March 27th, 2012
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Hot! or Hmm… Beyoncé’s New York City Fur Baby Sling
By Faith

Blue Ivy is lounging in the lap of luxury! Her stylish mommy Beyoncé carried her in a fur sling while out and about in New York City:

As for B’s look, she rocked her trusty orange suede pumps and Linda Farrow x The Row sunnies with a chunky knit sweater and olive skinnies.

I am just going to go ahead and admit this: Blue Ivy will probably have a better and more extensive wardrobe than all of us by the time she is five years old! I don’t think there’s anything B won’t think of.

What do you think? Hot! or Hmm…?

If you’re feeling Beyoncé’s look, recreate it with these pieces.

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50 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm… Beyoncé’s New York City Fur Baby Sling”

  1. makeeasweet says:

    if i had a baby,i would get a fur baby sling.i think it look hot!.i rather have a fashionable sling like this.

  2. Krystal says:

    Cute. Love the dusty green/grey jeans paired with the yellow heels ♥

  3. Kitty B. says:

    Beyaki repeats shoes!!! yaaaaay :)

  4. lola A. says:


  5. Alela Sirah says:

    I love it! I would have one for my baby! Toooo cute!

  6. Erica B. says:

    I bet that poor baby was sneezing all day from getting those fur fibers in her nose and mouth. New mothers…

  7. nicole s. says:

    If I see Beyonce one more time walking with that baby…step’n out of vans with that lil baby strapped to her ….Who needs to be either in a carseat or stroller for safety precaution. Im a Scream…stop!

  8. Lilmsknowitall says:

    Dang she really doesn’t use a carseat! That baby has it going on :) I think the sling is too cute! Yay! Baby Blue! Styling!

  9. No to the sling, it’s fug! However, I do love the yellow shoes with the gray outfit.

  10. andie says:

    I like that she changes the sling and the fur is soo cute. I’m sure her child is in a carseat when they are moving and she puts her in the sling when leaving. If I had paps following me all the time wanting to get a million dollar shot I would have my baby strapped to me as well.

  11. y says:

    Hey I could I would too, its cold in NYC today! Im loving Mama Carter!

  12. nds1979 says:

    I love bey…however she is died wrong for this and the other stupid baby carrier…babies should not even be in those things until they can support there head and neck!!!!!! And put a damn hat on that baby’s head!!!! Stop wrapping her head up in your damn scrave!!!! Her baby is safer in a carseat walking to and from any where.

  13. hopeful says:

    She goin’ give that poor baby allergies.Lol. NO to the fur. Cute shoes.

  14. Why! says:

    I’m looking at this thing. It’s bey’s faux fur collar from her sweater. With her other scraf…smothering the poor baby. First mothers.Sad!

  15. binks says:

    Doing to much, i know people tend to go a bit overboard on their firstborn but it isn’t that serious but her general outfit us fine

  16. phil says:

    I’m from NYC…u do not walk in the city like this with a new born. She country. Dumb-dumb!!!!!

  17. She looks like she is gonna bust out crying to me ALL THE TIME now lol

  18. Erin says:

    Beyoncé looks great love the jeans.
    @ Phil Beyoncé doesn’t stay in the same area as you, so her child is more than safe.

    This comment section on these Beyoncé post are lately looking like those trashy urban blogs, who left the gate open?

  19. buttercup says:

    Ppl, @ Erin too. beyonce is currently photograp
    h in nyc lately a lot. She lives there now…had r baby there too. She should look at the weather before leaving her home. March in NYC is winter.I’ve also seen her photograph with her beautiful baby girl with no hat.

  20. buttercup says:

    No blanket around her little body…she’s excited to be a new mom…give her a break.

  21. taffie says:

    Um sure PETA wont be so happy about that fur, bt its cold in NY so baby Ivy is warm. I love her shoes, :)

  22. taffie says:

    And well about covering up her baby, she can do what she likes, its her baby, when y’all have your own you can do watchu like 2.

  23. mary says:

    DUUUUH people she could have had the baby in the carseat BEFORE that big ass bus stopped and then she took the baby out and Chewbacca wraped her in that blue fur mess. anywho i love her shoes i live for these yellow shoes. she needs to take the scarf of blue or blues gonna end up lookin like BLANKET #jussayin

  24. bev says:

    @buttercup its actually been extremely warm as of lately. Nowhere near winter weather

  25. Tam says:

    Beyonce and her prop…smh! Its amazing(sarcastic voice) the paps know when they are arriving to get these same type of staged pics of her carrying her baby while she is smiling DEAD into the camera lens! Yet we never got her going into the clinic, a babyshower guest arrival pic, Jay Z’s last big bday bash ..well yall get the point!

    Her skin looks good though LOL

  26. jillibooboo says:

    love those shoes

  27. Latanya says:

    This is still a “fashion blog” right?????

  28. CC says:

    i love her outfit!, simply & Chic!, she looks soo pretty, her skin is flawless..anyway can we talk about those AMAZING EDGES! CAN WE?!! lol

  29. Ashley says:

    The sling..ok. But Bey’s outfit…a mess! I hate it.

  30. CC says:

    @ bev, you must not live in NYC, cuz if you did, you’d know winter pulled the ultimate swindle, it was definitely cold yesterday

  31. Apple says:

    Hmm…B you’re doing too much! Rich or not, this just looks tacky. Can the poor baby breathe? I would never guess that a baby would be in that thing.

  32. Tiffani M says:

    Where do I get one?

  33. Lisa says:

    I like her cardigan and don’t kill me for this…..I don’t have children but….. is this normal??? Can that baby breathe? I do have a lil sister and lil cousins and I was always told (when they were babies) to hold their backs en heads. Why isn’t Beyonce doing this?

  34. mi manning says:

    she wears the sling to make up for the fact that she didn’t carry the baby in her womb!!! po’ child!!!

  35. Shanita says:

    Is that Michael Jackson steppin out the Benz Bus?! Halleloo!!!

  36. Dannielle says:

    I’m not trying to be messy, but every time I see a post of Bey carrying her child it looks fake. I am sure she is actually carrying the baby, but am i the only one that feels like there is nothing in that sling? (I do not have children, so I am sure I’m wrong)

  37. i see a baby being covered by something floral and then i see a sweater with a fur collar. Am i missing something?

  38. Ja'me London says:

    okay you know what… beyonce needs a stylist. she doesn’t know how to dress as of lately. but on a side note, i like the weight she’s gained since the baby, she looks great.

  39. cyd says:

    i def dont see a problem w/ her carrying her baby in th slings …thats what they are made for right? they are safe and stylish. 9 times out of 10 when we see these photos of her its not like she is strolling blocks of nyc she is always being escorted from the car into a place which saves the time from having to get a stroller pulled out putting a baby in while the paparazzi is getting all the images of her baby that they want. this is fast and im sure really comfortable for her bundle of joy.. ppl are gona say something negative no matter what..smh oh and i love the whole ensamble from head to toe!! go head bey!!

  40. summer says:

    She should get a Orbit baby carseat/stroller those and most carseat and strollers have canopies that cover the baby completely. It’s a 1,000.00 stroller…I’m sure she can afford. I never saw Alicia Keys walking around in the nyc…WITHOUT A STROLLER. I’m a mother by the way…Whether u live in nyc or anywhere in the world…A newborn baby should be lightly covered ppl. You do not smother a baby with a scraf!!!!!!! – I hate the outfit. Yellow shoes,,,kinda tacky. And why is her mama not tell her to cover the baby and carry the baby CORRECT!!!! – Shame on the both of them…Where’s Solange when u need her. Now is called effortless style…She needs to help out her sister. On the mommy front and fashion front.WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Erin says:

    @ Summer you obviously don’t have kids, because a child being in a baby carrier is much better than a stroller because the baby is right next to their mother. They can smell and hear the mother right next to them. That’s why they are used all over the world, some places they don’t even have stroller. So moron she is doing nothing wrong, she is just protecting her little girl from dummy’s like yourself.

  42. Sydni says:

    are those shoes really orange? even in the last post they look banana yellow.. maybe it is just the lighting?

  43. Cynthia says:

    I live for the shoes. But trust I am envious of Blue being decked out in fur!

  44. Auty says:

    the sling is cute the outfit NO and i dont believe there is baby in their either imjustsayin

  45. sarah says:

    The comments on here are really mean
    Who peed in your coffee ladies
    Calm down

  46. S says:

    Some of you are just really pressed reading the comments.
    This aint media fake out (#hoodrat central) so take your conspiracies elsewhere.
    Anyways i like the grey accents not a fan of yellow shoes.

  47. lola A. says:

    actually @Erin your wrong the position that the slings that go in-between the legs can effect a child’s hips and pelvis if placed in them to much and a child should not be placed in them until the baby can provide limited support for themselves like trying to lift their heads a tad and she is not a pit-bull so smelling beyonce is not a big deal and all developed countries have strollers now is she was living with the mek tribe maybe not lol but it would take time to put together when hopping out of the car which where ever they are going in this building I am sure has accommodations for blue.

  48. Shawn says:

    Does anybody know the temp in New York? Fur seems like its too much for late march…cute shoes though

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