April 16th, 2012
Fashion News
The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Ladygunn Magazine Publishes “Haute Mess” Rebuttal Spread, Will.I.Am Sued By I.Am Clothing Company, and First Lady Michelle Obama’s Prom Photo
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

• As a response to Vogue Italia’s controversial “Haute Mess” spread, Ladygunn magazine published “Chola!” which they describe as a more “tasteful” and “beautiful” version of what “Haute Mess” may have been trying to achieve. Editor-in-chief Koko Ntuen explained the reasoning behind the spread, saying; “what I saw in ‘Haute Mess’ was [that] it looked like the models were kind of making fun of those type of people, you know, the way they presented it, [we wanted to] make the model look glamorous, and we’re not having her, like, eating tacos with all gold teeth and smiling mockingly at the camera. We’re just trying to show a beautiful side of every culture.” Sounds good enough, right? Expert contortionist Ntuen promptly thereafter put her foot in her mouth, telling The Cut why she chose the title “Chola!”: “I think it’s something like that can be embraced by everyone, just like how the term “nigga,” [has] been embraced, especially by younger generations. That’s just, like, a word. I feel like everyone is just trying to make these words desensitized, so it just expresses their culture…I don’t know if I would be comfortable running a fashion story called, “Nigga!” because people would be like, “What?” [Laughs.] But I think if we did, and we did it tastefully, who knows, maybe it could sit well.” Hey, Koko, why don’t you do a fashion story called “Nigga!”? Publish it, and distribute it around a black neighborhood to see how it will “sit” with the “niggas.”  I guarantee your career will go the direction of Jackie magazine’s former Editor-in-Chief, Eva Hoeke. (The Cut)


• Since it’s prom season, here’s a photo of First Lady Michelle Obama at her senior prom. Of course, Mrs. O looks flawless. Some things don’t change, do they? (Jezebel)

Will.I.Am is being sued for $2 million by I.Am clothing company for allegedly failing to carry out his design (term used loosely) and marketing duties for the brand. The  I.Am clothing company says the “Boom Boom Pow” rapper was supposed to lend his talents to the brand until 2016, but Mr. I.Am (the person) says he has no obligation to the company. (TMZ)


Kim Kardashian‘s new face covers Scott Barnes‘s new beauty book, Face to Face. (Us)


Rihanna in Marchesa

WWD is reporting that Marchesa is looking to add a contemporary line to the already-popular brand. Marchesa is a red carpet favorite, with stars like Viola Davis and Ciara having worn their pieces. The brand is in talks with LF USA, and as of now, that is all the information available. We’ll let you know what develops. (WWD)


• Because good money shouldn’t go to waste, the folks over at Louis Vuitton plan to use the showstopping locomotive they debuted in Paris for a reprise of the fall/winter 2012 show in Shanghai in late July. The show will feature ten new looks, all of which are hopefully more aesthetically pleasing than what’s been shown so far. (WWD)


~ Jihan

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21 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Ladygunn Magazine Publishes “Haute Mess” Rebuttal Spread, Will.I.Am Sued By I.Am Clothing Company, and First Lady Michelle Obama’s Prom Photo”

  1. T1K says:

    Ok these people are getting a little too loose with the “nigga” thing.. So annoying.

  2. Kitana says:

    I’m not a latina but the term chola is kind of offensive to me. Why are blacks and latinos constantly being targeted and mocked by the media and fashion industry? Why is everybody so obsessed with us? No one ever considers a trailer trash or redneck fashion theme……

  3. Rutgers University says:

    Mrs. O went to her prom with Richard Pryor?

  4. lola says:

    dead @ rutgers university. I literally cannot *lowers casket*

  5. Dion says:

    I love my FLOTUS so MUCH!

  6. mary says:

    OH YES RIHHHHHANNNA givin life !

  7. Sassy says:

    Ok, can someone please explain to me how the mess in Haute Mess article represents the black culture or any culture for that matter? Seriously, haute mess simply depicts people that dresses up weirdly. I know some few Caucasians that actually dress up as depicted in the magazine. The same could be said with sagging for men – why don’t we as African Americans sought and embrace positive associations (whenever they come up) and refrain from placing cultural stamps on stupidity such as this. No one in my family or community dress up like that, so i don’t see how it’s a black cultural thing.

  8. Women who have many style influences often develop their own taste in clothing. This unique taste they develop is drawn from not just one person or style icon but usually a series of inspiring ladies. The best people to emulate in terms of style are celebrities. They along with their stylists help to set trends and in effect, help market the clothing industry. In this piece, we will explore where to look for celebrity inspired ladies fashion clothing and ladies jumpsuits.

  9. fashion roadkill says:

    I love rihanna is that dress…………flawless

  10. Siyam says:

    Rutgers University has me dying over here!!!!!

  11. erika0182 says:

    OK Vogue Italia I am seriously going to need you guys to just get rid of the Haute Mess section because you guys are really trying it. The thing is that Vogue Italia is not showing every aspect of these cultures. They are choosing to only show certain ones and display them in the most offensive way possible. Thus making it seem like every Hispanic woman walks around dressing and acting certain way when that is not true. The rest of the culture is being ignored and that’s not right. I do not see any pictures of white people living in the trailer parks sitting around drinking their beer and buying their guns with a baby on each hip while spitting tobacco.

    In regards to your question Kitana, they do it because they want to be us. When someone constantly picks at you for no reason, more than likely it means you have something they want but can’t have. Since they can’t get it they try to make you feel bad for having it.

  12. clicky_heels says:

    i dunno who richard pryor is…but after googling his face it seems michelle did indeed attend her prom with him…*shrugs*

    & I cant believe that split on her skirt…..ooowweee maam thats a high one!

  13. LOL @ the Richard Pryor comparisons. He does kinda look like him. Mrs. O had that thigh all the way out, didn’t she? BAM!

  14. Anonymous says:

    @ Sassy – obviously the ignorant Koko Ntuen thinks that haute mess is synonymous with black, or minorities at the very least. why else would he relate it to the word “nigga” or “chola” ?

  15. Dominique says:

    @ Sassy – obviously the ignorant Koko Ntuen thinks that haute mess is synonymous with black, or minorities at the very least. why else would he relate it to the word “nigga” or “chola” ?

  16. Ay says:

    You don’t know who Richard Pryor is? Please tell me you are under the age of 18 o__O

  17. Indigo says:

    @Ay,not under the age of 18,more like an alien.

  18. Koko Ntuen says:

    I do think that “Haute Mess” was synonymous with a certain type of culture. That is clearly where Vogue was pulling their inspiration from. I did not think that it was the best way to illustrate that culture whatever race the people might be. That was my point.

    My opinion encompasses pop culture slang and words used in various cultures specifically my generation. I do think the term “nigga” has been embraced and is an endearing term in certain cultures. You see so many young kids using the term just like “homey” and “bro” has been used before that. I can embrace it as well. If Nigga had a negative connotation to me I wouldn’t use it. People get so dictatorial about who can say what and I don’t believe in that. If you want to use words as weapons that is one thing but use them to show alliance with a certain generation or time is another.

    Whatever your views are I do think that culture in fashion needs to be discussed and I am happy that a dialogue is happening. This again, is just my opinion, which I am entitled to. I am open to learning and seeing how others view it just like I hope people would be open to my views as well.

    Also that YSL train is sick!

  19. Koko Ntuen says:

    *Louis Vuitton train.

  20. Jihan says:


    The problem is, is that word is only (barely) acceptable within a niche group, and whether I say “whats good my nigga” to my friend or not doesn’t make it any less of a controversial word– that happens to be offensive to a lot of people. Period. The “dictatorial” policing of the word is nothing compared to the history behind it, a history a lot of people would like us to forget.

    I think my biggest problem is that you fail to acknowledge this history. You also ignore the fact that although it is used today as a term of endearment by several black youths, this is (or at least started out as) a political statement in itself. So it’s not just any ‘ol word like “blueberry” or “finger.” It’s far too loaded.

    Anyhoo, I still encourage you to try publishing the “Nigga!” spread, if that is how you, (as a WOC, correct? I looked up your picture :) ) wish to represent black folks. See what happens. I think it could get ugly but what do I know?

    and yes, that Louis V train is haute.

  21. Koko Ntuen says:

    @ Jihan

    Nigga is a term of endearment by more than just several black youths and I don’t think it’s barely acceptable to certain people. This phrase is now embedded in pop culture. I do think that saying “whats good my nigga” to a friend does make it less of a controversial word than using it in a derogatory manner. There is history behind it yes, but my views are taking something negative and turning it into a positive. This is just my view! I’m not saying that the actually word never hurt anyone. All words have history and evolve over years and it’s a society that does that and give the words meaning. When I stated that “I don’t know if I would be comfortable running a fashion story called, “Nigga!” because people would be like, “What?” It was purely commentary and me saying how I felt. Not that I have any desire to publish a story called Nigga! But if I did it wouldn’t be to represent “black folks” it would be to embody a culture of people who use that word, a generation of people, black, white, Latino whatever. I maybe could have phrased that sentence in my interview differently but sometimes words seem different when you are saying them than when you see them printed in front of you. It would never be my intention to represent an entire race in one way! I would however take inspiration from cultures and lifestyles that I find beautiful and present it my own way.

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