April 13th, 2012
Celebrity Style, Dresses, Mail Bombs
Mail Bombs: Kim Kardashian’s Today Show Turquoise Roland Mouret Annabelle Double Wool Crepe Dress, Nicki Minaj’s Beez in the Trap Hot Pink Bodysuit, and Monica’s Watch What Happens Live Giuseppe Zanotti Booties and Brown Zip Pants
By Claire

Happy Friday!
It’s been quite a week on the Fashion Bomb…! I’m looking forward to logging off and exploring a few local museums and attractions. Before I get my culture on, I figured I’d make some time for Mail Bombs.
Let’s get it poppin!
A lot of you were really interested in knowing the make of the blue dress Kim Kardashian wore in This Week in Chic:

Porsche says, “I am in love with this dress Kim wore on the Today show this week. Any idea who the designer is and if there is a “look for less” I would be in heaven! Thanks so much!!!”
KK made an appearance on the Today Show in a $1,995 Roland Mouret Annabelle Double Wool Crepe Dress:

Pop a skinny belt and black heels on any of these for a similar essence for less:

Next up, Mari wanted the 411 on Beyonce’s hooded parka:

She wrote, “I am dying to know who designed the navy hooded parka/jacket Beyonce wore in NYC at the end of Feb 2012. I have googled it like a crazy person and nothing! Please, please help me! Thank you SO much!!!!!!!”
We’re not sure either, but you can certainly get a similar look for less with this $199 Wax Hooded Navy Jacket from Topshop:

That might be your best option, since we know Beyonce has been known to rock $2,000 denim jackets and $1,000 shirts. Get the Topshop option here.

Brandy says, “Can you tell us where Keri Hilson got that black shirt with the cross on?”

Keri skewed casual in a Cross Top by Bill + Mar (similar to this):

Buy the top above for £30 (approximately $47) here or peruse the rest of their cross adorned pieces at www.billmarshop.co.uk.

Of course the Beez in the Trap wardrobe queries didn’t stop with the banded back leopard catsuit! Martina wrote, “Hey can you plz tell me where I can get this bodysuit that Nicki Minaj is wearing?”

Not sure where Nicki copped her exact pink bodysuit, but you can get a similar on stage look with this $23 Option:

Get it from www.ftcline.com.
Also for the plus sized ladies who are interested in a leopard backless catsuit (similar to the one we blogged about here) I Heart Posh Shoppe wanted me to tell you they have options for ya. Take a look at their offerings here.

Tracy writes, “I love, love, LOVE Monica’s pants! Overall, its a lot of look and I think she pulls it off, but I MUST have those pants, are they leather?”

” I would totally rock these with a blazer those heels. Can you find them and maybe a look for less, although I understand if there’s not a look for less. Deets please!”
Monica certainly looked chic in her Giuseppe Zanotti wedges..

…and brown zip pants. Her shoes have long sold out, but you can certainly get a similar trouser with these:

In a wardrobe query, Sue writes, “Your expertise is required. I have been lusting over this sequin skirt for ages now, but the only thing stopping me from purchasing it is the fact that I cant imagine what to pair it with in terms of tops.”

” Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.”
I’d hesitate to get the skirt as well–not because it isn’t cute, but because it seems more appropriate for fall than for spring! But, if it’s on your must have list, you can’t go wrong with black or white on top, or play with contrasts, like navy blue. A monochromatic look can work as well, since the bottom is so textured:

What do you guys think?
And we’re closing out with a few unsolved Mail Bombs!
Monica writes, “I love these shorts! Can you tell me where I can find them or something similar? Thanks!”

Young writes, “Hello,I would gladly appreciate if someone could help me find these leggings Deelishis has on… “

“…Thanking you in Advance!!!”

Quite a few of you needed deets on Kim Kardashian’s vacation wear, including her blue bikini…

..and cool kaftan…

And lastly, Ashley writes, “After browsing Lala’s Instagram I couldn’t part ways without
knowing who the designer of these lovely sunglasses were.”

If you know, leave a comment!
I actually have a few Style Inspirations cooking and of course we have today’s Bombshell.
Stay tuned!

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33 Responses to “Mail Bombs: Kim Kardashian’s Today Show Turquoise Roland Mouret Annabelle Double Wool Crepe Dress, Nicki Minaj’s Beez in the Trap Hot Pink Bodysuit, and Monica’s Watch What Happens Live Giuseppe Zanotti Booties and Brown Zip Pants”

  1. Mixx says:

    I’m a plus size girly myself so no shade but I BET’DNOT see not none of yall in that catsuit! no ma’am! They trying to set us up with that one..nope. don’t do it.

  2. Siyam says:

    @Mixx that’s hilarious :) love the shades on LaLa and Kim K’s swimsuit.

  3. mary says:

    omg MIXXXXXX i was thinking the SAME THING i looked at that catsuit and it looked horrifying, the description said
    ‘wear with a sheer maxi, short, a top” and some other mess it said make it a “wardrobe staple” lol!!!!! PUH LEEZE

  4. SimplyMe says:

    thank you to the first two commentators. Everything ain’t meant for everybody….

  5. Kitty B. says:

    Kim’s body is AMAZING!!!!! may not be real, but its AMAZING!

    Lala sunnies are super cute, I need the tea, someone spill it!

  6. Posh Shoppe is selling out of those jumpsuits in 5,4,3,2,…Ashanti is too thick for those shorts and Deelishis needs to stop taking photos of herself, immediately.

  7. Zimbabwechic says:

    We thick girls need to stop deluding ourselves on how good we look when wearing tight jelly belly, muffin top, cellulite revealing clothes, Death to leotards and leggings that don’t fit and become sheer when over stretched on our bodies.

  8. Dobe says:

    LOL @ Mixx and the “set-up”!!! Too funny.

    Ashanti doesn’t need to be wearing those shorts.

    Claire, did you ever find/choose someone to help out with Mail Bombs?

  9. Mixx says:

    @Zimbabechic I completely agree. Death to tights as pants and that goes for everyone.

  10. Thefav1 says:

    I love kk’s swim suits! maybe its the bod that’s in it that makes me like them…..hitting the gym asap!!!

  11. Simone says:

    The blue and white swimsuit Kim has on is from her Beach Bunny Swimwear line…not sure about the second or the kaftan though

  12. Blue Ivy's Feet says:

    Thats it I am about to buy me a body like KimKartrashian..can you identify the surgeons who worked on her Claire?

  13. AJ says:

    Some of you can be sooo critical. I’d love to see what you look like everyday lol

  14. LOL @Blue Ivy’s feet for the request and the name!

  15. Anonymous says:

    @Blue Ivy’s Feet

    kim never had work done,why cant people just believe a woman can be born with nice curves.i have almost the same body shape as kim and have seen plenty of other woman with that hourglass shape.so tired of chicks callings us abnormal because we go to the gym and work on our CURVY BODIES.some chicks just have curves like that,no surgery or butt pads needed

  16. mika says:


  17. LuvinTrey says:

    Those Giuseppes are HOT! Completely outta my price range but a girl can dream lol

  18. lolodoll11 says:

    That hooded parka. Seriously? Someone sent in a mail bobm request for this? Sigh! Claire’s a good one. I’d just click “delete”.

  19. Anonymous says:


    kim sisters do have curves.kim might have surgery done to her face,but body always been on the thick side even when she was a teenager.her body look natural,face is definitely different though.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Actually…Kim’s body hasn’t always been like that…I was obsessed with the oj Simpson case when I was a little girl, which was the time Kim k’s family came on the scene, she was 16-18 around the time her father was constantly in the news…and her ass was flat as a pancake, kourtney was pettite bu similar shape, and Khloe was fat…not hating, I like kimmy, she capitalized on an opportunity that was presented to her, if we’re stupid enough to keep watching she’s gonna b smart enough to keep doing what she’s doing do I’m def not knocking her hustle…but ths ass is fake…the end

  21. Claire says:

    @Dobe No, not yet:( Looks like the Fashion Bomb Squad as it is does the best job possible. But if someone can help us out, then by all means…!

  22. Meka says:

    Not sure where Lala got her shades from but I bought something similar last month from asos. http://www.asos.com//Jeepers-Peepers/Jeepers-Peepers-Abigail-Sunglasses/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=1936604

  23. Dani says:

    @ Anonymous… I wish you hadn’t hidden. I have an hourglass shape & I too workout like a mad woman to keep it in check. Majority of the population of females have a “rectangle” or “box” shape from what I’ve gathered in my research on female body types so… most of the posters have no idea what it’s like to have curves.

    @Mika You’re right, curves are genetic however, that doesn’t mean you get them directly from your mother. My Mom has always had a rectangle shape no matter if she was slim or on the thick side. I’ve always had a hourglass shape, [even at my biggest which was a sz 18] & I got it from her Mother, my GRANDMOTHER who at 76 still has it. I am the [only] grand daughter out of 12 that she passed it down to. I believe Kim’s body is real… you can’t fake Curves, either you got’em or you don’t.

  24. jillibooboo says:

    who in hell wants that bum jacket?

    kim k inspires me to perspire.

  25. Empress says:

    If anyone seen Kim/Ray J porno..they would know…she had on jeans pants and her ass was FLAT! Love her body in swim suits tho..Fake or not..She still works out to maintain her investment!

    I would like to know which plus size women were inquiring about the NM catsuit…The back was cut out..Rolls and everything will be showing through that catsuit..Smh

    Deelishis needs to have a seat..She is soo tired! Big ass and all

  26. Kishonda says:

    I love Kim’s kaftan..KAYUTE!

  27. Liz says:

    Kim’s swimsuits are hot. but the first picture…her skirt is TOO tired. omg.

  28. krystel says:

    Love that dress Kim wore so much.

  29. Mona L says:

    These mailbombs are getting ridiculous now!! Its hysterical!

  30. Lulu says:

    I saw Ashanti’s shorts while in Topshop a few weeks ago. I think they are less than $100.

  31. anonymous says:

    Kim’s butt is as fake as a 3 dollar bill. google the phrase “kim kardashian before plastic surgery” and see the pictures of her with a flat butt and smaller boobs. Some of you idiots will believe the sky is purple if the right celebrity says so. I really do hate dumb people who d*ck ride celebrities.

  32. Lee says:

    I believe LaLa is wearing Grey Ant sunglasses.

  33. Very great post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have truly loved surfing around your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing on your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

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