March 30th, 2012
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Spring 2012 Shopping: Reasonable Heels, Low Wedges, and Flat Sandals!
By Claire

Ramona writes, “I love all the shoe styles for spring (color blocking and florals) but I hate all these super high heels! Are there any options that have smaller heels? They don’t have to be flats, but heels that aren’t taller than 4 inches please. I’m already kind of tall and I don’t feel comfortable wearing sky high heels.”

Sabee had a similar issue, saying, “I broke the arch of my foot a few years ago and I have not
been able to walk around in high heels. I know platforms have been the in thing for the last few years, but I can’t even walk in them. I just want some nice stylish heels that I can wear out without breaking my ankles or the arch of my feet. I love all the bright colored suede heels this seasons, but I have not been able to find a wedge or anything that isn’t just straight FLAT! I love my flats, but I would love to kick it up a notch or two. I wouldn’t mind wearing low wedges or even kitten heels. I’m just so tired of flats and sandals. HELP ME!”

Fashion Bomb to the rescue!
We compiled a bevy of kitten and reasonably low yet cute heels for those who are height averse.
Low, Mid, and Kitten Heels:

We uncovered both pumps and sandals, with heels measuring 4 inches or less:

Low Wedges:

No withering heights with these! We found quite a few stylish picks, like Sam Edelman’s Sophie Low Wedge Sandals:

A few Flats (just for fun):

If you’re tall and statuesque, there’s nothing wrong with a chic flat sandal. We enumerated some strappy beauts in bright, on trend hues:

Happy Shopping!

Main Image: Shala Monroque by Hanneli M.

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44 Responses to “Spring 2012 Shopping: Reasonable Heels, Low Wedges, and Flat Sandals!”

  1. anonymous says:

    Kitten heels should be banned.

  2. Kitty B. says:

    Those Dior wedges just took my breath away!!

    Thanks Claire, great post :)

  3. ohhh no maam pam to kitten heels shame….either flats or heels!!!! no in between…..

  4. Kitty B. says:

    Lmbo @anonymous!

  5. tyeshawho says:

    tall is sexy! the higher the heel the better . .

  6. Brittany says:

    I’ve said this before on here, but I will be sooooo glad when reasonably heeled shoes come back in style. Some of the heels on these shoes lately are just ridiculous and in stripper territory.

  7. kadie says:

    ehhhh Im not trying to look like Michelle ! Maybe ill buy my grandma a pair for her birthday

  8. BJ says:

    Reasonably heeled shoes never go out of style. You don’t have to necessarily where what’s “IN”. Wear what you love.

  9. The Antifash says:

    Yes Princess White!

  10. Myranda says:

    I agree. No kitten heels allowed. I’m a short gal and I love me some flat sandals.

  11. Claire says:

    To the anti kitten heel crew, I’d suggest you don’t knock it til you try it. I got a pair of Céline python bangers from an outlet that are SO sick. And the Valentino rockstuds with a pair of slim jeans *whistles*. But hey, it’s certainly not for everyone.

  12. naija vix. says:

    death to kitten heels.

  13. bella says:

    lmao :(( i hate kitten heels. i nearly DIED when Kenya Bell took off her petty gucci kitten heels as if they were 6 inch louboutins

  14. Kitty B. says:

    Can someone explain to me whats so bad about kitten heels?? I’m very curious…thx in advance :)

  15. hypnotic says:

    Trust I love high heels, but having great style means the ability to rock all varying heel heights. I agree with Britanny some of the shoes that are on the market are verging on tacky. I don’t work the pole, I don’t think I should go to work in heels that are 5+ inches. If I am going to make an investment and drop more than a few hundred on shoes, they need to have some longevity and be multipurpose. But maybe it’s just my age showing.

  16. Stephanie says:

    I really like kitten heels on the right shoe. I also, HATE every option given for smaller heels, they just don’t look sexy. They look “old Lady-ish” Im 5’7 and I don’t like heels over 4inches really and now that Im a mom its even harder to find sexy/cute shoes without the double platforms sky high, I heard Neenee from RHW say 6inch heels and she’s a giant, lol. I’ll be glad when the heels get shorter, but again the ones pictured are a HELL NO.

  17. antiSOCIAL says:

    Did all the “Anti Kitten Heels” people even read the whole post? The one girl said she BROKE the arch of her foot(poor thing) and cant wear high heels! She doesn’t want to wear flats all the time so if she wants to rock a kitten heel then that’s her choice! Be more respectful smh

  18. Dom says:

    Those Sam wedges are nice. I love a cute flat sandal though. Hell a good flat period.

  19. Dee says:

    Loving this heel tread!

  20. mary says:

    thats a no for the kitties heel lol- but i love the low wedge trend thank you jeeessus

  21. binks says:

    For the lovers of sky high heels I hope you don’t have foot problems later in life because the higher isn’t always the better option especially for your health. Personally, I don’t have a problem with mid to low heels. I think we are so used to seeing these celebrities and such in the spot light with 4,5 and even 6 inch heels without realizing that they aren’t walking that far…lol most shoes can be stylish it depends on how you are pairing them so yay for practical shoes

  22. Brandi says:

    For the most part I don’t like kitten heels butI understand that not everyone can wear stilletos on a daily basis. However to Claires point, if you find a pair that are cute (which is extremely hard!) I say go for it & give your tootsies a rest.

  23. BlkRose says:

    I have kitten heels, wedges,stilletos,platforms, and flats . I’m willing to try anything if it looks good on me and fits my bodwell.

    3. ASOS
    4. ALDO Shoes
    5. Coach

    What I would do is go to zappos and pick how high you want the heel to be and search their database. Patients pays off and you will find some gorgeous heels that are not too high.

  24. Zimbabwechic says:

    I’m sorry but I’m so sick of girls screaming death to kitten heels, then buying the highest shoe out there because it’s hot and walking like they got bow legs or holding onto their man with a death grip and limping along because they can’t walk in their shoes. Kitten heels can look very nice and I don’t have to ask my husband to hold my hand so I don’t make myself look like a fool and I can dance the night away without any worries.

  25. The Antifash says:

    It’s all about what suits me, and works well with my body proportions. I’m 5’9 with a size 10 foot. Kitten heels do not look the slightest bit cute on me. I will not wear them. Simple.

  26. LawyerChic says:

    I too was a part of the “death to kitten heels” crew until I was admonished for wearing a 5 inch platform to a trial competition. I know, what was I thinking? smh There’s a time and place for everything. I think a mid-low can be very sexy with the right outfit and a sky high platform can sometimes come off trashy. Be selective.

  27. Chox says:

    I am soo ready for the 5.5 heels to go away! It’s like you can’t even find cute sexy 4 inch heels anymore. Remember when they were borderline stripper? I have about 5 of the super highs and I’m afraid wearing them is going to comeback to haunt me. I see the beginnings of a bunion and I have a sneaking suspicion it’s from the over projection of those shoes.

  28. MMhmm says:

    I personally am sick of the super tall heel look. Most chicks look awkward as hell walking in them.

    3 in. is fine and have a polished look to them.

  29. Tricia says:

    First pair = love!!

  30. Sandra says:

    Love the kitten heel. I am tall and I rather be able to walk in my shoes than to limp.

  31. Tessa B says:

    I think kitten heels should be worn to church or to work. ONLY. Anything outside of that…no bueno.

  32. MyfirstloveisParis says:

    @ Zimbabwechic… YES! YES! Half of these chicks wearing the sky high heels look like damn fools hobbling down the road, looking bow legged, broken backed and just plain ridiculous.

    These girls that can’t walk in their heels look a hell of a lot worse then those ladies strutting in a kitten heel.

  33. Vicky says:

    I find kitten heels uncomfortable somehow. I like a mid heel though. Looks more professional than the 5.5 inch heels they are rolling out and I can actually stroll in them.

  34. Mila says:

    lol, I think the death to kitten heels are so funny that I can’t even be mad. kitten heels require a classy look.

    there is a requirement though, you have to have great posture, or else you’ll look atrocious.

    i think people who don’t look after themselves should indeed try to compensate by trying more safe, stylish looks

  35. Muah says:

    Forget the kitten heel, the chick in the first pic has some gorgeous legs.

  36. jme says:

    All of these ‘sky high’ heels look beautiful in pictures…..but, i would love to see how all of these women actually WALK in these shoes. a lot of women have the strut down pact, but sooooo many more women appear to be clunking down the street in some shoes they should not be wearing.

    and we won’t even start on the appearance of these feet (see: Boomerang). it’s ok to give your dear feet a break sometimes. they need it!

  37. V says:

    yes Claire! i have a pair of Valentino rock-stud heels and when i wear them I am shitting on all of yall giraffe looking, bambi legged women. BOOM! i love a pair of 150mm but what do i look like wearing that to go to class? no ma’am. everything has a time and place.

  38. Rae says:

    I agree with Brittany! Some shoes go too far.

  39. Diggs says:

    Thank you for this!! I wrote something about this last week…I will rock a kitten heel in the right setting. I think they can be totally cute and stylish. I also love a sexy high heel. What I don’t like is that every single style is SUPER high. I too have suffered an ankle injury that continously plagues me and believe me, I would love to be like you ladies and wear stilettos everyday, but honestly I like comfortable with my cute. And FYI ALOT of you who think you are looking “hot” with the 5.5 inches look down right SILLY stompin’ or scooting around. Just stop it!!!

  40. Ej says:

    Death to kitten heels. They are neither ok nor stylish.

  41. Jumelle says:

    A huge THANK YOU FOR THIS INQUIRY! Not everyone wants to wear those high ass, uncomfortable heels!!! I love me a stylish pair of shoes, but the 6 inches with the 4 inch platforms- RIDICULOUS! I’m 5’10″ and my limit is 4 1/2 inches-
    Those high heels not practical- I refuse to spend tons of money on a shoe and I can’t do anything in them- I know when I go out I like to party and enjoy myself, not sit in a corner with my legs crossed- I like to walk the walk- literally! :)

  42. Jumelle says:

    And you must admit, some of these chicks look like march of the wooden soldiers tryna sashay in those heels- save those stilts for Carnival in Trinidad!

  43. Ramona says:

    Thanks so much for all the help Claire! I’m glad my question helped some girls who are on the taller side but still want cute shoes! Thanks again :D

  44. Can says:

    I’m curious to see what these chickens feet look like who hate kitten heels. I’d rather rock a nice pair of kitten heels or flats than rock hammer toes for life. Its funny to see these broads teethering on these 6 inch heels barely able to walk 5 feet, LOL!! Death to butchered hammertime feet!

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