May 13th, 2012
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Wardrobe Query: Kim Kardashian’s Lakers vs. Nuggets Game Givenchy Stretch Nappa Leather Zip Dress and Tom Ford Sandals
By Claire

Angie writes, “Kim is in leather!”

“… Where’d she get it?”
Ok, I’ll do a little fashion connect-the-dots for you: Kanye West loves Givenchy. Kanye is now dating Kim Kardashian. So as long as the ‘Kimye’ era persists, expect to see Kim in a lot of Givenchy (as she wore here, here, and here). At any rate, Kim wore a $2,750 Givenchy Stretch Nappa Leather Dress to take in the Lakers vs. Nuggets game with her beau:

The skin clinging number has an exposed front zip closure and pronounced decolletage.
Not 100% sure of the brand of shoes she wearing She accessorized with Tom Ford lace up sandals, which come equipped with a fly gold heel.

They’re unavailable for purchase online, though these $995 Kanye West x Giuseppe Zanotti numbers do come close, don’t they?

Get her look for a splurge or a steal here:

Now the real question is, Bombshells: Would you wear this to a basketball game?

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59 Responses to “Wardrobe Query: Kim Kardashian’s Lakers vs. Nuggets Game Givenchy Stretch Nappa Leather Zip Dress and Tom Ford Sandals”

  1. krystel says:

    While she looks hot …it’s a bit much , def wouldn’t wear this to a basketball game.

  2. Xochitl says:

    Very sexy dress! Way to much for a basketball game.

  3. goldie says:

    I’m not a fan of how it puckers and bulges in areas near her waist. Kim doesn’t have a fupa so why does this dress create one?

  4. ladyb says:

    Too much for a basketball game…but they probably were heading to the club later. Side view: I don’t like it on Kim’s frame…she has too much bust. I think it will look fab on a woman who’s more pear-shaped though

  5. Emily says:

    That dress? At a game? Really? Honestly, I believe one must have some type of mental instability to crave attention that much. Like Kim breathes, eats, walks, sleeps, burps, talks fame. She will have to be on a serious watch when her time will be finally over, she may try to hurt herself. And I still don’t believe their relationship: Kim K’s body language has never ever expressed love since R. Bush, she loved that man. Her hunger for fame cost her true love. Smh
    Interesting dress though.

  6. Emily says:

    That dress would look better on a body like Rihanna’s, Kelly R’s or Cassie’s. It looks too “hookerish” on Kim. She manages to “cheapen” Givenchy.smh

  7. fashiondate says:

    Loving the shoe!!!

  8. Dannielle says:

    I don’t think this dress fits her well

  9. Anonymous says:

    Note to Kanye you may want to go at least 4 sizes bigger cause everyone can see it is too little. Boo!

  10. Danielle says:

    who would wear this to basketball game? she is so thirsty for attention !!!

  11. kelly says:

    how they f you gon wear this to a basketball game?! i cant w this chick…kanye get free!

  12. This is perfect for a basketball game…..if you’re an attention whore thats desperate for the cameras to snap shots of you and your equally camera-loving boyfriend.

  13. Shanon says:

    ah I agree with all these comments. Kim is doing too much lately smh.

  14. cmbrown827 says:

    Not for a bball game!

  15. Shannon says:

    Easy access all Kanye has to do is unzip…lol

  16. V says:

    she personifies a woman who does whatever a man wants her to do and changes for whatever man she is with. it’s sad bc she’s 30+ and should know better

  17. ahsatar says:

    #teamoverdressed js

  18. Rebecca says:

    I wonder what these two converse about?

  19. Jay says:

    Tsk! All this for a bball game? Attention whore…whore,period. Kanye, I’m praying for you. Your deliverance is near. I’m just glad Jay and Bey aren’t double dating with then. Lions don’t play with dogs.

  20. Trish says:

    I don’t think they do a whole lot of talkin

  21. LazE says:

    hmmmm.. not to a bball game Kimmy cakes, something more laid back woulda been cool… and her outfits are usually on point.. the style of this dress, with those shoes? and no accesories.. just NO! so this is what you like ayy Kanye.. *looks around*

  22. VAGAbabyy says:

    her skin looks flawless.. but they dont look like a cute couple on a date here.. like wdf kim? she dont look cute in the slightest!

  23. Kay says:

    This would of been so cute and a free pass if it was a skater dress. But what do you expect. On another note i feel so bad for Kim when Kanye dumps her. :(

  24. Indigo says:

    That’s too much tail squeezed into that dress… lol
    On a side note, some of you females are TOO damn emotional.. They are “dating” that consist of getting to know each other, and lets not forget the most important part… having FUN! And that’s what these two are doing,having fun!

  25. I do love the dress and heels and I have to admit Kim K doesnt look as plasticky in the face anymore but I dont think I would wear it to a bball game…. its just doing TOO much.

  26. bella says:

    this is definitely too much for a basketball game but she looks amazing. I LOVE them together!

  27. Erin says:

    Perfect for a basketball game, sexy and playful. I’m sure her man enjoys what she is wearing, and honestly that’s all that matters.

  28. Liz says:

    I want those shoes!!!

  29. Ifs says:

    I agree with all of the comments, Kim is doing way too much for a basketball game. Even if the two “lovebirds” were heading to another event after the game Kimmy has been known to do outfit changes. The leather get up is not her best look, her “uniform” would have been better suited.

  30. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    He wears a white tee, jeans, and Tims…she wears a Catwoman dress. #theMOST

  31. Indigo says:

    These are the type of women Kanye likes…EXTRA,because he is extra. They are his pupils. It’s like a game to him,but that’s the lifestyle they sign up for. I can imagine his next pupil. #Yeezytaughtme

  32. yusufswifee says:

    haha! I love them together…and it is extra, but do you really still not think that Kanye isnt saying “here, baby! I bought this for you to wear to the game tonight”….whatevs.

    I looooove, love, love it…and the body language is that of old buddies…still loving them together.

  33. yusufswifee says:

    the comments are cracking me up…kim has been to plenty of games. Ye is soooo dressing her. I have always heard of men like this – not on his level though, but really…

    Kim is clearly not the type to say, “OMG, I love this boo, but I am not wearing it to the game tonight…already got my outfit picked out.”


  34. It’s too damn warm for a leather dress and a leather dress is not fitting for a bball game. These two need to have a seat.

  35. BrittanyZ says:

    Nice dress, but not to a basketball game. On another note, they look super “forced” sitting next to each other.

  36. Anne H says:

    But the dress is really hot!!!

  37. Bajan Candy says:

    @yusufswifee “Kim is clearly not the type to say, “OMG, I love this boo, but I am not wearing it to the game tonight…already got my outfit picked out.”

    I’m liable to fall out of my chair that was so funny!

  38. tammy m. says:

    The dress is fab and fits Kim just fine. Maybe, they were going somewhere fly after the game. Maybe she was just dressing sexy, because she wants to or her boyfriend wanted her to for that night. Plenty of females have done the latter, but because it is Kim of course “whore” hater comments will follow.

    Haters will always show themselves.

  39. mesa says:

    Yall just gonna forget that she’s wearing leather in the spring?! Lol.,Smh I’m over these two.

  40. makeeasweet says:

    wow yall know kanye and kim people must have super hearing or psychic powers.

  41. Brittany says:

    Is she afraid to go up a size?

  42. soon2Bmrs says:

    Think this is a bit much for a basketball game for the norm, but when you CRAVE attention like Kimmy, its perfect! I agree with most, in this would be better on a slimmer frame…its a bit ill fitting on Kimmy w/ the booty & being a bit busty.

  43. michezulu says:

    Who goes to a basketball game dressed like this. Only an attention whore. I don’t care if you’re doing something else after you look ridiculous. Part of dressing is knowng how to be appropriate.

  44. Indigo says:

    @ Mesa, there are a few types of leather.. And leather can be worn in the spring.

  45. Brandon says:

    I notice that the majority of the negative commments come from women EVERYTIME their is a post involving Kim Kardashian. Why does she make you all so mad? Do you know her? Did she take your man? Do you even stand a chance with any of the men that she has been involved with? Nope didnt think so. This site is strictly for fashion purposes, I dont think we should be commenting on anyones personal lives as if we all dont have skeletons in our closet…..Do Better!

  46. laurafashionablyblessed says:

    As long as i dont see kim in jordans eveeeerrrrrrr again i dont care what she wears i’ll approve.

  47. Wallflower says:

    You know what would be perfect for a baskeball game? Her usual blazer, denim, platform combo, lol

  48. Fashion is life says:

    “Lions don’t play with dogs”…i died,lol

  49. Lola A. says:

    The dress is really cute but everytime I see her now its like he is trying to turn her into amber style wise kim has good style but was never “edgy” so to speak and now she is dark and vampy lol just like the vouge thing she just shot!

  50. Sharri says:

    If Givenchy was hanging in my closet, I would wear it to every conceivable place where clothing is required…..i can’t hate the girl for rocking it for her man and some gossipy baller wives….don’t hate the player, yeah well you know the rest.

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