April 26th, 2012
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Men’s Fashion Flash: Kanye West’s Date Night Yellow Balenciaga Arena Sneakers
By Claire

Paparazzi loving lovebirds Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were spied holding hands the other night, with Kim in black and beige, and Kanye in navy and blue, topped off by $545 yellow Balenciaga Arena Sneakers.

The Spring 2011 shoes come in vibrant highlighter yellow, and feature contrasting white laces.

Kanye, say cheese!

I kid.
At any rate, Kanye’s shoes have long sold out, but you can get the kute kouple’s looks here:

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35 Responses to “Men’s Fashion Flash: Kanye West’s Date Night Yellow Balenciaga Arena Sneakers”

  1. ana says:

    kimmy’s hair looks pretty, cool shoes

  2. Shop_mania says:

    Two fashion Icons !!!

  3. rudy says:

    never seen kanye smiling so effin much! it’s cute.
    and i like kim’s hair and that wrap.

  4. Ashley Moniq says:

    I kinda dig them together!
    still two media whores, but cute nonetheless…

  5. Lola A. says:

    He has been looking very happy lately!

  6. jamesa says:

    I stan for kanye and I can’t stand Kim but he has been looking happy lately maybe because he finally got the woman hes been chasing after for some damn long. They lol cute but I still think kim is using him to stay relevant. *kanye shrug*

  7. Izhause says:

    Okay now I normally like what Kanye wears but I showed my mom these pics of his shoes and she asked me was Kanye wearing Crayons!
    Lol wow I told her no those shoes are Balenciagas that cost 545.00 she said that he needed to go back and get 459.00 worth of change bacK! Then she created a scenario it went like this:I bet They saw Him Coming and said heh Kanye Look what we have Here! She said he’s a bit too Aged for that. I was speechless! Lol at Crayons!

  8. I like the shoes a lot! They are grinnin’ and skinnin’ ain’t they?

  9. lv says:

    Kim outfit is grand

  10. liz says:

    kim and kanye look super happy. altho i’m not her biggest fan, i’m happy for her. everybody deserves to be happy

  11. ladyb says:

    “Happy” looks so good on Kanye. LOL! He’s been cheesin real hard these days…what’s really up with that? Most of the time he was out with Ms Rose he’d be mean muggin… O_o
    They may be a hot ass mess of a couple but the fashion is on point.

  12. Amani says:

    I know this is a fashion blog buuut… am I the only one that feels there is no chemistry between them? Sure they are friends, but this has publicity stunt written all over it.

  13. Shanon says:

    Love yeezy & his Shoes!
    Kim can dress but seeing them together makes me cringe all over.

  14. trenadiva says:

    i think they gud for each for the moment, a mean kim love th black man dem, mi kno kris never dida go last him too light, and kanye love the white wooman dem, kim near enuff, an th two a dem love th cams , kany famous enuff fi kim lean pon an kanye is known for takin unkown ppl and making them more famous thn they were….win win for them in my eyes

  15. Marion says:

    LOL at his big smile, that looks like a narcissist getting high on supply.

    They both look like they’ll just DIE from all the attention they’re getting, like an infant screaming and then smiling once everyone looks his way.

  16. Ashley says:

    I absolutely Love these two together, I hope there’s true love there! Sneakers are hot and Kim is always on point!


  17. Love Spell says:

    Everybody on here is talking about how they are smiling and looking happy, they both had this same smile with Amber and Kim sho nuff with Kris, dont believ the hype

  18. Tisha says:

    I’ve seen the same smiles before, him with Amber and her with Reggie, Kris, Ray J, and so on…………………………………….

  19. Angel says:

    @Tisha exactly…nothing new to see here!

    Say Cheese for the Cameras Fail!

  20. D says:

    Publicity stuntin’ for sure…but I’m lovin’ the fashion and this IS a fashion blog rite?

  21. ugk says:

    THIS JUST GETS MY BLOOD BOILING!!! Where is illumnati to intervene between this nuclear nonsense of PDA.

    ….. but Kim looks cute *hatersideeye*

  22. Amani says:

    I can only imagine the meeting their PR teams had to make this happen.

  23. Boom-Boom says:

    I can not with this “relationship” but Kim’s outfit is cute… -___-

  24. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t expect to, but I actually like his sneakers… may have to cop those for my bf. Cute date night look for both.

  25. cocoa says:

    i adore & respect kanye so much. needless to say i was so not in agreement w/this relationship (bc i’d prefer if he were w/me instead lol) but after seeing this pic i think they look great together & really happy so no hate. who am i to have an opinion abt a relationship that will never impact my life

  26. cocoa says:

    & kim looks adorable in this outfit

  27. Dion says:

    Dare I say Kim is smiling?! and do I double dare say they look great together?! Jesus help me cause I’m caught up lol

  28. candylicker says:

    I can see now these two are going to blow me.

  29. yusufswifee says:

    i like them together. I dont see what that problem is. These two deserve to date/hang out/think its the real thing/then go their seperate ways like everyone else. I dont get smoking hot chemistry but comfortable closeness…it happens.

  30. Side Eye all Day says:

    For people who claim they have never seen him or her so smiley or happy before- Please google all of the HAPPY SMILING PICS and declorations of FOREVER/RIDE OR DIE they each had for their million past partners and get real.
    Two Attenion Heauxs together equals nothing more/nothing less than a PHOTO OP for each…this is not a match made in heaven or even in reality.

  31. p says:

    they are the perfect couple, made in vapid shallow heaven. i’m shocked it took these two so long to get together.

  32. Ej says:

    Ok..someone wake me up when these two stop faking! I cannot stand neither of these egotistical media whores! Sorry.

  33. Jason N. says:

    I found a pair for sale but unfortunately not my size :(
    These are gonna go fast


  34. susan says:

    aww they looks so happy, i never seen them both look so genuinely happy. Very stylish couple.

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