May 7th, 2012
Angela Simmons, Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm
Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: Angela Simmons, NeNe Leakes, Alicia Keys, and More!
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Happy Monday!

This weekend was chock full of celeb Hmm‘s as it was Cinco de Mayo, and nobody wanted to try too hard. I know the feeling. I wore a pullover sweater out this weekend.

But let’s get into it!


Alicia Keys and hubby Swizz Beatz sat court side with baby Egypt at Sunday’s New York Knicks playoff game (we won!). Miss Alicia’s Jeremy Scott Keith Haring-printed moto jacket is cute and all, but her little boy is just too precious for words! Hot!

Nene Leakes was spotted hanging out with her ex husband Greg. It’s good to see them getting along, even though Nene’s outfit isn’t getting along with that Birkin. Hmm…


Kenya Moore stopped by the Palms Casino Resort for a Diddy fête, and unfortunately, failed to come correct. The frock would have been cute if it wasn’t schoolmarm length, and if she didn’t wear it with those bedazzled pumps. Hair and makeup are on point (with that outfit they need to be), but I’m still giving this look a Hmm…


Angela Simmons, Melanie Fiona, and Rocsi Diaz showed up to Nivea’s event last Thursday, each of whom managed to underwhelm with their outfits. I love Angela’s Zara frill front dress (Hot!), but the stark black jacket and heavy shoes I think are a styling misstep on her part (Hmm…). But of course, the girl’s hair is layed like Donna Summer, and the makeup ain’t bad neither.

Julissa Bermudez was also in attendance, wearing a rhinestone cowboy fringed leather top and turquoise pants. I feel like this outfit could have been more playful and aesthetically pleasing had she not added the stark black and white accents. Hmm…

Flo Rida looked as if he’d been sampling Vybz Kartel‘s cake soap stash at the Palms in Las Vegas this weekend. Hmm…

Common was his usual adorable self performing at Bank Nightclub in Las Vegas.


Kim and Kourtney Kardahsian took a stroll with little Mason, clearly trying to avoid the invasive eyes of the paparazzi. See how they  shrink from the camera in their usual comfy-but-chic fare. I want to snatch that Céline luggage tote right off Kim’s arm! Watch out gurl, I’m coming for you. Hot!

Rita Ora performed at London’s G-A-Y club this weekend in those Joyrich shorts her and Rihanna‘s stylists seem to love these days. I actually dig that crystal headpiece she’s got on, but those shorts could use a little length. Makeup’s a little messy, though. Hmm…

And there you have it! How did you guys spend your weekends?



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49 Responses to “Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: Angela Simmons, NeNe Leakes, Alicia Keys, and More!”

  1. Nkiruka says:

    “even though Nene’s outfit isn’t getting along with that Birkin. ”

    WOW . Sometimes the comments made about ppl on this site throws me off . . You Are Doing Too Much , Girl Its A PURSE … BYE .

  2. Messy Mess! Next!

    PS: Common really looks a mess! Do better for the Chi, my man.

  3. Kimiko says:

    the cake soap comment was kinda mean and I kinda like how everyone looks casual.

  4. LC says:

    I LOVE Jihan’s posts. LOL

  5. Wendy says:

    Please explain what did she mean with the cake soap comment?

  6. Taj says:

    @ Wendy, If I’m not mistaken cake soap is used to bleach your skin.

  7. Wendy says:

    oh, thanks Taj

  8. Noel says:

    But claire did not write this post -___- sometimes i swear ppl just want to internet argue

  9. Katie says:

    Again, with the Rita Ora woman. She isn’t even a woman of color. And I think Nene looks fine, bag and all. Everyone else look fine to me, they look casual.

  10. Aziz_Mom says:

    Kenya and Angela look great! Kenya especially being a woman of a certain age is pulling that off and proving you don’t need to wear everything above the knee. This is a flattering hemline for a 5’10″ lady who’s 40+. Love it.

  11. Nikki says:

    @Nkiruka cosign 150%…this site does theeee most sometimes. The comments are crude and unnecessary…

  12. Danielle says:

    the cake soap comment has me in tears !!! LOL

  13. Jihan says:

    @Nikki @Nkiruka, Still confused as to what is so glaringly offensive about saying I don’t care for a bag with a certain outfit, but if you aren’t familiar with my writing by now, for future reference, take everything I say with a grain of salt. It was a joke. I do that.

    Laughing is easier on your muscles than frowning.

  14. JaneBMore says:

    I think everyone looks okay – casual and comfy. I don’t see anything wrong with dressing down and carrying a Birkin. If I had ponied up that much for a purse I would rock that baby with whatever I felt like.

  15. llehsal says:

    heheheheheh @ the cake soap comment. I love Jihan’s posts. They be the truth

  16. Oh I love Kenya’s dress. Simplistic and done just right! Angela is still trying it. Hmm… Julissa should learn to color block. Kim… becoming a bar fest.

  17. Indigo says:

    @ Nkiruka I agree… That’s the norm with females now days.

  18. Emily says:

    Kenya Moore’s hair! People talk about her body but her hair is real and always so pretty and healthy.

  19. Taj says:

    You’re welcome Wendy

  20. Modelchick says:

    I love Jihan posts ..all the outfits are very hmmm….

  21. Bajan Candy says:

    Everybody (Rita Ora excluded) looks okay, very casual. NeNe and Greg look adorable, and Ne looks dressed down and very rich!

  22. zimbabwechic says:

    The ladies who surf this blog do my head in sometimes. It’s okay to bash someone based on sexuality but make a comment about someone’s outfit not going with the bag….. OH NO don’t go there? This is a fashion site what the heck is Jihan supposed to comment about, Sarkozy’s defeat at the polls? I’m as confused as Jihan who writes great posts by the way.

  23. Hello says:

    The cake soap comment no mam tired of light people being accused of bleaching their skin not cute, anyway Common looks great but im biased because he is too cute lol

  24. Anonymous says:

    Jihan, (now I see the cake soap comment, I skipped Flo Rida’s pic intentionally) you’re stupid funny. In a good way! The majority of us understand your humor. Keep doing your thing girl!

  25. Jaye says:

    Jihan, (now I see the cake soap comment, I skipped Flo Rida’s pic intentionally) you’re stupid funny. In a good way! The majority of us understand your humor. Keep doing your thing girl!

  26. jen says:

    Common is such a cutie i don’t care what he wears, rita ora=NO, i don’t mind Angel or Julisa’s outfits and kenya moore is just beautiful

  27. Alli Real says:

    Kim must not have her extensions in. Her bun looks soo thin. And I love those dolce vita sandals,I have them, but they make my foot look long. I see Kim has the same problem.

  28. iQgraphics says:

    Common looks like a private part in that picture
    Yikes and Yuck

  29. Sandra says:

    Jihan is the best!!! I was saying the same thing when I saw Flo Rida’s face. It looks like he has been drinking the Vybz ‘s cool aid. Preach on Jihan.

    I can’t with the people that come on this blog to criticize the writers, if you don’t like it simply go away. Beside Kenya Moore which I was reallly happy to see and would love to see more often on FB, I don’t care about anyone else.

  30. shelly says:

    Keep doing what you’re doing, lol. I will be the first to admit, at first, your comments came off a little harsh to me. But once I got what place they were coming from, and your humor, I can’t help BUT laugh at your comments! People that don’t get it don’t understand sarcasm, satire, being silly, or what having an opinion means.

    @ Katie
    This site is for URBAN fashion…not Black fashion. There is a site/tumblr for that, which is very nice by the way.

    Now to the fashions….no one wowed my here. But I love both Julissa and Angela from the ankle up (don’t like their shoe choices). And I’m actually fine with Nene’s look, because I’m the type of girl that would rock a Louis Vuitton with exact outfit, lol. Maybe Nene should have chosen a different color.

  31. Wallflower says:

    I have to agree with @zimbabwechic, commenters go in on the Fashion Bomb of the Day without even commenting on fashion…. then get salty when Jihan and Claire throw in their two cents of celeb style?

    I could see if negativity was the overall tone of the site, but they always give props when they’re due!

  32. Elena says:

    @ Jihan, keep doing what you’re doing. Your posts are hilarious!

  33. Jules says:


  34. Haircolor feedback says:

    I think everyone looks pretty good in this post (some are more casual/less trendy…nothing wrong with that). I really like Angela and Kenya’s hair. I’ve been thinking about coloring my hair. I’m Kenya’s complexion and have a look/hair very similar to hers. I have very long, natural, black hair (color-virgin) and thick, dark eyebrows. What are your thoughts the Kenya/Angela’s hair color… particularly on someone who is a deep brown complexion? (i.e. Kenya or Gabrielle Union). Is it worth the cost, upkeep, potential damage to my hair?

    Opinions are mixed out there. Boyfriend says I should do it, but some say my jet black hair is more exotic/striking. I ask because I value and trust this site’s opinions

  35. Chels says:

    Julissa looks great! And Kenya Moore’s dress to me is age appropriate and her hair always looks fabulous!

  36. makeeasweet says:

    i personally dont see anything wrong with dressing down and carrying a birkin Kardahsian had her birkin bag laying in the sand on the beach.thats what people do when they have money to afford such things and that 10,000 bag is just another bag in their collection.a birkin not even a splurge to someone that rich like kim kardahsian,maybe to nene cause her net worth is alot lower then kim.anyway,this was a good post.

  37. shelly says:

    @ Haircolor Feedback

    Hello, I just read your comment, and if you are thinking about coloring your hair, I think you should do it! The spring/summer is the perfect time to experiment with lighters colors. Since you are concerned about damage, I suggest you maybe start out with a rinse. Start off with something a little lighter than your natural color, possibly a deep/golden brown. You can always work your way up to a lighter color. I would also suggest trying an ombre look (which is popular anyway, lol), that way you are only concentrating on the bottom of your hair, instead of your whole head with streaks. I am no expert, but I have dyed my hair quite a few times, lol. And don’t be scared to go on youtube. There are great tutorials up there. And if I’m not mistaken, you may be able to find pictures of Gabrielle Union on this site with the ombre look. Hope this helped. (Sorry for the long post).

  38. Indigo says:

    @ Haircolor feedback Are you seriously asking a bunch of strangers about something we can’t see?? Then you say you trust this site’s opinion?? Or did you just want us to know.. “I have very long, natural, black hair (color-virgin) and thick, dark eyebrows” “but some say my jet black hair is more exotic/striking.”

    Go see a hair specialist! They will go over everything…

  39. kxs09a says:

    I wanna know Beatz denim Shirt brand.
    is anyone know ?
    I will appreciate it

  40. Cookie says:

    Rita, no ma’am! The whole look is tragic!

  41. Grace says:

    I’d have to agree w/Jihan. Everyone looks a mess for the most part, even Common (I didn’t know that that was possible!).
    Some people need to toughen up and get a sense of humor. A fashion website where people are sometimes criticized for their poor fashion choices-gasp!

  42. Ron says:

    UM, IF YOU DONT LIKE WHAT THE WRITERS SAY ON THEIR OWN SITE READ ANOTHER BLOG! Some of the readers I tell you! Start your own blog, say whatever u like!

  43. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    Kenya Moore is a certified BANGER! Is she on Twitter, I need to know her beauty routine.

  44. ShrenAKO says:

    Common is getting old. Angela should have worn a totally different shoe, and Flo Rida is a little pale in the face, and his outfit is a mess.

  45. yusufswifee says:

    haha! at all the comments, but Ms Kenya Moore is that bish – homegirl gets a pass from me anytime…

  46. d. broussard says:

    I actually loved Angela’s fit: youthful, pretty meets grunge, very kind of la downtown chic. or sf chic.

  47. soon2Bmrs says:

    Hey Ladies this is a fashion blog, where fashion will be referenced. *side eye*

    Jihan, your posts are hilar & NO that Birkin doesn’t look well with the attire Mrs. Leakes is rocking.

  48. Maria says:

    Sorry but chick Rita Ora is NOT CUTE! I’m not a hater but DAMN! Busted face.

  49. krystel says:

    Good job Jihan

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