May 15th, 2012
Celebrity Style, Shopping
Get the Look: Trina’s Liv Nightclub A.L.C. Delilah Silk Shirtdress, Christian Louboutin Riviera Trash Clutch, and Casadei Cutout Platform Sandals
By Faith

Trina was spotted in Miami, partying with Monica at Liv Nightclub. She went bright in a $794 A.L.C. Delilah Silk Shirtdress, a $1,095 Christian Louboutin Riviera Trash Clutch, and $1,320 Casadei Cutout Platform Sandals:

Her bright orange silk shirtdress features a button-front, long sleeves, chest welt pockets, and a layered skirt with a long front vent.

Her bold clutch clutch is a piece from the brand’s “Trash” collection and boasts a “Muy Fragil” notice, perforated plastic, recycle symbols, and so much more.

Last, but not least are her sandals which feature orange and camel patent leather, crisscross straps, ankle straps, and 6″ heels.

Get Trina’s full look here.

Jessica Alba also wore these back in January.

Hot! Trina really didn’t need to add the Louis Vuitton belt as her ensemble is already full of statement pieces, but I guess she couldn’t resist one more designer piece?

Would you wear it?

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63 Responses to “Get the Look: Trina’s Liv Nightclub A.L.C. Delilah Silk Shirtdress, Christian Louboutin Riviera Trash Clutch, and Casadei Cutout Platform Sandals”

  1. rightnow says:

    Trina needs to work on her Thighs. Her record label should get her a personal trainer because Rihanna used to have the same thighs and now hers are really amazing.

    Trinas style here is great (minus that tacky branded belt), but her thighs on display let this down.

    Monica looks lovely.

  2. Liz says:

    The dress isn’t flattering her legs at all it would have looked fine if it was full length all the way round or if the the front stopped mid thigh length, and the belt throws it off, she should have gone with a skinny belt instead, this one is too thick and the logo is garish.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Lol Rihanna’s thighs were never as thick as Trina’s… And I think Trina thighs are fine… I seen another pick of her and her thighs don’t even touch( she has a thigh gap) so maybe it’s her muscle structure and she is just naturally thick

  4. Rebecca says:

    But in regards to the outfit, I agree the belt is a little hoodrich the shoes are fire though and I’m not really feeling the dress on her or the model

  5. Tessa B says:

    Trina do have some huge belt is a great compliment although it would look better without the LV..simple is always best. BUt overall, I love the outfit, its actually one of her better looks. The shoes are my fav piece of the outfit.

  6. EAE609 says:

    This about her outfit/fashion not her body! Seriously no needs or should take jabs at her body so what her thighs are thick… sure someone can be critical about something on you….

  7. Ms.Fierce says:

    The color of the dress works perfectly with her skin tone here. The crisscross strap of the shoe is another notable feature. Love!

  8. Klarke Marie says:

    Those shoes are amazing!! they need to get in my life right now!

  9. Harare Mbama says:

    I’d wear the dress (without the belt), a Bottega knot clutch and less chunky shoes to keep it sleek.

    Monica looks stunning. Love her hair. With regards to Trina’s thighs—> those are the thighs that many women of colour are blessed with. Celebrate your shape and those of women around you!

  10. Marley says:

    I wonder what sound her thighs make everytime she sits down and gets up.

    That has to be embarassing *slapslapslapseparatingsoundslap*

  11. K says:

    Trina’s outfit is ok to me. I agree with whomever said the belt could have been thinner.

    I’m just so disappointed with Monica’s style. I understand she is a mother and a wife but geesh! She can sex it up a little bit she barely 30. That look is not hot for the club. Don’t get me wrong I would rather church lady than skanky but come on Monica can you meet somewhere in between. You can’t go out like this.

  12. Dee says:

    Wow women can be so brutal on each other. Some of these comments prove it. Not a fan of the dress but I do like how Trina is wearing it. Monica looks great as well.

  13. jUICElOVE says:

    some of you people on here are ridiculous…i dont believe the post was in reference to her body or thighs uugghh… any who i like the outfit sans the LV belt

  14. Jaz says:

    The shoes are hot!! I need a cheaper version

  15. V says:

    *eyeroll at the comments about her thighs*

    anyway–her belt doesn’t bother me bc unless you know brands–nothing she is wearing stands out…her belt is the biggest statement and the only “monogrammed” item she has on her

  16. Kitty B. says:

    I think Trina has an AMAZING body! but the dress doesnt do her any justice! love the shoes though….

  17. naira says:

    there is such thing as too thick…i saw this pic on another blog and i thought she wore some cheap stuff, because her body does not bring out the dress as the model not saying she needs to be that skinny but

  18. Emily says:

    Trina does not have the thighs for that dress, way too thick. But the color looks so nice on her. That Louis Vuitton belt had to go. Monica looks good.

  19. Tisha says:

    Love the look except for the belt, thickness is great!

  20. Tisha says:

    coming from a Southern Girl!

  21. krystel says:

    i like this color on her skin tone

  22. Cookie says:

    I’m sorry but I have to agree, This dress does not look flattering on Trina. She is a little too thick. Agreed, Rihanna was never this thick. She is much taller than Trina. (look at her ankle compared to Monica’s)

  23. iHeartKeya says:

    I really like this look on Trina, the color, the shoes & the bag. I don’t even really mind the belt

  24. Izhause says:

    Trina looks more like a fashion victim. Not everyone can wear the latest

  25. Tammy says:

    Trina looks fab in this outfit and the shoes I need in my life. Shocked on the too thick comments. *Frowning slightly*…wondering when was the the ultra-skinny black girl ever in vogue.

    Loving that Trina is embracing her curves, muscle does not equal fat. Serena’s thighs rub and she is fit as a mug.

    I guess you can tell who really kicks it in the gym past the treadmill and 3 pound weights. I’m sure there are no brothers complaining.

  26. Stacy B! baby! says:

    I really think the thin women who have a small shape are jealous that they don’t have thicker legs. Lets keep it real, no black girl wants to be white girl thin. We like to have a little meat on our thighs and booty.I’m not talking about fat, but some meat on your damn bones. I’ve seen Trina in persona a handful of times and she is far from unhealthy. She’s always had big legs, some of you pencil shaped or average body chicks are just jealous. The outfit is too hood fab for my taste, but I love the shoes and clutch.

  27. @kylenir says:

    I think she looks hot, this is pretty on her

  28. Anastasia says:

    Wow monica is in a dress & not a blazer, with skinny’s & red bottoms lol

  29. CG says:

    Trina’s body is PERFECT the way it is! I’m tired of the skinny heaux criticizing the thick girls only to turn around and get butt shots. HUSH!

  30. Pretty color, but Trina doesn’t have the legs to pull this look off without looking smutty.

  31. Tessa B says:

    U can b too thick. It’s one thing if you’ve always been “big-boned” (if there’s such a thing) but we have all seen Trina skinny. She can lose weight. Point blank. Nobody says she has to b runway model thin…but come on..she has no ankles…

    *defending my comment about Trina legs being huge…because they are!

  32. Bronze says:

    Great women but just overall fashion failures. Still mad at Monica for turning the most awesome Christian Louboutin rose gold 20th anniversary Isolde platforms into RoRo’s K-Mart house slippers. How do you miss that one.

  33. Marley says:

    I’m so jealous of her massive tree trunks, omg what am I going to do without those? I can’t leave my house, I’ve been ostracized..I..I..need to get but shots, or I’ll just die! And thigh shots too :’( I NEED to look like Trina. Life is unfair!

  34. taffie says:

    I jus dont like the dress, on Trina and on the modek. But the color looks good on Trina,

  35. Tisha says:

    Need a like button for comments

  36. simplyj says:

    Trina’s outfit is well over $3000 not including her LV belt…. I’m sorry when was her last platinum record, better yet gold record? Does she have some business in Miami I’m not aware of? I don’t even know if I love her overall look, but I don’t hate it… The shoes are nice, love the purse, the dress maybe on someone else…. Maybe the dress would have been nice on Trina a little more tone down. Like a day time wear going shopping dress with some cute Jesus sandal.

  37. Marthe says:

    I agree with the above.

  38. Marthe says:

    And god, thick women are beautiful! I dont like the belt but the rest of the outfit is nice, and I really wish i was a little thicker.

  39. mary says:

    thick is good when its presented appropriately. my legs look like trinas but i wouldnt wear this dress its unflattering. period. the belt is GHETTO and the shoes are HOT FIYAH . #caseclosed

  40. Jo says:

    Monica looks fab here! However they both look like they are going out for a meal not to the club. The dress isn’t flattering on Trina at all it just cuts her legs off in the worst (widest) possible place, and the belt is just… killing me softly.

  41. Briana says:

    Love it! Although the inner layer of the dress could use a couple inches and her belt didn’t need the big LV. Overall, this is a good look.

    SN: When has Rihanna EVER been bigger than a size 4/6? *rolls eyes*

  42. Naija Vix. says:

    ok some of you all making negative comments about her thighs can have a few seats…..last time I checked this is a FASHION blog..thick will always be in!! anyways i like the outfit minus the belt!

  43. blow my candles out says:

    ‘hoodrich’ i love that term :)
    ill be using that – from now
    i like the whole ensemble

  44. alecea says:

    love the outfit that color looks great on her… and her thighs look fine -_-

  45. Alexis says:

    The outfit is bomb, the color looks amazing on her, and I think her thighs look amazing. -does 50 more lunges- some of you all are very harsh with criticism, I think most of you all have been desensitized to what a real woman looks like. Some women are naturally thin, while others are naturally thick. Can’t alternate genetics but you can work with them.

  46. Kitana says:

    No, that lacewig and too small outfit, the whole ensemb is a mess.

  47. Diva says:

    that dress does nothing for Trina .. she kinda throws high end expensive pieces together at random … saying look at me & my price tags….. thats not fashion !

  48. Ifs says:

    If this was a skinny celebrity wearing something unflattering everyone would be all over it. I agree that women come in ALL shapes and sizes. One is not better than the other. Being that this a fashion blog people should be able to state their opinions openly regarding the fashion that people are wearing without others thinking that it is hate. The color of the dress looks awesome on Trina’s skin but in MY OPINION it is not flattering based on the picture; perhaps another angle would show otherwise. Can I say that I am always underwhelmed by Monica’s clothing choices? Her hair is always laid but the outfits always leave something to be desired.

  49. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    The belt could be thinner, but overall its a cute look. And stick to critiquing fashion please, this is Fashion Bomb, not Body Bomb. I’ve indulged a few times myself, when the outfit didn’t accentuate someone’s shape, but come ON! Trina’s thighs don’t do anything negative to this outfit, nor does the outfit do anything negative to her thighs.

  50. JaneBMore says:

    Don’t like the dress but the shoes are hot.

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