May 1st, 2012
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Splurge: Solange Knowles’s Gucci GQ Cocktail Party Spring 2012 Drape Neck Top, Colorblock Mini Skirt, and Ophelie T-Strap Sandals
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Solange Knowles turned out to DJ the Gucci GQ Cocktail party last night, appropriately clad in a few well plucked Gucci pieces. She blessed the night in $1,495 Ophelie T-strap sandals, along with a metallic zebra stripe blazer, a $1,195 colorblock miniskirt with band inset, and a $650 drape neck top.

Her 100% silk drape neck top also comes in basic black.

Her natural white and black silk cotton skirt features a block of radzmire with bronze leather.

Her sandals have two chain straps and a decorated heel.


While the outfit is undoubtedly Hot! on its own, that skirt is a little short, no?

What do you think?
If you love it to pieces, get it at


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62 Responses to “Splurge: Solange Knowles’s Gucci GQ Cocktail Party Spring 2012 Drape Neck Top, Colorblock Mini Skirt, and Ophelie T-Strap Sandals”

  1. Akua says:

    this woman can do no wrong in my eyes. beautiful!

  2. uh huh says:

    FIYAH…I love her so much.

  3. Bella says:

    She looks great! James Franco is looking haggard. Wtf? I used to have a huge crush on him :|

  4. rudy says:

    love it! she has legs to work this. i can’t even fault it. yuss miss solo!

  5. Liz says:

    Yaaaas! Go Solange!

  6. ShrenAKO says:

    I love her style. Whoever her stylist is get a thumbs up! Beyonce need to hire them.

  7. AB says:


  8. endESQ says:

    Solange looks AMAZING (as usual).
    @Bella – I think Franco is still in graduate school + working. He’s probably waaaayy tired.

  9. Snotty Poodle says:

    I need a inch more on the skirt and her not to pose like that ANYMORE. awful.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Solange looks FABULOUS from head to toe…. Love this entire outfit & the hair. Yes!

  11. y says:

    She looks amazing, as per usual. Yes the skirt is a bit short however with legs like that, who wouldnt right? lol Short but tastefully done.
    I love that blazer…and those shoes – I must have!

  12. Marsha D says:

    She looks amazing as usual….

  13. Sarah says:

    Hi Claire…. No this is a good look!!! I love the inset detail on the skirt.
    Great balance of color.

  14. Liz says:

    @Akua, u took the words right out of my mouth! I <3 Solange!

  15. Siyam says:

    She has the gams so I say go for it

  16. Mrs Windy City says:

    Im in love with that jacket!

  17. Indigo says:

    I LOVE IT! She looks beautiful. Just two years ago,ppl were saying, WTF, and that she needed style like “Beyonce”..LOL My,how the tables have turned. lol

  18. nyc chick says:

    So fly!

  19. Deb says:

    I’m with Akua she can do no wrong. Love her style

  20. BK says:

    HOT and Haute! LOVE Solange! She hit every note with this outfit. Her legs look amazing!

  21. BK says:

    And a heavy eyeroll to you bringing up Beyonce. What does she have to do with this post, aside from being Solange’s sister? NOTHING! Solo has always marched to the beat of her own drum, for better or worse.

  22. FashionCritic says:

    Solo looks ridiculously HOT..skirt is short but with those legs who cares. Kudos to her stylist he or she really picks good pieces and looks for her to wear that compliment her well. Makes a world of a difference some celebs need to fire their stylist! Cough Ciara

  23. AD says:

    The skirt is too short and actually makes her upper-half look short. Otherwise, she always looks great.

  24. Taj says:

    I love the entire look

  25. Style says:

    She actually looks hor

  26. michezulu says:

    Solo is always so fab. Love her style.

  27. Dion says:

    agh! She is just too perfect. I wish I was skinny like her. I hate myself.

  28. Style says:

    She actually looks hot, sorry

  29. Kinky Curly says:

    Finally, I feel like out of the past three looks I’ve seen of her this past weekend, she got it right with this one.The white at the top of the skirt with the white top makes it look a lot shorter than it really is, but looking at it from the side, it looks better. I love her hair, my lord!

  30. whatevs says:

    Solange is just everything to me…luv this…

  31. Jumelle says:

    Magnificent!!! She looks AMAZING!!! Love love the hair, the outfit- EVERYTHING!

  32. Jumelle says:

    Magnificent!!! She looks AMAZING!!! LOVE THE HAIR!

  33. robyn says:

    she is perfection personified!

    But Jihan, those aren’t the same shoes. JLO i believe had these shoes on before (and they are Gucci), just not the same ones Solange had on the other day

  34. Claire says:

    @robyn Our bad. We initially linked to Solange’s correct sandals, but put the wrong picture in. It’s fixed!

  35. Ladyb says:

    Beautiful from head to toe. Loving the jacket and hair

  36. kat says:

    THIS is who I am in my head, lol! But seriously, she doesn’t disappoint.

  37. Briana says:


  38. I had the pleasure of being at the event last night, and Solange looked fab!

  39. metoo247 says:

    She looks great! I like her better with the curls framing the face than the slick back she was trying to pull. Her face looks better this way.

  40. Troy M says:

    Solange is beyond amazing !!

  41. sci1045 says:

    Love Love Love her!!

  42. I think that I would feel right at home in Solange’s closet. She just get its right.

  43. binks says:

    Slayed it!

  44. Diva says:

    Solo is SERVING IT !!!!!
    I wasn’t really feeling her hair as I loved her “free to be me fro”, but I’ll give it a pass… head to toe she does no wrong in my eyes… Love her style & fashion sense.

  45. Diva says:

    oh and she needs to jump on that hot James Franco !

  46. Nicky8 says:

    Her looks NEVER disappoint and I would be devastated if we found out she had a stylist this whole time!!!

  47. Aha says:

    @Nicky8 Of course she has a stylist, does noone remember how Solange used to dress ?? And it’s sooo obvious (to me at least) that the Knowles’ ‘people’ are dressing Solange up and Beyonce down so Sol takes the spotlight off of Bey while Beyonce spends time with her baby.
    You people are so gullible!

  48. Grace says:

    LOL @ Nicky8 not thinking that Solange has a stylist.
    Nonetheless, I think she looks great! Sure the skirt is a tad shirt, but it’s event-appropriate and she certainly can pull it off!
    SN: The bad wig/weave is giving me Kelly Rowland…

  49. Luv dat says:

    Head to toe… Perfection.

  50. Rebecca says:

    Solanges legs are just perfect!

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