April 9th, 2012
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Get the Look: Nicki Minaj’s Beez in The Trap Leopard Catsuit
By Claire

Soooo many of you wrote in asking about the jumpsuit Nicki Minaj wore in her Beez in The Trap video:

Dani wrote, “I usually don’t like anything Nicki wears, but I am loving this catsuit. Do you think you can find out who made it & where I get it (or one similar to it)?”

Of course Shatonia wrote in, saying, “Hey I love the catsuit she’s wearing. Where can I get it?”

I hesitated to answer this simply because I think something like this should only be worn in a video-some styles don’t need to translate to the streets (just my humble opinion). But hey, I’m not your mom and it’s a free country, so…yeah. At any rate, this $35 ‘Good Call’ jumpsuit from spandex laden website, “Great Glam” has the same silhouette and a banded back:

Just no leopard print. If you want something with a print, ASOS.com has quite a few options:

It seems GoJane might’ve had Nicki’s jumpsuit (if you squint, you can see it in this pic)…

but it is no longer available and it is now available! Visit this post

… for the details.
At any rate, get all your video vixen needs at www.greatglam.com or Asos.com.
If you’ve yet to see the video, check it out here (warning explicit lyrics):

*Just for fun, do you think outfits like these should be worn in the streets or kept on the stage?

*Reader Mide chimed in with this gem! She says, “I found something very similar while browsing for basics.”

Get the leopard catsuit above at www.agacistore.com for $29.50.

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122 Responses to “Get the Look: Nicki Minaj’s Beez in The Trap Leopard Catsuit”

  1. Alyssa says:

    Have mercy. I done seen EVERYTHING now.

  2. Ciara J. says:

    With the right body type, it can be worn by whomever is bold enough to wear it wherever !!!

  3. Alyssa says:

    honestly, i do think in this day and age, it will be worn especially(hopefully) in the club but should definitely be worn by women who are slim, curvy and have the assets to fill it out. Unfortunately, as with the leggings trend, few women with that body type actually wear it. It adorns those of the lumpier shapes lol.

  4. Aha says:

    Black women: stop dressing like whores. Have some respect for yourself. Know the difference between fantasy and reality.
    No virtuous woman would wear bull$hit like this. There is a way to be sexy without having your ass hanging out anywhere.

  5. They sell something very similar to this at the beauty supply store near my house…this look definitely should be kept in the videos or at home in your bedroom. Body for it or not, no one wants to see you wear. Claire, you probably should’ve stuck to your gut on this one. I see chicks lined up at the club wearing this get up with their Black China shoes.

  6. aj_wright says:

    its very very very rare that u will catch someone wearing something so revealing that has the shape for it AND the class grace and posture to match. Really she/we shouldn’t be promoting our bodies in this fashion… Btw those chicken legs n err thing else donot match nicki

  7. Nikki K. says:

    I personally wouldn’t wear it, but I don’t foresee myself caring if and when other girls want to wear it. Rihanna wears pajamas and trashbags outside everyday, and some people consider it high fashion while others consider it a hot mess lol. My point is that fashion and the appropriateness of fashion is in the eye of the beholder, and if you think you look good wearing it then why not wear it. Speaking of Rihanna, I do think that if she were the one in this leopard catsuit, there wouldn’t be any discussion of “black women…dressing like whores.” I understand that it is sexuality is somewhat more legible (and therefore less condoned) on curvier woman, but there has to be a limit to this double standard.

  8. lostluv224 says:

    Outfits like this should be kept strictly for the bedroom if ur not an entertainer, of the stripper variety.

  9. Alyssa says:

    lol at selling it in the beauty supply. That’s says just about everything right there.

    @aj_wright. u are right. Very rare to see that and even if that happens, it shouldn’t but it does. Our world is way to f****d and we need to see about changing the images we pervade the media and our young girls with.

  10. oh lawd the birth baths are about to take over the world with this heeeeeelp

  11. Lola A. says:

    I have seen this jumpsuit on a few females who did not have the shape to wear it in OR out of the bedroom smh I am not shocked this was asked I remember someone asking where they could get blackchynas stripper shoes on here lol #smh!

  12. makeeasweet says:

    well were going to be seeing plenty of fat rolls this summer.this look need to stay in a rap video where it belongs.

  13. DoubleR says:

    Eh…I don’t see the big deal. I PERSONALLY wouldn’t be bold enough for this one, but if styled/accessorized by the right fashion forward woman (hopefully with some manner of cover-up) I can’t see how this would be much different than some of the other styles we’ve seen on other entertainers and stylists sometimes. People asked, you delivered.

  14. Vicky says:

    Aha, Yes girl! You said it all!
    This outfit is trashy trashy trashy and we know what happens to trash. It gets thrown out and nobody likes/loves trash. Ladies, don’t be trash.

  15. binks says:

    Nicki looks straight up gross, her a$$ looks nasty and deformed….sighs my sisters my sisters…. and to the women who buy this catsuit I hope you don’t get negative/unwanted attention and touches street harassment is way to real. But to answer the question an outfit like that shouldn’t be worn in the streets NOR on stage at the end of the day this image you are selling isn’t a good one…shrugs

  16. Mlao says:

    Ratchetness is a disease

  17. MMhmm says:

    Less is more. I think people who wear these outfits do it solely for male attention and to be honest if you wear this all you’ll be seen as is a quick f*ck. If that’s cool by you then rock away.

  18. Calista says:

    “Omg what do she have on???….She racheeeeet!”….lol. I’m not trying to be sanctimonious about fashion appropriateness but let’s be honest, there’s no way to wear this kind of thing with class or grace. Will you see a woman in this get up and say “she looks so claaasssyy! And graceful too..”…c’mon son!

  19. Siyam says:

    I would wear this…as a costume in a music video. At the club, people can’t hold their liquor ( literally and figuratively) and will probably be spilling some of it on you on your back ( murphy’s law) if you wear this outfit. Nicki is bangin’ in the catsuit, no lie, but she’s 1) in a video and 2) famous enough that she has bodyguards to ward off the unfortunate attention this would bring anyone else.

  20. WendyB says:

    Oh my God. This is for stage — or bedroom — performances ONLY. Love it on Nicki, do NOT want to see it on the street.

  21. cmon says:

    This is what happens when strippers and fast women get reality shows.

  22. I was one of those people on twitter that was half and half about posting this, one because I wouldn’t be caught dead in a carsuit in the club. Weird thing about clubs, women dress up, paint their faces, and then just dance with friends, and get upset if men hit on them because they are dressed a certain way. So I don’t go that route, but I also couldn’t pull this off. Thing about FBD is it’s half High Fashion when it wants to be, and then it’s like street style/hip hop when it wants to be so I think it’s a balance, you can tell just by how ppl comment on Fashion Bombshell.

  23. Amani says:

    I’m more of a modest person, but this outfit doesn’t bother me (much). I do like the models version better as that jumpsuit and figure leaves more to the imagination.

  24. ugk says:

    I dont hang out at places where girls dress like this … nor do i pay for concerts where girls dress like this. I dont care if you have a body for this … its screams lack of respect.

    lmbo @ beauty store … right next to kaneklone (sp?) hair

  25. Alloftheheights says:

    I have had the misfortune of seeing a couple of women stuff their large bodies into this catsuit. It was very disturbing and not even a little bit sexy.

    Please don’t. You might think you’re hot but the back and side rolls you’ll be rocking say otherwise.

  26. Kitty B. says:

    I was waiting for this, LMAO…some of you girls….oh the SHAME!

  27. mary says:

    wow lol i love that you said u hesitated. you shouldnt have answered lol

  28. The Antifash says:

    Again, this can’t be life…

    @Aha got me screaming yaaaaaasssssssssss inside (I’m at the workhouse)

    “No virtuous woman would wear bull$hit like this.”

    The best line ever.

  29. Kitana says:

    Are you effin kiddin me? Bussdowns frequent this blog? I’ve seen it all, these are future mothers. I weep for the future. Who in their right mind would wear this bs?

  30. My Response says:

    Why would anyone want to wear a catsuit anywhere else besides on a stage on in a video. I don’t get it. It’s ratchet if you think of wearing it elsewhere….smh

  31. Savage says:

    Lighten up!! Its a Nicki Minaj video!! lol But not at the beauty supply store! But I can def see the black joint with a blazer…or some moto boots and a denim jacket. That’s how i wear my unitard from AA. But this garment like many others can look oh so stank on the masses.

  32. ShaySole says:

    Someone gave me this exact bodysuit (in black) because they felt my body would look great in it. Unfortunately I am NOT bold enough to wear this out…not even for a fun night at the strip club lol. The top of my butt is exposed (just like Nicki’s) and it just leaves pretty much NOTHING to the imagination. This catsuit will end up collecting dust in my closet…as it has been for about 4 months now lol.

  33. ShrenAKO says:

    They wanna be like Nicki. Stop it ladies.

  34. Serita says:

    But if beyonce was to wear this for editorial and threw on some fierce McQueen shoes y’all would be sayin yassss to the gods! #Icant

  35. dyshaun says:

    Nooo not again, Claire. And Im not talking about the request. Im talking about your attitude towrds said requests. Come on. If it wasn’t for these teeny boppers/video lovers clicking and emailing you all day your site would have less traffic. Think of it that way.

    I just think it does you a disservice to continually post about what you WOULD wear vs. what someone else SHOULD wear. It is a free country, we are not their guardians AND they are keeping you paid. Cut them some slack and stop lacing these requests with arsenic. Stop being nice nasty. The residual is killing your dear readers like me.

    Keep it relative. Lots of people wouldn’t wear dreads; I heard somebody call them “dirty” just the other day. Some folks frown at busty girls in button ups…It is what it is. And don’t even get me started on the man-repelling outfits fashion heads fawn over. The rest of the world? Yeah, theyre laughing. Everything isn’t for everybody but that doesn’t mean you have to be nasty about it.

    You want us to be all inclusive with white faces in fashion but we should knock other women’s clothing choices and talk about how “whorish” they look and how they are “so not classy” (cause you know classy is the look women are going for at the local 2am spot) ….just because they may be questionable to us…I got that right? Somebody ring Gloria. Please. *eye roll*

    I’m glad I’m my own in the world and I’m not being shaped by these posts…cause Kim K. gets daily shine and her claim to fame is questionable. Is the message “dress to appease others taste in public…but videotape your private conquests in hopes of stardom.” Oh. Joy. Cant lose like that huh?

    Im already down to about 5 post topics that are free of vitriol. Am I going to have to stop reading the mail bombs too? Sheesh. /essay

  36. Shatonia says:

    I AGREE WITH SERITA.LOL. “But if beyonce was to wear this for editorial and threw on some fierce McQueen shoes y’all would be sayin yassss to the gods! #Icant” THIS IS TRUE AND FUNNY

  37. dyshaun says:

    “but there has to be a limit to this double standard.”

    Yes!!! Thats what I missed. The double standards. SMH. How this is not soooo obvious is beyond me.

  38. dyshaun says:

    “But if beyonce was to wear this for editorial and threw on some fierce McQueen shoes y’all would be sayin yassss to the gods! #Icant”

    Soooo true. And I love me some Bey. Rihanna too. Rih could get a pass.

  39. LawyerChic says:

    Well said @Dyshaun

  40. One of my readers over at my blog emailed me about the suit saying they wanted to wear it for a concert in Miami so there you have it, I guess you can ear it just vecause.. My small behind would look like a hot mess, but I envy the women with lovely curves who will make it look good.

  41. Claire says:

    @Dyshaun Don’t have much time to write as I’m running to talk to young students about how to break into fashion/blogging.
    I can’t win for losing.
    I solve the Mail Bomb, voice my opinion (which I’m entitled to), but give everyone what they want. Or at least I try. Maybe that’s the problem.
    I give up!

  42. Mocha says:

    First of all, this look is clearly for a stripper/bedroom/photoshoot purposes, like who wants to wear this out?? Stop it. please.

  43. Dani says:

    Well, I love it & have the confidence, poise & shape [40-29-41] to wear it so I will definitely be buying it. Don’t like it? Don’t look. Simple. ^__^ Thanks Claire! You’re the b e s t. <3

  44. Brittany says:

    I don’t agree with Dyshaun. I think Claire and the other writers on this site give just the right amount of sass. I honestly think you all could be a bit cheekier in your responses.

  45. dyshaun says:

    Dont type and run, Claire. We have plenty of time. But I can’t get my FB fix if you’re hurt. LOL

    “I solve the Mail Bomb, voice my opinion (which I’m entitled to), but give everyone what they want. Or at least I try. Maybe that’s the problem.
    I give up!”

    Claire, I am SMH with you when I see these bombs! BUT I’m not trying to stay gainfully employed as a blogger! Your platform is much bigger than my upturned nose!

    I read these bombs and I felt some kind of way…I know that I am too sensitive to blog, and my hat is off to you and your well-done job of giving the people what they want.

    It just seems like there is a more professional way for it to be done. You never know which of these little demons is the next big thing. Keep all options open! Youre def. entititled to your opinion on your blog and anywhere else, IJS, Claire. Youre my friend in my head and these are things I would say to a friend if need be.

    PLEASE dont give up. Just be more open to differing views and looks. Good luck with your speech.

  46. Bliss says:

    I like it, it’s no worse than a dress with the back out.


  47. dyshaun says:

    @Brittany I too appreciate when they offer a peak into their personalities but sometimes, non, most times, it breeds negativity. Thats all im saying. It starts cheeky then all of a sudden its catty and bitchy.

    Ive been reading with Claire for a long time and I def. love that she is showing more and more of herself.

  48. dyshaun says:

    ” [40-29-41] ”

    Wow. You must look like an hour glass..brickhouse much.

  49. cortnee says:

    Beyonce has more class than Nicki sorry. It’s not what you wear but how you wear it.

  50. Dani says:

    @ Dyshaun lol! I workout everyday & eat right to keep it all together. Truthfully, Im on what I call a Summer Shakedown. I want to lose that last inch on my hips & waist. I’m buying this Catsuit to hang on my motivation wall alongside a bikini I adore. My motivation wall is the reason why I lost 53lbs after having my Son 2yrs ago. =) @Cortnee YES!!!! I think everyone in this thread is assuming that anyone that wears this suit is up to no good or has whorish tendencies, so not the case. I wear what I want, mini skirts, cut outs, lace panels, sheer over peek-a-boo places & never have I been approached in a negative way by anyone. It’s all about how you carry yourself in the clothing. YOU make the clothes, they shouldnt make you… period.

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