April 17th, 2012
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Splurge: Beyoncé’s Miami Heat vs. New Jersey Nets Game Thakoon Ikat Print Silk Crepe Shirtdress, Lanvin Eagle Necklace, and Christian Louboutin Bourriche Studded Booties
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

What better way to start the morning than with a little Beyonce?
The songstress enjoyed the beautiful New York City weather yesterday afternoon, taking a stroll with three-month-old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter (and we couldn’t help but blog her look).

The “Love on Top” singer threw on a $890 Ikat printed silk crepe dress from Thakoon and her beloved Linda Farrow x The Row Round Sunglasses and Topshop Oversized Hoops to take in the sunshine.

She was later spotted sitting court side at the Miami Heat vs. New Jersey Nets Game with hubby Jay-Z and nephew Juelz in the same frock, this time adding a pair of $1,095 Christian Louboutin Bourriche studded mesh ankle booties, gold hoops, and the same Lanvin crystal eagle necklace she wore to dinner with First Lady Michelle Obama.

Beyoncé’s dress features a multicolored Ikat print, with sheer black lace panels on the sleeve and down the front. The button down dress also has a back dip hem and tied waist.

Her Lanvin necklace has a strass-finished eagle pendant.

Her Christian Louboutin Bourriche booties are made with fishnet and are spangled down the front with cone spikes.

Loving the color of the dress and her deep berry lip! But not so into how she buttoned the dress to the hilt–it skews a tad frumpy. Perhaps this look would have worked better if she ditched the boots and showed her décolletage. But I guess a Lanvin necklace is as good as showing skin.

What do you think?

If you love her look, splurge on it here:

~ Jihan

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49 Responses to “Splurge: Beyoncé’s Miami Heat vs. New Jersey Nets Game Thakoon Ikat Print Silk Crepe Shirtdress, Lanvin Eagle Necklace, and Christian Louboutin Bourriche Studded Booties”

  1. k says:

    she looks soo happy! a smile is the best accessory to any outfit. yeah not feeling the boots much though i think pumps would have been better.

  2. Shanita says:

    Girl take that damn doll back to ToysRUs!!! lol sike…cuuuute baby legs!!!

  3. CC says:

    i like it buttoned up, that appears to be the trend now, and how she threw the necklace over it, this is a look i love from her, she looks fab, a lil hipster, and blues legs, i wanna bite it! lol

  4. KBS says:

    There you go Shanita, bout ta start a riot up in here lol.
    Who is styling Mrs. Carter lately? She’s been looking. But why do parents of curly haired sons refuse to cut it?

  5. Fa says:

    AWWWWWW. More Beyonce and Blue I say!!!

  6. Shatonia says:


  7. MonaLisa_310 says:

    Love it Bey!

  8. michezulu says:

    Jay-Z may have smoother legs than Beyonce.

  9. ShrenAKO says:

    I’m happy that she covered the baby’s head with a silk scarf. (I love hair) lol anyways. She looks cool. My dad was at the game and spotted them out.

  10. CG says:

    Love mother Bey!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    She looks so good and so happy. I love her outfits lately.

  12. SAW says:

    im surprised to see she wore the same outfit to a different event.. My dad would’ve killed me because he thinks you should shower and change ur outfit if you go to a different event at night

  13. whome says:

    Idc what anybody says, something seems a bit off with her lately. Even watching a clip of her yday when she and JZ were going to eat, she was walking like she was saying in her head: “ok, step 1, step 2, ok, slow down, step 3…” LOL idk and that hair these days, gurl get it 2getha. Now when she steps on stage, it will be anotha story, she only connects when she is on stage, but she is trying to be “normal”…I suppose.

  14. S says:

    this is much better than previous efforts
    momma bey happy and cheesing :)

  15. T1K says:

    I watch the game (lets go Heat! ) and liked the outfit when I saw it. Cute look over all.

  16. Angelese says:

    Wait. YOU’RE sitting around, analyzing a video of her walking and YOU’RE wondering what’s wrong with HER? LOL.

    I swear crazies never realize how crazy they sound talking crazy. Smh.

    Not really feeling this fit but she looks happy and comfortable and that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

  17. The Antifash says:

    I dig it buttoned up w/ the Lanvin necklace. I would have loved to see a cool bottom with the “dress”. It’s reading more of a top to me?.. IDK. I hate the booties. I think I hate the idea of a Louboutin boot/bootie on anyone these days, for obvious reasons.

  18. E says:

    I absolutely love the entire look! I only wish she took the sunglasses off at the game!

  19. Sharon says:

    Love the shoes!!! Like the shirt dress! please drop that necklace on my front steps for me!

    WHY the mesh net on her hair bun! who does that!

  20. lolodoll11 says:

    The dress is ok. Can’t see the entire pic of the casual outfit but I’m sure it looks much better than the bball game. Those boots do not go with that dress. Major fail there. I’m not a stan and actually don’t care much for her music but she does appear to be much happier now and less contrived after having given birth. The joys of motherhood.

  21. Fabulous Mama says:

    Ok Beyonce looks cute….minus that broch necklace thingy w/that dress. and Im sooo happy she didnt wear that HAT!

  22. Shoes r Hot says:

    She is the only celeb who has worn the shoes to their best effect.

    Still can’t believe how dumb people are in regards to analyzing another persons life based on photos or videos.

  23. Kaylah says:

    Aaawwww see blue in her little freakum baby gro I can’t deal with those cute chunky legs baby is feasting on that good creole breast milk!! And Beyonce’s dress is cute for a nice warm day can’t stand the shoes.

  24. Hello says:

    @Angelese agree 100% thats kinda weird lol anyway Bey looks cute and so does Blue with those chunky little legs

  25. It’s certainly a mish-mash of things, but I like it. Blue’s legs are so chunky!

  26. The Antifash says:

    I dig it buttoned up wit the Lanvin necklace. The “dress” reads shirt to me?..IDK. I really hate the bootie. FUUG. I’m really growing tired of Louboutin booties/boots all together…

    Fat baby legs are so cute Lol.

  27. BK says:

    I am on the fence about this look. It definitely could have been styled better, especially for the game. I’d start by unbuttoning those top 3 buttons, as Claire suggested, even if she’d kept the necklace on. To transition this look from day to night, some black leggings or white skinnys and a hot pair of colorful Loubs would have done the trick.

  28. Dobe says:

    LOL @ Angelese! Right?!

    I really like this look on her – the lip, the bun, and I agree with Shatonia re the shoe. A few others have worn it, but it just didn’t work well with them. Also loving Blue’s chunky thighs and the endless smiles!

  29. tyty says:

    LOL @sharon I thought I was seeing wrong! I had to zoom the pic to make sure that I was really seeing her bun wrapped in a hair net! She looks amazing however, would have swapped the booties for some cute nude pumps but she killed it none the less!

  30. Miss Moore says:

    I thought I was the only one who hates those shoes! They don’t look great on anyone I’ve seen them on but I like the top/ dress ( it reads more as a top than dress to me as well). I would have paired it with a nude pump or a strappy black sandal ( flat, wedge, or heeled doesn’t matter)

  31. rebecca says:

    i agree with @KBS

    Boys with curly hair never seem get hair cuts lol

  32. Renita says:

    It’s sooo funny. Yesterday I read on a Bey post someone saying that she reads the Fashion Bomb because she seems to pick up on the constructive criticism. They also said she should show some skin and then BAM, here she is showing off her gorgeous gams! I love the entire look. I think if she showed cleavage it would have been tacky; the dress is already short. Keeping it buttoned up was the perfect balance. I love how she leaves the stage clothes on the stage, and has an entirely different persona when she isn’t performing.

  33. lola A. says:

    yup my 3 year old has curly hair down his back I braid it though but no cutting…….bey dare i ay you look nice dont like the doodoo lippie but you look cute today darling.

  34. mi manning says:

    get a stroller already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it because she really didn’t carry that baby in her own womb?! but i do luv those shades!

  35. Shawn says:

    too cute…check out Blue’s lil chubby legs…awww

  36. Nicole says:

    Street to Chic in a matter of minutes!…I love it and look at little Blue Ivy little legs are so fat!

  37. BlkRose says:

    I’m going to start saying….. that’s just Beyonce! hated everything but love seeing the baby!

  38. Kishonda says:

    She looks happy and beautiful!

  39. Empress says:

    I love those booties…Loving Bey as a mom…Aww

  40. Chox says:

    First I too have to agree with Angelese…second I love everything except the booties.

  41. Sydni says:

    Doesnt it look like there is a net over her bun? (No shade, It might be normal but i’ve never seen it before)

  42. MISSKHADIVA says:

    I don’t care what y’all say but that’s a doll! quit carrying that doll around.

  43. JT says:

    LMAO, look at the troll above me. BYE!

  44. candylicker says:

    This is her trying????

  45. Nope says:

    Can this girl wear her own clothing line for once!? JeeZ! You’d think she designs for Lanvin, Thakoon or Balmain!

  46. Cynthia says:

    The legs on both of them>>>>>>>>

  47. Kitana says:

    Must be really warm in NY. Nothing on the babys legs nor head. I don’t like the outfit at all.

  48. Gretchen says:

    It was 87 degrees in NYC that day. Thank GOD Blue was able to feel the breeze.

  49. Trish says:

    what type of phone is she holding?

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