March 28th, 2012
Celebrity Style, Fashion Discussion
Fashion Discussion: Are We Officially Over Kim Kardashian?
By Claire

Sure, Kim Kardashian had a sham of a marriage, and has infiltrated everything from TV sets to your local Sears. She popped on the scene and rose to notoriety thanks to a sex tape, but managed to gloss it all over with unquestionable good looks and a wardrobe any fashionista would kill for.

Rocking everything from Azzedine Alaia to Lanvin to Christian Louboutin, KK (and her stylist Monica Rose) have wooed us with enviable pieces: bright blazers, flattering skinny jeans, curve enhancing frocks, and a bevy of designer shoes and sunnies.

Of course stylistas gobble it up–but is her personal life ultimately overshadowing the superficial? Are we finally ready for KK to go away?

You guys have certainly sounded off in the comments, saying, “NO MORE KIM. VERY TIRED OF LOOKING AT HER HAGGARD FACE! SHE’S ON HERE MULTIPLE TIMES A WEEK…GET MORE CREATIVE WITH YOUR POSTS,” and, “Enough with the Kim Kardashian posts,” while others have said, “I am here for the FASHION, I couldn’t care less about her personally. If what she is wearing is fashion-worthy, then why not feature her???? If she deserves it, so be it!”
What’s a blogger to do?

Here’s the definitive post where you can sound off. Shall we keep Kim around for fashion’s sake, or officially deem her done?

I personally can separate someone’s private life/personality from their craft. Stars do questionable things all the time, but it never stops me from buying their music or going to see their movies if I really like what they produce. They’re human, and not all of them are role models (even though we want them to be). Sure, Kim’s ‘talent’ is questionable, but perhaps her role is simply to look good, dress well, and lead an aspirational lifestyle.

What do you think?

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177 Responses to “Fashion Discussion: Are We Officially Over Kim Kardashian?”

  1. Tmarie says:

    Million Dolla hoes dress very well….

  2. Amani says:

    We all know KK has a great sense of style, so if something is “particularly” fashionable, then why not post. However, too much of any one thing is not a good thing…Diversity is key. I personally would add Lala Anthony, Beyonce and Rihanna to this list as well. Switch it up a bit otherwise it becomes stagnant and repetitive.

  3. bella says:

    yes Kim Kardashian is overexposed but that doesn’t change her wardrobe. There are plenty of celebrities on here that have far worse personalities than Kim but for some reason she definitely gets the most hate.
    I personally love her STYLE (this is a fashion blog not a celebrity gossip blog) so the Kim K. posts are fine with me..

    Rihanna dresses like an 80s hooker x Rita Ora wannabe yet there is at least one post a day about her. She’s overexposed as well but I don’t hear anyone complaining. Her personal “style” changes with every album.

  4. tiffanyrose says:

    This site is about fashion. Weather we like Kim or not, you can’t deny the bish can dress her a$$ off. Her personal life is her, who am I to judge. Keep her on, her style inspires. Great post though!

  5. Shanita says:

    I don’t “aspire” to build off of a sex tape. Sans the down-played sloring, Kim K is not that bad a person. She has built an empire out of her own brand. But she comes off as one of those “Oh my…who, me?” type chicks. She plays a great role for the cameras (as most celebrities do), but she somehow ends up on sex tapes, and in the beds of many men. Many, many, many, MANY MEN (50 cent voice). But like you say, she is human. Just not a human I aspire to be like. Great style tho! LOL

  6. Nicki says:

    Her clothes are pretty awesome. I’m torn. I used to love her until the sham marriage and constant overexposure. Maybe feature her less?

  7. Luvv... Moment says:

    We know she has a great stylist, but I’m so tired of her. I’d rather see the Bombshell of the day, than her any day!!!!

  8. Mila says:

    I have stopped visiting gossip blogs for a month now, since then, I am not annoyed or occupated by any starlets life or doings.

    If you are tired of these people and what they do, stop looking for them in the blogs *shrugs*

  9. Michellekk07 says:

    Agree with @Nicki I say keep her around for the clothes, anything else I could care less

  10. I hope so. She’s famous for nothing.

  11. LawyerChic says:

    I actually like to see what she’s wearing. Despite her personal life, I identify more with her style than some of the other celebrities, or shall I say psuedo-celebrities that are featured. Like it or not, I think Kim K’s style is amongst the most imitated styles right now. She has a great look, but I don’t keep track with her outside of what she’s wearing so I don’t think it bothers me as much.

  12. couturesista says:

    Keyword, “Fashion”! If your requests are to find Kim inspired looks, then clearly you have to give your readers what they want. If she’s wearing something FashionBomb worthy,post it.

  13. addikted2fashion says:

    Yes she can dress (sometimes). And her face is always beat to capacity. However, I feel like shes an attention whore that dresses to the nines all the time b/c she knows blogs are going to feature her. And of course, EVERYDAY, the media gives her exactly what she wants.
    I could do without seeing her on here because I see her EVERYWHERE ELSE. But a pic of her every few weeks or so would be fine.

    Now, lets talk about banning Evelyn Lozada posts…

  14. Modelchick says:

    I think you should still post on kim’s looks just not so much…its funny how Lala is getting all the fame and Kim is gong downhill! This is a fashion site so should be the main focus :)

  15. Tasha says:

    Monica Rose has styled Kim very well and which has caused thousands to emulate her looks but there is no need for multiple post on her looks. Keep it two a week. People can google her looks or ask her twitter. Spotlight some other people. Bring back how they got into the business series & some other creative fashion post… (more guy style post, transition wardrobes, building a wardrobe on budget, spotlight more independent brands on the come up & etc) a switch up ain’t ever hurt nobody. Heck People style watch writes about her daily if people want to know what she is wearing. Love her style but don’t want to see every other post about her.

  16. Nikki says:

    Meh, whatever. I’m not fond of her, but I scroll past her posts if I’m not interested. It’s not that hard :-)

  17. Dani says:

    As a “celeb” we are but as far as fashion goes she’s still blazing. I think people forget that before she was “famous” she was a stylist/personal shopper for stars. Her attitude sucks, her show sucks, her face has had so much work done that it also, SUCKS but the girl can dress.

  18. @Exquisitely_CP says:

    This site is about fashion. I dont think we should overlook her because she has so much style. I don’t particularly care for her personality, but she is very fashionable. I enjoy looking at her features.

    PS. Can you tell me where I can find a white hat like she’s wearing in that second picture. I love this look.

  19. y says:

    Like someone else mentioned, I come on this site for fashion only! This is not a celeb gossip site therefore the celebs personal life has nothing to do with the clothes on their backs.

    Besides there is no denying Kim K has some great fahion looks.

  20. lola says:

    Is the fashion bomb now a gossip site? what is this post? smh I am disappointed to be sincerely honest.

  21. DarkEmpress says:

    She is neither stylish nor fashionable. Being able to wear the latest trend doesnt make you fashionable. The only fashionable Kardashian is Kourtney. She has style. Can anyone identify Kim K’s style? She never puts together an outfit, that you wouldn’t see on a mannequin in a department store- no style, no creativity. She also doesnt seem to understand that she does not look good in certain things- such as short belted dresses. She makes the mistake two times in these pics, with the coral belted dress and the leopard belted dress. The shoes in both of those pics are also wrong for her. They make her legs looks chunky. The straps are too thick. A fashionista is someone who has their own style like, Jlo, Cassie, Rihanna, Tracee Ellis Ross and Solange. Kim K is just a trend following label whore.

  22. Rose says:


  23. Alexis says:

    I’m over her personally, but I LOVEEEEEE her style/clothes! She is perfection along with Beyonce!

  24. Martinique_Fr says:

    The reason I LOVE this site is because it’s purely about FAHSION and STYLE. Kim’s got it, I enjoy her fashion, therefore she should defenitely be on here.

  25. Crystal says:

    Kim is fly! Period. I don’t know her personally so I can’t speak on her personality. This is not a gossip blog or so what I think about her public persona is irrelevant. She is featured on here alot but that’s because her style appeals to alot of people. Rihanna, Beyonce and J.Lo are featured quite a bit too and they don’t get the ‘i’m sick of her’ comments like Kim does. And I’ll admit…most of the times Beyonce posts are not even fashion blog worthy, Kim’s are. My last $0.02… while I’m not tired of Kim; I’ve always wondered why Kourtney was not shown more often.

  26. I’m personally not a fan of kim, but i do love her style and makeup ;).. If she has the fashion…why not post it?

  27. Caribbelle says:

    I’d be more interested in an interview with her stylist to be honest.

    Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe is constantly documented all over the internet and minute details of each piece is provided within seconds on EVERY other sites. Other celebrities wear the same pieces in more creative ensembles, yet here she is (just and observation).

    I usually scroll past her, unless on the rare occasion she wears something stellar. Most of her outfits are predictable and her glam looks look familiar because JLo did it 10 years ago. Please forgive me because I still can’t see what the hype is about this girl.

  28. Starr says:

    I would like to see other ppl featured on this site who don’t get enuff love like Kelis & Eva Pigford!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Seeing that its FASHION bomb daily I would keep her. If someone is that interested in her personal life then create a blog for that. I come to this sute for Fashion ONLY not personal attacks and feelings.

  30. Latanya says:

    Since this is a fashion blog and Kim is fly(like her or not), I say keep her. I love her style and it is NO denying she is well put together every time she leaves the house from head to toe! I think when people see her on this site they get annoyed because of the drama surrounding her and her family. However, Claire is not reporting the daily “news”. My favorite site is about fashion and style. Don’t destroy that people;)

  31. fash says:

    Its called fashionbomb not mediatakeout
    She dresses nice as long as she continues
    She can stays
    Gossip heads can leave

  32. Latanya says:

    @Claire, I have always loved how involved you are in what is being written/posted on this site. I have nothing but respect for you. xoxo

  33. Miss Smith says:

    I MOST DEFINITELY AGREE WITH TASHA! I was over the Kardashians a long time ago, but sometimes they do have nice pieces. Personally, I don’t find her style to be very innovative or inspiring. I just think people like the fact that she always looks polished. Maybe you could just feature Kim’s most creative looks. A blazer with skinny jeans and Louboutins just takes up space. Anyone can find that look on their own. Maybe bring in some do-it-yourself posts, or you could feature the up-and-coming designers on FashionBomb TV. Talk to them about how they got in the industry and how they’re maintaining a business. That could be helpful!

  34. Melissa says:

    I think khourtneys style is more inspiring than kims I say feature her more, but im still a fan of them all

  35. Bella says:

    @crystal I agree! I like kim k’ style but kourtney is definitely the best dressed sister!

  36. jillibooboo says:

    No. she dresses her ass off.

    i love da hoe.

  37. Lioness says:

    This is silly. She is fashionable (although redundant and stale at times). There are many celebrities I don’t care for but if they dress well I will pay attention. This is a fashion blog. What does it matter what choices Kim chooses to make in her personal life or what she does to keep herself relevant? Puhleeze! I vote to keep her on. What would you do ban her? Lol. Silliness.

  38. The Antifash says:

    Kim K has zero style.

  39. MeeNeSsHouz says:

    I’m sooooo over her. NEXT…can we c some posts about Dawn Richard pls

  40. Dannielle says:

    Can you start doing more posts on Kourtney? I think she dresses better than Kim because her style actually has variation. I like both their styles and I think Kim should remain on your site

  41. couturesista says:

    IGA with posting more of Kourtney’s style

  42. Dobe says:

    Meh. I don’t care either way.

    But, if we’re on the topic, I would suggest that there does not to be a post on Rihanna every time she steps out in a tee and a pair of jeans. I think the staff at FBD knows when we’d be interested and when we’re not. If we’re going to discuss KK’s overexposure on this site, I think we need to throw Rihanna and a couple of others into the poll, as well.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I love Kim k period get over it sheesh!

  44. belle says:

    I guess I just don’t think Kim is that fly. If you have money and access, anyone can wear fancy labels, right? She is a pretty girl (albeit, surgery and make-up heavy) I much more interested in what REAL WOMEN WEAR. We set the tone. We’re thrifting, doing high/low, really expressing true STYLE. Kim K, doesn’t represent style to me. She’s a fashionable chick with money and a stylist. I don’t care if you keep her on, but you should feature more REAL WOMEN with REAL STYLE.

  45. We have been over Kim K for a long time BUT blogs are still putting her out there so really she will never be gone. Until she stops getting all this media love then we are stuck with her. She has a nice style but nothing money cant put together. Its safe but its definitely nice. I dont however think she should get all the play she is getting.


  46. i use to obsess over her…and now i am bout over her with this whoa is me facade….. at any rate you can take anything from her when it comes to her gear game!!! she always looks crisp…make up o. point

  47. Paige says:

    I completely cosign with Dannielle about featuring more of Kourtney. Kim has gotten more than enough shine with her blazer, skinny jeans and heels combo which, while always on point, gets a little boring. There’s definitely more variety and creativity behind Kourtney’s outfits, and would prefer to see more of her.

  48. Cherokee says:

    Kim K has done nothing wrong to anyone (Kris, Reggie and PETA might not agree). Kim’s rise to fame was becasue of us, the public who bought into her product. Watching the Kardashian’s showed me that Kim has very good work ethics and she has a dysfuctional family (like all of us) who has a very tight bond. For me, that makes her a lot more likeable and human. But this is the Fashion Bomb, and she always brings the fashion so why not feature her. I do agree that FB should switch it up and show other celebrities since KK, Bey, Riri, Ye and Lala are not the only fashionable people out there.

  49. Tam says:

    Kim K wears her usuall (body con dresses, skinny jeans/t-shirt/blazer combo). Nothing is to special about that. She does get TONS of exposure on this site. Not saying she shouldn’t be featured, but I think there should be a fair balance.

  50. chill19121 says:

    I absolutely love Kim’s style. Very classic and I love her blazers and how she can pair them with jeans, leggings, a skirt or a dress. Her hair and makeup are flawless but I would also like to see more of Lala as well.

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