April 4th, 2012
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Hot! or Hmm…: Lala Anthony’s Think Like a Man Atlanta Premiere Tibi Colorblock Leather Panel Shirtdress and Christian Louboutin Bourriche Studded Ankle Boots
By Claire

Lala Anthony posed on the red carpet for the Atlanta Premiere of Think Like a Man in a colorful $990 Tibi Colorblock Leather Panel Shirtdress, a $2,645 Alexander McQueen Crystal Britannia Skull Box Clutch, and $1,095 Christian Louboutin Bourriche Studded Ankle Booties:

She added a bit of pizzazz with a bright pink belt and a front swept bang.
Her silk-chiffon dress features a fold-over collar, a leather front panel, and an asymmetrical hem.

She appears to be carrying this Alexander McQueen box clutch, which boasts the brand’s signature skull clasp along with studs.

Her Louboutin ankle boots (shown in white) mix edgy spikes with fishnet.

Hmm…I want to love this look, but the dress seems to stifle Lala’s fabness. The up-to-the neck buttons and leather seem suffocating, no? I’m not sure, though.
What do you think?

*If you like her look, get it here:

*Check out a few more pix from the premiere:

Who do you think was best dressed?
Paras Griffin/G. Paras Photography

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74 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm…: Lala Anthony’s Think Like a Man Atlanta Premiere Tibi Colorblock Leather Panel Shirtdress and Christian Louboutin Bourriche Studded Ankle Boots”

  1. Bella says:

    Not feeling that look at all. HATE the shoes. Keisha Knight-Pulliam and Gabrielle Union look amazing though.

  2. Tam says:

    There is absolutely nothing Hot about LaLa’soutfit, this is a misfortune.

    Keisha Night Pulliam and Gabby are the best dressed!!

  3. Lola A. says:

    Ok I am gonna say it lala has great style but her boobs are huge!!! they make my back hurt when I look at them she is so pretty and I am not being mean at all but she is so tiny and there so big….well people pay good money for boobs like that so I guess…….

  4. Lola A. says:

    SIDEBAR: I was so boobmatized that I forgot to mention that Selita looks nice for once love the whole outfit and fresh makeup as well

  5. Just Me says:

    I LOVE Gabrielle’s dress! On the other hand, I think Lala’s dress really doesn’t flatter her shape. As she is very full at the top and has very skinny thighs and calfs. She definitely could’ve done better.

  6. Idivinia says:

    I though it was just me too. Lala has been blessed with beautiful curves. So e the last thing she should be wearing is a button up shirt in leather. The outfit went from looking fab to all wrong. The louies are cute. Even though Gabby’s dress is simple its what makes her look so gorgeous. Selita’s outfit is also simple but glamourous her sheos are very cut too.

  7. lola says:

    Lala is NOT A FASHIONISTA. Stop trying to make her happen. Neyo? really? Gurl, bye! Everyone looks like steaming hot mess except Gabby.

  8. Mrs.Gz says:

    Lala looks beautiful from the neck up. She made a $1000 dress look cheap as hell. Love her, but she really needs to get a stylist that knows how to shop for body type. Her hair and make up is on point as usual though.

    I Love Keisha’ skirt!!!

  9. Tamara C. says:

    This dress doesn’t work well for large busts. I love her hair.

  10. kimberlyn says:

    Hate the whole outfit,love the clutch though

  11. Grace says:

    The dress accentuates Lala’s disproportionality. Also, is there no suggested dress code for these events? How is it that some people showed up in jeans while others are rocking gowns?! smdh…

  12. Sooo no dress code? Was this a “Come as you are” type of deal?

    LaLa *thumbs down*
    selita *thumbs up*
    The lady that played Evita on The Steve Harvey show….girl stop.

  13. taffie says:

    Lala, No!! The shoes look beta in the picture than on her and the dress, girl no. Gabriella looks awesome. Most of the people just didnt even try to look good, nothing spectacular.

  14. Stylistic says:

    Gabby’s dress is awesome. Selita is Beautiful! But that Lala…whew. A race car dress? And the shoes do not complement.

  15. lanenabuena says:

    LaLa always looks so lovely but this is a no no

  16. mr.FASHION says:

    LaLa outfit it a perfect example of the term “DOING TO MUCH”.

    Less is more.

    I hate the fit of the dress for her body type. Her boobs looked pushed in, pushed up and wrong, color blocking can be very tricky & it fool her on this choice. The different material for the dress is really a gamble for her curves.

    LaLA hair choice is a No because her dress is busy.

    She should have kept it very simple & to the point.

    You must style your hair to match the package.

    The shoes is a subject of it’s own. They say nothing to the outfit – The dress & shoes are singing two totally different songs. Not a hit record.

    I understand they may cost the price of some people rent or car note but everything that scream money isn’t the best choice for fashion.

    The McQueen clutch have nothing to do with the shoes, dress, or hair (please stop letting gay lable whores – dress you).

    Stylist be happy go lucky in showrooms, That doesn’t mean you have to choose everything in the damn room.

    Where was Dice & Poe to tell her the truth?

    Something like this would Defentely get her kick off Vogue best dress list next year.

    Let’s move on to the little neon pink belt? NEVERMIND!…smh

    I have seen her dress great lately, but she have been picking colorful, busy, patterns and etc – (very high -end designers) but sometime it’s a bit much.

    I do understand the pressure of living in NYC & having Kim Kardashian on your speed dial.

    I will let her slide this time & NOT put CHANEL CUFF’s on her this time but next time she might go to the BIG HOUSE -> fashion crime # 10736292

  17. mesa says:

    Ok I don’t even need to say anything @mrfashion just took the words right out my mouth. Lol

  18. Mio says:

    I can see what she was going for, I think it was a the Jetsons inspired look, but it failed because she is topheavy, she has a great figure, but this isnt her dress.

    I still live though

  19. makeeasweet says:

    i wonder when they give out invitation,do it tell them about the dress code?.seriously,jeans and gowns.the woman from steve harvey look so cheap.

  20. CeeWinners says:

    Gabbrielle and Vanessa Williams look the best. Love Vanessas short hair do. All those damn weaves…wearing someone elses hair. Who knows where that sheeet has been….lmfao

  21. B. says:

    I kind of like the dress on Lala but I hate the belt and the shoes so I can’t really give it a thumbs up.

    Absolutely adore what Keisha Knight-Pulliam is wearing. She’s the best dressed female there in my opinion, while my best dressed male choice would be Kevin Hart. Honourable mentions to Gabby Union and Ne-Yo haha.

  22. NIKA says:


    your blog is amazing!!! And especially the dress from Lala Anthony (Tibi Colorblock Leather Panel Shirtdress) it’s a little bit 80′s style.

  23. Dana says:


  24. mary says:

    ok @ mr fashion its sounds like hes a fed up with lala as i am lol, and his grammer, well, lol! anywho, she is constantly missing the mark. can we talk about TERRI VAUGHN where the hell was she going? she looked a mess ! I dont like Mrs harveys dress and regina hall is my girl crush shes looks good. RUDY HUXTABLE sit yo ass down, shes another one : )

  25. michezulu says:

    I’m a big fan of La La’s dress style, but this doesn’t seem to fit her body type, and the shoes don’t go with the dress. Boots would have been more stylish.

  26. Shatonia says:


  27. I just can’t….I love Keisha fit tho!

  28. Ej says:

    OMG 90% of these ensembles are all wrong! I’m not going to give Keisha a thumbs up bc though her body is great, she looks like her stomach is bulging in this outfit and her hair looks weak. I can only appreciate Gabrielle and Selita! Oh and Terrance J. Lord…and the jeans and cheap top on Levita. I cannot.

  29. Eb says:

    i love me some Lala! She’s usually successful with her looks and overall style but this one is a FAIL! The dress is kinda of odd and doesn’t real suit her usual style. For a red carpet look for her OWN movie, she should’ve brought it. Sorry Lala!

  30. December Sidderwhite says:

    wow! Keisha and Gabrielle giving it to em’ love it! and Tasha Smith’s family is beautiful. Everyone is beautiful. STEVE! wow. great images, very, very nice.

  31. Diva says:

    Steve and his wife look like two country bamas with a lot of money.
    Neyo/ Kevin Hart —- please dress your age !
    Vanessa Williams, what in the world with that ill fitting dress? radiant smile though.
    Lovita Alize Jenkins— abandon those cropped jeans asap !
    Lala’s dress does nothing for her and those shoes are the most hideous things I’ve seen in a while— but she is giving GREAT face as per and that clutch is THE ONLY TRUTH THAT MATTERS IN THIS WORLD !!!
    Memo to Gabrielle Union: time for you to sit down, you are irrevelant honey.

  32. D'Navia says:

    Lala is too busty for that dress. Love her anyway!

  33. iHeartKeya says:

    Nah! Not feeling Lala’s look this time around. But, I love what Keisha’s wearing. Selita and Gabby look good as well.

  34. Liz says:

    Like I keep saying, Lala needs a stylist!

  35. Amani says:

    Leather is a trend for the summer, but just b/c something is a trend doesn’t mean its going to work for your body type. Lala’s outfit is a reminder that ladies, please dress for your body type. Not everything is for everybody.

    Also, I do not like Mrs. Harvey’s dress either. It looks very dated, almost as dated as his over sized suits and gators. Well looks like they are a match made in heaven. lol

  36. Amani says:

    Also, could Terri Vaughn tried any less here?

  37. Tia says:

    Lala simply cannot dress herself!

    Gabrielle is starting to look like a skeleton!

    Keisha’s outfit is dope! that’s the one you should provide the details for!

  38. Camillia says:

    Don’t like this look on La. Keshia and Regina look stunning!! Gabi looks cute too, but she needs to change it up a bit, she always wears similar dresses.

  39. Lea says:

    Lala…why? In her head, she thinks she has the best body proportions I think…hmmmm. No no no to her outfit: why accentuate a waist that she doesn’t have and her chicken legs plus her squarred-heavy top???smh
    Selta was very pretty for once!

  40. aj_wright says:

    t.I looked good to me

  41. Teka says:

    Lala’s look is different, I like it but its reminds me of a race car driver. Keisha looks amazing, I love her look!

  42. Risa says:

    Hot mess!

  43. Risa says:

    I was referring to Lala

  44. FashionOne says:

    Selita for the win….Hot!

  45. Anonymous says:

    I like the dress, she should have unbuttoned it some & the shoes are a mess. Gabrielle union & Rudy look great lol

  46. BlkRose says:

    LaLa still doesn’t seem to understand that she is top heavy and small on the bottom. She really needs to pay a stylist to teach her how to balance her body . She looks like she may bust out that dress! so silly!

  47. krystel says:

    Her make up and hair looks nice. Gabby and Keisha looked the best. What is up with “Livida Alize Jenkins”….that’s how she looks ijs.

  48. JaneBMore says:

    I don’t like Lala’s outfit and there really ought to be some kind of dress code for these things. The looks vary from movie premiere to carwash opening.

  49. Shanita says:

    LaLa should fire her stylist. She is so gorgeous, but if you scroll through her posts, girlfriend is lookin crazy. Those leather track pants STILL give me nightmares (and flashbacks of Eddie Murphy circa 1984) I shant!

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