May 7th, 2012
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Wardrobe Query: Emily B’s Valeisha Butterfield Baby Shower ASOS PETITE Exclusive Midi Dress in Scarf Print
By Faith

Vanessa writes, “Hey, I would love to find out where I can get Emily B’s dress she wore at Valeisha Butterfield’s baby shower.”

” Thanks in advance!”

Okay! Perhaps Vanessa is new to the site (if so, welcome!). Perhaps she is unfamiliar with Emily B’s sartorial proclivities (if not, click on Emily B’s category here). At any rate, Emily B was spotted at friend Valeisha Butterfield’s Baby Shower in a $51 Exclusive Midi Dress in Scarf Print from…ASOS:

Her dress is crafted from soft jersey and features a body conscious, sleeveless silhouette, and a fun scarf design.

Emily looks great! And the more I think about it, she’s just as devoted to ASOS as any other celebrity might be to Givenchy or Lanvin.

She uplifts many of her looks with splurge-worthy shoes and bags, so I don’t see any problem with her going affordable (though it would be nice to see her in other brands from time to time).

You can get her dress for a steal at

What do you think?

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40 Responses to “Wardrobe Query: Emily B’s Valeisha Butterfield Baby Shower ASOS PETITE Exclusive Midi Dress in Scarf Print”

  1. Kia says:

    I agree, switch it up a bit..sheesh…and she’s always in something tight.

  2. Yakini says:

    I agree – the outfits she chooses from ASOS are generally cute and affordable, and they offer a nice variety of clothing so I see nothing wrong with sticking with what works. She is sent stuff from them by their PR person, which Im guessing is part of why she wears the stuff so often….

    And though she loves her ASOS, she also wears quite a bit of Alice + Olivia, TopShop, Rachel Roy, and Alexander McQueen…. but it seems the readers who write in to you are particularly drawn to the bodycon dresses that she gets from ASOS….

  3. Any info on Valeisha’s dress? Love the print.


  4. Kitty B. says:

    I hope to see another Emily B in ASOS post until 2013….enough is enough!!

    It’s a cute dress but im over her and the bodycons!

  5. Lola A. says:

    You know what I am starting to think that she is working a deal of sorts with them to carry her line …honestly I am over the body con thing on her…BUT….I do like to see affordable CUTE stuff on post subjects instead of expensive ugly stuff on some of these celebs

  6. laspirit says:

    WHY DOES EMILY KEEP MAKING HER FRIENDS SEND INQUIRES ON HER SKIN TIGHT OUTFITS. I mean how much are you paying people to really act like they care where a chick who looks and dresses like a Miami stripper get her clothing from. She makes everything look cheap and I’m tired of her low quality pics. Your style is boring and lacks diversity!

  7. couturesista says:

    Again, typical

  8. Sandra says:

    Again, another post about her. I can’t . I am going to let that one go.

  9. Eden says:

    Don’t knock Em’s outfits y’all. Yes, it’s predictable, but there are several outfits that i’ve seen on the stick figure models on the asos website, that I would have never purchased if I hadn’t seen emily wear them.

  10. Tessa B says:

    agree w/Eden…she def makes alot of the items look better than on the models…I probably would have skipped over the banana/black & white outfit she posted the other day, she def makes them look better..but she could wear some looser fitting clothes and brands can be sexy without wearing skin tight clothes all the time…

    **she needs some tips from June Ambrose…

  11. Lainea says:

    Claire, I’m surprised you take Emily B inquiries serious at this point. Everyone should know by now her clothing comes from ASOS.

  12. Liz says:

    There’s nothing wrong with her buying from the same brand, the problem i have is that it’s always the same style, tight and patterned, ASOS has literally thousands of clothes and hundreds of brands there’s no excuse.

    And @Yakini She is defiantly not getting sent stuff from their PR, a friend of mine used to work for ASOS and they rarely send celebrities clothes especially someone like Emily B who would be virtually unknown to the majority of the British public.

  13. Alison DiLaurentis says:

    @Yakini: please stop. Asos ain’t sending no clothes to a Z-list celeb.*in Tamar Braxton’s voice*

    By now, everybody should know Emily’s kit: ASOS dress, Louboutin or Zanotti (whatever everybody’s wearing) shoes, Dallas/Dynastie Earrings. No more outfit enquiry about this broad till she hires June Ambrose or Rachel Zoe for a makeover. Thanks!

  14. Nneka says:

    I think the clothes look good on her and I usually not drawn to the tight bodycon look. I think it is very refreshing for a “celeb” to wear affordable clothes and still make it look good

  15. Yakini says:

    Yeah, I agree that half the stuff on the ASOS models looks a mess, and its nice to actually see it on a woman with a fuller figure….

    She actually does wear more than just bodycon dresses – since I follow her on Instagram I see a fair amount of variety. The readers who write Claire always seem to inquire about the tight dresses tho, hence, why so many posts are about her tight dresses….

  16. blow my candles out says:

    oh again – lol why do people bother asking where she gets
    her clothes from?
    i wont knock ASOS though- i can get caught up in it when theres a sale to!!!!!

  17. Rebecca says:

    Body cons work for her. But I’m sure there are probably dozens of other mail bombs… Can we stop seeing Emily b and her Asos???

  18. Bella says:

    OMG!!! Ok this is getting ridiculous. The majority of her clothes are from asos. Go look on there FIRST before asking FBD. enough already!

  19. Bella says:

    And her necklace is from h&m. I definitely have it. Wow!

  20. ShrenAKO says:

    I guess F.A.B.O isn’t letting her “Throw it in the bag”….so sad! lol Anyways, enough of the Mirror Pics….My Goodness.

  21. MonaLisa_310 says:

    I hate to beat the same old drum but why are we even entertaining inquiries about Emily B’s clothing anymore? Yes she always looks nice but she also ALWAYS shops ASOS. How about before asking just check the site first. I’m convinced she’s not really a stylist. Who is she styling?? Nene from down the street? Seriously.

  22. A.Renee says:

    I agree with some of the above comments that ASOS must be sending her pieces which is a good marketing tactic. The models on that website give you a skewed vision of how the outfits works. When seeing items on someone like Emily more people will buy based on their curvy figure. Just like plus size women, its hard for super curvy woman to find clothes that is probably why so many inquire about her.

  23. yusufswifee says:

    Me thinks she wears ASOS when she is take cell phone pix. I’m sure she wears other stuff also.

    At any case, I am fast becoming a fan. Not necessarily of her style, but of her. She CLEARLY doesn’t care what anyone thinks – and she looks great.

    I wonder if she even knows her twit pix are being posted and debated on an urban fashion blog….:-)

  24. hey yall says:

    her hips look………*lost for words*

  25. Marthe says:

    if it was a little shorter (i’m a short girl myself) i would totally rock this dress, i’m not much of a ‘dress-person’ but i love this one.

  26. Tiffany says:

    I like Emily. And have no problem with her devotion to asos. I actually love that she wears things that I can afford. HOWEVER I would like to see a different silhouette on her. Some type of range!

  27. I agree with some of the other commenters. ASOS seems to work for her but she definitely should change the silhouette up from time to time. We all know that she has hips/curves (like tons of other women) so why not use her styling skills to show them how to embrace a curvy figure in something other than a body con dress all the time.

  28. Indigo says:

    Why should she change her silhouette if this is what works for her? Can’t no one say she looks bad. Once you’ve found a way to compliment your silhouette, stick with it… At least she knows how to dress her body type. She’s sexy.

  29. soon2Bmrs says:

    Please FBD readers – no more “Get the Looks” from Emily B! Her wardrobe comes from Asos. People always ask & the answer is always Asos.

  30. YF says:

    I think it’s rather responsible of her to wear affordable clothing. She has a lot of young girls looking up to her. So it’s great that she’s proving that you don’t have to spend tons of money to look good. She can easily send the wrong message to these girls if she only wore Gucci & Prada (which most of them can’t afford). As far as the bodycon dresses why not? She has a great figure. Why shouldn’t she show it? People become a bit judgemental when it comes to fashion. If you feel good when you step out that’s all that matters.

  31. Meika says:

    I wish everyone would please stop posting questions about Emily’s twitter outfits bcz it’s ASOS… No need to email and btw she can not dress to me… She has a mean body but OVER IT!!!

  32. Pinky says:

    asos needs to cut emily a check. she reps hard.

  33. dyshaun says:

    OMG the ridiculousness of this.

  34. Siyam says:

    this is the first time she seemed covered up in a flattering way. I think she looks good

  35. fashion roadkill says:

    Nothing wrong with Asos time to time……..

  36. KBS says:

    I would respectfully care to ask Emily to go play in traffic on I95 during rush hour traffic, por favor.

  37. too cool says:

    at this point im more mad at FBomb staff for continuosly allowing these Emily B. wadrobe inquiries. it was comical at first “oh look, another synthetic sensation from asos” but now its exhausting. how bout this, post her if shes wearing something NOT found on asos???

  38. DaliSaidIt says:

    Haters!!! She Wear wat she Wat to Wear! … if she bargain hunting with a billion dollars in her account… So Fuckin What!! U Dnt Know WHAT “F.A.B.O” is Throwing in her Bag or her Account! She Make It Look Like Its Worth It! Smfh Worry About ur Closet, (but u blog searchin to see where she got her shit at tho) lmao

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