April 14th, 2012
Celebrity Style, Shopping
Wardrobe Query: Karrueche Tran’s Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Green Leopard Pony Skin Top Handle Tote
By Claire

Jola types, “I just spied Chris Browns girlfriend with this bag and I was hoping you guys could help me find it. Love this site.”

We love you back! Karrueche joined the stylish ranks of Nicki Minaj and Keri Hilson by rocking a $1,445 Dolce & Gabbana green leopard Miss Sicily tote:

The hot product boasts leopard print coated canvas, a concealed snap button closure, and a detachable shoulder strap.

Unfortunately Karrueche’s exact bag isn’t available for purchase online, though you can get this leopard print Miss Sicily with a more minty cast at www.dolcegabbana.com.

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60 Responses to “Wardrobe Query: Karrueche Tran’s Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Green Leopard Pony Skin Top Handle Tote”

  1. Anonymous says:

    she look like a mess

  2. Style says:

    That bag is too hot. Love the color.

  3. Anonymous says:

    She looks a hot ass mess! Why is he with her?

  4. Alyssa says:

    how does she look a mess?

  5. RitaA says:

    Y’all should be asking why she’s with him, he’s the nut-job.

  6. T1K says:

    Loving the mint colored nor even more!!

  7. T1K says:

    Mint colored *one

  8. Ashley Moniq says:

    i feel like he is straight trying to give her Rihanna swag, she got all skinny all of a sudden, dyed her hair that bleach blond and does she do anything with her life?

  9. GG says:

    What exactly does she do? Must be nice…designer bags, expensive cars and all she seems to do is spread her legs. Remind me why i went to school again? *bitter*

  10. bella says:

    i love these bags! i really want one.

  11. jamesa says:

    @ashley you know she died her hair blonde before rihanna right?? Smh!

  12. bella says:

    @jamesa girl you know you can’t tell rihanna stans anything. they are so out of the loop.

    anyways, i really love these bags! i want one badly

  13. She definitely looks beat. Maybe she’s leaving the gym. The bag is awesome!

  14. eSSjAYe says:

    A little makeup wouldnt hurt…Shes young she shouldnt be looking so haggard rocking that hot purse and especially rolling with Breezy…#jussaying (next!!!)

  15. Alyssa says:

    these pics are when they just got off a flight in Australia. I’m pretty sure she’s just tired. Wow.

  16. aries says:

    love that leopard print, but i like the camouflage one, sitting on the car seat even more with the tan leather straps.

  17. Moyo says:

    Im not understanding why the topic of her occupation comes up on a FASHION blog? Maybe its just me. But if you must know she works with Ugo Mozie’s styling company. oh yea and she just got off a 20 hour flight to Australia…you’d be looking rough too.

  18. GG says:

    @Moyo: wth is Ugo-Mozie and are you seriously trying to tell us this girl can hold down a steady job whilst following Chris EVERYWHERE and flying around the world with him? Unless her job involves him directly then I dont believe it. And why shouldn’t her occupation come up on a fashion blog? People are naturally curious and like to know how she is able to afford her lifestyle/fashion… well at least I am anyway

  19. cami says:

    @ GG….lmbo at “Remind me why i went to school again? “. I ask myself the same question every few days. SMH, clearly she uses more than just her brain.

    Cute bag!

  20. GG says:

    @cami lol glad i’m not alone with that one! And I agree with the looking rough comments also. All she had to do was throw on a pair of shades and she would look fine regardless of being on a 20 hour flight but still… the girl is living it up at Chris’s expense I cant really be mad @ that.

  21. binks says:

    LOL @ GG, but it is an honest question though. I do think KT is a pretty girl and the bag is okay

  22. Tessa B says:

    20 hr flight or not.. That girl looks rough…

  23. hehe says:

    Cute girl but I rarely she her not looking rough even when she’s heading to or from the club. I like the bag though.

  24. LivvyV says:

    Its so funny how women could b so nasty to each other. Almost all these comments are degrading towards Karrueche. I don’t have a problem with her. Before she was with Chris Brown you did not hear about her jumping from celeb to athlete. She has never done anything negative toward anyone, not that I heard of. It seems that her and Chris have a lot less drama in their relationship. If he wants to do things for her let him be. I doubt anyone of you would turn down the things he offer her. And some women spread their legs for lot less. Not saying it right or women. And as for as her looking rough. How many he said she should have just put on make-up being on an 18 hours flight. If you have you would know it anit that is. And maybe she just that secure with herself and knows Chris likes/love her regardless.

  25. LivvyV says:

    *been on an 18 hours flight. IF you have you know it is not that easy* ( sorry rushing through).

  26. Monique says:

    Um yeah, she does nothing for a living because she follows CB around everywhere he goes. It’s kinda hard to have a career/occupation when you follow your famous boyfriend around like a lost puppy. All the designer stuff she’s rocking now, I guarantee Chris bought it. Look at the pictures of her when they first started dating last year and look at her now. Chris has upgraded her lil lifestyle. I have yet to see her do any work so I’m not buying the story that she works with any company. Chile, please. LOL

  27. Monique says:

    By the way, I thought I saw this bag like a year ago and Rihanna and somebody else had it. CB can buy her all the designer stuff in the world and she’ll still look a mess IMO. *shrug*

  28. Grace says:

    I’m not a fan of the bag at all.
    Some of us, present company included, chose to go to college, graduate, and professional school. These are not the choices that Karrueche has made, at least not yet. Some people feel comfortable relying on other’s wealth and some don’t. Different strokes for different folks, but she seems to be living quite well so I won’t knock it.

  29. katie says:

    Wow, o’girl looks haggard. Sheesh! Anyway, she better be careful with Brown before he face also looks like a stomped out grape. I love the bag though…

  30. S says:

    love/hate the bag

  31. Tisha says:

    I never seen her fixed up, she always looks like she is just running out to the store or something!

  32. HMMM says:

    Wow, women, smh. I wanna see how many of you can look half as decent as Kae, barefaced after a 20 hour flight. Make-up or no make up, I can bet my law degree that this girl will slay 80% of you bitter and bummy women in here even on her worst day! #yeaIsaidit #stopthenonsense

  33. BlkRose says:

    When u date wealthy men or men with statues you get nice things like designer items, trips, and industry connections. If she’s a smart girl she’ll try to start something up now and make a profit off of being his GF. I went to college and have an established career, but not everyone is thinking on that level. sometimes I thin women get jealous when they see another woman being spoiled by her man. All that glitters is not gold, we really don’t know what’s going in their relationship. On the bag, not my taste.

  34. BlkRose says:

    At least her man doesn’t mind spoiling her. Some of us can’t even get a man to buy us a happy meal.

  35. Anonymous says:

    In love with the mint version. S/N alot of you grown women care way too much about what she has and how she got it.Ugo Mozie is a popular LA based stylist/designer and Kae works for his company.She has been the styling assistant for Chris since his Fame album which is how they met. Following Chris is her job.

  36. Anonymous says:

    The bag is hot… She is not!

  37. TRUTH TELLER says:


  38. TRUTH TELLER says:


  39. WOw says:

    Wow she is so pretty, how the hell? She looks malnourished and dehydrated! I guess being in a relationship with a superstar will suck the life out of anyone

  40. Courtnee says:

    LMAO @ people claiming we’re “bitter”. I’m not bitter about having a degree and doing things for myself because that’s how I was raised. Not to depend on ANYBODY for ANYTHING I have. I can’t be jealous of somebody who didn’t even earn the designer stuff she’s rockin. Her famous boyfriend bought it for her so uh yeah, BYE with that “bitter women” bit. I still need receipts for this company people are claiming she works for because we NEVER heard of her before she started dating CB and I saw her styling for the FAME tour and it was AWFUL and this is coming from a CB fan whose been to all his shows and his wardrobe for that tour was the worst out of all the tours he’s done throughout his career. It looked amateur and thrown together. Whatever, she follows Chris around cause she doesn’t have any work. Cut the crap! LMAO

  41. Anon says:

    Dont know how women can claim others are bitter for simply stating FACTS about the girl. Every media article about her says that she is an aspiring….more like struggling model and not CB’s assistant.
    Please lets not act like this girl is anything special because shes on the come-up and being laced by CB. As far as I can tell she doesnt contribute anything positive to society but to provide her “services” to Chris which might as well be on a romantic/sexual basis only since Chris’s style isnt great with or without her anyway. Just because she has a nice lifestyle and a designer bag doesnt mean we should praise/adore her fashion – which was gained by lying on her back.

  42. Anon says:

    @Courtnee grrlll you better PREACH. Women like karrueche can have all the designer clothes and bags in the world but what they will NEVER get is respect. In this day if you dont have a career/education to fall back on when the love stops being sweet you can find yourself in deep sh*t as a woman…so yeah she can have that high school drop-out, on the come-up fast life…. I’ll keep my books open and my legs closed. You only have to read her mentions on twitter to see that this girl stays getting clowned left, right and center 24/7. People are looking for role models not hoe models.

  43. Ryan says:

    LOL @ The people that think that Karrueche stole “Rihanna’s Swag”. If you took time out to properly inform yourselves you would know that this is the way Karrueche has always dressed AND she had the blonde hair before AND now after Rihanna. Stop comparing the two girls because they have a man in common. It’s sad and pathetic.

  44. YuupStayMad says:

    A very cute “I’m taking a loooong flight” get-up. Werk it, girl!

  45. krystel says:

    i actually like the dolce more than hers. Good job Claire

  46. HMMM says:

    @ Ms. Courtnee, the long-winded essay is not needed. You would’ve been well off not attempting to retort because now its clear you’re bitter if you have to let us know that you can buy your own while Kae may get hers from her MAN. Truth be told, if you were in her shoes, you would take everything Chris has to give you and more so STFU and take it is that Kae got the life you can only dream of…even with your degree you CLAIM to have. #keepingitmoving

  47. HMMM says:

    take it in that Kae*

  48. laspirit says:

    You ladies got it twisted. This has nothing to do with having a degree and having the bomb job. This is about your man not having any problems with spending money on you. I don’t have a problem with my man giving me nice things, and why are you guys worried about her education and career choices. All I’m seeing is a whole bunch of jealous women. You don’t need an education to make money, because most of the broke people I know have a degree. Hell yeah I’ll let him take me all over the world and spoil me. I DON’T KNOW ANYONE THAT WOULD REFUSE!

  49. Anon says:

    @laspirit noone said your man lavishing you with gifts is wrong its the fact that she follows him everywhere and seems to have no life of her own that annoys people. When the love stops being sweet which lets face it – will probably happen eventually she has nothing to fall back on no career and no education. So yeah you and KT can have that life -being 100% dependent on a man isn’t a good look for any woman in this day and age. And clearly the broke educated people you know either didnt do well enough or went to the wrong university cos education is not a myth

  50. Chinda says:

    I’m pretty sure everyone isn’t glamorous 24/7 in their lives…everyone looks unappealing sometimes.

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