April 5th, 2012
Fashion News, Kanye West
The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kanye West Raps About His Womenswear Line, Jessica Simpson Knocks Off Christian Louboutin, and Guess Defends its Knockoffs in Court
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

• Hey, want to listen to a whole song in which Kanye West boasts about his awesome high-end womenswear line? Me neither.

But I think we all know someone who does! (that’s Kanye West). The rapper’s newest track “Theraflu” mentions his fashion exploits, which would lead you to believe his collections were well-received : “Dinner with Anna Wintour, racin’ with Anja Rubik/ I told you maf*ckers it was more than the music/ In the projects one day to Project Runway,/ We done heard all that loud-ass talkin’, we used to it.” Yeezy even gets braggadocious about the cankle shoes $6,000 Giuseppe Zanotti sandals the designer created for West’s Spring 2012 show: “$6,000 pair of shoes, we made it to the Paris news!/Don’t talk about style, ‘cause I embarrass you,/ Shut the f*ck up when you talk to me ‘fore I embarrass you.”  (Styleite)

• So her unborn child may never experience a slipper shortage in its life, Snooki is launching a children’s slipper line in collaboration with footwear licensing partner Happy Feet. The infant and children’s line will be available this spring at www.snookislippers.com, if you’re interested in contributing to baby Snooki’s college tuition. (WWD)

Jessica Simpson is the latest celebrity designer to be accused of plagiarism. Simpson’s “Evangela” sandal, featured in the current issue of ELLE, bears an all-too-uncanny resemblance to the Christian Louboutin “Staratata” shoe, which was released in 2010. Could another Loubi lawsuit be in the works? (Cellar Paper)

• OPI is teaming up with Disney to bring a Minnie Mouse-themed collection for the summer. The four nail lacquers come in different hues of red and pink, and include a charming heart topcoat, which is officially on my beauty wishlist. Will you be buying? Or is this collection boring you? (BellaSugar)


Guess, Inc.’s Paul Marciano took the stand yesterday to defend his company in the Gucci v. Guess case. Marciano says the diamond shape, interlocking G’s, and red and green stripes featured on their wares were not necessarily inspired by Gucci’s products. Marciano claims his brand draws inspiration from the most popular high-end designers, and details like diamond-shape logo prints are just a reflection of popular trends. “This kind of pattern is common in the world of fashion and it’s not particular to Gucci, what I understand here, which is very frequent [in fashion], is an inspiration to create an original bag of G’s with the same components. That’s what design is.” Do you buy his argument? (WWD)

•Vetaran blogger Angel Laws of Concrete Loop talks to Roc4Life about her style, and keys to blogging success. It’s a must watch! (Roc 4 Life).

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40 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kanye West Raps About His Womenswear Line, Jessica Simpson Knocks Off Christian Louboutin, and Guess Defends its Knockoffs in Court”

  1. Good Lord Ye looks delicious in that picture! Anyway, JS always does this! Whoever is designing for her needs to get a little more creative, but I do love her line though, i have a pair of shoes from her that have last like 5 years so far.

  2. Mark Watson says:

    First, Jessica Simpson nor Guess can have any argument against plagiarism claims. Not to quote Marciano on his “inspiration” claim, inspiration is one thing and straight out copying is another.

  3. ShrenAKO says:

    Damn Jessica….You too! :-(

  4. I love yeezy’s new song esp. the part abt Kim K. & Snooki is really stretching her 15 min.

  5. Dom says:

    Those Jessicas are a blatant rip off. I’d sue her. I can see the difference between the Guess shoes though. It really all depends on the law what they decide to find in the end.

  6. Christian Louboutin STOP It!!! I own a few of his things but I really thought his law suit against YSL was in horribly bad taste.

  7. Erica B. says:

    I’m not mad at JS or Guess. The masses want knockoffs! If that weren’t the case, “The Fashion Bomb Daily” wouldn’t consistently receive emails from readers looking for those “cheaper alternatives”.

  8. katie says:

    @Jessica Simpson shoes: WHO CARES! Does Christian Louboutin really think suing Simpson will get people to purchase their shoes? I’m a college student and I can’t afford Christian Louboutin. I love it when affordable brands knock-off higher brands. It makes it easier for me to get my hands on higher end items without the price. People like me aren’t their customers to begin with, so how much would they really lose? You can’t loose what you don’t have (lower income customers and their money) and suing Simpson won’t change that. This is why I can’t stand intellectual property. It does nothing but stifle and limit.

  9. katie says:

    Jessica Simpson shoes: WHO CARES! Does Christian Louboutin really think suing Simpson will get people to purchase their shoes? I’m a college student and I can’t afford high end. I love it when affordable brands knock-off higher brands. It makes it easier for me to get my hands on higher end items without the price. People like me aren’t their customers to begin with, so how much would they really lose? You can’t loose what you don’t have (lower income customers and their money) and suing JS won’t change that. This is why I can’t stand intellectual property. It does nothing but stifle and limit.

  10. Kitty B. says:

    Angel is an inspiration! I’ve met a few times at events in Brooklyn, she has a very interesting vibe to her to say least!! Definitely took notes from the video :)

    @Jihan i heard all of “theraflu” last night, the fashion part didnt bother me i was waiting for him to brag…but I had to put the Givenchy Couture Wedding gown Kanye picked out for me back in the closet when he confessed his for Kim K. and took some shots at Kris H. SCANDAL!!!!

  11. Kitty B. says:

    Oh and I adore the Minnie mouse OPI collection, anything with hearts im a fan of ^_^

  12. Jihan says:

    @Kitty… I am DYING @ “Givenchy Couture wedding gown Kanye picked out for me,” that’s just hilarious.

    Thank you for that :)

  13. Oh Kanye, I hope these lyrics are at least riding a dope beat. I have to youtube this…Not feeling the Minnie Mouse collection. Wow, I never knew JS knocked those shoes off, I have a pair. At least she waited 2 years to do so, lol.

  14. yusufswifee says:

    haha at Jessica knockoffs…damn. I want the leopard print neon yellow ones – badly

  15. mary says:

    BOO KANYE NEXT anything to remain relevant. antyway, i WILL be buying the minnie mouse polish, and jessica ripped them damn shoes off, blow for blow she did everything but paint the bottom red, but u know what i be she doesnt even do all the designs

  16. DarkEmpress says:

    I will be buying the OPI Minnie Mouse collection. Love Pink. Have so many different shades of it already.

    As for the issue of knockoffs, it is understandable when a brand’s design have been completely copied and fakes are being sold and they want to sue- the designer is losing money due to fakes. I get nervous buying designer gear on ebay because of knockoffs. Those people who produced exact replicas should be sued.

    However when a lower price-ranged brand imitates and makes something inspired by the designer brand, I dont think the luxury designers have a strong argument about lost revenue. The people who can afford Gucci will not be buying Guess, the people who can afford Louboutin do not buy Jessica Simpson. I think that these high end luxury brands should make lower priced diffusion lines. Clearly there is a market for their style at a lower price range.

    As for the brands that imitate luxury brands, it just cheapens their line. Their line seems less appealing because they cant come up with original designs. There is imitation everywhere- Bebe, Steve Madden, Asos and more copy designs.

  17. The Antifash says:

    Kanye, please get off the gas with that lame 2 look “collection” you put together. You are a musical genius, but you are no Hubert, Yves Henri , or even Karl. Stop that.

  18. mamareese says:

    Why does Snooki get a kids shoe line? I’m saying the child aint even got here yet…who’s to say she’s got baby wardrobe taste? Beside, we’ve seen her appearance and I just can’t. Ew everybody ain’t meant to be a fashion designer….finger pointed at Snooki and Ye’….shoes gonna be all bedazzled and crazy looking……

  19. December Sidderwhite says:

    those shoes look VERY similar and I can afford the JS so there you go! don’t be mad at the player ijs. and the Minne Mouse nail polish to include a charming heart topcoat I WOULD LOVE THAT!

  20. FashionBoys says:

    Umm…..Kanye can do no wrong, and that song Theraflu is the ‘ish, ya’ll should just expect him to be a bit of a queen.
    & Those Jessica Simpson shoes are a helluva knock off.

  21. Missus says:

    Yay!! Thanks Jess! Love ya girl! I will most certainly be purchasing those lovely $90 shoes.

  22. Jennifer says:

    FashionBoys spoke on my behalf regarding Kanye. Thanks!

    I love pinks, so the Minnie Mouse collection is for me.

  23. Nakia P says:

    I think its a sad day when copying someone else’s creation is okay just because its the item you can afford. Inspired by means it has some similiarites, an exact replica is copying and the companies should be sued. They should spend some of the revenue from their $90 shoes to come up with some unique designs.

  24. shelly says:

    @ Nakia P

    So true.

  25. iQgraphics says:

    as a designer, i have to respect the ideal of intellectual property. JS is catering to a different consumer altogether though. Her clientele spends no more than 120 for shoes, CL’s spends no less than 750.
    I wish JS would have just abandoned copying the exact color scheme…. damn girl… that’s over the top dot com

  26. Meika says:

    since I am not able to affourd Louboutin’s I am not mad at J. Simpson at all bcz I would def rock em….

  27. andie says:

    I see why a high-end designer would be mad but I doubt he’s losing any money from Jessica having a replica.
    I haven’t heard Kanye’s song but I’ll take a listen. SN: He and Kim should get together,besides Reggie I can see them being a good fit :/
    And I rarely buy nail polish, but the minnie mouse line seems cute

  28. Francy says:

    I thought that picture of Snooki was Lil Kim at first before I scrolled down and read…not sure which one of them should be more offended :/

  29. Funny…I have those! LOL

  30. lola j says:

    when i first saw the jessica simpson heels, i thought to myself, i’ve seen those before, maybe on amber rose. but apparently, it was the louboutin version i’d seen.

    now these are obviously straight up copies, & i could understand if CL wanted to sue. but i personally am not mad at jessica simpson. i loved those CLs but cannot even dream of affording them at this point in my life. so im glad JS made the evangelina. i fell in love as soon as i saw them

  31. Lea says:

    Vince Camuto actually owns the JS brand (as well as Nine West, etc). He is the one to blame directly, not JSimpson.

  32. UpscaleDreams says:

    I will be definitely buying the Minnie Mouse OPI the colors are sooo cute!! I understand when some people are inspired by other designers but those Jessica Simpsons are just plain knock-offs. But I highly doubt that Christian Louboutin is losing $$ b/c of these knock-offs

  33. Birdy says:

    Imagine if you are a fashion designer and you create the illest heels and someone steals your design and call it “Inspiration”. I do not know about you, but I will be super mad, so imagine how Christian Louboutin and Gucci feel. I know that knock-offs probably do not hurt their pockets at all but imo it is the principle.

  34. p says:

    those jessica simpson shoes look like EXACT copies and that is taking inspiration to far. this is a blatant violation of intellectual property and they’re not even bothering to hide it.

    kanye is irritating. that is all. and i thought the fashion critics didn’t even like his last collection. i can’t believe those mini mouse shades are so boring. no i will not be buying any.

  35. sasha says:

    I honestly don’t care if someone takes their design from another company. Nothing in fashion world is THAT original. Just because someone comes up with a style does not mean that you should not be allowed to have it. I understand people are allowed to intellectual property rights but I mean c’mon, I think it’s petty to have this law apply to fashion. (especialy if it comes to straps)

  36. sasha says:


  37. Nelly says:

    So I wonder if Converse ever had to sue anyone because there have been so many designers who have copied off of their famous classic tennis shoes. Do they get paid from higher end designers who have created their inspired “version” of the shoe? Even if they don’t have the same star logo…To me that shouldn’t matter as long as they’re not trying to bootleg the brand. A lot of lower end designers/brands have made a “down-to-earth” version of aspired designs by expensive labels. Everyone can’t afford $1000 shoes, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have the opportunity to get a more realistic $100 or less pair too. Did Steve Madden get sued when those Manolo Timberland look-a-likes came out? I have a pair of Nine West wedges from back in the day that have red bottoms which came out way before Christian Louboutin was even popular…smdh

  38. Luvly says:

    It seems like all the comments are saying the same thing in reference to the Jessica Simpson/Louboutin situation an that is that its ok because her shoes are more affordable… This is wrong! Not only is she wrong for copying the luxury brand but she should be sued as well. No one would be questioning it if it was their brand that was being ripped off. Stealing someones complete design is just the same a writer plagiarizing someone else work; If its not ok in any other creative outlets why should it be allowed in fashion? I can’t afford the Louboutins but I still won’t be caught in a knockoff /replica because their cheaper! Its not a about price points but about someone’s hard work that was replicated because they knew it would generate sales, so they chose NOT to do the work but let Mr. Louboutin do it for them. Ugh..

  39. Vanessa says:

    Those Jessica’s sure do look like knock offs and I buy Guess’s stories.

  40. Sharde Monet says:

    either way those JS’s are bad…she got the Loubs to the T!!! lol

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