous) so she took things into her own hands… Literally..

  9. blow my candles out says:

    i feel sorry for the bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai and the pressure to be ‘perfect’. Not every women is able to lose all the baby weight like celebs do miraculously within 6 weeks of delivery – leave her alone papz – for petes sake – i saw her on oprah and her and her hubby are like the brangelina of india and no one has seen her baby publicly neither has she filtered the name of the baby out to teh press. Anyways i like kims outfit – she looks very business woman in it

  10. 11 Reasons says:

    The stuff that I like (mostly the Fendi Maroon T-Strap Suede/Pate​nt Leather heels) isn’t in my tax-bracket anyway… plus I’m good on willingly giving Kimmy Cakes and Mommy Dearest any of my money.

    However, I found it interesting that some of the sizes are a size 0 or 2. No hate here (because a lot of FBD readers confuse differing opinions as such) but I don’t think I can recall Kim K being a size 0.

  11. Dani says:

    For her to only be “allowed” to wear black & white, she’s sure selling a lot of it… and seriously what kind of woman lets a man dictate her wardrobe? A weak a$$, “I need a man or I can’t be happy” female w/ ZERO backbone. I lost all respect for Kim.

  12. iCandy says:

    Finally this hoe is being exposed for beings fake brainless being.

  13. medschool says:

    @ Dani, I’m surprised you had any respect for Kim in the first place to lose. No shade, ijs. I don’t particularly care for her because shes famous for the wrong reasons, but I have to give her props. Many people in the past have gotten exposure for sex tapes but she made an EMPIRE from it. Either she is business savvy (which I believe she is) or the masses are stupid for allowing such foolishness to prosper.

  14. By the way, if you look at Kim’s Ebay history she has been doing this for years! So why is it an issue now?? I don’t understand. Her and her sisters do this together everytime they purge their closets, what do you expect they barely repeat outfits ever.

  15. TheFav1 says:

    @medschool @dani…I agree medschool, what respect did you have for Kim K. and the Kartrashians before? She got famous and brought her fam in on the fortune and fam too, wouldn’t you keep it in the family? She was famous for lying on her back and for the record I’m sure a lot of you gave it up for FREE and are not famous! its the oldest profession in history and if you get rich, paid and famous w/o hurting anyone I don’t see the prob? Opinioned opinions! everyone has once (hence my common which I rarely do unless its about fashion).

  16. makeeasweet says:

    good for kim,im pretty sure half of the chicks on here talking crap never donate a dime to charity.i doubt kanye is telling her what to wear,couples that are lovey dovey like to coordinate outfits sometimes,nothing wrong with that.from all the hate yall giving,i hope they get married.Aishwarya Rai‘s is still beautiful,that just a horrible picture of her.

  17. Cocoa says:

    The fact that she lets kanye dress her is so hilarious to me. He used to dress amber too but at least he had her looking flyy..Kim actually looked better before him & it just makes them both look stupid

  18. Blah says:

    Ughh! Can we boycott the Kardashians? I think the world would be a better place!

  19. ladyluo says:

    KK has always had an ebay store so I don’t get the promo and the reasoning. Didn’t even know that Indian actress was pregnant. I guess they don’t like her looking normal since they all but worship her beauty.

  20. Ms.Fierce says:

    LOL at Kelly Cultrone

  21. Katie says:

    Wow, at the the unrealistic expectations placed on Aishwarya Rai. Can everyone just leave her alone? Jesus, she’s a human being, excuse her for no longer having a perfect body. Imagine what she would be told to do/said about her if she gained weight and didn’t have a baby. Being thin doesn’t mean your healthy and shedding pounds isn’t a side effect of healthy practices. I know a larger woman who has PERFECT health and it shocks her doctor’s assistant each and every time.

  22. Nicki says:

    Aishwarya Rai gave birth only 6 months ago. Who knows what difficulty she has endured since or even during her pregnancy. People need to mind their own business and focus on their own weight. In 28 years, this country will be at least 40% obese– not fat, OBESE.

  23. Izhause says:

    The newest version of 9 1/2 weeks …Kim and Kanyes allowable black and white attire. Lmao!

  24. taffie says:

    If i was 2 ever have a sex tape (God forbid) i would take notes from Kim. Yes they fyt with her sisters n all, but they love eachother, if you have sisters you can relate, she doesnt keep a man for long but she still gets another in a rush, (shes not lonely, like never) she likes fame, she has it. She is ‘very rich’ (in my nene voice), top 10 latest forbes list, with the whose who, Oprah Rihanna JLo etc. She is smart as fuck, you would even think she’s the one who went to college, millions of twitter followers, and all other good things. That hoe, bitch talk doesnt phase her, she doesnt care. Y’all be hating but she smillin her way to the bank. I don care for the kardashians, but thats the truth she is winning, whether we like it or not!!!

  25. Dani says:

    @TheFav1 @Medschool I honestly had respect for her from a fashion pov. I mean, this is a fashion blog, right? =P She used to be one of my muses. I may not like her attitude but the girl can dress & has always had style. [Hate it or love it, it's the truth.] Her letting him dictate her wardrobe is a no. I personally will not allow a man to tell me what I can and cannot wear. Its absolutely unacceptable. You might as well have him put a leash on you & call you his puppy or even better, you can be the Tina to his Ike *eyeroll* That’s where my respect was & no longer is.

    I don’t judge ppl based on what they do w/ their business/personal lives as a means to make $, everyone has a life to live & thats not my place to judge how they get the means to live it. Its really not anyone’s place to judge. Don’t get me wrong there are crooks in this world… lol Our Government is the biggest one of all but yet ppl make it seem like the Kardashianas are poison to this country. =/ Nah. I have to give Kris & Kim props for making sure their family is well taken care of. Kris is doing what any mother would do if they had the opportunity to. It’s so easy to pass judgment when you’re on the outside looking in but let someone approach any of you w/ some million dollar ideas & I wonder how quick things would change when it comes down to providing for your family.

    Sooo in a nutshell @TheFav1, you missed your mark b/c that wasnt what I was implying. ^__^ lol

  26. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    Aishwarya looks like my Auntie, Indian women are wide for the most part, they can’t help it! Padma is an exception, though.

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